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Charismatic Tongues in 1581!

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Some of the earliest ‘formal’ charismatic activity is found before Azusa Street began its ‘witches’ meetings. In 1581 two occultists, John Dee and Edward Kelley, claimed to have received an angelic language, which they called ‘Enochian’. They called it that because, they said, Enoch was the last person to have spoken it.

For them, this was how they could speak to the ‘other side’. Apparently, this new language even had its own syntax and grammar, Dr Dee lived mainly in London, and was a mathematician, astronomer and astrologist, educated at St John’s College, Cambridge. He later became scientific adviser to Queen Elizabeth 1st and is linked to forming the phrase ‘British Empire’.

Dr John Dee

Dr John Dee (Wikimedia Commons)

In his earlier days he had almost no interest in spiritual matters. Then, he began to question science and, not happy with the answers, began to look into magic and the occult. Like so many today, he believed that real wisdom plus spiritual answers are to be found in hidden knowledge, and he eventually gravitated towards the ‘Book of Enoch’. This, he thought, would show him the magic procedures supposedly used by Enoch. A highly educated man, yet he fell for the trickery of Satan! It illustrates the fact that falling to occult lies does not rest in intellect.

He and Kelley are said to have used a crystal ball and a black mirror to receive visions. When received, Dee ‘spoke’ to God and angels for anything from quarter of an hour to an hour. After that a scrying stone (in this case, the mirror) was placed on a table and angels were asked to manifest themselves on it. The two men wrote down what they apparently ‘saw’ and heard. The angels who appeared told them that people who followed the magic system recorded in the Book of Enoch would be given amazing magic powers. They would also change the European politics of the era, just before the Apocalypse arrived.

black scrying mirror

Thinking all this would be to the benefit of mankind, Dee wrote it all down. He did not describe the language used as Enochian, but preferred to call it ‘angelical’ or ‘celestial speech’, or ‘the first language of God-Christ’. He also called it ‘Adamical’ because, he said, Adam used the language to name the animals. Dee drew the alphabet and wrote from right to left, as with Hebrew, together with pronunciation. Critics have noted that this heavenly language is very close to ordinary English syntax! To quote: “Computer analysis have also shown Enochian to have a grammatical relationship to English. Texts in the Liber Loagaeth demonstrate phonetic features that do not appear in natural languages. The phonetic features are associated more with glossolalia, or speaking in tongues.”

Dee used these to draw up incantations, whilst in Krakow, Poland. (I will not show these letters; I do not wish to encourage further study in this occultism). Modern proponents of Dee’s magic still use his notes, but meanings differ. And many claim this ‘angelical’ language is the oldest in the world, predating the language spoken by Adam. More claims follow, as believers think the language can be used to contact aliens in other dimensions. Dee and his friend also used it in the evil act of necromancy to ‘call up the dead’. Well-known occultists, and even Satanists, used Dee’s system, and many still do.

Enochian language was used to devise film sets in the film and TV series, ‘Stargate’, though this is not common knowledge.

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Now, readers with knowledge of charismaticism will recognise that the ‘tongues’ used in charismatic circles are very similar to the above. Those who use tongues, pretend it is an angelic language they can use to keep in contact with God and angels. Many also believe they are given special powers, or receive visits from angels, through use of the ‘language’. It is my absolute conviction that charismatic tongues are fake and are not shown in scripture, but are demonic.

Note, too, that even before the 16th century, Mohammed concocted notes and instructions from an ‘angel’ (whom he readily associated with a demon), who gave him everything necessary to invent a brand new religion, one that today purports to be original and the final word from God. And after that, the Mormons claimed to have had revelations from an angel to John Smith, whose ‘language’ makes no real sense according to linguists.

Please note that such ‘angelic’ languages cannot be checked against an authentic source and so people have to either believe they are real, or not, without proof. Of course, only those initiated into this Gnosticism can know and understand what the language says and means! There are some who say they can interpret, but neither the language nor the interpretation can be checked, which means they can say and do whatever they wish. This is one reason why I refer to this charismatic delusion as ‘gobbledygook’!

If we really wish to, we can go back even farther than the past two millennia, to the Greek oracles, or even older sources of ‘divine’ knowledge. In other words, charismatic ‘angelic language’ nonsense is simply a rerun of much older magic and demonic systems. It was revamped again at Azusa Street meetings (early 1900s) and then spread through unthinking groups of newly-founded Pentecostals, to the later revamped charismaticism (mid 1960s)! Everything has been revamped, time and again, to give the occult a modern spin. The success of this desire and thirst for new novelties was seen in abundance during the so-called Toronto Blessing’, which swept many thousands off their tottering feet only to drown in occultism.

I urge readers to again examine these facts against charismatic claims, because there is virtually no difference. They are all rooted in the occult. No man has been given a special ‘angelic’ language. Indeed, such a thing is ludicrous – God spoke to men in their own language, not in a language they had to decode before understanding what God said!

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