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The Benefits of Heresy?

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As the two lines of approach to the Toronto Blessing emerge from the spiritual mess it has created, certain elements become clearer. One is that wherever the 'Blessing' takes root, it splits churches. Another is that pro-'Blessing' people are ranging themselves against all who do not accept the legitimacy of their erroneous beliefs, leading to hatred, persecution and other unchristian acts by 'Blessingites'.

Now, a further element has begun to show itself: the making of excuses by pro-'Blessing' adherents for their behaviour. This is spiritual politics/propaganda, a cult activity, not a Christian one. The reason these folk feel it necessary to make excuses is very simple - they have no Biblical grounds on which to base their heresies! Any that they offer are twisted versions of truth but, mainly, not even limited Biblical reasons are given.

Sadly, someone we know has said that they are going to "follow the charismatic path" in this matter. Note that they did not say "we will follow the scriptural path"? In spite of having the clearest scriptural objections shown them, they prefer charismaticism. Their reasons are far from Biblical: they refer to the 'benefits' of the 'Blessing'. That is, the supposed 'fruit'... loving God more, wanting to do more for Him, reading the Bible more, etc. But, friends, how can this be, when devout Catholics are doing exactly the same thing? And when people completely twist or reject scripture, yet claim to read scripture more? And when they claim to love God more, yet ignore the requirement of Christ: "If you love me, keep my commandments"?

Charismatics are more than willing to prefer experience over scripture. They are willing to ditch scripture if they 'feel' the 'benefits' are worth it. How on earth can there be 'benefits' when people grossly and openly ignore or reject scripture? No, the 'fruit' they claim are false fruit, no matter how closely they mimic real fruit. They are the fruit of Satan, not of God. Satan has completely duped men and women with his counterfeits. How could he possibly do this to so many, including pastors and leaders? Very simply, these folks have lived shallow spiritual lives for a long time. Their theology has been a poor mix of self, opinion, and a little bit of truth. In short, they were ripe for the picking - and Satan picked them! Of course, they would hotly deny this.

Time and again, charismatics have admitted there are 'some' (a superb understatement!) flaws in the movement. But, even so, they accept their existence because of the perceived 'benefits', even though scripture deplores such an attitude. The words of false preachers can be used by God for the salvation of some. BUT THAT IS NEVER AN EXCUSE TO DELIBERATELY SPEAK FALSELY! God does not bless those who deliberately speak and do lies. He judges them!

A little leaven affects the whole lump. This is a very clear indication that falsity, no matter how small, acts like a cancer, bringing destruction to the Body of Christ. B. B. Warfield said:

"It is very plain that he who modifies the teachings of the word of God in the smallest particular at the dictation of any man-made opinion has already deserted the Christian ground, and is already, in principle, a heretic. The very essence of heresy is that the modes of thought and tenets originating elsewhere than in the Scriptures of God are given decisive weight when they clash with the teachings of God."

Thus we are commanded to shun even the smallest hint of error. Why? Because such errors are 'works of darkness'! The smallest of errors is exactly the same as the smallest of sins (indeed, 'errors' are themselves sins): both are hated by the Lord and must be renounced.

Charismaticism has produced, with the prompting of Satan, a lie based on several decades of heresy and sin. There is no way that God would bless such a venture. To even suggest such a thing is to display an appalling lack of understanding and Biblical knowledge. I do not care who the 'Blessing' adherent is, whether a 'respected leader' or an old lady in the pew! If they prefer the 'Blessing' to God's word, then they are ignorant, sinning their way to destruction. They are heretics who follow heretics; their leaders are blind teachers of the blind, pretending to know what they are talking about.

The heresies of charismaticism are vast and uncontrolled, as the 'Blessing' abundantly shows us! Adherents are either totally stupid, or they are controlled by Satan. I do not, personally, consider adherents to be stupid. No, they have been duped and are now taken over by Satan. But, he did not force them into his service: they advertised their willingness to join him by their previous lives of non-Christocentricity! In the truest sense they are what scripture calls 'barbarians' (the untaught).

Well, say many, at least we can agree to differ and respect the beliefs of others. No way! Let me put it as plainly as I can: I do not and cannot respect the beliefs of those who reject God's word. I cannot respect people who deny God's truth in the name of 'Christianity' for God Himself does not respect them! Nor can I respect a way of thinking that is deliberately opinionated and unbiblical.

One way to deflect opposition is to point to the apparent flaws in someone else! So, charismatic leaders have invented the 'tradition' idea: those who oppose them are said to be hung up on 'tradition' and do not know the freedom of spiritual living. As the writer of this paper I can testify that I, and those I now pastor, left the mainline churches in 1987, because of the preference of those churches for tradition over true Christian beliefs! I have no time for traditions that substitute for Truth. So, charismatics cannot catch me on that one! Indeed, charismatics cannot catch me with any of their new excuses, although their charges may be applicable to some who oppose them, it is absurd to suggest that the minor splinters they supposedly observe in the eyes of others are anything as serious as the Amazonian rain forests they have in their own!

I strongly suggest to those who oppose the Toronto Blessing to think deeply about charismaticism itself and not to focus too much on the Toronto Blessing, which is merely a tic on the back of the monster charismaticism. Charismatic teaching and practices are heretical all the way. They are Arminian through and through and not worth consideration. Charismatic theology is not equal to, or even similar to, Christian theology. It is cultic by nature, deluding thousands today. As I have said in other literature, people are being willingly deluded, because their lives are so empty and superficial. The hyper-superficiality of the Toronto Blessing completely suits their hypo-spirituality. They need not think, or even read their Bibles in any true sense; all they need do is follow leaders like sheep and participate in childish games!

Do not allow charismatic leaders to get away with their new activity of blaming their own inadequacies and lack of understanding on those who reject their appallingly unbiblical stance! Tell them in no uncertain terms, that they are heretics. Whatever excuses they make to cover up their sins, they are just excuses.

Tell them that the Bible speaks of bad fruit as well as good fruit. Bad fruit can look remarkably like the good… until they poison the soul. The trouble is, by the time the poison is discovered it may be too late. I fully expect that many who avidly swallow the Toronto poison will never know their folly until they meet the Lord on Judgement Day. Until that Day, they will dutifully follow their leaders, take the poison, be slaves to Satan, and destroy themselves spiritually, not knowing Truth from a lie. TELL THEM, FRIENDS! Do not remain silent!

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