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Allah: God? Or just an Idol?

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Totalitarianism has existed for millennia and can be found in all peoples at some time in their histories. The name of the totalitarianism changes with time, the most recent being communism, fascism, homosexuality and environmentalism. More totalitarian came with the inception of Islam – which merely used its own name to describe a totalitarian style that had already shown its face many times in history! They all share the same broad characteristics, so whether religious, military, political or social, it does not matter what their name is... Islamic, Marxist, homosexual – they are all basically the same thing. In this paper we will look at just one aspect of one totalitarian entity, Allah as the leader of Islam.

Muslims claim that Allah is ‘God’ and not just a mythical idol. What is the truth? Of course, Muslims are bound to say Allah is real, and is God. What do the facts tell us? This paper will show a disregard for the Koran, for sound reasons, but it does not call for hatred for Muslims as people. However, it does call for hatred for what they might do that is against God’s will, such as Islamic murder. Nor does this paper offer respect for what Muslims believe. It is not possible for Christians to show respect for what God loathes, and that speaks against God’s own word.

Evidence from Basic Facts

Allah as the supreme ‘god’ only came after Mohammed declared him to be so. Muslims say that Mohammed was given the ‘final revelation’ of scripture. If this is so, why does Allah contradict his own character and former statements. To be God he cannot change... and that includes all his teachings to that point. The Koran mixes Old Testament and New Testament texts with Mohammed’s inventions, making the Koran a bag of contradictions and, bluntly, concepts that intelligence must reject because they are, well, silly.

A big example can be found in Genesis One, which Muslims say they accept as true; they say they believe in the Torah, which contains the Creation account. To keep things simple, let us look at the very first verse, Genesis 1. It is clear that Muslims equate ‘God’ with ‘Allah’. However, if they believe this, then they have no option but to disqualify their own claims that Allah is only one person.

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” In the text the word for ‘God’ is ‘elohiym. This is a masculine noun... and it is the plural of אֱלוֹהַּ

In other words, ‘God’ is plural. At this stage we cannot state explicitly that this means three, but it certainly MUST mean more than one and at least two! If this is the case (which it is) Allah cannot be God if he claims to be only one person. To reject the plurality of the word is to reject the Torah and the proper definition of ‘God’. (Also see later notes).

In the New Testament, Jesus does not simply say He is a son of God; He is THE Son of God, and says He is equal to the Father. Muslims reject this plain fact, so they reject the meaning of ‘God’ and reject Christ’s claim to BE God.

The point is this – if Allah is the same God as in Genesis, then He will not contradict Himself. He cannot say He is more than one and later say He is only one. (Also see later study of verse 26, 27 and equality of ‘our’ and ‘he’).

Unfortunate Use

In Aramaic the word for God is ʼĔlāhā, or Alaha; Arabs, Jews and Christians in the Middle East use ‘Allah’ to refer to ‘God’. And this is an error, not because of the actual word itself, but because of its connotations. As the above facts show, Allah cannot be the same as the Christian God; it is just not possible. They should consider different spelling or a new word so as not to play into Islam’s hands.

In literal terms, the Arabic word ‘Allah’ means ‘the god’ and not necessarily ‘THE God’ (Jehovah, one God consisting of three Persons). The word has cognates in other Semitic languages, but, as we see, the literal meanings in no way prove a theological or biblical meaning. In the Old Testament, Elohim is a plural noun for ‘gods’ or ‘deity’ in Hebrew, the exact interpretation depending on context and qualifying data. The ending of such words, -im, denote the plural, even though use is now inclusive of the singular. At the time of writing, the Old Testament adhered to the plural, so Mohammed could not twist its meaning (though he did).

I have argued against the meanings given to ‘el by modern archaeologists, but such grammatical truths are ignored by them and by Muslims, though eloah and Elohim are interchangeable. ‘el was also used to describe the whole range of Canaanite gods, whom God hated, and this error appears to have influenced Mohammed, causing him to misuse the word ‘God’. Much of the error was underlined by later German documentary hypothesis theologians, who themselves were scripturally illiterate, if not blasphemous, and who influenced teachers in churches.

‘God’, Elohim in Hebrew, refers to a singular God. This may not be used to say ‘God’ does not contain a plurality of Persons. As Wilhelm Gesenius said, this use of ‘God’ to refer to a plurality of persons is the pluralis majestatis – plural of majesty denoted by the ‘Royal we’. This can often be heard in royal pronouncements, when the king or queen refers to him/her self as ‘we’. This is also the pluralis excellentiae, or plural of excellence.

To put this another way, though the ‘God’ in Genesis One can be called a grammatical singular, it is also the pluralis majestatis - an indication of plurality of persons in the one designation. Thus, each Person (in the Trinity) spoke as One. This is further elucidated in verse 26, where God says “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness:” In the next verse the plural reverts back to the singular: “So God created man in his own image”. Therefore, “us” and “our” are equal to “his own”, making both singular and plural a reality of essence.

