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Is it Rational to Believe in God?

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The question is solely in response to claims made by atheists that there is no God. It is significant that atheists use the most ridiculous arguments against God, and yet never prove His non-existence! They demand that Christians prove His existence, but do not wish to consider any answers. That is, their hatred (or fear) of God drives them to ignorance.

Even so, is it rational to believe in God? Atheists scorn us for saying that evidence for God is all around us. But, their scorn is just superficial nonsense, for the Christian response is more than valid and more than fair. It is atheists who show blatant ignorance, and show incredible stupidity, not Christians. But, how many Christians have the backbone to argue back, and to tell atheists face-to-face that their criticisms are nothing but absurdities and silliness? Very often, a Christian is weak in faith, or has not built up his or her arsenal of information. once this arsenal is accrued it is very easy to put-down atheists arguments, which are always borrowed from others.

A Question

Which is more rational? To believe in a personal God Who made everything? Or, to believe that everything began with a ‘big bang’ or similar event, and this led ‘somehow’ to slime and then to mankind? Sorry, but the first proposition is far more reasonable, and fits the actual facts of life! The ‘somehow’ scenario just does not grab my attention, nor did it ever do so when I was unsaved. How on earth can (not just a few) billions of ‘bits’ ‘somehow’ come together in exactly the right order and intensity to form a living organism? And how on earth can one thing ‘evolve’ into another thing, even over millions of years, when there is no actual mechanism for it to do so? This latter idea is just a fairy-story... too many ifs and buts and maybe’s!

What is ‘Rational’?

Atheists demand what is ‘rational’... so what is meant by ‘rational’? To be rational is to be reasonable and sensible. It involves sound judgment and good sense. The one using rationality uses his or her faculty of reasoning. Therefore, a ‘rational explanation’ is one that uses genuine reasoning and comes to a reasonable conclusion.

Now, look at one of the biggest claims made by atheists – evolution – remembering that to be ‘rational’ they have to show evidence of being reasonable, coming to conclusions based on sound judgment. This is precisely where atheism falls flat on its face! To come to a reasonable conclusion concerning evolution one has to have proof that evolution is true. (See Sc-01 and description of the difference between ‘evidence’ and ‘proof’).

Here is the problem for atheists - there are no proofs whatever for evolution! There are many evidences, but each can be interpreted in a way other than to support evolution. There are no proven means by which evolution can take place, and no way to investigate evolution in its proper setting. In other words, atheists believe in evolution by way of faith, not science, or even genuine thinking processes! Is this rational? Hardly! It is a resort to irrational philosophy.

If philosophy is the basis for atheistic beliefs (which include evolution but extend to many other topics), then an atheist has no claim to final answers. Yet, they deny any claims to such answers by Christians. This is bullying, not reasoning. Or, to put it more precisely, intellectual clap-trap! (Definition of ‘clap-trap’: pretentious, insincere, empty language... based on an old definition of ‘a theatrical trick to win applause. It can also mean contrived but foolish talk. An even better set of definitions: nonsense, rubbish, rot, trash, hot-air, drivel, humbug [there are a lot more].

All apply to evolutionism! No, not in an emotional way, but in a genuine way. What else should we call something that pretends to be science when, all along, it is just philosophical drivel, with not an ounce of proof on its side, yet claiming to be scientific? It is what we expect from ‘top’ evolutionist-atheists such as Richard Dawkins, who is unable to grasp the illogicality of his various assertions. And because he is unable to answer the simplest of contradictions and questions, except by way of repetition of vacuous philosophical statements. (Reminds me of the way JWs have to go back to the start of their diatribes whenever they are stopped mid-way along their usual ‘witness’).

How dare these intellectual frauds scorn the idea of God as a Person, Who created everything, when their own minds are so carefully blinkered against logical answers? The key thing that proves evolution is a fraud, and atheists are blatantly blind, is that no-one can show me the mechanism by which evolution continues. Without such a mechanism, no evolutionist can prove evolution exists, and no atheist can use its tenets to prop-up his anger against God! Of course, the REAL reason they are unable and incapable of understanding the idea of God and Creation, is not their philosophy or pseudo-science, but their unbelief.

