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The Bible’s Buried Secrets Part 2

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Academic Garbage from the BBC

After watching the first in the series of ‘The Bible’s Buried Secrets’ put out by BBC2, presented by Dr Francesca Stavrakopoulou of Exeter University, I did not watch the second programme last night. I thought “I don’t bother with time-wasting pretence, so why should I watch this one?” But, on reflection, I wish I had!

I caught the last five minutes of the programme, which totally affirmed my appraisal of the first one. The academic who wrote and presented it must be ‘on something’, for her to blatantly show off her ignorance and foolishness so publicly!

If she were one of my students, she would have failed her paper, if not her degree! Her research can be easily debunked, and what she presented was not logical or academically sound – it was just anti-God propaganda. But, this is what we come to expect from the BBC. They threw out a minor sop recently with a good programme about the 1611 AV Bible (as a book), only to follow it up with this major assault on the Bible and Christians.

The presenter took full advantage of her privileged position, to just slam Christians and Jews at every opportunity, but those she slammed did not have an immediate right of reply, which is my major complaint.

The bit I caught was something to do with God having a wife! What? Where on earth did she pick up that gem? It is certainly not part of Judaic or Christian teaching! Another bit was her assertion that the pagan ‘tree of life’ later became the menowrah of modern Judaism! An academic? She may be an academic in her university, but not in the wider context, because her statements are too unguarded and almost juvenile in their naivete!

The instructions for the exact proportions, design and constitution of the menowrah or candlestick were given to Moses after the Hebrews left Egypt! So how can it be ‘modern’? The detailed account is found in Exodus 25:31-40.

Of course, the naughty (or should I say ‘malicious’) presenter made her proclamation as if it were fact, with no reference to Exodus. It did not suit her feminist, socialist agenda, or her pitiful ‘academic’ illogic. Most women get a bad hair day – she must be having a bad academic day!

I will certainly watch the next programme, to keep on top of her many outrageously un-academic output! She has no understanding of scripture whatever, and it shows.

Remember my real complaint about this: people like this, whose hatred for truth and God are so obvious, should be allowed to present their nonsense publicly, SO LONG AS THOSE WHO KNOW BETTER CAN HAVE AN EQUAL INPUT TO THE PROGRAMME. Otherwise it is just ordinary propaganda – which is what it is!

The comment by Ann Widdecombe, that the woman’s statement could be demolished in three seconds flat, is spot-on. But, the BBC would not allow such a crushing blow to their new series! Not that they care…no doubt the Muslim head of religious broadcasting was delighted with the anti-Semitic, anti-Christian content!

I have shown, with just one example above, concerning the candlestick, that the series is academic trash. Christians should not be dismayed by what the presenter says, because despite her supposed specialism in Bible scholarship, she shows precious little of it in what she says. As I said, if she were a student of mine, she would fail, because there is no true sense of research in what she does. She is merely following her own beliefs, rather than allowing scripture to speak for itself.

Yes, I am angry about her blatant use of falsity, but I am more concerned that the BBC allows this kind of offensive rubbish at the expense of real academic work. I am also concerned that this woman will influence the public when there is no right of reply… and I don’t just mean a letter hidden away in an unheard of page on the Internet! I will repeat – what she says does not bother me, because I know it is just propaganda and false academic output; I do not care if she contradicts what Christians say. But, I am hot under the collar that the BBC puts out this kind of rubbish every year, and does not allow true Christian academics to have their say, with equal time and equal colourful photography! Imagine if we had our own series, filled only with our own explanations? The atheistic academics out there would jump up and down slobbering in a corner that it wasn’t fair! That is what juveniles do.

But, what can we expect? If universities teach garbage, then their students will go on to teach the same garbage. At one time I proposed founding a Chair for the exact study of scripture, to counter the ecumenical and unscriptural courses being taught. There was some interest because of the money involved, but the step towards truth was too much and the idea was abandoned!

Bear in mind that neo-Higher Criticism (and allied juvenile activities) is behind this debacle. It is now the stance of Rome – which the presenter confused with genuine Christianity… another evidence of her un-academic approach. It is the stance of the BBC. So, we have no chance to put over the truth, or to counter this woman’s propaganda with real biblical scholarship. Even so, complain!

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