Nevertheless, even if we disregard all of this, we cannot dismiss the fact that God will not change His mind and utter contradictory instructions, as does the Koran. The supposed ‘last revelation’ must, then, uphold and expand on the earlier statements by God (as Jesus did), and will not contradict them with opposing statements! This one fact alone is sufficient to cause us to reject the Koran as God’s word. The contradictions merely serve to emphasise this falsity. ‘God’ in early Genesis shows Himself to be more than one and not less than two.

Is ‘Allah’ Real?

Throughout scripture we find God saying there are no other gods before Him, and that He is a jealous God, accepting no other gods, who, He says, are all false. That is, they are mythical and not real like himself. Using the name ‘allah’ by modern Christians is not helpful in dispelling error. Apparently, the name is used by Bábists, Bahá'ís, and Indonesian and Maltese Christians... the latter (alla) possibly because the language is based on Arabic. Similarly, ‘allah’ is used to speak of the Christian God by Sikhs in Malaysia, and by Mizrahi Jews. It is a shame that Muslims have been allowed to insist on ‘Allah’ as exclusive to its own enforced use

In Malaysia this has caused legal problems, because Muslims insist only Muslims may use the word ‘Allah’... even though its use is evident throughout centuries and is a grammatical entity! This means ‘Allah’ is being branded as only Islamic, though it has been used by a number of peoples since Old Testament days. What Muslims have done is to make a plural into a singular and ‘a god’ into ‘the god’.

The name ‘Allah’ was used before Mohammed came along. Before his day Arabs in Old Testament days used the word/name for pagan deities. As far as I am concerned it is still used for a pagan deity. It is easy to see why Mohammed simply followed this paganism – it was current! Therefore, to equate the Islamic ‘god’ with the Christian ‘God’ is not acceptable.

Use of ‘god’ to later refer to ‘Allah’ is not quite certain in origin. Before Mohammed, during his lifetime, and before he concocted Islam, Arabs worshipped an Allah who was a moon-god, though was just one god amongst 360 other gods. Modern Islamists vigorously deny this to be true. Allah as a sole or superior deity was not really known in the Meccan multi-god religion/s.

Mohammed’s father’s name was Abd-Allah, meaning ‘slave of Allah’. This probably means Mohammed was raised as another slave of Allah. It simply meant the family worshipped one of the hundreds of false gods current at that time. Even today, use of ‘Allah’ to refer to God does not validate its use as a singular God of Islam. It only means that Mohammed used the word as if it were exclusive to his devised religion.

In Modern Arab-Christian use, this older generic term ‘Allah’ is used to describe the Persons of the Trinity... Allāh al-ab (God the Father), Allāh al-ibn (God the Son), and Allāh al-rūḥ al-quds (God the Holy Spirit). The problem is not with the natural use of their own language, but with the Muslim claim to exclusivity of the name for a ‘god’ that contradicts the genuine use.

The problem goes even further, for pre-Islamic Christians used to visit the Kaaba in Mecca on pilgrimage, even though the Kaaba was, and still is, a pagan temple. They worshipped the true God, but, obviously, it appears to have been a Catholic error, common even today. The real problem, then, is not with the word ‘Allah’, but with its corruption by Islamists to mean a singular god of their own religion. In various parts of the world, this misappropriation of the word is being sought in law, so that those who use it outside of Islam can be prosecuted or even put to death. A very similar misappropriation of a word was by homosexuals, who coined ‘homophobia’ and made it a point of law! It makes no sense, but they use it.

Islamists say ‘Allah’ is the proper name of God, even though the word or name for God in the Bible mentions a number of titles and plurality even in Genesis One, Allah only being one of them in earlier Middle Eastern history. Now Allah has 99 names in Islam. It appears that Mohammed made the plural God into a mono-god in order to show strength to those around him, thinking a solo-god was better than a Trinitarian God. Muslims hate that the earliest God was God to the Israelites alone, and then to those who obeyed Israelite religious laws.

The Kaaba (the Cube)

This square building in Mecca has existed for centuries and is termed the ‘house of god’, possibly to impose this later ‘Temple’ on all peoples, replacing the real Israelite Temple. Around this big black box is a mosque. This is why Muslims everywhere point themselves Mecca-ward and millions walk in blind obedience around the box seven times. The interior architecture is not relevant to this paper. A video of the interior is available on YouTube (the introduction is over-the-top).

The Kaaba is claimed to be the ‘first house of worship’ for mankind! Yet, scripture describes in detail a far richer, grander Temple many centuries before Mohammed tried to alter history. And that first temple was amazingly adorned: it was God-commanded and a suitable form of worship to the only Lord. By contrast, the Kaaba is just a box of no consequence, not fit for the King of kings.

Muslims believed that the Kaaba was used by angels to worship God BEFORE Man was created. This idea contradicts scripture, though it can fit nicely within the heretical idea of the ‘Gap’ theory. After Creation, Adam and Eve built the Kaaba, which was washed away by the Flood, but was later rebuilt by Abraham and Ishmael. Both are fallacies and fantasies.

