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1 'A Statement About Livets Ord' (Word of Life) - a Swedish cult Bertil Werkström (Archbishop of Sweden)
2 An Ocean Apart Anon
3 Anthroposophy K B Napier
4 Anti-Muslim Bigotry... or biblical reality? K B Napier
5 Being Wary of Muslims K B Napier
6 Can Christians be Tolerant? K B Napier
7 Celtic Christianity is not Authentic Christianity K B Napier
8 Do Ghosts Exist? K B Napier
9 Is the West REALLY the Cause of Terroristic Islam? K B Napier
10 Jesuits, the Popes, and Islam K B Napier
11 Latter Rain & Restoration K B Napier
12 Light and Life - Christianised Occultism K B Napier
13 Manifested Sons of God (MSoG) K B Napier
14 One of Islam’s Latest Messiahs K B Napier
15 Police Attitudes to Islam Wrong K B Napier
16 Prince Charles:-“Leading Britain into Islam?” K B Napier
17 Quakers - Are They Christians or are they members of a cult? K B Napier
18 Quakers: a personal testimony by an ex-Quaker Wayne J Sturgeon
19 Real Presence? A Catholic Delusion K B Napier
20 Review:- Answering Jihad – a better way forward K B Napier
21 Roman Catholicism K B Napier
22 The Kabbalah K B Napier
23 Trust All Muslims? A Reasoned Christian Response K B Napier
24 UFO:- “Aliens from Inner Space” K B Napier
25 Violent Jihad:- “The core of Islam” K B Napier
26 Who Is Paying Migrants to Enter Europe? K B Napier