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Christmas - the facts

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A nativity scene of baby Jesus in a manager with his parents and two kings

By K B Napier

Christmas (the facts)

'Christmas' is a marketing ploy originally devised by the Roman Catholic church. It revolves around the blasphemous three Masses said for Christ over the 24th-25th December time period. Sadly, even reformed and evangelical Christians copy the format in special services held on those dates. This book examines the actual biblical texts to show that the reality of Christ's birth is radically different from the 'warm and fuzzy' one depicted around the world. The book separates the birth narrative from the visit by the Magi, which took place about two years after Christ's birth. It also poses a suggestion that perhaps the shepherds were either Levites or possibly priests.

First Edition October 2020

ISBN: 9781716500565

Paperback £8.00 (ex VAT) (107 pages)