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Divorce and Remarriage a Brief Reminder

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Some legalistic people, calling themselves ‘Christian’, are telling others that no person may divorce, quoting Romans 7:2… but conveniently forgetting other texts that give two concessions for divorce! I have heard short sermons on this matter, hosted by the same legalistic people, and they do NOT mention the concessions! Rather, some use these sermons as a springboard to utter hatred for those who rightly divorce. What they are proving is their ignorance of scripture and also their Pharisaical frame of mind.

It is noted that some who insist on just Romans 7:2 have a preoccupation with sex itself. It causes one to ask if they have guilt within about sex, or have themselves thought adulterously. So, they project their guilt onto others in a very harsh and ignorant way.

If a man or woman leaves and divorces a spouse for no reason and remarries, then he or she is an adulterer. That is what Jesus said in Matthew 5:31. But, if a believer’s spouse commits adultery, he or she may divorce the adulterer and remarry, verse 32, and in 19:9! That is what Jesus said.

“Whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication,” (Matthew 5:32)

Or, if the spouse is an unbeliever and decides to leave, the Christian may divorce because he or she is “not under bondage”(1 Corinthians 7:15). All this is very clear.

“If the unbelieving depart, let him depart. A brother or sister is not under bondage in such (cases).

It is my personal view that marriage is for life. But, I cannot ignore the whole counsel of God, some of which tells us, in the New Testament, that God allows two reasons for divorce. It is very wrong for some to impose their jaundiced view of scripture, and their hatred for fellow believers, on others, when they have such a poor understanding of God’s word.

I recently went onto the website of one with such a bad attitude, to listen to a mini-sermon on divorce… it was completely one-sided and does not even mention the two concessions, not even the one given by Jesus Himself! This is not acceptable ministry, nor is it truthful.

Some Christians are cast adrift by adulterous spouses, who prefer to be adulterers than to keep a marriage holy. To tell these people they are themselves ‘adulterers’ because they later remarry, is against scripture, and against loving concern for fellow believers. Let such hateful accusers remember who is the Chief Accuser of the brethren, and let them be cautious about their own hatred. The New Testament tells us we may divorce for only two reasons. I have stated these above. And if divorce for those reasons is acceptable to God, then so is remarriage. Only those who remarry outside of the two reasons can be accused of being ‘adulterous’.

This paper repeats, more-or-less, what I have said in O-021, but it has been made necessary to say it again because of the vicious comments made to believers by a particular website owner. I will not grace the man by mentioning the name of himself or the website. Suffice to say his comments are hateful. He freely makes accusations about others, with no regard for what he says, or the effect his worthless lies have on those he rails against, except that he obviously thinks he is right. But, this is not a reason to call fellow believers ‘liars’ or ‘adulterers’!

To teach others that everyone who divorces and remarries is an adulterer is untruthful and Biblically ignorant. More than that, the one who claims it is a false prophet. May God speak to that man and to all who so easily abuse their fellows for the sake of their own private interpretations.

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