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COVID “Marxist/Fascist Weapon of Choice”

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Regular readers know I have issued countless articles and comments on the Covid ‘pandemic’. As I have explained before, the Lord pushes me into what I have to write about at any one time. Covid has been one of those areas of study and writing for the past year. This is because not only are most of the official statements lies, half-truths or outright propaganda, but Christians are being duped by political doctors, researchers and government.

In summary – the Covid virus (SARSCoV2) appears to be real. I mean it exactly like that – it APPEARS to be real. Many experts reject that there is a real virus behind Covid, or that Covid is a genuine pandemic. Having read all the explanations and arguments I can see where they are coming from, and the longer this farce continues the more I tend to agree that the whole thing is an invented panic. In short – real virus, fake response.

Even if the virus and pandemic are real, those who rule have made error upon error, seemingly deliberately, and are now fraudulently persuading people to take a very dangerous ‘vaccine’ that is not a real vaccine. This means vaccine manufacturers (‘Big Pharma’, who pay out kickbacks to all who support them) have already gained multi-billions. The more people remain gullible the greater will be their income. And consider that they now tell us booster injections will be necessary plus extra ‘vaccines’ every time there is a supposed ‘variant’… whose existence is also being queried by ‘alternative sources’ – doctors and researchers!

The activity around this topic is like nothing ever seen before. The effort put into it is phenomenal and world-coordinated. Yet, the virus, a kind of flu (?) appears to be less potent than seasonal flu! No other (genuine) pandemic has been treated with such a gargantuan, monolithic way! No other virus has been given the backing of illegality and aggressive police action. No other virus has led to national destruction of freedoms, small and medium business ruination, massive loss of jobs, and intense fear stoked by governments.

The situation is unique when applied to a supposed virus, but those of us who know history can see very clearly what is going on – the subjection of the people to an elite who rule by science or politics; Marxists and fascists. They are ruling us, whereas we pay them their salaries. They are telling us what we can and cannot do, on mere whims and half-baked ‘science’. And they ignore, sack, or harass doctors and other scientists who have nothing to gain from government, and who speak the truth. All of this means that the ‘pandemic’ is only an excuse to bring in totalitarian controls that are part of the demands of the ‘great reset’ – one world government. At one time this kind of talk was uttered by conspiracy theorists, only now the conspiracies are being enacted by rulers and scientists who personally gain by locking down the entire population (except for themselves).

In the USA meanwhile hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are trooping over the USA/Mexican border when US citizens are being locked down! The aliens bring in the new virus, plus other diseases, some are jihadists from the Middle East, and many are criminals. They all expect to gain money, goods, housing and services for being illegals, while immense pressure is being put on legal residents by a now almost totally-Marxist government. More and more people in the USA are frustrated by Biden and the Democrats, who cheated their way into power and are now smashing the life out of everything American. Very soon they will turn the USA into a third-rate power with NO power. Obama tried it and almost made it. Now the Democrats are busy turning America into a massive Kremlin or Beijing. (

Variant Lies (Dr M Ghandi, MD, MPH, quoted in

“It was the most unprecedentedly destructive decision in the history of human civilization. Officials decided to lock down a society and treat every human being like a leper until a vaccine was introduced, regardless of whether those interventions helped one iota in slowing the virus. Well, the vaccine is here, so it's game over, right? Wrong. "Variants" are the new 15 days/years to ‘flatten the curve’. Except the premise is built on a lie.”

People were becoming too lax in obeying every whim of Western rulers, so a variant suddenly arrived! Great - they could start the thumb-screws all over again!! Here we go again – more panic. But, few understand how to ‘read’ science. So, they were oblivious to the simple fact that IF there was a variant it was NOT more potent or deadly – it simply meant you could get the virus (if it exists) a bit faster… maybe by a day or two. So, what’s the panic all about?? It is about governments maintaining their strangle-hold on the population. This happened even though most people sadly obey the mandates to wear masks (maybe even two or three at a time), nervously keep six feet away from people, and stay at home.

