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The World Council of Churches

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A standard reference quotes the World Council of Churches (WCC) to be a:

"fellowship of churches which accept our Lord Jesus Christ as God and Saviour" (The Concise Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church).

All the major denominations are represented in the WCC. For a long time the Roman Catholic (RCC) and Unitarian 'churches' (they are not authentic Christian churches, but cult denominations) were barred from joining. However, this situation will change rapidly very soon, as all-comers, Christian or not, will be allowed to join the WCC. (2016 note: The RCC did not actually apply to join, but has an active part).

The work of the WCC is supposed to be 'advisory', but a large number of violent, revolutionary political groups throughout the world can thank the WCC for its cash support!

This Article will not try to cover the detailed and arduous work already done by 'WCC-watchers'. It simply wishes to introduce the issue to those who may not really know much about the WCC and its agenda in the world today.

The WCC - Marxism in a Frock!

The last general assembly of the WCC met in Canberra, Australia. As many wary Christians know, this assembly ended any idea people had that the WCC is a Christian organisation.

At that unholy convention Christians were deluged by the occult, false religions and New Age fallacies. Few walked out and few stood against the horror of it all. Those who did complain were quickly silenced or treated with disdain. At one of the various meetings some delegates wanted to check a point against scripture, but a WCC official scorned the idea and said "Oh no. It's Christian imperialism to suggest that the Bible has more to say than other books."!

If that sounds like Marxist/communistic language, it is because that is exactly what it is. The WCC has been a pawn on the chessboard of communism for a very long time. It is merely communism in a priestly frock! And a percentage of each donation given to the headquarters of every big denomination (and many small ones), by local churches, is given to the WCC. So, if your church gives a donation, you can be assured it is assisting violent revolutionary forces throughout the world, via the WCC! Or, to be even more blunt about it... this is made possible through the giving of every member in your church. That means YOU. Is this what you want?

The Real Principle

A few years ago, at a general church meeting, I was told (by my pastor at the time) that the amount my local church gave to the Baptist Union was "only small" and therefore the percentage that went to the WCC "was only about 1%". That pastor was really telling me to keep my nose out of it and to stop rocking the boat!

It does not matter what the amount of the donation is. What matters is that it is given at all! No Christian, in good conscience, can give money to an unholy organisation that supports violent revolution, the slaughter of innocents, and ungodly teachings. It does not matter how far removed we are from the WCC; it does not matter how indirect is our donation. If our money ultimately arrives in the bloodied hands of a WCC grant-giver, then we are just as guilty of slaughter as are the revolutionaries who wield sub-machine guns and throw hand grenades! God forbid that this should continue.

There is a very real principle in all this: that to give Christian money for non/anti-Christian purposes is a sin. It does not matter if the amount given is a millionth of one penny or millions of pounds/dollars, etc. Sin has no 'size' because to God all sin is, simply, sin. Thus, to give a million is exactly the same as to give a millionth. And to give to something that is anti-God is beyond comprehension.

The Canberra Fiasco

The Canberra assembly was a fiasco. No - it was far worse than that; it was a time when Satan held sway and thoroughly enjoyed himself. The assembly was a true example of religious veneer peeling off a rotten core of vile evil.

The 4000 delegates walking to the opening 'worship' meeting passed through the smoke of burning leaves - a pagan cleansing rite (which must have pleased the New Agers present!). When they were seated, they were treated to recorded insect noises as they watched a male dancer pretending to be a kangaroo. It reminds me of my time as an artist... people dressed and acted in a way they thought was typical of art, with many silly affectations. I tend to refer to them as 'arty-crafty' - all pretence and no substance. I wish that the Canberra scene was just that, but it was not. It was far more serious. It was an offence against Almighty God and a shame on all who took part.

