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“... every one that is godly...” Discernment is the need

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“For this shall every one that is godly pray unto thee in a time when thou mayest be found: surely in the floods of great waters they shall not come nigh unto him.” (Psalm 32:5)

Do you have a sense of dread? Do you recognise the days we are in? Do you think the world will just carry on as usual, as it always has done? Do you know repentance is our greatest requirement right now? Do you hear God calling us out of the mire made for us by Satan’s envoys? The day of repentance is now. The day of need is now. The day we must humbly call upon the Lord is now. Things are not as they were and never again will be. Discernment is the very real need in our day.

In this short paper I am compelled to speak as I must. I do not care what fellow believers think about me. What matters is how God sees us, and what He wants from us. I have a burden to speak out. You should have a burden to listen and act. If you do not, then you are grossly misreading the times we are in. How do you see these times? It is vital that you see them as they are, free of your emotions, prejudices and personalised interpretations of God’s word. Now you must read scripture as it is, not as you want it to be.

The first task is to acknowledge that we are indeed sinful. I feel it in myself intensely. To hide it is folly, for God sees right through us anyway! Once we know we are sinners we must repent. Then, and only then, will the Lord forgive us. So be it (Psalm 32:5). Seek Him while He can still be found! There is a time when God steps back and does not listen. Pray that such a time is not now. God is our answer to the world and only He can protect and deliver us from harm and fear (verse 7). If God is now calling you to listen, do not become deaf to Him.

We are not animals Mr Dawkins! We are not brutes without understanding, needing to be prodded this way or that! (verse 9) We are not creatures-in-progress, but finished beings, completed by Almighty God, amazing to behold. Mr Dawkins will soon know “many sorrows” because he is “wicked”, but if he relents, repents and turns to the Lord he so readily despises, he will be saved. (verse 10) The saved can jump for joy for God is with us (verse 11); the rest will know God’s wrath.


Every saved person is given discernment. This is not mere inner sense or psychological understanding. Biblical discernment goes far beyond that, made unique only to believers, for it is a spiritual gift.

To discern, diakrinō, is to weigh everything up and give judgment. It decides who is right in a dispute. It can even mean separating yourself from another in hostility, or to be at odds with your own self. Importantly, to discern can also mean to withdraw from others and to discriminate. Few modern Christians understand what all this means to their lives, and even fewer are willing to discern, especially when it leads to discrimination. Yet, this is what we are called to do. It is down to God’s demand, not our wish or personal desire.

My discernment tells me that every Christian MUST seek God while He can still be found, before He draws back, removing His active presence from our lives because of our lame-duck fake faith, and our subsequent disobedience. TODAY is the day!

We already have discernment. But, do we use it? If we do it will be very much evidenced in others turning their backs on us, and being left alone with the Lord. To discern is to be alone with God and to stop mingling with the crowd led by the nose into populist, PC ideas and heretical living. Only when we do this can we learn how to stand firm and strong; only then will we experience what it is truly like to be a believer. Do you even know what I am talking about?

When I was an Arminiastic preacher I stood at the door after my sermon, shaking hands with the congregation (really, they were just an audience). Dutifully, they always walked past saying “Thank you for your words”, and then continued with their everyday lives and cooking the roast dinner. Their ‘God-bit’ was over for the week. I could see disinterest in their eyes and hear it in their false greeting (obviously this does not apply to genuine believers). And my Arminian approach did not help.

I came to see that I was not preaching to fellow believers, but was just chatting to a social club. Many go to their local social club on Sundays, have a few beers, and then go back home to lunch or TV and a snooze. Most churches are just social clubs without the booze! Their ignorance was astounding and their understanding was almost zero. My preaching was just a filler, something to do between getting up Sunday morning and watching TV at night. Is this how you live?

I have a burden from God. I must warn fellow believers of the evil days to come upon us in the very near future... and I mean near. You can escape it by renouncing your faith and condemning your fellows (something many Christians have done to me for decades!), or you can see yourself as God sees you and repent; stand up firmly for the Lord; pray in and out of season; support those who are watchmen and teachers of truth; reject spiritual fraud. Seek the Lord while He can still be found.

The burden I feel is very weighty. It sometimes causes me to groan. It is always with me. Yet, I see Christians strolling as if on spiritual holiday. These are dire days and the dark clouds have almost surrounded us. Are you ready?

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