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Being Wary of Muslims

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On rare occasions I am uncomfortable writing certain articles. This is one of those times, but I feel compelled to do so. Whilst a few security services warn of bad things happening, others in government departments try to withhold information. They are passing out ‘fake facts’, particularly about the existence of ‘moderates’ (when even Islamic clerics tell us there is no such thing as a ‘moderate’ in Islam!). As we have said so many times, EVERY terrorist act recently was carried out by ‘moderates’!

“A senior counter-terrorism police chief in the UK has said that segregated communities and illegal Islamic schools are a "breeding ground" for future terrorism, and that the security services are currently investigating an astounding 600 terrorism plots. Speaking during the Police Superintendents' Association conference Monday, Basu noted that "segregated, isolated communities, unregulated education and home schooling are a breeding ground for extremist and future terrorists."

“The Met's deputy assistant commissioner also revealed that the intelligence services were investigating 600 terror plots, of which 60 were opened in the past six weeks alone. Basu said that counter-terror officers currently open more investigations each week than they close.” http://www.truthrevolt.org/news/british-counter-terror-chief-uk-investigating-600-terror-plots 

This senior officer also called for more stringent checks on all arrivals. One contact tells me there are almost NO checks.

“He said: "It is not going to change. This was truly a summer like no other, it was truly a shift and not a spike, it is truly a new norm that we face."

“It's all just "part and parcel," as London's Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan has said, of living in England now.”

And so the Islamic mayor is telling us to shut up and accept our fate, because more is to come. It is only a part of living in England because our leaders do nothing about it!

“Basu went on to say that the dual issue of terrorists returning from fighting abroad and those who were unable to leave Britain in order to fight, meant the threat is "now in our midst", the Daily Mail reported”.

Of course, even saying this is ‘hate speech”!

We should note the warning from a noted Muslim cleric:

“Western politicians should stop pretending that extremism and terrorism have nothing to do with Islam. There is a clear relationship between fundamentalism, terrorism, and the basic assumptions of Islamic orthodoxy. So long as we lack consensus regarding this matter, we cannot gain victory over fundamentalist violence within Islam.”

(https://www.jihadwatch.org/2017/09/top-muslim-scholar-stop-pretending-that-orthodox-islam-and-violence-arent-linked  ).

The cleric is YahyaCholil Staquf, General Secretary of the Nahdlatul Ulama in Indonesia. Nahdlatul Ulema, “with about 50 million members, is the country’s biggest Muslim organization.”

Every time a jihadist murders in the West, including the UK, governments are ultra-quick to bleat that it “has nothing to do with Islam”! Yet, anyone with sense and knowledge laughs at this stupidity... the very phrase has its origin in jihadists’ smoke-screen propaganda, and western leaders repeat it like sheep on the way to slaughter.

“This is a vitally important statement by Yahya Cholil Staquf, general secretary of the Nahdlatul Ulama in Indonesia. Nahdlatul Ulema, “with about 50 million members, is the country’s biggest Muslim organization.

Judging from Staquf’s factual statement, it is clear that not all Muslims ascribe to a victimology narrative and the “Islamophobia” canard that generally accompanies it. Staquf states the obvious, which apparently is not that obvious to many Westerners.”

“The West must stop ascribing any and all discussion of these issues to “Islamophobia.” Or do people want to accuse me — an Islamic scholar — of being an Islamophobe too?”

Perhaps western Islamophiles are too busy pretending to be multicultural to bother with the facts and this warning from an influential Muslim? Perhaps police, guided by the fake reports from the MPS, like being misled, or have no idea how to conduct research? Perhaps politicians are too willing to jump down the throats of nasty people like Christians and others, to look at the truth? The article continues:

“When will the West wake up? The “Islamophobia” subterfuge is nothing but an Organization of Islamic Cooperation ploy to subjugate the woefully naive of this world. Do they actually believe that everyone who smiles at them is their “friend,” as committed as they are to “diversity”?

Acceptance, tolerance and goodwill are honorable concepts, but they are being hijacked by the malignant agendas of jihadists (including the stealth Muslim Brotherhood variety).” (Quoted in Time, 7th September, 2017).

“The relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims, the relationship of Muslims with the state, and Muslims’ relationship to the prevailing legal system wherever they live … Within the classical tradition, the relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims is assumed to be one of segregation and enmity.

Perhaps there were reasons for this during the Middle Ages, when the tenets of Islamic orthodoxy were established, but in today’s world such a doctrine is unreasonable. To the extent that Muslims adhere to this view of Islam, it renders them incapable of living harmoniously and peacefully within the multi-cultural, multi-religious societies of the 21st century.”


“Within the Islamic tradition, the state is a single, universal entity that unites all Muslims under the rule of one man who leads them in opposition to, and conflict with, the non-Muslim world.”

Interviewer for Time, Marco Stahlhut, asked, “So the call by radicals to establish a caliphate, including by ISIS, is not un-Islamic?”

The answer confirms everything I know and what Muslims have been saying openly for years... yet western politicians think they know better, and police follow blindly what Muslims tell them. Note the clerics blunt answer:

“No, it is not. [ISIS’s] goal of establishing a global caliphate stands squarely within the orthodox Islamic tradition. But we live in a world of nation-states. Any attempt to create a unified Islamic state in the 21st century can only lead to chaos and violence … Many Muslims assume there is an established and immutable set of Islamic laws, which are often described as shariah. This assumption is in line with Islamic tradition, but it of course leads to serious conflict with the legal system that exists in secular nation-states.”

Though a leading Muslim, the cleric candidly added:

“Any [fundamentalist] view of Islam positing the traditional norms of Islamic jurisprudence as absolute [should] be rejected out of hand as false. State laws [should] have precedence.”

So, what is wrong with our governments? What is wrong with police? Why are they pushing ISIS propaganda? These statements by the cleric are nothing new, but are said time and again by other clerics! Why, then, are governments et al forcing us to adopt their view, which comes direct from ISIS, Al-Qaeda, etc? Our leaders know nothing about Islam. The cleric continues, but will our sheep-like politicians listen?

“Too many Muslims view civilization, and the peaceful co-existence of people of different faiths, as something they must combat. Many Europeans can sense this attitude among Muslims.

There’s a growing dissatisfaction in the West with respect to Muslim minorities, a growing fear of Islam. In this sense, some Western friends of mine are “Islamophobic.” They’re afraid of Islam. To be honest, I understand their fear … The West cannot force Muslims to adopt a moderate interpretation of Islam. But Western politicians should stop telling us that fundamentalism and violence have nothing to do with traditional Islam. That is simply wrong.”

