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Creation - Why we must believe it

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Many modern Christians think that belief in the Creation, as set out in Genesis, is an optional extra; we may accept it or not. Some believe Adam and Eve were not an actual pair of people, but that these are the names given to Mankind in general. That is, 'Adam' represents all men and 'Eve' represents all women. They then say that the Creation account is just a story written to allude to spiritual matters only; the serpent was not a real serpent but was, again, a spiritual allusion.

Christians who think this way sometimes try to tie-in their 20th century theological view with the theory of evolution and so can be called 'Theistic Evolutionists'. Basically, they believe that God started everything on the road to a long drawn-out 'creation' through the medium of the evolutionary process. Once He put it all in motion, He just sat back and let evolution take over.

Others (including some who call themselves Christians) do not even ascribe the very beginnings of life to God, but say that it was all the result of the Big Bang (which is itself discredited by the scientific fraternity). So, what can we say about it all? Countless believers today think it is a fuss about nothing. They say that so long as we believe in the 'essentials', we may differ on 'non-essentials'... such as 'supposed' Creation.

Are they right? Should we just love each other and allow these 'minor' differences to just get lost amongst the dusty thoughts of yesteryear? It makes no difference to the gospel, they say, so why fight over it?

Then there is yet another point of difference: were the days of Creation (assuming that it actually took place, that is!) literal 24-hour days, or vast periods of time (thus accommodating the theory of evolution)? What do YOU think? The stark fact is this: Evolution is a lie! Therefore, theistic evolution, that cowardly white-flag of theology, is nonsense.

Did you know that there is NOT ONE PROOF for evolution theory? Do not get confused; there are plenty of evidences, but not one 'proof'. Those who think they are clever and say they believe in evolution, should acquaint themselves with the vital difference between 'proof' and 'evidence'. There may be plenty of evidence for, say, a car crash, but the evidence may not provide actual proof of the cause or, of who was at fault. Proof is cast-iron support for a particular theory, whereas evidence is just a piece of neutral information. To date, over a hundred years after Darwin first published his fanciful theory (it is not even a full theory, but only a weak hypothesis… and that is being charitable), no-one has ever found a single shred of cast-iron proof for evolution. Now THAT is fact!

But, a far more important fact stands above all else. It is the one fact that should cause all Christians to examine themselves: that is, 'GOD SAID'! God said He created everything in six literal days. So - that's that! No argument! It does not matter if scientists contradict this (they have no proof anyway), for whatever God says is law and sufficient proof. Anything Man says contrary to scripture, is a lie.

Surely this is blind faith, flying in the face of truth? No - it is true faith based on the word of God. If we do not have this, then we have nothing. God's word is either true or false. It cannot be a mixture of truth and lies.

Furthermore, scripture itself tells us that six-day Creation is a reality. For example, the whole of Genesis chapter one contains literal forms of Hebrew. NONE OF IT IS FIGURATIVE! Even minor references in this chapter are used literally, thus underpinning the literal sense of the account.

Each 'day' mentioned in this chapter is a literal 24-hour day, despite the unfounded cynicism of some. It is true that the word for 'day' can also be translated as a long, undefined period of time, but such an interpretation is IMPOSSIBLE in this case! The account of the making of Adam and Eve also uses literal wordings and cannot be interpreted any other way - unless, of course, you wish to twist them to fit unsubstantiated theories!

Adam and Eve were real people; the two who began mankind on their own. Mathematical analysis has shown that the large population that existed before the Flood could easily have come from just two people, so what's the problem?

Creation contains the kernel of a number of vital doctrinal statements, so to lose the literalism of Genesis chapter one is to lose the entire Bible as Truth. That is why it is important. We cannot believe bits of the Bible. It is all or nothing, for it is all interwoven like an intricate tapestry.

But there is even more reason to believe in literal six-day Creation: real 'Faith' is based on concrete reality, not on blind theories with no basis. It is the evolutionists who have an irrational blind faith!

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