Variants are the perfect way to keep subduing and scaring people, even if they don’t exist. It is even likely that the Covid virus is also invented, perhaps a different kind of flu… no-one knows because no-one has yet identified the virus! (The truth is very different – see later note on variants). As soon as I heard of a ‘dangerous variant’ I thought “Here we go – we will be locked down again!” And along with the renewed lockdowns came the news that each variant will require people to have ANOTHER ‘vaccine’… even though the ‘vaccine’ does not prevent people getting the virus!! The rulers say it will not stop you getting the virus, but it WILL make the virus less dangerous to you. HOW DO THEY KNOW THAT? The ‘vaccines’ have not even been tested, so how can they say IN ADVANCE what it will and will not do? Thus far, what we DO know is that those who take the ‘vaccine’ are in danger of death, serious injury or horrible life-changing conditions!

Researchers who looked at the efficacy of the vaccines against the variants tell us that the vaccines made no difference whatever! (Researchers at the Center for Infectious Disease and Vaccine Research, La Jolla Institute for Immunology). The findings were really a repeat of research done in Singapore into other coronaviruses in 2003.

“The media is trying to scare people by reporting each variant as if it's something novel to this particular virus, when in fact, most viruses have endless numbers of variants that are generally not impervious to the immune system's response triggered by the original variant. Forget about four or five variants; already, back in June 2020, a paper published last in the WHO Bulletin claimed that a variant analysis of SARS-CoV-2 genomes "detected in total 65,776 variants with 5,775 distinct variants.".”

In other words, just like soap manufacturers who hype their particular brand as ‘novel’, when all along they are just words, pushers of Covid hype try to frighten the public with ONE ‘variant’, when there are literally already thousands of them… typical of ANY coronavirus!

“The media is focusing on these few variants as if they are somehow more deadly, but the reality is that cases and deaths have plummeted in all of the source countries, such as South Africa, Brazil, and England, over the past two months, coinciding with the same decline following the late fall spike in nearly every part of the world.” (Dr Andrew Bostom, MD, MS)

In a chart he created, Dr Bostom shows that infections and deaths are “plummeting” regardless of the variant. ( The British variant has been in the USA since last November but it has “not altered the existing trajectory of the original virus”!

A large study by King’s College of 37,000 people found the same thing. Yet, government and scaremongering scientists insist on scaring the wits out of the people, for their own ends… control and insane power.

“An even larger study of 184K from New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (NERVTAG) for the British government concluded as of January that "we do not have evidence of an increased risk of hospitalization in individuals with variant B1.1.7.".”

“You know what does help and has not been proven any weaker against any variant – yet the government will not promote it? Cheap drugs and natural supplements – from hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin to doxycycline, vitamin D, zinc, quercetin and even aspirin and melatonin. Many of these treatments naturally boost the immune system and/or prevent viral RNA from replicating itself. They work for all sorts of RNA viruses, not just COVID, so the variants will not change this equation.”

The Blaze article finishes with common sense… WHY use a dangerous untested ‘vaccine’ when existing drugs can deal with the virus far better? India, supposedly ‘backward’ in Western eyes, is sending out a cheap kit worth just $2.65 per person, containing suitable drugs, with great success. This way Big Pharma gets zero, so they will always try to make out the drugs are sent by demons!

“Given that tyranny and cronyism control our government and media, the contradictory panic porn will continue, forcing our public health officials to double down on failure to address their own supposed concerns.”

Just Shut Up and Die! (

That is what governments are really telling us – shut up, don’t argue, and if you die, tough luck! Years ago the West gave carte blanche to Big Pharma to kill people with no comebacks, by ensuring they could not be sued BY LAW. This encouraged blatant crazy drug making that did damage to people, who suffer and die.

This has led to current insurance companies rejecting all claims against Covid ‘vaccines’ (and invalidating insurances already paid for), because those who take the vaccines have taken “an experimental medical intervention”. Not a vaccine but an experimental injection. Many insurers also refuse insurance to those who take a Covid test, for the same reason. (If unsure, go to Why put not just your life, but your life insurance at risk?? If anything goes wrong – tough.