Note that... “The West cannot force Muslims to adopt a moderate interpretation of Islam.” The very statement implies that most Muslims are not ‘moderate’ despite their claims to the contrary. The honest cleric then finally adds another warning:

“Over the past 50 years, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states have spent massively to promote their ultra-conservative version of Islam worldwide. After allowing this to go unchallenged for so many decades, the West must finally exert decisive pressure upon the Saudis to cease this behavior … I admire Western, especially European, politicians. Their thoughts are so wonderfully humanitarian. But we live in a time when you have to think and act realistically.

The last time I was in Brussels I witnessed some Arab, perhaps North African, youth insult and harass a group of policemen. My Belgian friends remarked that such behavior has become an almost everyday occurrence in their country. Why do you allow such behavior? What kind of impression does that make? Europe, and Germany in particular, are accepting massive numbers of refugees. Don’t misunderstand me: of course you cannot close your eyes to those in need. But the fact remains that you’re taking in millions of refugees about whom you know virtually nothing, except that they come from extremely problematic regions of the world……”

The Saudis finance many mosques in the UK and encourage them to radicalise Muslims in their midst. The warnings cannot be more plain! But will our fake politicians listen and stop what they are saying and doing immediately? No, they will not. They think saying the opposite of what is plain as day will stop any backlash against Muslims. All they are doing is delaying the fateful day, perhaps in the form of civil war, or a time when vigilantes will try to finish off all Muslims. We are now VERY close to that position. What will you do about it?

Initial Notes: Many things I write about are certain. This article is a summary of reasons why (a) I find all Muslims to be the same (spiritually) and (b) I am very wary of Muslims as a whole. In my ministry I always state if what I deal with consists of my own conclusions, or if what I say is scriptural fact. This article is partly my own conclusion, based on multiple factors and countless sources.

Much is my own interpretation of known facts, but there are also biblical truths that must be shown. It is up to the reader to come to his or her own conclusions. Am I fully right, or partly right? Am I partly wrong, or fully wrong? The reader must decide, because believing the wrong thing can be devastating. If I am wrong, then so be it. But, I believe there are stark matters to address. (Also see A-840).

It is my personal belief that Christians must learn to be critical, and base their beliefs and actions on scripture, as determined by the Holy Spirit, and properly dividing the word of God. Most Christians have no idea how to be critical and so reach wrong conclusions. This article assists the reader along a line of reasoning and critical analysis at a time of severe social stress and political upheaval. Alongside the political and actual facts there are God’s facts and truths, which are always greater, and must lead us to accurate assessments of daily matters. Our emotions have no part in this, because facts are facts regardless of how we feel.

It is acknowledged that the perceived threat from Muslims is far greater than actual bad actions by Muslims. Even so, this does not detract from coming to a proper analysis of what is happening and how we should respond to it. No Christian should react to situations; ideally we should all respond properly. I believe this article does just that. But, if others think otherwise, let them do so, without holding damaging views about us because we have different views. The real question is if we arrive at our conclusions with eyes open and mind searching. If not, our conclusions can very well be prejudices. I trust that I have not been prejudiced, and present my reasons for coming to the conclusions I speak of.

I ask readers to remember:

  1. Never use emotions as a basis to assess real situations and facts
  2. Never have knee-jerk reactions
  3. Always assess with God’s word in mind
  4. Do not reject Christians who come to reasoned conclusions that are different from your own, especially in the matter we are dealing with
  5. I believe near-future history will prove my conclusions to be correct... but that is up to history and time, not me.

I also ask you to remember:

  1. What I am saying is NOT ‘racist’ – Islam is in every known race and nation, so it is about warped religion, not race.
  2. What I am saying is not ‘Islamophobia’ in the usual leftist sense. However, we have every reason to be wary of Islam and Muslims, given increasing violence and hatred from them worldwide.
  3. I speak from actual facts. I do not know them all, because governments keep many secrets and their agents will not tell us. Therefore I must work with whatever facts I have at my disposal. If I am wrong it is because of this deficit deliberately manhandled by governments.
  4. Muslims are like everyone else in one sense – they need the Gospel and salvation. HOWEVER, when law is transgressed it must be dealt with, regardless of the need for salvation. And, blame must be placed where it belongs: in this case, Islam and Muslims. The unreality coming from authorities is alarming and gives us no hope or trust. And when the police rely on faulty reports (such as the one I have critiqued from MPS), we know we are talking to a brick wall.
  5. We must treat all Muslims as we see them right now – most are peaceful. But, when they break the law and spout hate and act violently, they must be brought to book in the strongest terms (because what they threaten and do are themselves strong, not normal). Thus, we are on a cliff edge – be courteous and civil, but still be wary because of the worldwide situation and the unreality coming from government and its agents.

My task as a Minister of God

When there is a clear and present danger, and I warn my fellow Christians, I expect a rational and biblical response, even if those I warn do not yet have a full picture of the danger. But, in the case of warnings against Islam (which I have issued for at least fifteen years), there is a very mixed reaction. I call it ‘reaction’ because it is usually ‘knee-jerk’, and far from reasoned or genuine.

Many objections I receive about Islam and Muslims are based on emotion rather than biblical truth. Many of them result in sarcastic remarks from those who wish to cling to their sinful ideas, and I have had to put up with this for many years. As for Muslims who write to me, well, I can only say that the Islamic idea of reasoned argument is in much need of intellectual rigour and integrity! Part of my task is to tell the truth from scripture, and to deduce from scripture when looking at daily activities in the world. Hate for those who do not agree with me is not a part of that task, and there is no reason or allowance for me to object in discourteous manner.

When I was a young teenager, before I was saved, I thought it was clever to have a whip-sharp sarcastic approach to people. It must have been a regular feature, because my mother took me aside and simply repeated the old adage, that ‘sarcasm is the lowest form of wit’. She then told me that though she loved me, she hated my sarcasm. I thank God for her wisdom and love – I stopped being sarcastic immediately. I came to see she was right. Why cannot Christians today see this?

All Muslims?

One thing many hate is my statement that “All Muslims are the same”. They cannot wait for me to finish the statement before they try to come back with an instant whip-sharp reaction, often sarcastic. What this proves is that they are either involved in the thing I warn against, or their sympathies are less than biblical (that is, according to God’s will and laws). Thus, their thinking is flawed, and this corrupts their spirit. It is something I have witnessed for all those fifteen years.

