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Dangers of Complementary Treatments

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We have all, at one time or another, been urged to use ‘complementary medicines’ or treatments, with the assurance that they are ‘good’ and compatible with Christian belief. Is this true? We will look at the subject broadly…

I once had an horrendous skin complaint, where skin was very red, drying in white scales on the face. Apart from anything else it was very embarrassing. I could clean it up but the skin was so hot and dry it formed back into scales again within a minute or so. The usual treatment is a dermatological cream, but it thins out the skin, which can lead to further infections. In desperation I went to see a doctor in another area who practised homeopathy. This was in 1981 (I write this in 1992).

I should have realised something was not right. He sat on the floor while I sat on a chair! He asked me a variety of questions and then gave me some tablets for a month, and a vitamin E injection. The results were remarkable – my skin remained perfect for about two months. But, then the problem came back again… for me, it was a psychological success, and not due to homeopathy. Unfortunately I knew nothing of homeopathy until I researched it after the visit! Frankly, none of it made any sense whatever – it is impossible to dilute something to just about nothing and yet expect it to do anything realistic! Therefore, I consigned it to the trash-can of life.

So, how should we view alternative therapies or medicines? In my view we must always be cautious about anything in the ‘alternative’ stable. And, many things we must instantly dismiss. In this very brief paper I can only give a bare outline of examples. The list is nearly endless! These include:

Aromatherapy, Acupuncture, Bio Energy, Homeopathy, Indian Head Massage, Naturopathy, Reiki, Angel Therapy, Alexander Technique, Body Talk, Hopi Ear Candles, Kinesiology, Psychotherapy, Shiatsu, Complementary Therapy, Bowen Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Massage Therapies, Reflexology, SHEN Therapy, Biofeedback, Chelation therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Light Therapy, Magnetic Therapy (Magnetotherapy or Magnotherapy), Osteopathy, Trigger Point Therapy, Chiropractic. There are many more!

Note that I actually practised psychotherapy and looked into biofeedback. I quickly rejected and stopped both. In many ways Psychotherapy is akin to Hypnotherapy and Relaxation Therapy, for they all manipulate minds.

A Basic Warning

I hope to write about most of the above in time, so please check our publications’ list for details. Meanwhile, please accept the following comments that give a general view of complementary therapies or treatments…

What can we accept? Basically, anything that is NOT connected to, or created by, a cult or the occult, in any form. (1993 note: One such example is Transcendental Meditation, which was created by a cult. Ref A-009).

An example is, say, use of various plants to cure a variety of aches and pains. However, even then, if they do not work in every case, why bother? And, it is possible that some of these folk remedies may at some time have originated with the occult – we must be very careful.

What must we reject? Anything that was created originally by a cult or the occult. It does not matter if these therapies actually work, because there is immense spiritual harm in allowing demons or cults to apply themselves to you. The fact that they might work is not relevant. Sadly, those who have chronic conditions, or cancers, might feel panic and so search for anything that might help. For Christians this is not acceptable, even if they have a fatal disease.

We cannot use any system of healing if it was created by demonic influences, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and so on. Western psychics also use occult means, and these, too, must be rejected. Frankly, it is better to suffer pain than to be taken over by demons! In the Christian a demon cannot possess him, but he will suffer a multitude of evils if he allows the therapy to be used – depression, anxiety, even poverty and suicide have been listed.

For those who might say “It’s easy for you – wait until you have suffered!” let me tell you I had crippling abdominal pain as a child, have almost been killed several times by maniacs, I suffered a (healed) fatal illness in 1978, from that time I suffered immense pain and overwhelming fatigue etc. for 18 years (healed, 1996)… the skin problem was just one side effect of the symptoms, and I unwittingly fell to the lie about homeopathy. I know pain and many awful symptoms!

It is a basic fact – before we use ANY remedy, we must, as a matter of Christian conscience, safety, and God’s honour, research it. If it was begun by demons via the occult or a cult, reject it immediately, no matter what claims are made for it. The fact that there are supposed cures is not a factor. Always look at how it began!

(Note: 1996: In view of the horrendous current movement called the ‘Toronto Blessing’ Christians should be cautious of ANYTHING called ‘good’ or ‘of God’, including complementary medicines and approaches. Test the spirits before considering their use).

© June 1992

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