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Marijuana (Cannabis) - The Reality

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I was in the nurse training centre, doing one of my study blocks, and the director of the centre, a kindly man, called me into his office. He said he had noticed that when we took our breaks I usually took myself off to the library nearby. The concern was that I was not displaying a suitable ‘team spirit’. I assured him that it had nothing to do with team spirit, but with the simple fact that cigarette smoke made me feel very nauseous! What I did not tell him was that two of my fellow students smoked ‘weed’ (marijuana), and I felt personally offended by that, and did not wish to be influenced by its smoke... easily discerned as an almost sickly-sweet odour.

A lot of nurses smoked ‘weed’ and I always knew when they did so – they acted stupidly! They giggled a lot, went off into their own dreamy world, and had problems with coordination and spacial/time dysfunctions. Apart from anything else, one can only imagine how they coped with administering medications and making nursing decisions. One of my fellow students died very young of alcohol and weed complications, so I had no time for its use or excuses made for it.

Yet, even today, some foolish Christians actually use ‘weed’, thinking it is nothing like using tobacco; some think it is ‘safer’ than tobacco. My argument is that people who use weed do so as a way to relieve stress and to induce a pleasant feeling and emotion that is counter to the way Christians ought to live. No Christian should rely on drugs of any kind to be ‘happy’ or to feel good. It should be obvious, logically, that if a drug is needed to achieve these states, then the state achieved is not genuine, but is a delusion. But, those who take drugs do not wish to contemplate this, because they enjoy what is, essentially, a sin. Even if they do not call it a sin, it is certainly very, very foolish.

Because weed distorts perception, someone using it can easily misjudge, say, the speed and closeness of a vehicle on the road: if they are pedestrians they can get killed. If they drive under the influence of weed they can cause accidents or kill someone. This is why police officers will arrest drivers who they suspect of using weed, or who carry it with them when driving, and why they wear gloves and masks when handling the plants and finished product.

Weed has many other problems attached to its use, including some that are very serious and irreversible. But, those who smoke it or are sympathetic to its use, and deny or ignore these problems, especially mental imbalances specifically induced by marijuana. Nor do they mention use of weed when someone takes to the streets and shoots up, say, a shopping mall. Yet, neuroscientists are more than aware of the link between marijuana and psychosis.

In particular, there is a certain link between use of marijuana and the onset of schizophrenia (supported by many research findings). But, just as homosexuality and its terrible effects are ignored by the media and government (because most who know of it are involved themselves), so the bad effects of marijuana are ignored, so we see the slide of society into oblivion.

One woman in the USA admitted to smoking weed all day and all night. She drove to a church and there stabbed her husband to death. She said she loved to smoke weed and often saw and heard things others could not see or hear, when she used it. She even said “Isn’t God good?” for telling her to kill her husband!

Concerned scientists and doctors are rejected by radio and TV companies who do not wish to highlight the links between weed and mental disturbance. Yet, 15% of those who use weed go on to experience general psychosis, with half again becoming schizophrenic (a form of psychosis).

Cannabis is now big business and many local criminal types grow it in their sheds and attics. The plants are distinctive in their leaf shape. Its use can be detected by up to about two weeks. Cannabis appears to initiate certain cancers, leads to sexual dysfunctions and even to sexual promiscuity, which itself leads to an increase in sexual diseases and HIV. And, of course, addicts steal money to buy it.

Cannabis use badly affects a baby in the womb, such as its weight and growth. A baby is also affected mentally and physically, which can explain in greater part why children of cannabis users tend to be less intelligent, smaller, and unable to function properly in the area of focussing, learning (leading to much school truancy and inability), memory and decision-making. And this is why so many youngsters on estates where cannabis use is ‘normal’ tend to be anti-social. And why certain estates are filled with inept and ‘dull’ people whose lives are miserable and anti-social.

In May 2014 American investors were urged to buy shares in medical cannabis companies. For an investor the morality of this is not an issue, but big returns are. A 2013 literature review shows that marijuana has long-term physical/biological, mental, behavioural and social health problems attached. It was shown that cannabis is linked strongly to minor effects such as dizziness, and major effects such as malfunction of the liver, lungs, heart and vascular systems. (Gordon AJ, Conley JW, Gordon JM (December 2013). "Medical consequences of marijuana use: a review of current literature". Curr Psychiatry Rep (Review) 15 (12): 419. doi:10.1007/s11920-013-0419-7. PMID 24234874).

How, then, can anyone justify using it or buying shares in cannabis production? Makers of medical cannabis say it is safe (as do those who use the other kind!), but there has been insufficient research into the effects. And, most experts still want to keep both kinds out of the hands of the public. Certain elements within cannabis (cannabionoids) can have a good effect, but the smoking or ingesting of cannabis does not give these benefits, because they have to be extracted and given in medical forms, such as capsules.

This is only a short article, but it is based on current and past research. Do not be duped into accepting the excuses of cannabis users or those who wish to make it legal. It is a fact that the vast majority of hard-drug users started their drug addiction by using marijuana. It is, then, the entry portal for a life of misery and illness, and the reason why so many take to a life of crime. As for Christians – they have no excuse for taking cannabis, for any reason, nor for lending sympathy to its use.

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