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Were Jewish Activists Responsible for Communism?

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There are people, calling themselves ‘Christian’, who hate Jews. Whole countries have blamed Jews (as have centuries of peoples throughout the world) for everything bad that happens to them. And so Jewish populations have had to move around continually.

I have no problem with facts. For example, the fact that it was Jews who had Jesus murdered. But, this is just the over-arching fact. There are other sub-facts. For example; it was the Jewish leaders of the Sanhedrin who wanted to kill Jesus (not the whole nation). They could not find a good reason so they hired people to lie. These lies went before a Roman, Pilate, and he tried to hand the issue over to the Jewish king, Herod. Herod handed Jesus back again, so Pilate was left ‘holding the baby’ and had to finalise the matter once and for all... but even he literally washed his hands of the bad intentions of people he knew to be liars. The leaders peppered a crowd with thugs who shouted out “crucify him”, as they chose a thief and rebel over the Lord. This crowd and its agitators were NOT the whole of Israel! So, the whole Jewish nation CANNOT be blamed for the death of Jesus. When convicted, Jesus was taken to Golgotha where Romans made sure He was crucified. They were just a local contingent who happened to be on ‘crucifixion duty’ that day; they were not the whole Roman army.

So, within the major fact are sub-facts, and we must be careful who we blame! The ones who killed Jesus were the majority of the Sanhedrin (not all), Jewish leaders who lived at that time in history. The Jews as a nation were certainly guilty of a variety of unbelieving thoughts and acts, but, today, so are many who say they are Christians! Facts can be more slippery than any claims made against them.

It has been said that ‘Jewish activists were responsible for creating communism’. Is this true?

Marxism was the evil brain-child of Karl Marx. He was of Jewish descent, but was not a Jew when he wrote his crucial but deadly theory about communism. This is because Karl Marx was ‘Christianised’, coming from a Jewish Christian family. In his earlier years Marx wrote amazingly lovely Christian-style essays about God and Christ. But, at some time, he turned and his heart blackened, denying the Christ he once wrote of in such glowing terms. He was, then, NOT a ‘Jewish activist’, but a Jew by descent, and a confirmed cultural Christian, until he descended into his personal chaos and sin. Thus, Marx never practised Judaism (except in private during his period of writing his theory, but his practice was very much ‘scrambled’).

Marx was not the originator of communism. The actual beginning is shrouded in cloudy history. However, Marx can be hailed as its prompter in Russian violence. In reality, communistic ideas have existed for several thousands of years, so to blame it only on ‘Jewish activists’ is trite and lacking in factual evidence. It is also a sign of hatred for God’s chosen people. Yes – they are still part of God’s plan and will again be brought to the fore before the end of time. So, I find such hatred dangerous and unwarranted. It is also obnoxious for a Christian to express such hate.

Ancient Greek philosophers – Plato in particular – first wrote about communistic ideals. And he was not Jewish! The slave-revolt led by Spartacus was communistic. But, he was Thracian, not Jewish. In the fifth century there was the Mazdak movement – but that was Zoroastrian/Persian, not Jewish. And even Christians have had communistic ideas (not mixed with violence). When the Puritans sailed to America, at first they worked for the Indians in a communistic style. (It did not work, so they reverted back to ‘capitalism’, working for themselves... only then did they flourish). And in Cromwellian England the ‘Diggers’, one of a Puritan sect, had very definite communistic ideas. Communism in its broadest historical form, then, has touched many continents and peoples, none of them Jewish.

Friedrich Engels, a German like Marx, helped Marx to get his brand of communism (violent) established. He, too, was of Christian background, though he himself strayed towards atheism! No Judaism. The only real activists were Lenin and the repulsive Bolshevik revolt... Russians.

I find modern anti-Semitism to be equally repulsive, because it is insinuated into every aspect of life, even without evidence or fact. As I have shown, Karl Marx may have had Jewish blood in his genetic pool, but he had no Jewish beliefs to live by. His ‘communism’ was murderous to begin with, fronted by a feigned concern for the ‘proletariat’ whom he loathed. His real aim was hatred and wickedness against ALL men everywhere. Thus, it was his own brand, Marxism. Lenin and Stalin continued the hatred, murdering millions. Marxism had nothing to do with general communism.

I have only given the barest indication that ‘Jewish activists’ were NOT responsible for communism. But, Marx WAS responsible for a satanic interest in murder of millions. So – haters of Jews should get their facts straight!

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