Many insurers now include a Covid related question on their application forms. And “individuals who ask insurers will they pay out on death caused by the vaccine are being told NO as it is not a vaccine, but an experimental medical intervention. Be advised.”

Got it yet? The ‘vaccine’ is NOT a ‘vaccine’ at all but an experiment!!

When Covid is Not Covid (

It is not Covid if you die by falling out of a car! In Minnesota a man died from falling out of a car, but according to his death certificate he died of Covid!! A full audit of deaths was carried out and 800 similar cases (death by Covid even if it was not) were found. Everywhere, doctors are either willingly (by political affiliation) or unwillingly (under threat) putting Covid on certificates. This has been happening nationwide, so skewing the real numbers and increasing fear. Two officials (a Rep and a Sen, who is also a doctor) say that Covid deaths have been inflated by as much as 40%. They gathered 2800 death certificates in their state and had them investigated by experts, who discovered the scam. The same doctor got into trouble by warning that deaths were being labelled as ‘Covid’ because of financial gain.

Get Your Star Wars Costume! (Technology News and Trends/Principia Scientific).

One of the Covid ‘vaccine’ makers, Moderna, does not refer to its invention as a vaccine, but as an ‘Operating System’. TAKE NOTE - It is NOT a ‘vaccine’!

“The Transhuman ideology is so terrifying that most people just cannot grasp its enormity. Transhumans fully intend to hijack the evolutionary process of genetic structuring in order to create Humanity 2.0. This means treating human DNA like computer code.” (TN Editor)

This is what Covid ‘vaccines’ are all about – taking us towards the wondrous sunny future of transhumanism! The Moderna name for the fake vaccine was found in its own documents, which prove that the ‘vaccine’ is not about a virus, but about control of human beings. As I, and many others have said all along, “Something just isn’t right”! The figures didn’t match the actual science. It was Bill gates who pushed forward the idea of vaccines (giving him more billions) and bluntly said that vaccines can cut population by 15%. This is nothing compared to the aim of the elites to remove 90% of all humanity to ‘save the planet’ (except for themselves, of course)! (See The aim is to circumvent the immunity system to get into the tissues and cells. Compare with genuine vaccines – they contain dead or weak cells of the infection to be dealt with. But, with mRNA injections a virus is not involved. Rather, it works outside the immune system. Doesn’t this frighten you? It should.

This is why USA doctors propose a ‘Vaccine Bill of Rights’. The proposers say “No one – not the government, employers, nor any individual – should maintain the authority to force anyone to get vaccinated, and a Vaccine Bill of Rights in your state will ensure that they don’t.‘ (America’s Frontline Doctors). This demand and safeguard is not new, and owes its idea to the Nuremberg Code (See separate article on this). The Code guards against anyone being forced to take a medical treatment or vaccine, basing it on revulsion for the vile Nazi experiments done in concentration camps. This is now even more vital as governments and wicked money-makers like Gates, want to force everyone to have the false Covid ‘vaccine’.

Antibodies… Another Wicked Plot (

That is, using antibodies to detect, diagnose and treat Covid. The numbers of antibodies are in the hundreds. Rockwell calls this “part of the biomedical goldrush”, making it the most lucrative medical product of recent years. Within three years producers hope to have earned half a trillion dollars! Profit margins can be 67% or more. So - WHY trust ‘Big Pharma’? Dr Fauci is in on this, and all the companies that develop vaccines and antibody solutions, who all earn big bucks for scaring the nation, time and again.

Antibody research and implementation depends on research that finds the Covid virus. It is assumed that the antibodies will literally stick to, and kill, the new virus and NOT surrounding tissues and cells. If the antibodies don’t know this rule, they can attack any and all cells in the body. To put it another way (Rockwell):

“Unfortunately it turns out that the antibodies rarely (if ever) do that. This is because of, among other things, inadequate verification of the antibodies’ accuracy in targeting the virus by the companies that manufacture and sell them. And there’s even less verification by government regulators.”

“Antibodies are tiny, finely-tuned, parts of our immune system. One of their main functions is to seek out viruses and bacteria that may have the potential to cause disease. Antibodies bind to and neutralize these microbes so they can’t multiply and spread.”

