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Police Attitudes to Islam Wrong

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“MPS Twists language into nonsense”


MPS refers to the Metropolitan Police Service.

‘Report’ refers to ‘Hate Crimes against London’s Muslim Communities’ (2013) published by the Metropolitan Police Service. 


For about three decades those blessed with intelligence have followed the homosexual pied-piper in the hope of being at the forefront of academic fad novelty, thereby making a mockery of their mental abilities and of ordinary observational facts. That what they say amounts to nothing seems to elude them, and they chatter away like excited monkeys, trying their best to ‘prove’ to the perverse that they are doing more than their fellows to vaunt what harms society.

In return they are awarded what I have termed ‘bottle-top awards’ by homosexuals... worthless bits of paper giving pro-gay supporters a sense of perverse pride, from universities to the police, government at all levels to individuals. It is a sickening display of self-blindness and agreement with hateful activities that have already killed millions and damaged many children.

But, a new novelty is in town, and academics and government are again trying to fight their way to the front to gain fake honours and to show everyone the paucity of their ideas. This new Western fad is Islam. And those who vaunt it are turning their intelligence into so much murky stagnant mud. Indeed, it is very hard to find anything intellectual or intelligent in what they are saying. This is because instead of relying on factual research, they rely only on what the perpetrators tell them and, in many cases, how ‘friendly’ they perceive them to be. This is like the police relying on the criminal to make a case for crime and against the law!

To prove this ridiculous but harmful rhetoric, a messing-about with semantics, I will show you, line by line, why academics, government and police are making utter fools of themselves, while Islam boldly fills their minds with linguistic rot. That they make fools of themselves is not really my concern, but the way their lack of due diligence actually harms individuals in society makes what they say remarkably inappropriate, damaging and very alarming.

The following text ‘Hate Crimes against London’s incidents experienced by the Muslim Communities:- An analysis of incidents recorded by the Metropolitan Police Service 2005-2012’ (2013)  will be our source; hopefully, you will find my responses far more reasonable than the twisted form of logic devised by academics with their simplistic, erroneous worldview. My comments will be based on scriptural truth, plus observed behaviour and plain facts. Note, too, that this Report is almost a direct replica of Islamic claims. In other words, police are repeating third-hand information, rather than investigating facts. The Report is written in such a way as to demean critics and call them names, in the hope they will be silenced.

Excerpt from ‘Hate Crimes against London’s incidents experienced by the Muslim Communities’

“Islamophobia. The authors are aware that there is a wide debate around the term ‘Islamophobia’. However, for the purposes of this report the definition outlined in the Runnymede Trust’ 1997 report, ‘Islamophobia: A Challenge for us All’ will be used. This definition is widely accepted, including by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) (previously known as the Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia).

According to this definition, the eight components of Islamophobia are (slightly modified from original 1997 statement p4, but contained in summary  ):

  1. Islam is seen as a monolithic bloc, static and unresponsive to change.
  2. Islam is seen as separate and ‘other’. it does not have values in common with other cultures, is not affected by them and does not influence them.
  3. Islam is seen as inferior to the West. It is seen as barbaric, irrational, primitive and sexist.
  4. Islam is seen as violent, aggressive, threatening, supportive of terrorism and engaged in a ‘clash of civilisations’.
  5. Islam is seen as a political ideology and is used for political or military advantage.
  6. Criticisms made of the West by Islam are rejected out of hand.
  7. Hostility towards Islam is used to justify discrimination practices towards Muslims and exclusion of Muslims from mainstream society.
  8. Anti-Muslim hostility is seen as natural or normal.”

Even before we begin to examine these points, we should note they are out of date – devised in 1997 after a few years study, and well before the radical and extreme terroristic activities we now see as usual amongst Islamists presently entering the West, and amongst those warped individuals allowed into Europe by Angela Merkel to prove a socialist point. (Read my lengthy authoritative articles on Muslim immigration and proof that the vast majority of these Muslims are illegals). We should also note the make-up of the Report’s draft-committee, which is far from inclusive and tenable.

Dr Paul Iganski  was enlisted to design the research and analysis of ‘Islamophobic incidents’, so that his views in the ‘Hate Crimes against London’s incidents experienced by the Muslim Communities’ (p4, 2013)  were supposedly independent of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS). This sounds good until you realise he is very much pro-homosexuality and pro-freedom of those who harm society  . To be fair he has also investigated anti-Semitism. BUT, the fact that his views appear to coincide with sympathy for groups that scripture loathes, and which normal people find hard to accept, is enough to cast serious doubt on the research findings. Instead of finding the right man for the job, the MPS looked for the man whose ideas were close to their own (demanded by government)! Not a good investment!

He also seems to equate ‘hate crime’ with ‘Islamophobia’, as if there is never a reason to hold anti-Islamic views. In the light of terrorism such academic blindness is unacceptable, and throws doubt on any conclusions. We also note that he appears to equate ‘racism’ and anti-Islam. This is another problem, for Islam is found in every race and people; therefore, anti-Islam is NOT racism. (Even homosexuals tried to say anti-homosexuality is ‘racism’! Eh?). Also, Iganski says EXACTLY what Islamic sources say... so who is copying who? It is like decrying the critics of Hitler.

