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Billy Graham – Still Apostate

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Billy Graham stays high on the list of the most influential people in the world, but not amongst genuine Christians, who see him as an apostate. Sadly, this is how he presents himself and how most faithless pseudo-Christians see him (influential).

Billy Graham, way back in 1978, admitted that he was more Roman Catholic in thought than Christian. (McCall's, January 1978, quoted by Dave Hunt: ‘A Woman Rides the Beast’, p. 388), when he said, "I've found that my beliefs are essentially the same as those of orthodox Roman Catholics." (Repeated in ‘Billy Graham and Rome’ by Chris Pinto, worldviewweekend.com 16th January 2012).

The Second Vatican Council appeared to welcome other religions, and from that time Graham became more and more ecumenical. As Chris Pinto says, once we understand that Graham is trying to fulfil the mandate of the Second Council, we will understand why he is almost completely Romanised.

Another Christian writer, Ewin Wilson, in his book, ‘The Assimilation of Evangelist Billy Graham into the Roman Catholic Church’ said:

"For some unexplainable or even mysterious reason, Billy Graham is unable to discern the theological, moral, and spiritual soul of Roman Catholicism. Likewise, he has failed to grasp, or worse still, has chosen to ignore the historical character of the entire Vatican system. Instead, he has chosen to become attracted, impressed, and finally to honor and follow the Holy See. The result has been a tragic failure on his part to understand the difference between the truth of God's Word and the utter blackness of Roman Catholicism …" (p22).

Romanist Conspiracy

When I attended a Billy Graham Crusade in London in the 1960s, I wondered why he referred non-Catholic and Catholic enquirers back to Roman Catholic churches. I realised why a few decades ago! The same applies today. It is what makes him acceptable to Rome and was the reason why he was given a Roman Catholic ‘Templeton’ award. One writer said this of the Templeton Prize:

"Obviously, it would be dishonest for anyone to accept the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion who was not in complete sympathy with its purpose and the beliefs behind it. The very acceptance of the prize constitutes an endorsement of all that the prize represents. Nor can any evangelical recipient claim ignorance, for Templeton's neopagan views have been widely published for years." (Hunt, ‘Occult Invasion’, p. 534)

But, this is no random recognition just for sending people to local Catholic churches. It seems to run far deeper. He had the support of two major figures, who were also members of the formidable Knights of Malta. It is their task to ‘service the pope’ in whatever way he demands.

The two famous Knights were Randolph Hearst, the newspaper magnate, and Henry Luce, founder of Time, Life, and Fortune magazines. Between them they pushed Billy Graham into the limelight; Hearst told his editors to make a big deal of Graham, to “puff Graham (up)” and anything Hearst said was the law, even though he was a known prolific liar and manipulator. Luce, too, was up there with major luminaries influencing millions of readers.

Both of these magnates conspired to vaunt Billy Graham on behalf of Rome, and to present him as the voice of Protestant Christianity. Why? The reason is obvious! Graham was converted in mind and heart to Romanism, and if he spoke in the right way, Rome, too, could hold him up as a great man, and so Protestant truth would be undermined.

So, in his long preaching life, Graham proved himself to be a Roman dupe, making sure that whatever he said was pleasing to the pope. He was, then, a true turncoat and co-conspirator with Hearst and Luce, in return for fame. It is why the then pope pulled him towards his face by his lapels and said “Listen Graham, we are brothers”! (Billy Graham, during his meeting with Pope John Paul II, reported in Today 6/8/89).

Lapdog to an Antichrist

Graham, then, became, and still is, one of those who helps the antichrist. He either did not understand, or rejected, the biblical text that warns about this:

"For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist …. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son. If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds." (2 John 7, 9-11)

Romanism preaches not just a corrupt gospel, but a completely different one, and preachers like Graham assist in this task. Dr Cathy Burns wrote a concise and long piece (800 pages!) about Graham and his antichrist activities.