You will probably have heard the joke about the woman who told a doctor she was “only a bit pregnant”. It is a joke because everybody recognises that pregnant is pregnant, from the moment of conception! Similarly, Muslim is Muslim... there are no partial-Muslims. The baby in the womb develops. At first there are no visible arms and legs, but these grow, because everything needed to be an human being is in that little blob you cannot see without a microscope. The same applies to Muslims, according to Islamic teaching.

In the Islamic mind, once a Muslim, always a Muslim. There is no going back and no escape. The most ignorant Muslim is still a Muslim. So is the violent, murderous jihadist. Both are equal in their religious source, but they may not be equal in their actions. Interestingly, Muslims I worked with were of good character and did not hate, but this was back in the 60s and 70s. The hatred came with the jihadists arriving over the past two decades, who even want to murder their own Islamic kind.

Also, as I have noted several times, in my own city I could once walk past a Muslim and offer a greeting, and receive one back. But, for at least ten years Muslims have totally ignored and shunned me, though I only greeted them. This is indicative of a big shift in Muslim attitude towards westerners, and this coincides with the arrival of jihadists and preachers of hate. Alongside this, some parts of our city are now almost entirely Muslim, which bodes ill for normal social life.

Muslims Develop and Jihadists are Made

The ‘good’ Muslims may not be equal with jihadists in deeds, but they are equal in mind and allegiance. And when fostered by wicked imams and others of terroristic view, even the most ignorant, superficial, or nominal Muslim will develop; and once introduced seriously to the Koran by a jihadist imam, mosque, school, or internet jihad sites, their attitudes change and they become just like the jihadists they thought they were different from. Compare with Christians – nominal Christians do not develop into jihadists, and do not kill us, or hate us, or become violent.

Until the time, and if, nominals and moderates develop into jihadists, we may have social interaction as any other social situation demands (See A-840). But, we must not enter into serious relationships, or deeper friendships. Why not? Because, as I have said many times, the one rotten apple affects all the rest. But, one good apple does not stop the rot. To my mind, what makes all Muslims the same is that one rotten apple (Mohammed’s words in the Koran) will, at some time, cause all the other apples to rot and fall. I say this not from an attitude of hate, but from intellectual and spiritual observation.

As I have found time and again for the past fifty years of teaching scripture, very few Christians are honest enough to speak freely or are willing to understand what God says – as soon as they come across something they personally do not like, they shut off, or resort to their inadequate personal ideas, and abuse the teacher. And many think they fool me by not expressing their true mind. They fail to understand that I can see and hear contradiction in their words, eyes and body language, as well as in continued observation generally of their ideas and activities over time.

There is, then, a series of steps we can take as Christians, and those Christians who cannot or will not understand this, are in a seriously flawed spiritual condition, which can easily be corrupted by taking very small steps, which they might not realise is happening but which are glaring red warning lights to those who observe. Take the following simple retorts received over the past fifteen years. Most are childish, nasty or just ignorant; Let us call them the “What if...” scenarios, more suitable for a playground than in the mind of a mature Christian.

The examples I give are all based on actual queries/comments (there are many more). The mere expression of them shouts loudly that the one who makes them may already be compromised by pro-ideas or sympathy for Islam and Muslims. Unfortunately, they also try to differentiate ‘Islam’ and ‘Muslim’ as if they are not connected, which, of course, is ridiculous and illogical. God sees them as equal!

The core of most pro-Islam/Muslim arguments I know emit from Islamic sources, which even affect Metropolitan Police reports that have dribbled down to ordinary folks over time! This, too, causes me alarm and great concern, because the reports first arose in those influenced by foreign Islamic sources. The sample questions asked are, to me, almost childish and show that the one asking them do not understand Who God is and what He says. Yet, I receive them regularly, which causes me to query the spiritual state of the questioner.

“What if your milkman is a Muslim?”

My response (not a reaction) would be “So what?” If he delivers milk and the milk is okay, he is simply doing a job. I will respond in civil manner as I would with anyone else who works honestly. I will even share courteous chat. After all, my unsaved neighbours are just as unsaved as the Muslim! But, I do not treat them badly because of it. Nor do I avoid them in the everyday sense.

However, being unsaved, they have nothing in common with me, so my social responses will be limited. And if I learn that a non-Muslim neighbour is a known criminal, my responses will be very brief and I would tend not to ‘get involved’, unless the Lord causes me to speak as a biblical witness to him or her.

The man who delivers my milk, then, is just that, no matter what his beliefs are. Frankly, if I somehow found out he was a jihad supporter or was somehow involved, I would change my milkman, for the simple reason of security, and because I do not wish to fund his ultra-Islamic ‘habit’. This is reasonable.

“What if my tutor is Muslim?”

Again, so what? If the tutor is civil, courteous, and does not speak to me of his Islamic ideas and thoughts, he is just a tutor! This fact should be obvious, and this kind of query I treat with a sigh, because it is so silly. Because the working relationship is so close, and I detected what many Muslims display – arrogance or contempt for my westernism – I would seek another tutor. I would see it in their eyes, hear it in their voice, or see it in their body language. There is no way I would hold to such a relationship, especially when I know the reason for the contempt (arising from the Koran). This, too, is reasonable.

“What if my doctor is a Muslim?”

I have known many Muslim doctors and most do not show the contempt or arrogance found in jihadists or ‘deeper’ Muslims. They have particular medical knowledge and know how to diagnose and treat conditions. So long as they do this, there is no problem. In the unlikely situation of being less than professional, and showing Islamic wrongness, there would be an issue... but no more than if they were, say, sexual offenders who molest patients. Can you see what I mean? Also, other professionals would soon notice any deviance from medical ethics. Then comes a “But”...

“What if your surgeon is a Muslim?”

At this point please excuse my yawn... So what?

A surgeon works to exacting standards. He or she is surrounded by other professionals in the operating theatre. Outside the theatre his remarks and standards are open to all, and professionals will query anything they cannot agree with. In the theatre his or her work is open to scrutiny, because apart from the professionalism, there are legal issues, and no-one wants to be hit with a litigation case.

These professionals observe everything the surgeon does, in great detail. So, I should normally have no problem with skill and competence. But, if the surgeon has openly declared sympathy for jihad, I would seek another surgeon, because it only takes a slip of a scalpel to end a life, before any other professional can stop him/her. Thus, we enter into another ‘phase’ – wariness (see later section).

