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The MacLeod Controversy Revisited

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By K B Napier

How one man divided a denomination and tried to destroy his friends

In the 1990s Professor Donald MacLeod confessed to his friends that he had committed sexual assaults on women in the church. A short while later, the police wanted to open a file on him to bring a case to court. This occurred - but from that point, the Free Church guardians refused to cooperate and the hierarchy closed ranks. Then, in court, MacLeod shamefully accused everyone who challenged him of a 'conspiracy', and his son destroyed the witnesses in the media. The Sheriff judging the case refused to admit vital evidences, so, inevitably, MacLeod was found 'not guilty'!

This booklet examines what is available and firmly concludes that MacLeod was indeed guilty. The author asked him to repent, but he would not! Come to your own conclusions. The booklet also briefly looks at MacLeod's heretical theology.

Second Edition 2009:

eBook PDF £4.15 (60 pages)

Paperback £7.76 (60 pages)