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The Church of True Israel

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The Church of True Israel actively promotes the work of writers such as Dr Bernard Comparet (a leader of the ‘Identity’ movement. See below), and lists many of his articles, including some that argue against a worldwide flood, that Adam was not the first man, and so on. It also lists (but does not seem to display) work by Hitler, and other ‘notables’ who hated Jews.

The ‘church’ itself is as racist and white-supremacist as its writers, and gained many of its initial membership from those who were once members of the despicable ‘Aryan Nations’ organisation, which was the “political arm of the ‘White Identity Church of Jesus Christ-Christian’ (FBI report)!

The ‘church’ is rooted in ‘Christian Identity’ theories (often simply referred to as ‘Identity’), which have no true basis in the sciences they claim to work from, including the idea that all Jews today cannot be called true Jews. The theory states that the Anglo-Saxon peoples are direct descendants of the ancient Israelites. Identity says that ‘science’ supports this view, when, in fact, it does not. They claim that the white races are superior, thus pushing hatred in some quarters, especially para-militaries and groups such as KKK. Why any genuine Christian should follow anything by these groups is beyond my understanding.

The notion is that the Anglo-Saxon races, and not Jews, were God’s chosen people. Writers like Comparet et al all imply the same things, by abusing theology and original languages and twisting arguments. They say Jews are the result of sexual union between Eve and Satan, and that Jews, Black people and other non-whites, are “mud people” who have no souls and are no higher than animals. The movement says that we (genuine believers) do not interpret the Bible ‘properly’, but, if we did, we would become racist and even violent. Unsurprisingly, neo-Nazis hold very similar views, even being members of extremist churches. A false sense of persecution is prominent in members. As Apologetics Index says “They live in a kind of alternative universe, complex and wholly unlike anything in mainstream life.”

An observer of USA religions says of this kind of ‘Identity’ group: “Identity is a religion by sociopaths, for sociopaths. It turns their sickness into a virtue.” (An older or more common name for ‘sociopath’ is ‘psychopath’). It is noted by observers that people who quote ‘Identity’-type arguments tend to be virulent and aggressive, refusing all reasonable discussion.

Of course, these groups insist that all Jews are literal descendants of Satan; that ‘whites’ are the true Israelites; Adam and Eve were not the first people but only the first ‘white’ people (which is strange when one considers the meaning of his name!); all non-whites are ‘pre-Adamic’; the battle known as ‘Armageddon’ will be between the white and non-white races. The Church of True Israel is just one such group amongst many and is run by five leaders, the ‘Council of Senior Prelates’.

The founder of Aryan Nations, who lost most of his group after a multi-million dollar court case, complains that there is a fight over who rules the white-supremacy groups, for financial reasons. Supporters of the founder, Richard G Butler, said they were not surprised that a new ‘church’ arose after the demise of Butler’s Aryan Nations, because the movement had to continue in some form or another. However, the Church of True Israel (CTI) claims it does not want the usual trappings of Nazism. Is this the same as Sinn Fein saying it had nothing to do with the IRA (its paramilitary arm)? After all, some of CTI’s members are also members of the Ku Klux Klan, and certain extreme ‘patriot’ groups.

The ‘serpent seed’ idea (Satan had union with Eve) is part of the church’s teaching: Cain was a person born after such a union. Cain then intermarried with non-white races known as ‘mud people’ or ‘beasts of the field’. Now back to Bertrand Comparet (an Identity leader), who says “The Bible makes it unmistakeably clear that we are not all descended from Adam and Eve, for there were other races on earth, already old, already numerous, when Adam was created.” This, of course, is heresy.

An FBI Report, titled ‘Project Megiddo’, says that the Identity groups and church believe they are God’s chosen (white) race, the race that comprises the ten ‘lost’ tribes of Israel. They believe Jews have a worldwide conspiracy to control whites (the ‘two-seedline doctrine’). The FBI traces the groups back to British-Israelism (see Outline O-201) that finally became a recognised group in the mid-19th century. In the 1930s this turned into the ‘Identity’ movement. The FBI believe these groups to be a distinct threat, because of their violent beliefs, hatred, and willingness to join with each other to ‘protect’ themselves from Jews (who they say controls government) and others.

From these ideologies comes a new threat – killing inter-racial couples and prostitutes, burning banks and pornography shops, etc., in a ‘biblical’ way. Those who exact these ‘punishments’ are known as “Phineas Priests”.

I hope you can see the evil of this false church! And also of the views of its leaders, such as Comparet. Avoid them like the plague.

Also see O-039 concerning the Jews and Gentiles, and relevant Bible studies.

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