Unbelief is a total package of godlessness and refusal to think along godly lines. It is a package that automatically disregards anything to do with God or Creation, and so it prevents the prejudiced thinker from even contemplating the divine. This is like ignoring a lion at the end of a row of lambs: it is obviously there, but the person does not wish to look at it, let alone think about it! That, friends, is your atheist and evolutionist. But, the trouble with this kind of ignorance is that it looms larger and larger, because it IS extant and not unreal. This is why evolutionists and atheists are so vocal against Christians and scripture today. They KNOW in their hearts (and minds) that their position is untenable, but, on the other hand, they do not want talk of God to disrupt their mythical stance. Like the Sanhedrin at the time of Christ, they KNEW Who He was, but their comfortable lifestyles and income came from being compliant to Rome. Anything that shook their world would have to be removed... and so they arrested and killed Jesus, the Messiah.

The truth did not matter, just as it does not matter today; what really matters to these liars and deceivers is their comfort and income, status and power. They will lie and cheat to maintain it; they will get rid of anyone who does not align with them; they will gather public support for their absurdities, using nothing but - claptrap; then they will ridicule those who will not bow their knee to stupidity.

They will even devise laws against an opposite view. The latter is an important element in their armoury, because it allows them to just sweep aside the opposition. In other words, as I often say, this is fascism. Any true science or argument would allow oppositional arguments, which could then be counter-argued. But not atheists or evolutionists! They KNOW they are wrong, and that is why they shout loudly and use law against Christians. And because they allow no opposition, their arguments slowly become totally nonsensical. This happens because they become more lax and sloppy in their thinking. And it shows... just listen to what Richard Dawkins says!

Really, the question should not be “Is it rational to believe in God?”, but “Is it rational NOT to believe in God?” If we take a look at the evidences, the answer to the last question is – ”It is irrational not to believe in God”. But, as I have already said, atheists and evolutionists will not look at these evidences in an objective manner, so they cannot claim to have come to logical and rational conclusions. The shortest way to kick-back at an atheist who either asks a stupid question or scorns God, is simply to shake your head, laugh quietly, and walk away without uttering a word! However, let’s look at something else...

A Simple Fact

An atheist does not believe in God because he does not wish to. Simple as that. He has no proofs against God, just as he claims not to have any for Him. This makes his belief a philosophy-without-proof. Can Christians prove there is a supreme God? Most cannot because of their own unbelief! But, others, who live and breathe their faith, KNOW God exists, and often display a number of evidences in support of this. What counts as evidence and proof in this matter?

Atheists say we cannot ‘prove’ God exists, but it depends on what they mean by ‘proof’. As far as I am concerned, my commentary on the ten plagues of Egypt, for example, constitute concrete proof of God (see reasons in my book, ‘Plagues, a Crossing, and Small white Things’). Throughout my life I have experienced things that prove His existence. And for ALL believers – that is, those who are genuinely saved – they have at least one proof, and this is their salvation and complete change of character and life. In psychiatry nurses, etc., are told that a personality cannot change, unless it is affected by a mental malfunction! But, when the personality changes for the better and renders the person completely balanced, this teaching is shown to be false!

So, the ‘moderate’ atheist who says we can neither prove nor disprove God is slightly wrong! While the atheist cannot in any way disprove God, the Christian can claim exists for many reasons that are completely outside the scope and knowledge of science and this world. Of course, atheists will not accept this, and so ignore any and all proofs offered. In which case – laugh quietly and walk away!

Design or Chance?

Forgive my tough stance, but I find most atheists and evolutionists rather stupid, when they claim that chance is a better ‘theory’ than design by a Person. There is, they say, with straight faces, no evidence there is design. Now, this is a really foolish thing to say, because the evidences for design are overwhelming. Yet, atheists prefer their idea of ‘chance’, though there is no proof at all for this being the case!

How can there be chance, when everything HAD to appear BEFORE there was supposed ‘chance’? It is impossible for the universe, or even a speck of dust, to suddenly appear from nothing! Yet, this is what atheists base their whole belief system on! They must prove that their supposed ‘beginning’ arose by chance and then, by chance, changed into other things, and that all this produced mankind.

