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Was Jesus a Palestinian?

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There are now Muslims in US government. And they cannot be trusted. They have initiated many nasty or racist remarks and call for full-on Muslim rule, and care nothing for the West or even for their own Democrat colleagues.

One claim is by Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, a nasty individual. She asserts that Jesus was a Palestinian. Of course, we already know that Muslims are taught to lie very effectively (taqiyya) to get what they want. But, what can she, or other Muslims get from saying Jesus was Palestinian?

She quoted an article which stated “Jesus, born in Bethlehem, was most likely a Palestinian man with dark skin”. Take out the word ‘Palestinian’ and the statement is possibly correct. In my teaching I have mooted that Jesus could have been average height for the day (maybe 5ft 6ins or shorter), had dark curly hair (possibly cut short), and was probably the colour of genuine Middle Eastern men – a kind of mahogany hue, of perfect stature and maybe ordinary-looking. Just guesses! Others argue Jesus, being descended from David who is linked to Ruth the Moabite, may have been red-haired and light-skinned. Maybe. But, his colour is not the point, though it is used like dynamite by Omar. Jesus’ earthly race and birth country is the point. The problem word is ‘Palestinian’.

While everyone speaks confidently of ‘Palestine’, it is just a myth! A Rabbi, Abraham Cooper, associate Dean and a director of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre (who was known as the ‘Nazi hunter’) responded to what he says is a ridiculously ignorant claim: “The claim that Jesus was a Palestinian is so bizarre that the question becomes what one gains by making that allegation… For people who have no theological or historical rooting, the idea that Jesus was a Palestinian creates a new narrative for Palestinian history, which otherwise does not date back very far. If one can say that Jesus was Palestinian 2,000 years ago, then that means the Jews are occupying Palestinian land.” There IS no ‘Palestine’!

(https://www.jpost.com/International/Was-Jesus-a-Palestinian-and-why-would-Congresswoman-Ilhan-Omar-care-587749 ).

And THAT, friends, is why the woman made her statement! It cannot be found in history or fact, but it suits her aggressive, lying Muslim stance and aims. By saying Jesus was Palestinian she hopes to shut the mouths of dissident Christians. And Cooper said that for people who “don’t like Jews to begin with, it is a deadly combination of the Jews killed Jesus and now they are doing the same to his progeny,” he continued. “From a political and propaganda point of view, there is something to be gained.”

I have tackled this teaching before – it is wrong to say “the Jews” killed Jesus. No, the Jewish leadership got Jesus killed by the Romans! Get it right!!

Yasser Arafat was the first to say Jesus was Palestinian, after his Palestinian-Christian adviser, Hanan Ashrawi said it. (See my article on Arafat and the Washington Jewish Week, Feb 22nd, 2991). The Rabbi says the claim comes to light every so often, when Muslims think it will give them support. Cooper adds “The absurdity of it is breathtaking: Jesus was born in Bethlehem, think about who his parents were – his mother, Mary, was betrothed to Joseph, a carpenter. In the Gospels, there is no mention of Palestine, only Judea, which is where Jews lived.” There WAS no ‘Palestine’ at the time of Christ!

Where, then, does the idea of Palestine come from? Jesus came from – Judaea. Muslims would be unable to argue that Israel and the Jews only arrived in the Middle East in 1948, so they must scrub the slate clean by ignoring history and truth. By saying Jesus was Palestinian they are really saying Palestine existed 2000 years ago and Jesus was one of their own… so present-day Israel has no right to be in the land. They do not want others to learn that it was not Jesus who was born in Palestine… but, the Jews who now inhabit Palestinian land. Twisted logic. As ‘Breaking Israel News’ says, “Palestinian, as a national identity, has never existed.” Repeat it – Palestine has never existed!

The idea is to rewrite history so the world accepts that Palestine goes back thousands of years – but IT DOES NOT! Even today there is no such place as ‘Palestine’ except in errant news broadcasts and the minds of the Left. The Rabbi says Omar KNOWS she is lying – but, Muslims do this daily in order to get their own way. He admits Omar is a “clever anti-Semite” who lies fluently. He also says that printing an actual article on the subject in the New York Times was an ominous move, made to influence Americans to accept Muslim arguments. Omar actually said Jesus was “most likely” a Palestinian, so she did not make an absolute statement – but the Left and Muslims will grab at any straw, and their eyes will not see the words “most likely”! It is what prejudice looks like.

The Jews lived in Judaea and when the Romans moved Jews in huge numbers from the land in the second century AD, only then was the land renamed (by the Romans) ‘Palestine’. The Emperor Hadrian so hated Jews he did something unknown in Roman history, by renaming the captured territory of Judaea, ‘Palestina’. It was his attempt at destroying Jewish identity. It was named after the Jews’ most vigorous enemies – the Philistines. Furthermore, so-called ‘Palestinians’ are Arabs, and Arabs (Muslims) did not conquer the land until 700 years after Jesus had been killed! Jesus was not, then, an Arab. Though an absurdity, the PLO adopted the claim for itself, saying that “Jesus was the first Palestinian Martyr”! Muslims build a lie upon a lie so many times no-one can check it out. And this is what Omar is relying on. 

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