‘Dr. Cathy Burns dedicated some 800 pages (200 of which are footnotes) to exposing Graham's antichrist endorsements in her book, Billy Graham and His Friends. The "friends" that the title refers to are an assortment of new age and occult practitioners that have routinely led millions of people into spiritual darkness. One such friend was Dag Hammarskjold, the second Secretary-General of the United Nations. Hammarskjold was once invited to speak at the World Council of Churches (another one-world group openly supported by Graham), and personally designed one of the most occult epicenters anywhere in the world: the United Nations Meditation Room.’ (http://www.worldviewweekend.com/worldview-times/article.php?articleid=7895)

Graham – Friend of Cultists and Occultists

Readers should understand that the United Nations, which was the renewed form of the League of Nations, is a fully Marxist organisation that hates true belief but allows New Age and false religion space (see my book, ‘The Global Green Agenda’). The UN Handbook has this to say about its Meditation Room:

“In the original plan for the new Headquarters, a tiny room had been provided as a place dedicated to silence, where people could withdraw into themselves, regardless of their faith, creed or religion, but Dag Hammarskjöld wanted something more dignified. In his efforts he was supported by a group, composed of Christians, Jews, and Moslems, the 'Friends of the UN Meditation Room', who combined their efforts and provided the money for a room worthy of a world organization." (UN.org article, "A Room of Quiet, The Meditation Room, United Nations Headquarters").

As a disciple and pastor of Christ I could never align myself with the occult, Romanism, or Marxism/fascism, yet Graham had no problem with doing so. He condoned what the UN leader planned, even though Hammarskjold said of a huge iron-ore stone in the centre of the Meditation Room, that it was an icon to not just ecumenism but to all and any cult and occult movement:

"… the stone in the middle of the room has more to tell us. We may see it as an altar, empty not because there is no God, not because it is an altar to an unknown god, but because it is dedicated to the God whom man worships under many names and in many forms."

Graham knew all this and still rubbed shoulders with the UN and all its cronies. I still remember the time (but not the year) when Graham visited Soviet Russia, against the pleadings of the suffering underground Russian churches, and infamously told the world that there was no persecution in Russia! He ignored the pleas. This was another pleasing note for the UN and all who support its evil designs, including the popes.

The UN is still intent on controlling the world, and even on genocide. It will bring in a one world system that has a one-world religious cover. The man Graham said was his friend was nothing but an antichrist, but Graham did not seem to realise it:

"In the 1950's, when I was in New York City, I would occasionally slip by to visit Dag Hammarskjold, secretary-general of the United Nations, and have prayer with him. He was … trying to make a difference for world peace, in large part because of his Christian convictions." (‘Billy Graham and His Friends: A Hidden Agenda?’ by Dr Cathy Burns, p. 132, quoting ‘Just As I Am’, by Billy Graham, pp. 685-686).

Hammarskjold had declared his godless beliefs, and yet Graham said he could ‘pray’ with him! Nothing has changed – Graham seems to have no discernment at all… which is why, in another article, I seriously question his salvation. Along with the UN, Obama, Blair and many other leaders, Graham has helped to redefine what is meant by ‘Christian beliefs’ to such an extent that black has become white.

Graham is endorsed by Robert Schuller, the fake super-church leader who teaches and practices the New Age maxim of self-esteem. So blasphemous is Schuller that he even rewrote the Lord’s Prayer, saying “And we can pray, ‘Our Father in heaven, honourable is our name…” (Schuller, ‘Self-Esteem: The New Reformation, by Robert Schuller, p. 69). Schuller redefined sin, by saying that sin is anything that detracts from any human being’s sense of self-esteem! (Burns; p113). Dr Burns even tells us that Schuller desires to stop calling himself a Christian, so that he can better align with Muslims and Hindus, and wants to embrace Islam. Burns says in her book:

"Schuller's Crystal Cathedral actually houses the offices for a group called 'Christians and Muslims for Peace' (CAMP). Schuller told Imam Alfred Mohammed of the Muslim American Society he wouldn't be bothered if he came back in 100 years and found that his descendants were Muslims. In fact, Schuller has recommended and written a forward to the book ‘More in Common Than You Think’, which 'declares that Christians and Muslims are all one in our true worship of God.' He even had the author speak on his August 28, 1999 program." (Burns, p. 116)