“What if your MP is a Muslim?”

A Muslim MP is still a Muslim and many wish for sharia. Therefore, I would not vote for a Muslim MP. Simple as that. The consequences of voting for him/her can be catastrophic for the country, for his mind is set on being Muslim in power. We already see the Muslim Mayor of London playing out his Islamic beliefs in totalitarian ways. If parliament was mostly Islamic we could expect to see a radical change in how MPs treat the populace and a law against free speech. Nor should we have a Muslim Prime Minister.

“What if the policeman is Muslim?”

I have already mentioned the Muslim policeman in northern England who failed to catch two criminals on two separate occasions because he was too tired because it was Ramadan; he had not eaten, so had no energy and had to sit down panting for breath. I have also said that he appears to be a good police officer, wanting to carry out lawful duties. Therefore, he should be taken off active service during Ramadan, and placed in an office. (Though Christian police officers would not receive the same kind of consideration).

When I was a nurse and was stricken by a mystery condition (resulting from injuries) causing me to be crippled for a year, I returned to my job. The hospital boss came to see me on my ward and said I could no longer carry out my role and fulfil my contract. So, I was forced to resign. Thus, a Muslim who cannot fulfil his role and contract should not be on active service. Also, ANYONE who is fasting is liable to confusion of thought and action. So long as the officer is genuinely lawful I have no problem with him or her.

But, the officer who warned a student to be silent because she spoke out against jihad, was plainly very wrong, does not deserve or get trust, and should be removed from office. Why not simply reprimand him? Because what he tried to do was itself illegal – close to blackmail, because he warned the student he would ensure she was thrown off her university course! And that was because of his Islamic views. Normal police activity is fine. But, that was a step beyond. The same applies to homosexual officers. Because of the homosexual agenda I do not trust them when it comes to, say, street preachers, or the arrest of homosexuals.

Note that the above examples are reasonable because they are not based on prejudice or anger or any faulty thinking. But, there is plenty of evidence of faulty thinking in Christians who ‘cannot see the wood for the trees’. Their inane “What if” queries are instigated by one of several factors: their explicit or implicit acceptance of Muslims on the basis of involvement, physically, mentally or emotionally, plus a distinct lack of biblical understanding.

Their objections rest on (1) actual involvement at a deeper level, such as a deep friendship (2) emotional anxiety caused by unbiblical ideas about Islam or Muslims (3) Ignorance alongside a peculiar idea that Christians ‘must’ offer friendship to Muslims (4) A refusal to see their position is wrong (so they attack). Overall, I find that one of these leads to the Christian refusing to listen once a ‘button’ is pressed in their mind. From that moment on, they can only see red, and not reality! This can, and does, happen in any sphere of life and I find it annoying. It is evidence of false thinking. In Christians, though, it is evidence of something else – spiritual malfunction.

With this is mind we now come to an objection to my statement that Muslims are all the same and therefore we must be wary. I do not care if others misconstrue this (which they often do), but it concerns me very much if those ‘others’ are Christians.

All The Same?

In this section I use the same arguments I used against being friendly with homosexuals, because Islamists are using the exact same reasoning for their actions. Read these to gain an appreciation of the thinking behind it. Of course, even Christians who are somehow involved with Muslims will refuse to think beyond the first ‘button’ pressed! That is, they have at least partially lost the ability to be critical and put more emphasis on emotions than on God’s laws. Christians, above all people, must learn and use critical analysis, and this analysis MUST be founded on God’s word, not emotion, or friendships, or any other human factor. To prefer any of these to God’s word is a sign of sin and conflict, which leads to spiritual malfunction and erroneous thought and application of scripture to life.

Why do I say all Muslims are the same? At times I use the phrase ‘painfully obvious’. It applies in this text. It is painfully obvious why all Muslims are the same. Just as a woman is fully pregnant from conception, so a Muslim is fully capable of everything a jihadist does. Now, that is a very wide statement to make, but all I have done is go from point A to point Z. The missing details in between are also painfully obvious, but the end results are always the same...

In Islamic terms, a Muslim is a Muslim. In jihadist terms Muslims MUST comply with the fullest requirements of the Koran. If they do not, they are ‘bad’ Muslims who must be punished, with death if necessary. In this way the ‘bad’ Muslim is treated the same as a westerner who is not Muslim. It has been stated by Muslims and ex-Muslims that Muslims in most countries will live peacefully with their Christian neighbours UNTIL they are shown the contents of the Koran by radical imams or others. THEN they will become radical or, as I prefer to put it, genuine Muslims. They will enthusiastically obey the Koran, even when it demands death and violence. Bear in mind that it is the jihadists who are the real Muslims, for the Koran tells them to kill.

This has been evidenced throughout the world. In EVERY case those who turn into bloodthirsty mobs were once ‘moderate’. And, in EVERY case I know of, jihadists in the West were thought to be ‘nice’, ‘quiet’, ‘peaceful’, ‘friendly’, etc., and even their parents, siblings, friends etc., had no idea they were terroristic. This is because Muslims are taught to lie about motives etc., if it furthers Islam. These descriptions are so frequently observed that I have predicted several times what would be said of terrorists! Each time I was right! What it proves is that ‘moderates’ is a nonsense word, meaningless, in the light of the facts. I can promise you that the next jihadist will have previously been ‘nice’, ‘friendly’, ‘good’ etc. Watch for these pro-Islam comments when murder again hits the streets!

Just as the fullness of human being is found even in the newly implanted seed in the womb, so the fullness of Islam is found in the newest of converts. In Islamic countries people are Muslim from birth, and they are brought up in Koranic concepts even if they have never read the Koran. The seed is there and when given suitable nourishment (or threats) it will develop. Being too afraid to contradict jihadists is not an excuse to join in, or to remain quiet, or to not report terrorists to police. On many occasions in my profession I was petrified of facing known killers, but I had to do it and did so, regardless of my own safety. I accept no less from Muslims.

In the West few Muslims are violent – but no-one knows who they are, not even closest relatives, so they honestly cannot say that a particular Muslim is not turning to terrorism or hatred, because the Muslim covers it up with great skill. This is a key element. Also, there are many branches of Islam and they disagree with the others. This is why they are always at each other’s throats. “Believe and act as we do – or else”! The divisions themselves prove that they are all fake in terms of truth. But the main factor is that every terrorist in the UK has been dubbed as ‘friendly’, ‘moderate’ etc., by their family and friends.

