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Who Killed Jesus?

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Adolph Hitler used the excuse that “The Jews killed Christ” to murder six million Jews. Before that in the past two thousand years, tyrants have blamed the Jews for everything wrong in their society. Today, many people (including Christians) do the same thing. It is rather apparent that the real reason for their hatred for Jews is – hatred for Jews! It has nothing to do with killing Jesus, or any other ridiculous reasons given throughout history. Sadly, even Christians think along the same lines and are anti-Jew. What is the basic truth?

The Pharisees

(See our Bible studies on this topic, where all references will be found)

The Pharisees were angry with Jesus, because He took followers from them, to Himself. The anger quickly turned to hate, and this hatred turned to thoughts of murder. This can all be plotted in the Gospel narratives.

By the third year of Jesus’ ministry, the ruling ecclesiastics (Pharisees, scribes and Sadducees) began to conspire to kill Jesus. This is described in the Gospels. For three years these vile blind-leading-the-blind tried to find ways to ‘legally’ kill Jesus, but found nothing. On each occasion when clever Pharisaical minds tried to bring Jesus down, Jesus routed them firmly. Finally, desperate to put Him to death, they gathered to find a ‘final solution’. 

Helped by the godless Judas Iscariot, they got their wish, and arrested Jesus at night outside the city walls, so as to hide their wickedness under cover of darkness. They quickly led Him to a hall used by Jews to judge criminals. Thus, the Pharisee high-priest, past high-priests, and some of the Sanhedrin, were there to condemn Jesus. Not all consented to this – only those who wanted Him dead. Unable to come to a satisfactory conclusion (because the Jews were not allowed to give a death penalty unless the Roman rulers agreed) they handed Jesus over to Pilate, who recognised Jesus was not guilty of anything at all. So, he reluctantly whipped him (a standard penalty) and said he would let Jesus go.

But, the Pharisees now had blood-lust and demanded Jesus be put to death. Pilate tried to stop this by asking the crowds who they wanted to set free – the criminal Barabbas, or Jesus? The crowd chanted for Barabbas. And so Jesus was condemned to hang on a cross.

But, everything was not as it seemed, for Pharisee supporters dispersed amongst the crowd to lead a vocal protest, making sure the crowd followed their example. The Pharisees were scared that Jesus would upset their comfortable apple-cart, their income and their status, in Rome-occupied Jerusalem. Both they and Pilate had to appear to do what was right in the eyes of the emperor, otherwise Pilate would be recalled to Rome and the Pharisees were in danger of losing their privileges.

The Pharisees KNEW Who Jesus was: His countless miracles were enough; as were His powerful messages. But, their love of money and status led them to murder the Messiah. Look at the facts: Jesus gathered followers every day. They followed Him because they recognised His power, and many acknowledged He was the Messiah. The Pharisees recognised the same things, but wanted to maintain their lifestyle – and throughout the ages people with this in mind have murdered others.

Pilate did not want to condemn Jesus, but he was pushed skilfully by the Pharisees, and he finally gave in, after trying his best to free Jesus. Who, then, killed Jesus? It is rather foolish to say “The Jews”. When modern racists blame “The Jews” they are demonising an entire nation. And, they are weakly blaming modern Jews for what happened 2000 years ago! It is like putting me to death for a murder committed by one of my ancestors 500 years ago! Ridiculous!

Those who bother to read scripture, and do so properly, will know that a select few murdered Jesus. They used a loophole in Roman occupation law to get the foul deed done. The Pharisees and a few others in the Sanhedrin were the actual murderers of Jesus. They used a proxy – Roman occupation laws, but they were guilty anyway. And not the whole of the Sanhedrin, for some objected. So, Jesus was put to death by the agreement of maybe 30 wicked Jews. NOT the whole of Israel! NOT Rome.

So, the answer to the question, “Who killed Jesus?” is simple – the chief priest, the former chief-priests, and ‘others’ in the Sanhedrin, but not all. The ordinary Jews knew nothing of this wickedness until they saw Jesus paraded through the streets of Jerusalem on His way to be crucified. Many experienced anguish. And the rest of Israel only knew about it days or weeks after the event. Remember, a huge number of Jews at that time followed Jesus and did not wish Him dead. Therefore, to blame ‘The Jews’ is preposterous and the result of very skewed thinking... or no thinking at all! Get the facts right! Don’t be led by your nose to accept racist and scurrilous claims made by God-haters, who use their false charges to cover their anti-God motives and thoughts, and to cover for anti-Jew feelings.

As almost the whole world screams like banshees against Israel, stand back and take stock. I keep saying it – of all people Christians MUST know truth and act on that alone. Their ideologies MUST be based ONLY on God’s word. And holy writ tells us that about 30 people alone were responsible for murdering Jesus... NOT the Jewish nation. That small number will soon meet the wrath of God the Father on Judgment Day, so they did not get away with it. Then, their evil acts will be rewarded by hell forever. Be wise and check everything!

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