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The Case Against Toronto Blessing Leaders From Isaiah 3

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The New Testament is not the only scriptural evidence against leaders of the Toronto Blessing (who, incidentally, claim to preach the 'truth'!). An excellent example of God's wrath against such men is clearly delivered in Isaiah chapter three. The Book of Isaiah is a prophecy spoken against the Israelites for their disobedience and sin. Whilst it is aimed at the nation of Israel, it is applicable to us as Christians, for the epithet 'chosen people' is also given to the elect. What follows is a paraphrase of the text of part of Isaiah three.

"Look! Almighty God has taken away, from Jerusalem and the country, His support and trust, food and drink (i.e. this can also refer to His spiritual sustenance). (V1)

"I will give servants and youths (untaught/unskilled)to rule over you, and they shall vex you with their wanton whims and ruthlessness. (The Toronto Blessing 'teachers' and 'leaders' are indeed spiritual 'youths' who want their own way and will stop at nothing to impose their capriciousness upon others). (V4)

"And they shall rule as tyrants and each will bully everyone else. Children shall be insolent and arrogant toward their elders, and the low dishonourable men shall despise men of dignity and honour."

(TB leaders are certainly tyrants, even if their followers do not recognise it. They rule with a fist of iron and do not tolerate any deviance from the path they have chosen for the people. Thus they are like spoilt children who despise those who are righteous). (V5)

"The very look on their faces is sufficient evidence against them!" (Watch the face of Rodney Howard Browne, Kenneth Copeland, et al! Watch the faces of local TB leaders, as they arrogantly vaunt their own human teachings and despise the warnings of the righteous!). (V9)

"And, like Sodomites, they do not even bother to hide their evil! Pity help their souls, for they have given themselves evil as payment!" (God help TB leaders, for they display their evils - the false manifestations, the false gifts and false fruit, the false teaching, etc. - openly, without repentance. God help their souls!... but He refuses to do so, if they remain in their arrogance and sin... instead, they reward their own delusions with evil upon their own lives! Such is the power of Satan upon them). (V9)

"But tell them who honour the Lord, everything shall be alright for them, for they will reap the reward of their righteousness. But not so for those who don't obey the Lord! They shall have what is unpleasant and of no value and they shall be unhappy and distressed, for this is the reward of their disobedience." (In this whole sorry mess, the righteous - who presently feel isolated - will receive the reward of their obedience and everything will be alright for them. But, the lives of TB leaders will be lived-out in evil and disaster; disaster being mainly the destruction of their spiritual lives. TB leaders who insist they are happy are liars. I know a vicar who entered into charismaticism, claiming for some time after that he was deliriously happy. But, after a few years, his happiness became a morose and dark depression, and he wanted to kill himself, a common side-effect of false religion). (V10 & 11)

"As for my chosen people, they are ruled by tyrants and even women dominate them! O my people! Your leaders are causing you to sin and they remove your moral way of life." (Yes, TB leaders, as we have seen, are tyrants who use soft words to delude others [see Outline: "Velvet Glove, Iron Fist"]. In the charismatic movement there are countless women 'leaders' that oppose scripture. These 'leaders', whether male or female, are leading Christians astray, along a false path, causing them to openly disobey God. Note two facts here: 1. That this leads to a destruction of morality. The events in Bournemouth, UK, 1995 [see British Beacon May 1995 and Article on 'True Spirit of the Toronto Blessing Revealed') have shown the truth of this. 2. The word for 'sin' in this text can also be interpreted 'to wander' or 'to stagger like drunkards'! As we know, TB leaders claim that to stagger like a drunk is a sign of the Holy Spirit overpowering a man. But here, the text refers to this as SIN! That is, the man who staggers like a drunkard is not under the influence of the Holy Spirit, but is either psychologically induced or is overpowered by demons. Listen to Almighty God - "your leaders are causing you to sin"!). (V12)

"Therefore, God stands against you and contends against you." (This contention by God is in the legal sense. TB leaders have breached God's laws and He is opposed to them). (V13)

"God will punish the elders of His people and the rulers, for they have destroyed the people; they have stolen from the defenceless and the weak. God says 'How dare you crush my people and prevent them from seeing Me? says Almighty God." (Yes, God WILL punish TB leaders, for they destroy spiritual lives and cause people to stray into sin. They have 'stolen' truth and spiritual edification from those who trusted them; those who are 'weak' and thus defenceless. It is a pastoral task to protect those who are spiritually weak and to nurture them with Truth and brotherly care. It is NOT their task to crush their spirits and to lead them into evil! God demands to know by what authority these men crush His people! They will not evade God's punishments, in this life or on the day of judgement. We do not know what God will do on that Day, but we do know He will judge them for their crimes against God's people!). (V14 & 15)

Presently, charismatic leaders despise, reject and harass the righteous, who refuse to be led by them. These blind who lead the blind have brought God's anger upon themselves, and they shall reap the reward of their evil ways. God has promised this. Already, the true spirit behind the Toronto Blessing is making itself known (re Bournemouth), but leaders, in their arrogance and ignorance, do nothing to rectify the situation, and so they remain in their gross sin.

Let the words of God ring out: "O my people! Your leaders are causing you to sin!" All those affected by the Toronto Blessing; all who attend charismatic churches; all who are actually charismatic - you are called upon to repent and to renounce your charismatic teachings and ways. Do it before it is too late!

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