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The Clergy Project - a time for honesty amongst unbelievers

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Richard Dawkins has set up the Clergy Project “to provide a safe haven, a forum where clergy who have lost their faith can meet each other, exchange views, swap problems, counsel each other — for, whatever they may have lost, clergy know how to counsel and comfort.”

Dawkins, who once held one of the world’s most coveted academic posts, has now reduced himself to addressing small gatherings of atheists and celebrating a motley crew of pastors who have abandoned the faith — even if some have not abandoned their pulpits. (AlbertMohler.com, 29 August 2012)

This is no surprise... many years ago I said that most people in the pulpits today should not be there. And there are many shades of unbelief in those who call themselves pastors, theologians, teachers, etc., from ‘minor’ doctrinal errors to full atheism. So Dawkins is not doing anything spectacular – he is just collecting those who are similarly dim-witted enough to think there is no God! They are NOT part of God’s ministry anyway, so what’s the big beef? They are NOT leaving the ministry – they are simply being honest at last. Calling yourself a pastor does not make you one! These unfortunate souls are just owning up to their original unsaved state. So, Dawkins has not won a victory here – he is just showing how mentally unbalanced he is, using all kinds of ways to attack Christians... other than using truth. It seems to me he has lost the plot and has a very real problem with those who do not think as he does. It’s called paranoia.