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Anti-God Beliefs

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“Introduction to Series”

It does not matter what the godless belief is – it is an affront to God and completely hated by Him. No Christian can follow, lend sympathy to, or aid, a godless system of thought, without endangering his own beliefs and position before the God they claim to serve. To do so is to invoke the wrath of God, causing their lives to slowly die spiritually.

Warnings even apply to someone who does NOT claim to be Christian: they, too, are in grave danger from following what God hates. Anti-God beliefs make inroads to a person’s life, and alters him or her, sometimes irrevocably. Some cults, and especially occultisms, will attract the unwelcome attention of demons, sometimes for life.

Mainly, people ‘make allowances’ for anti-God beliefs, because they actually know those who have such beliefs. This is one of the major reasons why some Christians (or unbelievers) insist on showing sympathy for homosexuals. The end result is a lowering of moral and ethical standards and a complete disregard for God’s demands.

Even a person who knows someone who has anti-God beliefs and does not think it affects them, is in grave spiritual danger. And if a Christian does not rebuke anti-God beliefs in a friend, or worse, a spouse, they stand to reap God’s real anger or even His refusal to help them in their life. The Lord will indeed step back from that person’s life, to his or her detriment, because he or she refuses to make a stand for Christ. I would repeat, that one of the biggest reasons why Christians allow anti-God beliefs to flourish, is that they know the person personally and do not wish to ‘cause waves’.

To allow an anti-God belief into our lives, even on the periphery, without rebuking or shunning it, is to hold to a grave sin. This is because anything that is not of God is sin, if not wickedness. Therefore the one who merely allows such a sin in their presence can suffer demonic attacks and a loss of true spiritual sense. Do not make excuses for your laxity!

Every title in this series of articles is about an anti-God belief or system, one that gravely offends Almighty God. It offends Him because only HE is the Lord. There are NO OTHERS before Him. To allow anti-God beliefs in our presence without rebuke is to deny truth and the Lord Himself, whether the anti-God believer is a friend, a relative, or just an acquaintance.

This preamble applies to all and any systems of belief that do not arise from God, or does not give Him praise. Do not allow friendship or even marriage stand in the way of speaking truth and rejecting the false beliefs of others. There is no need to be angry or obnoxious – after all, there but for God’s grace go we! However, we must be firm and unrelenting. If a belief is pagan or godless, then we must say so, firmly. And if there is no repentance, we must stop being in his or her company. It really is that serious and is a test of faith.

It is also one of the reasons (given by God) why a Christian should not become attached to a non-Christian, and especially not to marry them. To do so is to take a deliberate step to ignore God’s command not to be unequally yoked. To join with someone who is unsaved, whether he or she is in a cult, occult or false religion, is to spit in the face of God!

In this series, then, beware of angering Almighty God.

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