As I have said many times, if not even their closest relatives and friends know when a moderate has become terroristic until he commits murder, HOW can outsiders (western non-Muslims) possibly know when their moderate Muslim friends are lying to them, or have become jihadist, or give support to terrorists? There are Muslim police and MI5 agents – fine, so long as they work according to law. But, frankly, HOW do we know they are not passing on vital intel to jihadists? How do we know if they are secretly undermining facts about jihad? How do we know if they are avoiding doing anything about jihadists? If even their family and friends do not know a Muslim is ‘turning bad’, how on earth can westerners possibly know?

This latter series of questions is not based on anything I fully know. Rather, they are asked to point out a very serious truth – that to place our trust in Muslims, when not even their nearest and dearest know what they are doing, is a source of worry to me.

The army major in the USA who rampaged on his camp grounds and killed soldiers, was known to be ‘quiet’ etc., etc. He served the USA well... yet he also murdered his colleagues. No-one saw it coming. Was he passing on intel to other jihadists? Nobody knows. They only know when it is too late.

Should We be Wary of all Muslims?

I believe the above arguments tell us “Yes”. But, let me explain further...

If someone carries a fatal virus, would you associate with them? No.

Am I saying Islam is like a deadly virus? Yes. Within every Muslim is the deadly seed that develops and grows at a rate he or she will allow, or is imposed upon them by wicked leaders, imams and mosques/schools, etc. Under ordinary circumstances they will not become violent and will live in peace with their neighbours. But, are we willing to trust all Muslims when we do not know which ones will turn on us? No, I personally cannot, but I have no hate or hidden views. Yet, I can treat them with courtesy and friendliness; if you do not understand how this is possible then you do not understand the Christian mind-set.

It is put to us by government that mosques do not teach terror, nor do they support it. The problem with this is that news items contradict such a statement! And some mosques have been under surveillance for years. It is also fact that mosques in other countries have been caught in pro-terror activities, and many mosques throughout the world (including UK) sell pamphlets of hate and violence. So, I am afraid on that count official ‘assurances’ fall on deaf ears. I can see and hear for myself, and mosques can be places of evil. Why should mosques in the UK be different?

Another problem is that officials and authorities come down hard on Christians who simple preach, but do nothing against hateful Islamic clerics and others who incite violence, murder and unrest. Muslims are left to their own devices even when filmed marching the streets carrying banners of hate, and screaming the most wicked abuse and threats. Grooming gangs, mainly Muslim, get away with rape on a grand scale, but no government department, including the police, will actually name the perpetrators as ‘Muslim’. Even lately, the government in the UK invited a known jihadist to speak in parliament. Combined, these facts give no comfort to ordinary citizens. It gives the impression that we are being lied to, and that secret movements are given free reign, influencing government and police.

For these and scriptural reasons (see later) I am extremely wary of all Muslims, even when most Muslims are not (presently) violent or hateful. To be ‘wary’ is to show caution in the face of perceived danger and problems. As a younger man I was bitten three times within a few weeks, by different dogs. After that I was very wary of large dogs in the street. This is reasonable, even though I knew most dogs do not bite human beings. I have a similar attitude towards Muslims.

Is this reasonable? I personally believe it is, given the rapid growth of jihadism throughout the world. As I remind people, it only takes one jihadist to mow down a hundred or so people, and it took only two planes hijacked by Islamists to kill thousands in the Twin Towers. One or two jihadists can inflict huge damage and create intense fear. The fact, that most Muslims in the UK are not violent, makes no difference to this basic truth.

And ‘paranoia’ is not a suitable term to use against those of us who are wary. I keep repeating the advertising line for one of Will Smith’s films, that says you are not paranoid when they really are coming for you! Indeed, the charge of paranoia was first made by Islamists in the Middle East, as a way of demeaning and intimidating critics of Islam. How many in government, MI5 and police know this?

“When we speak of Islam, as opposed to Muslims, we are not speaking about a mere religious belief system. We are talking about a competing civilization.” National Review. ‘It’s not non-Western, it’s anti-Western’. Andrew Mccarthy. March 25th 2017.

Khalis Masood (recent jihad activity in London) was a convert to Islam and quickly became radical. It has been said (Independent, 24th March, 2017) that new converts are more susceptible to being brainwashed into radicalism. Frankly, I don’t care! What matters is that he murdered innocent people because of the Koran and because he became Muslim. I am not swayed by semantics but by hard facts. It’s a pity others are not so critical of what our government tells us!

Eliza Manningham-Buller, Director General of MI5: ‘The International Terrorist Threat to the UK, 2006’.

“What I can say is that today, my officers and the police are working to contend with some 200 groupings or networks, totalling over 1600 identified individuals (and there will be many we don't know) who are actively engaged in plotting, or facilitating, terrorist acts here and overseas. The extremists are motivated by a sense of grievance and injustice driven by their interpretation of the history between the West and the Muslim world. This view is shared, in some degree, by a far wider constituency. If the opinion polls conducted in the UK since July 2005 are only broadly accurate, over 100,000 of our citizens consider that the July 2005 attacks in London were justified.”

(https://www.mi5.gov.uk/news/the-international-terrorist-threat-to-the-uk#sthash.u7h2zM2I.dpuf  )

(Also read my criticism of the Metropolitan Police Service Report)

Just ten years later, the number of known Muslims with jihadist tendencies reached over 30,000! And that number is only about KNOWN suspects. Given taqiyya, the actual number may easily be in the hundreds of thousands. Not even MI5 and the police know! And this is reason enough for wariness. There is another query, one that should receive answers. It is a query based on obvious critical analysis. It is this... MI5 have Muslim operatives. The simple question is, “Are any of them acting as double-agents?” They might appear to be UK-friendly, but once again I am prompted by the Islamic teaching on taqiyya.

Is it reasonable to use Muslims to spy on their own kind, when it is known that taqiyya can dupe authorities? Basing my question on statements already made above, how would MI5 or police KNOW if an operative was to be trusted? How would they know if he or she was lying and passing on information to jihadists? It is a very good question but I doubt if MI5 and police would even attempt to answer it. Once again I point to the activities of the known actual terrorists in the UK – polite, friendly, nice... The best of operatives can be turned to the cause of those they infiltrate, and it is easy to detect the influence of Middle Eastern jihadist arguments in UK authorities’ arguments. (Note the process of being affected by Stockholm Syndrome. It has been known to affect a number of agents infiltrating criminally-minded groups).