“There are two main categories of antibodies. One is ‘polyclonal’ antibodies. These are garden-variety antibodies that bind to a variety of different substances and/or organisms.

The other is monoclonal antibodies. As the name implies, cloning is involved in their creation. First an antibody that is specific to a particular amino-acid sequence (amino acids are the building blocks of proteins) of interest – for example, one from a protein on the surface of a virus or bacterium — is identified. Then the immune-system cell which produced that antibody is ‘cloned’ in the lab. As a result, each set of monoclonal antibodies binds to that particular amino-acid sequence.”

Rockwell contacted a leading authority on monoclonal antibodies and asked if it was possible to produce an antibody in a lab that will only attack a specific virus, e.g SARSCoV2. Prof Clifford Saper, Harvard Medical School, bluntly warned:

“No, there is no such thing as a monoclonal antibody that, because it is monoclonal, recognizes only one protein or only one virus. It will bind to any protein having the same (or a very similar) sequence.”

This is why a growing number of experts fear a coming cataclysm, in which antibodies injected into people will start to attack similar cells and kill them. Thus,

“The implication of Saper’s statement is that any attempt to use a monoclonal antibody to verify the presence of the novel coronavirus will yield a large rate of false-positive results. That is, they will indicate that the novel coronavirus is detected when in fact it hasn’t been. That’s because there’s a high probability that the monoclonal antibody is binding to something else besides the virus (this is known as ‘cross-reacting’).”

(For validation methods see ‘A Guide to the Perplexed on the Specificity of Antibodies’, Saper, Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry, 2009).

“And in fact, the vast majority of antibodies and monoclonal antibodies marketed as being specific for the novel coronavirus were developed years ago for detecting SARS-CoV-1. They were then simply repurposed for identifying SARS-CoV-2 — with very few if any checks for whether they also cross-react to other organisms or substances.”

“And here is one I made earlier”, to quote TV chefs… antibody researches from some years ago, applied to SARS 1 (not 2), were ‘repurposed’ so they were made to apply to the new virus. But, without proper checks.

Death of a Boxer (

Champion retired boxer, Marvin Hagler, was hospitalised age 66 because he took a Covid vaccine and died of its effects. The same report links this to Europe stopping AstraZeneca/Oxford ‘vaccines’ because they killed three people with blood clots. It is likely a small adjustment might be made, or will be alleged to have taken place, but the program will continue. At the same time USA lawmakers are demanding an audit of death certificates in one state because a high number of deaths have erroneously claimed Covid to be a cause of death. In Texas there is an effort to force the state to alter its “wildly inflated Covid cases and deaths” numbers ( This dissident voice is growing rapidly but ignored by governments, partly because they will look very stupid for their past actions, and partly because they have still not got everyone under total control of their socialist agenda.

The Virus Has Not Been Isolated! (Very important fact!!)

This has been said many times in the past year, by a number of concerned researchers, but no-one is listening. One excellent writer puts this down to cognitive dissonance – and I agree with her! This is when people reject or ignore real facts because they believe something else, even lies. So many people believe governmental statements, they refuse to now believe they have been duped.

An example is given, in which Dr Fauci, the vile man who runs the Covid response team (USA), and who advocates double or triple masks, maybe forever, did research on the Spanish flu (real) pandemic that occurred after WW1. He concluded that most of the victims did NOT die of the flu, but of bacterial pneumonia CAUSED BY WEARING MASKS! Thus, the ‘cure’ (to wear masks) produced an even worse pandemic of pneumonia. Doctors have already warned of this possibility wearing masks today.

In October 2020 another doctor cited mask-wearing as the cause of rising bacterial pneumonia cases. But, the public has been brainwashed into believing the governments in the West, which have been lying their heads off all this time. Yes, there might indeed be a new virus, but what is said about it is blatant propaganda. They even ban doctors and experts on YouTube because they do not use officialese.

One expert, an epidemiologist, Knut Wittkowski, with 35 year’s experience, said:

“I’m not paid by the government, so I’m entitled to actually do science. There are no indications that this flu is fundamentally different from any other flu. The virus could be eliminated in weeks and herd immunity developed quickly if most people were allowed to lead normal lives.”