Yet, this is a man befriended by Graham as a true Christian! Graham says he loves no man better in Christ, than Schuller. He even says that "Robert Schuller is a great man of God, whose shoes I am not worthy to stoop and loose." (Burns, p121). Is this not blasphemy seeing as how John the Baptist spoke of Christ in this manner? Even in public, Graham endorses Islam as a great religion, saying Islam and Christianity are “closer… than we really think we are.” (Burns p 118, from the David Frost program, 30th May, 1997). Graham has openly defied God’s word by saying that ANYONE who ‘knows Christ’, from no, any, or all religions, are our brethren:

"Well, Christianity and being a true believer -- you know, I think there's the Body of Christ. This comes from all the Christian groups around the world, outside the Christian groups. I think everybody that loves Christ, or knows Christ, whether they're conscious of it or not, they're members of the Body of Christ ... I think James answered that, the Apostle James in the first council in Jerusalem, when he said that God's purpose for this age is to call out a people for His name. And that's what God is doing today, He's calling people out of the world for His name, whether they come from the Muslim world, or the Buddhist world, or the Christian world, or the non-believing world, they are members of the Body of Christ, because they've been called by God. They may not even know the name of Jesus, but they know in their hearts that they need something that they don't have, and they turn to the only light that they have, and I think they are saved, and that they're going to be with us in heaven." (See documentary on worldviewweekend.com "Megiddo II: The New Age" for a video clip of the interview on Schuler’s ‘Hour of Power’).

From this we can see that Graham is certainly no theologian, and, worse, that he is probably unsaved. Even lately, polls say that most people call Graham the most Christ-like person they know! No wonder, after he has deceived the people for decades with ‘another gospel’!

Rome and One World Religion

Rome does not care how it goes about it, or what it says, so long as it reaches its goal of a one world religion… that religion being Roman Catholicism, even if they have to alter the name. It is very easy to see why some believe Rome will be THE final antichrist. After all, it murdered thousands in its days of great power, and would not shrug from doing the same in the future.

Graham has had many private audiences with the popes. If I were invited to such an audience (yes, I am forcing myself not to laugh), I would not hesitate to dismiss it publicly. Not so, Graham. He loves these little discussions. Schuller, too, flew to Rome to get the pope’s blessing on the building of his Crystal Cathedral. At that meeting, Schuller expressed an inglorious thing: "It's time for Protestants to go to the shepherd (i.e. the pope) and say, 'what do we have to do to come home?'." (Calvary Contender, Nov. 15, 1987). And pope John Paul II said to pagans: “We are all praying to the same God.” On the Larry King program just after this pope died, King spoke to Graham:

GRAHAM: And tonight, I have a very strange feeling of loss.

I almost feel as though one of my family members has gone.

I loved him very much and had the opportunity of discussing so many things with him. And we wrote each other several times during the years.

KING: Did he actually say to you once, "We are brothers'"?

GRAHAM: That's correct. He certainly did. He held my hand the first time that I met him about 1981 -- he'd just been Pope for two years when I saw him first. Because when he was elevated to the papacy, I was preaching in his cathedral in Krakow that very day. And we had thousands of people in the streets. And watching the television today of Krakowhas brought back many memories.

KING: You said that he was an Evangelist.

GRAHAM: He was, indeed. He traveled throughout the world to bring his Christian message to the world.

Of course, this pope was famed for handing over whole countries to Mary. It is why he always kissed the ground when he arrived in a huge variety of countries, and why he considered Britain to be his jewel in the crown.

Graham is not alone – other heretics and liars have joined him in their admiration for this deceiver and false pastor; such as Benny Hinn, Schuller, Jack van Impe, the Crouches, Dobson, Falwell and Robertson. It takes a deceiver to know another deceiver! And this is why Graham tells us that the pope went to be with God!

I could fill many more pages with similar testimonies to Graham’s infidelity to our Lord Jesus Christ, but the above are sufficient. Elsewhere I have queried whether Graham is saved at all, and, from his behaviour must conclude that he is not. Of course, I have no right to say categorically that he is unsaved, but I can speak with biblical authority when I say that according to his behaviour and words, Graham is probably unsaved; he is, without doubt, an arch-deceiver who helps the antichrists of this world to win people over to Satan’s corner.

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