Obviously, the above questions cannot be answered by myself, or even by MI5, but they are valid queries given the present dangers, especially given the Islam-induced definitions handed to police and government. To avoid answering the questions is itself dangerous. In 1970 I was photographed and profiled by MI5 simply for leading a strike (a stupid thing to do – I soon left union activity). But, are Muslims profiled and photographed? Most are not, because government does not wish to know the answer to the taqiyya situation! My query is reasonable, and it would be treated seriously with any other persons of interest. But, Muslims are somehow deemed to be worthy of special protection. This is why I do not trust government, the higher levels of police, or MI5, especially when surveillance comes above the need to protect, and some who have been surveilled have committed atrocities.

British authorities rely on the reports by the MPS and others, which are often biased and inaccurate. They usually quote from them as if they held to the truth. But, those of us who have access to worldwide sources and know what Islam is, know immediately when beliefs and quotes by authorities come directly from Middle Eastern jihadist sources. I look on with disbelief when we are told that Muslims have ‘reasons’ to hate the West. What a farce! These ‘reasons’ are very recent and are crafted with the purpose of causing confusion amongst western authorities. And so we hear western authorities quoting what they think are genuine ‘reasons’, which, in turn, make them enemies of people who wish to live decently, and friends of jihad. The supposed ‘reasons’ did not exist in the Islamic mind until the past fifty or so years! Before the ‘West’ existed, what ‘reasons’ did Islam have for murder and mayhem? The only real reason is the Koran, NOT the West.

Another source of contention is that Al-Qaida openly said that 50% of its war against the West is done in the internet... yet how many of these sites have been closed down? Almost none! But, Christians and others who speak the truth are immediately closed down on many ‘security’ pretences. Is all this because police and government, and perhaps MI5, are already indoctrinated by Islam? I would ask these many and varied questions in an academic setting, so why should I not ask them in this article?

We also have another biased and inaccurate statement by the same Director General of MI5, when she said that climate change is worse than terror attacks! This is yet another red herring without any scientific basis whatever! So, how can we trust MI5’s judgment in the matter of jihad? She also said “more people are killed on the road... than through terrorism”. (I wonder if she includes those killed by lorries used by jihadists). This kind of brainless statement gives no reason to trust MI5, let alone jihadists and ordinary Muslims. Those killed on the road are victims of accidents; those killed by terrorists are murdered by wicked jihadists looking for people to kill. The difference is stark and the Director General spoke stupidly.

In her speech we see yet another platform from which to decry criticism of different ‘faiths’. I would not care much if Islam simply spoke out. But, I take serious issue when it commits murder or threatens the country with intimidation, lies and violence. This is not ‘over-reacting’; it is essential security for me and my family. If some families prefer to accept uncritically the claims of government and Islam, well, let them be responsible when it all goes badly wrong.

Also, I have said it before, those who accept the constant deceptions of Islam will probably turn me in if Islam gains power. I know it, because I hear and read their daily pro-Islam comments. And I see it in the responses of police, courts and government. Sadly, they see people like me as an imbecile, though I base what I say on many, many international sources and actual news, which are cross-referenced for accuracy. I refuse to be propagandised by government and police. My life and the lives of my loved ones demand I be critical. It is painfully obvious when these agencies are quoting ‘official’ sources... and their compliance concerns me. To make things worse, they use the same argument put forward by homosexuals... and we know where this leniency towards perversion has led us!

If I am wary because of unproved perceptions, then there is reason to ignore what I say. But, I rarely resort to my perceptions to come to judgments. I use facts and data, and I interpret them genuinely. Which few in authority appear to do.

Let me repeat

Though the vast majority (in the UK) of Muslims are quiet, lawful and work hard, there is a growing number who refuse to be part of their host country and cause trouble. They only want state benefits (another Islamic activity called ‘economic jihad’), so as to drain the country of its resources... and this they have done very well indeed thus far! This leakage of funds has already reached danger level, but the country keeps on accepting Muslims, even when they have no papers to prove who they are.

The numbers of actual jihadist murders in the UK are indeed very low compared to the number of Muslims. But, as a reason to not profile, this is a clueless and absurd argument. One or two men designed atom bombs. But, hundreds of thousands died in Japan as a result of their work. This is why everyone, governments included, is wary of any nuclear strikes. In the same way only a few Muslims currently act violently in the UK. But, the number is irrelevant. What matters is that one jihadist can kill hundreds, or even thousands.

There are many ways a terrorist can murder hundreds of thousands at one time. So, to say we must not be wary of all Muslims is very troubling indeed, when it comes from those supposedly ‘protecting’ us. Of course, they will not answer our queries because everything is ‘secret’... but we deserve answers when any one of us could be killed by jihadists at any time! This is not scaremongering, it is fact, as many news items prove.

Now let us look at a logical set of ideas:

Certain chemical agents - just one drop - can kill a whole town if put into the water supply, the reservoir. Would you trust that some of that water is alright to drink, or would you buy bottled water? And even if cleansed, would you later be very wary of the reservoir supply?

Travellers are told not to eat salad ingredients in India, but to order cooked meats, because of the danger of food poisoning. Would you recklessly order it anyway? Or, would you be justly wary of all cold vegetation on the menu? No doubt most cooks will make sure their salads are properly cleaned... but would you take that chance?

In WW2 Germany there were countless neighbourhood spies. Would you have trusted anyone in those days? Or, would you be very wary? Obviously, not all were ‘snitches’ – but if you did not know who they were, would you not have been extremely wary of everyone?

Not so long ago a particular type of airplane was found to have particular faults, after a crash. Several more were found to have the same problem, and airlines grounded every one of them, just in case. The problem ‘planes were made known in the media, so if you were to fly, would you not be very wary and ask if the ‘plane was one of the type that could possibly be faulty? Would you not be wary and try another airline?

You receive a box of chocolates, or fruit. You are told that ONE of them has been injected with poison. Would you chance that the others are okay, and eat them anyway, even though one is enough to kill you? Would you not be wary of them all and throw them out?

To be wary is natural and logical. If ALL Muslims come from the same religious stock, would you not be wary of them all? If not... what is wrong with your thinking? Or, do you not care for your life and the lives of those around you? Could you be courteous and kind, etc., to Muslims who are pleasant, and yet be wary of them because NO-ONE knows who is the terrorist? I can!

