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When Ignorance & ‘Useful Idiots’ Collide!

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More on the Climate Change Debacle

(Note; Christians are supposed to be doormats for everyone, with no influence, no opinions, and compliant to PC. I do not fit that loose description, and never will. Also, according to scripture, there are times when Christians must speak out or be part of the problem. There are also times when they must speak using hard and direct, if not blunt, words. This is one of those times, because the ‘climate change’ lobby is bent on making insane demands on all of society, which includes Christians. Those who make the demands, under the tutelage of deep-state Green leaders, do so in a delightfully entertaining way, so as not to alarm the public. Just parade some cute Penguins or lie about no more Polar Bears. The end result will be, as we have witnessed in many communist countries, disastrous. Therefore, we must speak the truth, like it or not).

Useful Idiots

Currently, the world is full of ‘useful idiots’. I am not using a derogatory term in any nasty sense, but in an effort to jolt people into rethinking horrible errors of judgment. The term ‘useful idiot’ is commonplace and accurate. Wikipedia, for example, describes a ‘useful idiot’ as someone who is a “propagandist for a cause whose goals they are not fully aware of, and who is used cynically by the leaders of the cause”. Sounds just right. A dictionary definition also adds that such a person gets others to pay for their bad choices. Again, sounds right. Local Councils do this all the time – take taxes to make expensive mistakes. And, often, in line with national governmental desires.

Another source, commenting on the existence of ‘useful idiots’, says “Why, though, do people become full blown ‘useful idiots’ in the first place?” followed by “it is more than mere stupidity that explains why citizens of relatively open societies are willing to offer up glowing appraisals of brutal political systems.” Brutal? Yes, but the brutality is hidden under soft words and seemingly communal and national wellbeing. However, useful idiots harm the very societies they claim, and genuinely want, to represent, because their knowledge is wrong and misdirected.

The writer above explains that those who are ‘useful idiots’ feel they have something important to live for and identify with. The trouble is, while they have a new goal in life, it costs everyone else dearly and perpetuates massive myths that are of no use to anyone. The dutiful ‘idiots’ wave their flags and chant their slogans, thinking their idiocy has a real reason to shout its demands, but, the leaders of these movements agree amongst themselves that their ‘useful idiots’ are expendable, helping them to reach their heavily political goals that serve their own purposes only; once the goal is reached, the ‘idiots’ can die-off. THAT is the reality for ‘useful idiots’.

In essence then, useful idiots follow the pack because they feel excited and useful (which they are, but not in the way they think. Rather, they are manipulated by elites, many of whom are faceless. Did you know the Green movement has the full backing and financial support of George Soros? Why is he involved? Because for 200 years socialists have fought hard to use Green philosophies to drive their monolithic ideas and world demands). The Council I refer to in this paper is in this exact position, though it is unaware of it.

Useful Idiot Councils

In this paper I am pointing an accusatory finger at a small local UK Council. In doing this I am being non-PC both in the minds of government and the churches, who say I must always be nice and friendly, even when others are wrong. As readers know, I am never ‘PC’, because, for me, the term stands for ‘People Crushing’. Those who are PC crush the people they claim to be part of, as they bring in their ridiculous demands, regardless of truth and facts. No doubt the local Council spoken of below thinks it is doing right and following genuine science.

Trust Us, We Are the BBC (Yeah, right!)

I am basing my arguments on a BBC report (www.BBC.co.uk/news/uk-wales-46961053), and advise the reading of my book, ‘The Global Green Agenda’, which shows the actual foundation of the ‘Green’ movement underlying the preposterous climate change movement (or, the short version, ‘Dead Green Roots’, which concentrates on the Stalinist/Hitlerian basis of the movement the Council is unwittingly following). Though published in 2009, almost nothing has changed, except that the movement is even worse and is increasing its bizarre claims without any true science behind it. Let us begin our little journey through this absurd story…

The title of the report is “Machynlleth declares ‘climate emergency’.” What? That single statement tells us just about all we need to know, for there is no ‘emergency’ – there is just climate change, which has taken its own course since Creation! Underneath a few ‘photos of those who want to ‘fight’ climate change a caption speaks of “the global fight against climate change”. Fight WHAT? The weather acting as it always has done? The BBC is infamous for rigging arguments that support its governmental position, that climate change is ‘caused’ by human beings and their nasty CO2. That CO2 is vital to our earth and human beings is beside the point for those calling for ‘zero CO2’, possibly one of the most stupid things anyone can ‘fight’ for! Why? Because, no human being can change climate, or do without CO2. This is a scientific fact, not a mere personal belief. It is also a scientific fact that we could do with a great deal more CO2. Instead of decreasing CO2 just plant more trees, which gobble up CO2 like a delicacy.