On Day Two, Aborigines did a heathen dance in loincloths. A 'theologian' from South Korea invoked spirits of the dead. Then he encouraged the delegates to read their Bible as if they were "birds, water, air, trees". He also asked them to "think like a mountain"! What rubbish! And what an insult to an Holy God! An Anglican delegate from India said he was distressed by the animism, spiritism and New Age beliefs presented... but he still stayed! There are more than 322 'churches' (denominations), from over 100 countries, in the WCC. What havoc they wreak between them!


The Aims of the WCC

Ecumenism (as it is sought by churches today) is never right. There is no Biblical mandate to gather all ‘churches’ under one umbrella on this earth. This was the aim in 1948 when the WCC took an official form. Today the aim is 'secular ecumenism'. What does this mean? It means that each member church must decipher the gospel according to its local setting. This is called 'contextual theology'. Thus, we have 'inner city strategies', 'liberation theology' etc.

The aim is to promote revolution against authorities. If that involves violence, then so be it. In the UK large grants are paid by the WCC to radical groups concerned with racialism, feminism, and so on. Literally millions are paid out to Marxist revolutionaries, especially in Africa; groups known for their bloodthirsty acts of slaughter against their own peoples. They include the South African ANC, SWAPO etc.

WCC Marxist Support

The WCC refuses to speak out against Marxist aggression in communist-oppressed countries. The bishop who led the Romanian revolt that toppled its communist government in 1989 said "The WCC was not interested in the Church's fight for freedom." I make no comment in this Article on such fights for freedom – my aim is to show that the WCC is interested in only one freedom: the freedom of Marxists to get their way through violent action.

That is why, when Soviet religious dissenters begged for help from the WCC in the 1970's, it stayed silent. The WCC also opposes Western defence policies and hotly denounces 'capitalism' (just as the richest business on earth, Roman Catholicism, denounces the accumulation of riches!). All solid Marxist stuff!

Why the Marxist connection? Let 'Father' Yakunin tell us the reason. (He is referred to as 'father' in this Article merely to indicate his religion; no man may call himself 'father' within the Church of Jesus Christ). Yakunin is now a Deputy of the Russian Supreme Soviet's Commission on Freedom of Religion. He has studied previous monthly reports written by the Administration for Idealogical Subversion - a KGB organisation. He says:

"The KGB had a plan to penetrate and manipulate the WCC. Orthodox priests who were WCC delegates were often KGB agents acting on Communist Party orders."

"The WCC's radical-left activities helped the Soviet Bloc spread communist ideology in Africa, North and South America and the Far East."

He quotes reports that refer to the placement of KGB agents in very high posts within the WCC. One of them is known by name - yet he is still a Central Committee member of the WCC! (He is Alexei Sergeyevich Buevsky, a lay-member of the Russian Orthodox church's Moscow Patriarchate's Foreign Relations Department). Christians in the West are more than familiar with the thousands of incidents of deaths, maimings, repression and oppression of Believers caused by KGB agents in the old Soviet Bloc. Yet, this man remains at large, in a position of authority within the WCC.

Buevsky drafts WCC policies on international affairs and is a staunch advocate of Soviet policy. In 1969, in Canterbury, the WCC voted that member churches should "become agents for the radical reconstruction of society". KGB records state that the KGB influenced the WCC directly in the "political course of socialist countries". The KGB records are filled with the exploits of Buevsky - a key figure in the Marxist-led infestation of many lands. (2010 note: today Tony Blair and the UN carry on the same communist plan, through both governmental and church activities).

In 1982, when the West was thinking of placing advanced nuclear weapons in Europe as a defence, the WCC called for "total nuclear disarmament" and encouraged anti-nuclear groups to join the throng. What could be a better message from the KGB?

The election in 1985 of WCC General Secretary, Emilio Castro, was approved by the KGB; one of its memos states: "(he is) a candidate acceptable to us." Castro is a 'liberation' theologian from South America and he is enthusiastic about Marxism. When he visited the Kremlin in 1989, he called the guests his "comrades". In his speech Castro said "(Karl Marx) was dreaming out of the same Biblical tradition from which we come... in that common dream, we hope that between us we will have many steps to take in common." Bear in mind that Karl Marx proposed the killing of Christians as just one option open to communists, to rid the world of Christianity!

