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Mindfulness and Wellbeing

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(Editor: We have this brief report from ‘Anon’. His confidentiality is for a good reason. Please also read my own report on so-called ‘Therapeutic Touch’, Ref. A-102 (TT), also used and promoted in the NHS and elsewhere. Also read ‘Transcendental Meditation’ (TM), Ref. A-009. Like TT Mindfulness is occult and its elements are from Eastern cults. We urge readers not to become involved or to think it can help. See my coming assessment of this new ‘treatment’).

Through more than 150 years our British society has become increasingly godless and sinful. This is the normal course that mankind takes. Biblical history records it thus: firstly the Fall, then the flood and now the judgment of nations. There is no evolution of liberal goodness and increased spiritual wisdom, just an inevitable descending spiral of sinfulness. The only hope comes from our Lord: The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As part of this delusion that we can be free of the spiritual death within us through self – help, eastern mysticism has gleefully jumped in with promises of peace and enlightenment. Now, by removing all religious references, mindfulness has gained a strong position at the heart of government. Some members of my own family have embraced the teachings, which in the end only seem to reinforce mood swings.

So when our work spring conference (a county music service) was to include a mindfulness and wellbeing session I realized that the endorsement of officialdom has made the practice mainstream. It is now common in schools and the NHS. Here is how the session unfolded:

We were split into two groups of about 40 in each; one half doing a music activity, the other exploring mindfulness.

The session started with peaceful music to ‘relax us’. We were then given a power point presentation on the rise in mental problems and how music can help children. This is a very good and valid route to explore as I have been involved with music therapy, seeing some remarkable results. Sadly this was not the path taken.

The following is my best recollection of what went on, as I did not participate:

We were invited to ‘empty our minds’ and focus on our breathing. We were then led through some simple Yoga techniques, including slow movements. Discussion followed on how these could be made part of instrumental music lessons. The whole group then went outside to explore ‘spiritual walks’ in limited space to explore our one-ness with the landscape. The group were overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the session and can now join regular mindfulness sessions as part of our ongoing training programme.

The session and response should not have come as a surprise to me as society has no wisdom in these matters. ….for whatsoever is not of faith is sin (Ro 1:23). If we attempt to explore our ‘inner-selves’ it is a dark place to go without Christ.

“But Jesus did not commit himself unto them, Because he knew all men,

And needed not that any should testify of man: For he knew what was in man.” (John 2:24-25)

Post script: Mindfulness is now coming under scrutiny as a potentially dangerous activity. Clinical evidence shows that for some it is extremely dangerous. 

A Critical Media Article

Sunday Mail: Dark side of mindfulness: Growing evidence the therapy can be harmful 

Editor’s Note: It must be emphasised that this supposed exercise is occult and a deep part of several Eastern cults. As such it is spiritually and mentally dangerous. See my assessment on this, ‘Mindfulness: New Name, Old Cult’, Ref. AG-05-Mindfulness.

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