Wow! Now We Are Important!

But, wait – good old Machynlleth has become one of 20 cities around the world to make their declaration (except that the place is only a largish pleasant village/small town half way up the coast of Wales), so surely their inclusion shows some kind of recognition? Yes, it does – that Machynlleth is a corporate ‘useful idiot’!

It wants to become ‘carbon zero’ even though such an Utopian ideal cannot ever be a reality. Just one tourist on his way from north to south, or east to west, driving innocently through the town square will add carbon! Nasty tourist… maybe the Council should have a border guard who charges the driver a tax on his emissions! Excellent idea! Another idea, this time from the Council, is to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. And why not have an electric car club? Hmmm. Do they know electric cars, too, produce CO2? Do they know energy efficiency does not affect climate? Okay, let’s forget that then. Do they know that wind energy is less economic than fossil fuel energy, and that there is sufficient fossil fuel in the earth to last a minimum of 500 years? That makes wind energy et al very expensive indeed, as well as unnecessary. And don’t forget that manufacturers of new energy production are paid massive grants to do so by government… and many have already failed That is, our taxes, which disappears when they go broke, leading on to more unemployment, increased state benefits, poorer health, and so on..

It Must Be True – the Butcher Says So

And the local butcher inadvertently puts his finger on the problem when he says “To be mentioned with Melbourne and London seems a bit silly. But, it’s the same problem of climate change that affects large and small communities.” Marvellous! Yes, he is right – it IS “a bit silly” because Machynlleth has merely jumped on the revived climate change bandwagon. I say ‘revived’ because the same tired arguments are pushed out on the bandwagon with its wheels coming off, carrying stale stuff of no use to anyone, and has done so for at least the past 40 years. WHAT “problem of climate change”? Climate change is – climate change! Climate has changed forever! How is this a ‘problem’? The terms they use are magnificently redundant and of no worth, because they define nothing. But – the butcher says so, and the claims must be correct! That’s enough science, to prove the Green point, eh? Well?

Same Arguments, Different Title

Do these new stalwarts for the climate movement know that ‘climate change’ arguments are exactly the same ones pushed for ‘climate freezing’ and the non-existent ‘global warming’ (the names of the movement change regularly, when the previous one has no influence)?

Every ten years for about four decades, socialists (see later) have tried to persuade the public and governments that we are going to freeze/fry/drown, die in drought, etc, etc. And every time they make the fierce and stupid claim that we are all going to die of… this, that, and the other, the choice of claims depending on what marketing blurb they invent each time. They write it, hone it, make sure it catches the public eye, and lo and behold, we have a revived Green movement with the same ideas but different titles!

Every ten years we will not be left alive in ten years’ time (their favourite time span seems to be ‘ten years’). And at the end of ten years we are all still here and the sky has STILL not fallen on top of us! Now, in ten years’ time (as usual) the world will end because we don’t spend huge amounts of money to end climate change. How money can affect climate is, as yet, not proved! Wait until the end of the ten years – and nothing will have happened, just as the world hasn’t ended four times before. But, our sturdy climate change warriors will STILL carry on regardless, and without any scientific proof for their claims and without explaining away their previous four predictions of the end of the world. (It will one day end, but not because of climate change, global warming, etc.).

Yes, there are ‘scientific proofs’ rallied just for the useful idiots, but they are pro-climate change idealism, debunked and absolutely ridiculous. Bad science. (For Christian readers, see my book ‘The Green Bible. Bad Theology, Bad Science’).

Unanimous Compliance With Stupidity
(or, ‘The Blind Leading the Blind’)

The Council backed the call to unanimously declare a ‘climate emergency’. Oh dear. Nothing like declaring oneself to be a ‘useful idiot’ to become one of the herd. They did so because a quarter of the town’s inhabitants signed a petition. Good political move to ensure they still get the votes. One Councillor, a doctor and so well educated (but badly misinformed), said the Council was ‘amazed’ by the response. I am not amazed at all – people can be whipped into almost a frenzy when presented with well-propagandised folly. Look at Nazi Germany! All froth and no substance.

The real sad point is that other small communities nearby might make the same declaration, because “something… is in the air”. Yes, it certainly is. It’s called mass hysteria! It spreads easily amongst those who cannot be bothered to think. Or, by those who are unable by reason of ignorance to know truth from lies. It gets better – the Powys County Council, the hub of scientific integrity and knowledge, has also backed the move. Well, the butcher, the local GP, the Council, the larger County Council, and Uncle Tom Cobbley* and all, endorse it – so it MUST be right. After all, a bandwagon is always the best place to be when it comes to votes and a need to find something in life to make one feel better. Right? (*Uncle Tom Cobbley originated with a Devonian folk song, ‘Widecombe Fair’ in which the singer is exasperated by the sheer number of people named). It is the latest fashion!