It pains me to point out this very obvious truth, and I am embarrassed to have to keep saying it because of the inability (or refusal) of some to understand, but many are still being swayed by arguments that have their source in the minds of Middle East clerics and jihadists, who play on the guilt feelings of people in the West. Some are also swayed by deeper friendships with Muslims, which harms their thinking. For myself, I have no guilt feelings, so I can think properly. And, because of what scripture says, I do not become embroiled in deep friendships with enemies of God.

God’s Answer

Thus far I have used ordinary argumentation and queries any academic might make. Now we come to the most important aspect of how to treat Muslims – how GOD sees it. And authorities will not like it, just as they will not like my other arguments! Broadly, God hates ALL pagans/idolaters and their false religions. He is not just wary – He says they will enter hell! Yet we, mere mortals, think we can do better and trust pagans in any circumstance. Some may indeed be ‘nice’ – but God does not consider how nice people are; if they believe, act and teach what is against Him, they are ‘dead men walking’, especially if their religion has a false god, meant to replace the One True God of scripture. Why cannot Christians and others see this?

THIS is reality – not what governments try to impose on us!

  1. “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.
  2. But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.
  3. And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.
  4. The ungodly are not so: but are like the chaff which the wind driveth away.
  5. Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous.
  6. For the LORD knoweth the way of the righteous: but the way of the ungodly shall perish.” (Psalm 1)

Answer me this, friend of Muslims... how do you align yourself with both the above word of God and with being a deep friend of pagans/idolaters? The very first verse tells us that we must have nothing to do with them. There is no way round that. Those who give more credibility to pagans than to fellow believers or to God, have lost the ability to delight in the law of the Lord, and show that they have not meditated on His word “day and night”. Their journey away from God started with a very small crack. It got wider as the Christian started to peer into it. Eventually such a Christian will fall into the chasm he began to open. The ungodly are useless, like chaff without substance. Thus God drives them away... but the unwary Christian instead gathers them to his bosom! Nevertheless, the ungodly shall not stand before God and be judged without consequence, for “the ungodly shall perish”. Do you protect and befriend the ungodly? Then you have already begun to slide into the same pit of sin.

Those who are Muslim hate the God we know, hate us, and hate scripture. That is why we may not even help a Muslim:

“Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the LORD? therefore is wrath upon thee from before the LORD.” (2 Chronicles 19:2)

I have warned elsewhere not to send money to charities that help Muslims in Islamic countries. Muslims hate God, and when we help them or befriend them we disobey God to such an extent that He will send His wrath against them. Those who love those whom God hates are living more dangerously than opening themselves up to Islam – they risk losing their souls to sin, and this is something God also hates. In fact, when we hold hands with pagans, it is a sign that God has abandoned us to our fate...

“God hath delivered me to the ungodly, and turned me over into the hands of the wicked.” (Job 16:11)

In Job’s case, God allowed the ungodly to trouble him, so as to show Satan that Job was righteous. But, when a Christian deliberately chooses to befriend those God hates, he has put himself in harm’s way, both physically and mentally, because his spiritual state has suffered loss. To get closer to an enemy is to become weak and ruined, as we slowly adopt the ways of the enemy. In the end we do not realise our danger or our position before God. By that time, many just do not care, and become fully pagan themselves. Many have turned to the beliefs and actions of an enemy by becoming emotionally close to them. Are you willing to lose God’s blessing just to temporarily embrace His enemies?

Today, the enemy, Muslims, have invaded the West with wicked intent. Does not Psalm 18:4 describe what is now happening? Are they not arriving like an uncontrollable flood? And do they not bring fear to the heart?

“The sorrows of death compassed me, and the floods of ungodly men made me afraid.”

There is only ONE reason to befriend individual Muslims – and that is to preach the Gospel, to witness to the pagan Who God is and that he needs to repent and be saved. Hence:

“Knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and for sinners, for unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers,” (1Timothy 1:9)

If, as a Christian, you befriend a Muslim and do not preach the Gospel, telling him to reject Allah and embrace Christ, then you are guilty before God, Who WILL save the profane, godless Muslim. But, if you are fearful and do not tell him of Christ, you are a weak vessel whom God will take to task.

What Muslims do as pagans is totally condemned by God, whether they are peaceful or not. What they do is an abomination (Deuteronomy 18:9-14). So, how can you think you may befriend a Muslim and not be touched by his sin, or by the wrath of God? Beware, for they are outside of God, Who will punish them eternally. (Revelation 22:15, re idolaters). They have deceived millions and made black into white, and made sin seem to be good (Isaiah 5:20). And,

“Furthermore, since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, he gave them over to a depraved mind, to do what ought not to be done” (Romans 1:28).

“The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness” (2 Thessalonians 2:9–12).

A Warning

I do not care if you dislike this article. I do not care if you dislike me personally. I do not care if you think I am a fool. But, I DO care what you think of God and His word, for He is your Master and He is mine. If my words are wrong, then He will put me right. But, if my words are right and you ignore them, your spiritual life and possibly even your physical life, is in danger. This is what we are told in scripture.

Read the Second Book of Kings. NOWHERE in that whole book do you find respite given to idolaters and false religionists. NOWHERE are they allowed to live in Israel or Judah, but are cast out or put to death. NOWHERE is one of God’s people told to befriend these cultists, but to get rid of them and pull down their temples and groves, their shrines and statues smashed. NOWHERE are the people told to come alongside these wicked men and women. Do you think it is all “Just in the past”? And remember – God totally got rid of Israel and Judah BECAUSE they adopted the ways of His enemies and turned to idolatry. This can be done in the mind as well as in deed, so ANY complicity is foul to God and deserving of a penalty.

Look throughout the Bible and see what God says about the unbelievers who pretend to have other gods (intelligent men MUST pretend – they KNOW their false religion is fake)! Look in the New Testament – do you find God smilingly telling us to adopt the ways of pagans and idolaters? Or, to befriend them for the sake of it? No. When Jesus entered the abodes of sinners He did not do so to attend a party or meal – He attended to tell them of their dire need for salvation. Did Paul tell the Greeks on Mars Hill he came to be their friend? Or, did he preach the Gospel? Did any of the Apostles visit the homes of idolaters to enjoy a party for the family? Or, do you think they went to tell people of the Gospel?

