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Keep off the Grass! Because Mom Earth says so

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By Barry Napier

The proof of Corruption and Deception behind the IPCC

Al Gore started it, but governments pay (out of our taxes) for his scam to sound real! The IPCC fraudulently changed genuine scientific papers to produce the infamous 2007 Report, but it never actually said what the media makes of it. In this book, the author proves it all to be lies, fraud and deception. The book is meant to complement the heavyweight 'The Green Agenda', which should be read first.

Both books prove beyond doubt that climate change, global warming and CO2 emissions panic are all mythical, invented by governments to produce fear, so that people will accept Marxist policies... heavy taxation, loss of freedoms, and genocide. We either stop the farce right now, or suffer serious consequences! It's up to you!

First Edition December 2008:

eBook PDF £2.90 (107 pages)

Paperback £6.85 (107 pages)