Another Councillor says everyone is excited by the move and wants to “make this happen”. The Council will look at “renewable energy developments” and will look to cut its pension ties to fossil fuels. Hm. Nice collection. And, the Council wants to make its small town ‘carbon zero’ as quickly as possible. Support has come from the doctor’s surgery to the woman’s institute and, of course, the butcher, though both use carbon-producing means of transport. Will ambulances be electric? Police cars? Buses? Will vital banks and post offices be close to poorer people? The faulty wheels roll on and the bandwagon gathers speed! But, how many of those excited locals realise what this will do? I am willing to predict – none.

Believing Something Does Not Necessarily Mean it is True

Yes, before critics argue that I believe in something that is not necessarily true (e.g. God)… Christian belief does not demand huge taxation, or compliance with anti-freedom, nor does it include genocide (see later) and being subdued under totalitarian regimes. There is no comparison!

No, wait, the good doctor says she “believed” there would be long term health benefits… folks can exercise outside… and air quality will be better. Eh? Again, nice collection of points, but irrelevant because there is no local proof. Others on the Council hope that locals will “support local businesses instead of travelling long distances in their cars”. I assume the town will have suitable shops containing suitable goods at the right price, which will be close enough not to make travel necessary?

As I read the BBC Report I am reminded of the radical ‘Transition Towns’ movement that is gaining in popularity. Nothing wrong with being a community or supporting local shops… except when the idea has an hidden agenda that does not work. And the nice collection I speak of is not so nice after all. The Report suggests eating meat makes climate worse, as does non-sustainable farming and a large ‘carbon footprint’, which allegedly (but not proved) makes climate worse. The proof? “Locals say”! Well, again, that proves it, eh? The butcher clinches the argument by saying it is best to buy meat from local producers so as to reduce road haulage. Good argument… but, not for the reasons he thinks.

Fever Pitch

Maybe the Council has felt it was in the doldrums, but now it is enthused and feverishly working on their plan of action (wait for it people of the area). That their plan is based on socialistic demands does not bother it. Enough of this spurious Report by the BBC! The Council feels it is now riding the crest of a wave, but the locals who signed the petition have no idea what they now face… higher taxes, misuse of taxes (for climate ideas that have no real basis in usefulness), restrictions, loss of choice, imposition of Socialism in a variety of areas of activity…

It is 99.9% certain that NO-ONE who signed the petition has any inkling at all about the science of climate change, or what their ‘support‘ means! And though one councillor is a doctor, I doubt very much she has the knowledge necessary to make Green claims. AKK of them are signing away their freedoms and future well-being. Clean air need not embrace Greenism, because it can be brought about by changing vehicular emissions, which has nothing to do with the science of climate change!

The Reality

Firstly, how many on that Council, and amongst those who signed the petition, actually know the science behind it? The reality is there is NO science behind the climate change movement, only scientism, a false belief based on twisted science that has no root in truth. I can guarantee almost no-one, if any, has the slightest idea of what the true science says. In my own case I did not simply research a huge variety of scientific claims (both pro- and anti-); I also joined a forum crammed with climate scientists and discovered the facts for myself. This is why the Second Edition of my book contains a Foreword by one of the leading climatologists!

So, Machynlleth Council – did YOU do the necessary UNBIASSED research into your subject? Really? If you had, you would not be entering your town’s taxation etc., into such a binding and foolish course of action! I can also guarantee that your thinking was based entirely on the claims made by Greens. This is NOT responsible governance, but blind ignorance. I am speaking as I would to ANY individual or group who comes out with utter nonsense that badly affects others. It is not simply being ultra-critical out of a sense of personal anger. It is intellectual honesty.

Secondly, how many on the Council and from the town know the difference between ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’, and conflate the former with the latter, even though they are totally different? Scientifically! I ask because what they now call ‘climate change’ used to be ‘global warming… and before THAT, ‘global freezing’! The terms have been conveniently exchanged as if the issues are all the same, even though ‘global warming’ is NOT the same as ‘climate change’.

Thirdly, how many on the Council are totally confused by terms and goals? For example, do they realise that clean air (by reducing vehicle emissions that are dangerous - NOT including lead, etc - as one idea) is not a climate issue, but a health issue unaffected by climate? Many of the ‘issues’ in the climate movement have nothing to do with climate per se, but help to drive popular opinion in favour of climateers’ twisted agenda.