Note that Ishmael was sent away as a child, so he could not have helped his father to build the Kaaba. Some of the Islamic stories are quite incredible and totally improbable. Another example of this fantasising, is that Jerusalem has always belonged to Islam and was built by Muslims! That history proves otherwise does not deter Islamic fairy-tale writers.

The Kaaba once contained 360 deities or idols and was used for fertility rites by naked men and semi-naked women. (Islam: A Short History, Karen Armstrong). The interesting thing is that this early building contained images or small figures of each false god, one of them being Allah the moon-god. It is highly possible then that before he turned the Kaaba into a single-god temple, Mohammed, with his parents and peers, worshipped one or all of the gods in the building. Of course, modern Islamists hate these historical indicators and try to say the moon-god reference is false, for obvious reasons. If this is so, why does Islam have a moon as part of its graphic depiction?

Allah is Not God

God cannot contradict Himself, which also means He cannot change. Yet, the Koran is contradictory in itself, and the beliefs and actions of Islam are contradictory. Those who watch the evils perpetrated by Islamists across the globe can see that the ‘god’ of Islam is murderous and not loving. The qualities of God in scripture are very different from the sub-qualities of Allah. To be God Allah must be God: he must comply with His own character. But, Allah does not!

(Quran 3:54) –Literal: And they cheated/deceived and God cheated/deceived, and God (is) the best (of) the cheaters/deceivers

(Quran 7:99 ) –Literal: Did they secure God’s scheme/deceit ? So no(one) trusts God’s scheme/deceit except the nation the losers

(Quran 8:30) –Literal: And when those who disbelieved deceive/scheme at you to affix/affirm you, or kill you, or bring you out, and they scheme/deceive , and Allah deceives/schemes and Allah (is) best (of) the deceivers/schemers.

Allah, then, is the arch-deceiver who uses Miim-Kaf-Ra to dupe the people... to practice deceit and guile to even kill people; using craft or cunning to lead people from truth. It cannot be coincidence that only Satan does this.

Both Islam and scripture accept God to be Loving, Merciful, Forgiving, Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent. Scripture says God is truthful. But, Islam says their version of ‘god’ is deceptive! This is why it is acceptable in Islam to lie and deceive, if it advances the cause of Allah. Allah is called “the greatest deceiver”... the Bible speaks of a great deceiver, and he is Satan. And, a small fraction of Muslims follow this great deceiver. It is folly to say that ‘only a small fraction’ of Islam are not peaceful... because such a fraction can be about 70 million in number.

And where in Islam is God’s Son? In scripture, well before Mohammed lived, God said He had a Son, and that same Son said He was indeed the Son and that the Father was His Father. As God cannot change and cannot lie, we take His word for it, rather than the word of a rampant local war-lord.

Just remember that no matter how many of the 1.6 billion Muslims are peaceful, a small section – maybe about 17 million – are radical and filled with murderous hate. We see their hatred around the world, and see the bodies of those they have mutilated and beheaded, blown up, shot or stabbed. In that context 17 million is a vast number. This is NOT how the true God operates! But, it is how sinful, wicked, psychopaths live. They conveniently have a religious text to lend credibility to their cause, which is no better than the cause of murderers everywhere!

We can understand how millions can be deceived when they have known nothing better and are prevented from learning truth by fear of death. We can also understand that because their leaders keep them subjugated and unschooled, many Muslims are ignorant of the truth. But, we may not accept these same peaceful people as honourable, when God says they are worthy of hell for being idolatrous and pagan.

Be careful who you accept as your friend and who you sympathise with. Nothing is more hated by God than idolatry and pagan reverence shown to false gods. We must see people through His eyes and not our own. God does not tell us He hates idolatry, but that it is alright to befriend or sympathise with idolaters if they are ‘nice’, or have undergone some horrible experiences. Nor does He say idolaters can be sympathised with if they are generally friendly or peaceful. If they do not listen to the Gospel they are doomed already, just like any other unbeliever. But, in this instance, these are unbelievers who favour a false god (Allah) over the true God. And that is why God hates them.

Even amongst such idolaters there will be a few who are called out to salvation by God. These are the elect, and they WILL listen to the Gospel call and be saved. But, until that time, they stand condemned, and the vast majority of Muslims will enter hell as a result. Never confuse niceness and an aura of peace with God’s approval. Their personality is not on trial – but their heart desires and ungodly beliefs are.

If we bring this right up to date – a handful of refugees flee from Islamic horrors because they fear for their lives. It is an error to thus sympathise with them. In social terms they might warrant social charity, but in terms of God, their status is the same as that of Mohammed and Islamic terrorists, because of their beliefs. Do not be tempted to lean towards them, for those who do so are counted to be just as guilty... we cannot offer sympathy to those God has already banished to hell. Tough words but necessary. The Allah of Islam is NOT the same Allah of Genesis!

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