In the New Testament you will find plenty of reference to Christians staying apart from unbelievers, unless it is to preach. And if those unbelievers refused to listen, they were to be abandoned to their sinful fate. I am annoyed greatly by supposed Christians telling me that we should go where the sinners go, or we should befriend them for the sake of friendship. No, we are told not to do so, because every moment in the company of idolaters and sinners corrupts our souls, causing us to do what they do, speak as they speak, and think as they think. I have witnessed it for several decades and recognise it from a long way off!

“Social justice advocates, licensed social workers, an organizations are sharing a “racism scale” claiming that unless white people are willing to risk their safety and freedom for minorities, they're apparently racists.”


This is what we are told in Europe and the UK – accept Muslims (called a ‘minority’ even though they rampage in large numbers throughout the world!) or you are an Islamophobe and racist (even though Islam is not a race).

The scale was devised by a social activist (itself a warning), so that those they call ‘racists’ can ‘identify their own prejudices and put them right’ – a kind of self-policing. This kind of despicable activity is running wild throughout the West, where even people born white are called upon to think of themselves as wicked and privileged! And these blind puppets do what they are told! I do not apologise for thinking for myself and disagreeing with PC policies!

In the UK we are being told that Islam is a ‘race’ and if we do not allow it to do whatever it wishes we must be ‘racists’. Such insulting words are just evidence of stupidity – of those who say it and those who follow it. Also, if we dare to question Islam we are called ‘Islamophobes’! As someone with at least two brain cells I must say I find this kind of thing anti-intellectual and stupid in the extreme.

Not to be critical of a vast movement that openly says it wants to kill us, is suicidal. Our government and its agents are leading us by our noses down a rocky path to the abattoir, to be slaughtered willingly to feed the lustful godlessness of Islamists. I am annoyed – no angry – that we are being told to accept what plainly is the opposite of what we see in the world! But, people are like sheep and they would rather obey the propaganda than search for the truth. In this way they will not recognise evil until it hits them in the face. Then, it is too late.

I see and hear ‘moderates’ becoming terrorists under the noses of their parents, siblings, peers... and yet westerners have the gall to tell me they know better than these fellow Muslims. They can ‘tell’ a ‘moderate’ is nice and civil! I pray they will not fall prey to their ‘moderate’ when he or she turns terroristic.

It is highly reasonable to avoid all Muslims when no-one knows who will strike next. It is sensible to take the precaution of being wary of all Muslims. I have no choice, because government, security agents and police are doing nothing except maybe surveilling. But, Islamists are left to roam. They are surveilled but they kill anyway. And if you criticise Islam it is called ‘hate speech’ and you are arrested. When Islamists quote the Koran saying they are called to murder you, that is okay. But, when you quote scripture and say there is only one way to God, you are arrested. So, my friend, why should I listen to these authorities? I have no reason whatever. I will remain wary of all Muslims.

“Ye shall utterly destroy all the places, wherein the nations which ye shall possess served their gods, upon the high mountains, and upon the hills, and under every green tree:

And ye shall overthrow their altars, and break their pillars, and burn their groves with fire; and ye shall hew down the graven images of their gods, and destroy the names of them out of that place.” (Deuteronomy 12)

Do you really think God allows us to have friendships with pagans and idolaters, such as Muslims? I do not think so! A Christian is meant to be apart from the world, yet in it. This does not include getting close socially to idolaters/Muslims. We are not meant to copy their ways... but how many Christians regularly drink in pubs with ‘mates’? How many go to the same places of sin? How many curse or swear to ‘fit in’? How many say nothing at all to Muslim friends about Christ? I know many do these things. And I have watched them go into slow decline as believers.

In Summation:

What I am saying should be a matter of logic, but a ‘PC’ inability to see things as they really are, and Islamic propaganda, appear to be influencing western ability to think properly. Thus, we are in a very dangerous position that can only get worse. The following statements are logical.

  1. Few Muslims in the West are terroristic.

  2. But the few who are, are capable of killing many hundreds, or even thousands, at a time.

  3. However, in Europe the bulk of Muslims are violent, criminal and illegal entrants.

  4. ALL terrorists in the UK (and most in the USA) were thought to be decent citizens, quiet, friendly. Not even their families knew they were terroristic.

  5. Therefore, logically, westerners will be at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to identifying WHO will become terroristic.

  6. Thus, it is reasonable for security and personal safety, to be wary of ALL Muslims, even though many will not turn to terror.

  7. The above is a logical conclusion. And even if we are wary, we can still be courteous and civil to all Muslims if they are themselves showing courtesy and civility. The two must come together – wariness and civility.

  8. Muslims who do not show these qualities, must be taken into custody BEFORE they kill (lives come before surveillance needs), must have all state benefits removed, be deported where possible, or imprisoned in single cells, never to commune with fellow prisoners (otherwise they intimidate them).

  9. And given the publicly stated claim – to take over the UK by weight of births – the UK should not allow full voting rights to all Muslims. This is based on their own warning that the UK will come under sharia law and citizens will have to comply with it, when they gain political power.

  10. Until and if the whole Muslim segment of the UK comply with UK demands, the above is perfectly logical. It is not ideal, nor is it fair to already complicit Muslims, but it is Muslims who, in the end, can put the situation right. Until that time they must bear the wariness of citizens who simply cannot trust Muslims of any sect.

  11. In Christian terms, we may not befriend Muslims unless it is to witness to the Gospel. And Christians MUST understand that God hates cults, heresies and false religions. In particular He hates false religions that worship a false god. We have no mandate to befriend such, because God sees them as spiritual enemies whose influence can corrupt His people. In reality, no country should countenance bringing in Muslims, for these reasons. But they may stay if they do not influence political power (hence lesser voting rights) and do not have Muslim MPs. Some other form of representation must be found that does not include taking power. This, after all is what happens in Islamic countries. Note that the only idolaters to be left alive in Joshua, were allowed to live because they became servants to the Israelites. Nothing has changed in principle. The overall attitude of Christians to these matters is currently appallingly ignorant and propagandised.

If fellow believers think I am being hard, tell me. But, I base what I say on biblical principles and on ordinary logic which places MY security above that of a pagan cult, and MY spiritual life comes before theirs. Muslims cannot come to the UK and tell us what to do, when in their own countries Christians are imprisoned or arrested, and churches are not allowed. Nor is personal witness or Christian living. In the light of it all, the logic is impeccable! My freedom, faith, and safety, trumps the supposed ‘rights’ of Muslims. The same rule would apply if, instead of Muslims, we had two-headed, three legged, twenty feet tall Martians who worshiped bobble-hat gods who demanded our extinction. Simple as that.

© September 2017

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