I still smile at the tags left in some hotel bathrooms that ask customers to use their towels more than once. This, they say, helps cut down on carbon and so helps to ‘save the planet’. For goodness sake! Anyone with a modicum of knowledge knows this has nothing to do with climate change! The reason behind it is simple – cost cutting. By reducing use of towels, there is less use of washing machines, staff gathering up towels, and so on, and fewer staff are needed, less electricity, etc. This makes their bottom line more profitable. It has nothing to do with ‘climate change’! (I know because I studied the changes in hotel chains). Why not just be honest and remain scientific?

What pays for these exciting moves by the Council? Guess! Yes, local council taxes, even paid by the poorest in society (not all are exempt). One source says they will apply for grants from government and even lottery cash. Guess who provides these grants? That’s right – taxes and money spent by individuals. And each grant means the need to increase taxes in some way or another, either by putting up Council taxes or by reducing Council services, again badly affecting those who need them.

Or, if we are still in the EU, there might be reliance on EU grants… which are simply our taxes given back, even though what is given to the EU is far more than is given back! It’s all about money and power! And what the community gets for all this outlay is? Plenty in the short-run because of the intangible ‘feel-good factor’, but financial ruin in the long run. That is how socialism works until, as Margaret Thatcher once said – the public money they use runs out. Then what? Then comes a mighty struggle to cover losses and blame others. But, why all this talk about socialism?

The Real Power Behind Green Philosophies

In my 2009 book I show irrefutably that socialism/Marxism and fascism were the bedrock upon which Green ideas were built. In other words, Socialism. It doesn’t matter WHAT political Parties think or say, or what political affiliation they have - once they adhere to and promote Green ideas they automatically become Socialist acolytes. Mostly, they have no idea this is so, but it is fact. The Green movement so excitedly supported and promoted by Machynlleth and its bigger brothers, London et al, are all now subscribed to Socialism, whether they know it or not. The aims and content of the Green movement are not genuine environmentalism, but power bases for the conversion of all people to a Socialistic One World government.

Ideas to maintain a local business community only are not so obvious to Councils. The idea is well explained in the UN’s ‘Treaty of the Sea’ (also in my book). When finally put in place this ‘Treaty’ will literally stop food produce moving by ship from its original source to nations wanting it. Massive taxes will be imposed, and local producers, mainly poor, will have their only source of income abruptly stopped. In many ways this is a type of genocide… a concept fully endorsed by the very people who push the Green agenda, ‘Transition Towns’, and all ‘useful idiots’ who, honestly but ignorantly want to be part of the Green movement.

It is ALL about extreme taxation, stopping of choices, reduction in goods, imposition of socialism on all people, legal restrictions on those who refuse to comply, rejection and criminalising of religion if the religion does not fit the socialist ideal, insistence on a variety of paganistic beliefs… the list is endless. It is simply a power grab by elites who care nothing for conscience or freedom. That is what Machynlleth has voted for.

And it gets worse, for the Green movement, in all its guises, wants to return to isolated medieval communities each growing its own food, self-contained crafts, reducing roadways and social movement (including tourism), and having no obvious leaders. It is a sad fact of life that when a community has no obvious leaders, unscrupulous and often violent individuals will impose their own form of leadership.

The list of awful facts of complying with so-called ‘climate change’ plans is endless and does communities no good whatever. Taxes increase dramatically, services reduce, only socialistic ideas will prevail.

All of this is supposedly founded on ‘science’. But, not true science. It is scientism, a false version that populations drink like poison. It is what Machynlleth has started to drink with enthusiasm, because it has not looked at the reality behind the climate change movement. Remember – only the name of the movement has changed, not the ideals, which are frank open socialism. And socialism has never, ever worked anywhere in the world where it has been tried. After ruining whole countries socialist leaders, always tyrannical in the end, are deposed and the countries are left ruined.

Machynlleth, small though it is, has now become a part of this awful socialistic mindset, to the long-term detriment of its population. Go for it Machynlleth! But, the Council should make very sure it distances itself from its own mindless efforts in their records, for the day the lie will be exposed and their enthusiasm dies.

Thus, we see just one example of when useful idiots colliding with ignorance. The result is always disaster for the ‘little people and absolution for those who cause the demise they are forced to support and suffer under!

This paper contains very tough language. This is because it is needed, when ‘leaders’ spend our money like water and make us all do whatever they rashly decide to do, especially when they set us on a road to perdition and into the clutches of secret big names the Council probably never heard of!

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