A number of WCC member churches are now uneasy about the WCC and its aims, yet they remain within its ranks. The new General Secretary of the WCC, Konrad Raiser, will not reform his organisation; in the past he worked for an anti-West Methodist leader, Philip Potter (a former General Secretary). He is also on record as supportive of the WCC's grant payments to revolutionaries.

Those worried by the escalating WCC trend toward total Marxism issued a plan to combat the aims and work. It includes the 'questions raised by ordinary church-goers' and the 'cutting back of donations to the WCC... but only as a last resort'. They prefer to begin 'renewal' groups to 'reform' the WCC. "The situation can be turned around by determined lay people" it is said. This is sheer nonsense. Bad apples are not made good apples merely by thinking about it, or by calling them good, whilst they are shifted around amongst good apples. Bad apples must be picked out and destroyed.

The Archdeacon of York, George Austin, admits that 'some' (!!) areas of WCC theology have declined into heresy. He believes that "Perhaps the Spirit is saying to the churches that the WCC has served its purpose and now must die."

The Spirit was never in the WCC or its work! It was dead from its inception, but its influence is very much alive. The WCC has actively spawned violence and a way of life that is degenerative and Marxist. There is no way that Christians can sponsor or support the WCC, whether directly or indirectly, via 'small' donations. Denominations in the UK contribute well over half a million pounds to the WCC... more than enough for Marxist revolutionaries in many lands to kill and terrorise their way toward their own ends. The money from the UK comes from the following:

  • Christian Aid (yes - your High Street donation to a small collection box is being used to fund the WCC!);
  • Church of England (nothing could be more anti-communistic... yet its cash goes to Marxists);
  • Church of Scotland;
  • Conference for World Mission;
  • Council for World Mission;
  • Methodist Church;
  • Baptist Union;
  • United Reformed Church, and others.

And if that is not enough, the WCC ‘recognises’ witchcraft as a ‘legitimate religion’!!


There can be only one conclusion. If you are in a denominational (or other) church that pays a donation, no matter how small, to the WCC, then you must speak out. You should refuse to give anything to your local church until it stops paying money to the WCC. (2016 Note: and to the EA).

Do not be fooled by those appealing advertisements by Christian Aid - stop giving money to them until they promise to refuse payments to the WCC. BE VOCAL about it! Write letters in denominational publications and in secular newspapers. There are many denominational churches, so true Christians can stop the WCC in its evil tracks. But, isn’t this nothing but another type of revolution? No, you are being urged to remain loyal to the Lord and not to Satan's minions.

The rebels are those Christians who persist in supporting the WCC when they know full-well that the WCC is a thinly disguised cover for Marxist ideology. If you are one of these Christians, then you no longer have an excuse. You have read this Article and you now have knowledge - you must do something about it, now! Rock the boat? Excellent! Cause animosity amongst your fellows? If, after knowing the facts presented in this Article, your friends remain loyal to the WCC, then their animosity is their problem, not yours. They are without excuse, for the Bible tells us to quit our sin as soon as we are aware it is sin, or they risk being considered to be unsaved.

There are many worthy, genuine, Christian causes and organisations you and your church can give cash to. No doubt many local churches and individuals thought their money to the WCC was being used to promote the gospel. Yes, it is - the gospel according to Karl Marx, a man who hated Christianity and wished only to rid the world of every trace of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Marxism is not liberation to freedom, but liberation from freedom to oppression, repression and violence. Christians can have no part in the process.

The message is very simple: remove the WCC this very day. Tell others about its murderous aims and work. Inform them about its worldly theology and Marxist leaders. Refuse to give donations. Help to lead your church back to truth and away from error.

(2016 note: Since this was written 23 years ago, details have changed, but the WCC remains godless).

© September 1993