“Social distancing was employed to prevent hospitals from overflowing, which did not nearly happen. It was not needed then and it is not needed now. Everything done to date was a useless precaution. The number of infections does not matter …. The number of asymptomatic cases matters. We have a political pandemic, not a medical one.”

“What people are trying to do is flatten the curve. I don’t really know why. But what happens is if you flatten the curve, you also prolong, to widen it, and it takes more time. I don’t see a good reason for a respiratory disease to stay in the population longer than necessary.”

“With all respiratory diseases, the only thing that stops the disease is herd immunity,” Wittkowski continued. “About 80 percent of the people need to have had contact with the virus, and the majority of them won’t even have recognized that they were infected, or they had very, very mild symptoms, especially if they are children. So, it’s very important to keep the schools open and kids mingling to spread the virus to get herd immunity as fast as possible, and then the elderly people, who should be separated, and the nursing homes should be closed during that time, can come back and meet their children and grandchildren after about four weeks when the virus has been exterminated.”

In addition, he says that because schools have been closed we cannot reach herd immunity. The children do not suffer but they pass the virus on to the elderly, who die if they have preconditions. Thus, he says, because of social distancing more people will die. He adds that previous SARS infections made many people immune to other SARS infections (such as the one leading to Covid). But, because governments have stopped this natural process, many more people die.

“Lockdowns are based on NO science whatsoever. That ‘theory’ was dreamed up by a high school student. That’s a fact.

If locking down a state, social distancing and wearing a face mask were effective, why then does this alleged virus continue to infect people similar in pace to the annual influenza flu season?”

“One thing I’ve learned about a virus: you have to isolate it first and go from there. To date, neither the CDC or other governments have isolated this COVID-19 virus. They’ve used trickery. Let me repeat this truth: To date, neither the CDC or other governments have isolated this COVID-19 virus. Why not?”

If a virus has not been identified, how can it be properly diagnosed? How can you justify lockdowns and isolation? How can you demand people suffer facemasks that effectively lower immunity and create other bacterial infections? And how on earth can vaccines be devised when the virus is not known?

USA Writer’s Personal Notes

The above writer’s mother, age 93, was admitted to hospital because she had fractured her toe and ankle. She was immediately put on a Covid ward. The writer was furious because her mother had NO Covid symptoms. She ordered the hospital NOT to put her mother on a ventilator if there was a problem (because most Covid patients put on them die). The daughter forcefully explained her case and her mother was somehow sent back home. She was tested by two tests that do not even test for Covid!


There is so much to say! The Covid debacle has been a lie from the start. It seems a flu virus got labelled as highly dangerous, but it is only dangerous to those who are older and/or have preconditions. The virus is weaker than seasonal flu, and is on its way out. So there is no need for a vaccine, fake or otherwise. Yet, people are being bombarded with totalitarian demands to take it, even though it has already killed or injured too many thus far. There will be many more affected. For the life of me I don’t understand why intelligent people have fallen for these lies.

I could fill several volumes with facts, real facts, about Covid! Indeed, I wish I had collated notes from the start. Check what you are being told! DO NOT take the fake vaccine or the propaganda by government. Stop wearing masks and side-stepping people on the pavements and in supermarkets! Be human beings again and not sheep for the slaughter.

If you allow yourself to be deceived, you WILL be forced to be locked-down very soon AGAIN, every time there might be any kind of pandemic. And each time you will be ordered to take a vaccine, probably also not a real vaccine. You will also be told to have more vaccines when Covid strikes again as ‘variants’.

Will anyone listen? Or, will they refuse, because of cognitive dissonance, which puts them in the target area for government and virus alike.

At the supermarket last week, I was chatting to the woman operating the money till. She wore a mask. I asked her how she got on with the mask and she said at first she broke down in tears and became hysterical; she felt she was choking and was afraid. But, they made her wear one for her work. Now, she says, she is okay with it. But, most are not. I suspect that many who wear masks should not be wearing them, but are too afraid not to. It is all very, very sad. And this article does not even touch on loss of freedom and choice!

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