They cannot do it! If I walk to the local shop and buy a pint of milk and go home again, I can prove that I did so. I can get a neighbour to agree that they saw me come out of my house. I can get a passer-by to say I passed them on my way to the shop. I can get the shopkeeper to say I bought milk and walked out. I can get someone else to say they saw me walk back home. And the same neighbour can prove I entered my home again with the milk. But, an atheist/evolutionist CANNOT PROVE ANY PART OF THEIR THEORY WHATSOEVER! They have no evidences for the ‘beginning’ and no proofs for evolution. So, who are they to denigrate a world made by design?

To summarise this ‘evidence’ and ‘proof’ idea... there can be many evidences, even thousands. But, no matter how many evidences there are, they cannot, in themselves, amount to ‘proof’. Atheists who do not understand this most basic of concepts are, well, ignorant and intellectually malfunctioning. They may have brilliant minds, but if they confuse ‘evidence’ with ‘proof’, their most fundamental hypotheses are nothing but nonsense.

As I have said before, I remember attending a ‘Darwin lecture’ in our university. The scientist speaking admitted that there are not enough evidences for evolution to fill the floor of an ordinary room! At least he was honest. Another scientist (reflecting the views of many) admitted that though this is true, they cannot contemplate the idea of God, so they refuse to face it, even though evidences for His existence may be very strong! It is incorrect, then, to say that ‘neither side’ can prove their claims either way. The atheist cannot prove God does not exist. But, the genuine Christian has plenty of evidences that, according to the weight-of-evidence concept, constitute ‘proof’.

‘Proof’ (e.g. a ‘law’) is always claimed in science, with the proviso that if anything comes along that says otherwise, it will remain ‘proof’. Science is filled with ‘proofs’ that have been disproved! That is how science progresses. Except for evolutionary science and atheism, which both refuse point-blank to even consider anything to do with God. This, friends, is very bad science. True science looks at every avenue, even if the scientist does not personally believe in what he is looking at.

For those who have personal experience in their faith, no atheist or evolutionist can disprove it. And, as both rely only on their own thoughts without proof, they cannot say that ‘faith’ is illogical or irrational. After all, their own beliefs cannot be proved, and are therefore irrational!

There is NO WAY an atheist or evolutionist can prove the universe began by random chance. No way at all, unless they had a front seat when whatever it was exploded (or whatever it was supposed to have done). There is NO WAY AT ALL that they can prove anything in evolution theory... that one thing changed to another ‘by chance’. This is because there are NO KNOWN MECHANISMS by which this can happen, and no observed changes! None at all! On the other hand, design is proved by its own existence, by its immaculate precision, which IS observable. As many genuine scientists have said before, even the smallest of changes in an animate being requires INSTANT multiple changes in order for that being to survive.

Some atheists say the universe occurred when matter and anti-matter somehow collided. But, again without proof. Indeed, without any evidences whatsoever. They think genuine believers see it the same way. Oh no we don’t! God did not make bits to collide and then expand using unrealistic and totally improbably means to expand into other things. God made everything out of His own will, when there was not even ‘nothing’! (At one time I believed He created out of ‘absolute nothing’, but I had to reconsider this, and replace it with ‘His will’). There was not even nothing to draw from, and certainly no matter or anti-matter.

And the major point is this – if God exists, then we have no reason to doubt what He says (because if He lied He could not be God), and how the universe began is documented in Genesis. Everything in six literal days. Period. And, after over 60 years, I still accept this to be true, because not only is this what God tells us, but I find it to be true by weight-of-evidence, which, until shown to be wrong (by actual proofs), constitute proof that God exists. (Proof from scripture is entirely another matter, for atheists do not bother to look at it, and even if they do, they have no idea what they are reading, so cannot come to logical conclusions).

For atheists, proof must be ‘scientific’ (though I would argue that science includes knowledge and study of God), but for genuine Christians proof begins with whatever God says in His word. If it says something, then it is true, without question. And, for those who study properly, nothing in scripture has been disproved. Really, this being the case the atheist is not truly an atheist by fact but by belief, and is, by definition not an atheist but an agnostic, not knowing whether God exists or not! This is because, if he is true to his own ideas, he cannot prove God does not exist, nor can he prove God does exist.

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