These are all foundational errors that have fed the report with a deceptive acceptability and motive. It should be noted that the ethos behind the current claims made by Islamists is EXACTLY the same as that used by homosexual activists, including coining the term ‘Islamophobia’ and use of the term ‘hate crime’ as a defence against any form of criticism, a defence that silences critics with the law, which homosexuals and Islamists appear to control. That police use the same words is indicative of their prejudice against all others who disagree. (Here I mainly refer to police leaders, not the poor officer on the beat who must obey his superiors... though even these are now being propagandised to appease Islam and to arrest critics. We can expect EVERY police officer sent out on their two-year probation to have received thorough ‘diversity’ training that will cause them to arrest any who speak outside the PC prescribed rules. That is, Pro-Islam and homosexuality and anti-free speech).

Whilst the Metropolitan Police Service had the ‘Hate Crime…’ report proof-read for comments at draft stage, no Christian commentator is shown to have an input (p4). Nor is there input by any who are experts in Islamic behaviour but who are critical. This is important given that Islam hates Christians and the Christian (and Western) life, as ISIS* has proved extensively in the Middle East and elsewhere in Muslim-led countries. (*Note: in July/August 2017 Islamists led 866 attacks, leading to 5,224 deaths and hundreds of thousands of casualties. ISIS were the main antagonists. Attacks continue and increase). Who read the draft and gave ‘useful’ comments? In itself the list makes the report of dubious value...

One member was spokesman for the Association of Muslim Police (an odd bedfellow when we know what Muslims UK-wide have said about the UK); no less than FIVE members of the Metropolitan Police Service ‘Diversity and Citizen Focus Directorate’ (which does not give confidence to anyone who has in-depth knowledge of Islam and its stated objectives, or of homosexuality); a member of the Muslim Safety Forum; someone from the London Mayor’s office for policing and crime (the pro-Islamic sentiment expressed by London’s mayors is well-known, especially today when London has a Muslim mayor), and two others. But, no others were used from groups badly affected by Islam and Muslim activism, or critics of the methodology used.

There is a very deep problem, when the MPS takes the views of those who are pro-Islam, but not of those affected, such as Christians, Jews, and Muslims who will not cooperate with jihadists or with the Koran. In particular, Islam has moved on since 1997, dramatically and radically, making the report of little practical use, except by socialistic individuals with an agenda.

Just as Europe actively downplays, or even silences, criticism of immigration policies when Muslims have been central to extensive acts of violence and criminality, so the MPS is guilty of doing the same thing. We can say this whether or not we accept the legitimacy of the report. 

Further stark concern is also shown for the 1997 Report ‘Islamophobia: A Challenge For All of Us’  as the basis for the report ‘Hate Crimes Against London’s Muslim Communities – An analysis of incidents recorded by the Metropolitan Police Service, 2005-2012’ (Vicky Kielinger & Susan Paterson, 2013  ). WHY concentrate on supposed Muslim ‘hate crimes’, when no such report exists (or is kept hidden) for hate crimes by Muslims against Christians and non-Muslims, though the evidences for these are overwhelming? Also, Muslims define a hate crime as ANYTHING they do not like and they think is against the Koran and sharia! This amounts to just about everything in the West!

The bias is painful to recognise and expose! Now, Christians are arrested, but Muslims do whatever they wish (see our reports on these facts, written over the past decade. Even recently I was watching a police programme where a police officer said on camera that the young illegal African immigrant he had picked up from the motorway was “only trying to find a better life”.

Yet, according to international law, when an immigrant enters a country after throwing away papers of identity, and do so simply for economic purposes, they are illegal on both counts. Therefore, the police officer who openly stated his sympathy on TV for illegal immigration was acting without proper due care. It is worrying.

Though he dealt with her appropriately, his sentiment shows an underlying sympathy for illegal immigration. Yet, he also shows an absolute dislike for those who commit other crimes. Illegal immigration is now rife: it is ILLEGAL, so does not allow for sympathy of any kind, especially not from the police. Those who enter the UK illegally live by illegal means, so sympathy for illegal immigration is out of place in the police, as are one-sided views on Islam and anti-Islam sentiment. And, many who commit jihad are illegals – but we may not say so!).

As I will show later, my own view, and that of many people who have studied Islam, is indeed ‘anti-Islam’, but this does not warrant calling us ‘Islamophobic’ or accusing us of something illicit, worthy of police investigation! As I have shown elsewhere, I can be courteous and friendly with individual Muslims who allow me to do so. But, I loathe Islam. Thus, I am not ‘Islamophobic’; the newly-coined term itself being wrongly used to describe hatred rather than fear.

Sadly, the police are now pawns in the socialist mass-migration agenda, which automatically rejects any form of Christian or rightful criticism, even from non-Jihad Muslims. Also, sadly, many police leaders repeat the sentiments found in the Report, showing no independent thought on the matter. And hapless lower-ranks have no idea they have been misled. But, misled or not, their adherence to a useless, outdated and pro-Islamic document harms society as a whole.

In fairness I must state my own bias – on the side of truth, factual accuracy, and genuine academic methods. I do not believe the Report is accurate, nor does it take into account ‘other’ views that are, if anything, more legitimate than the prejudiced ideas of pro-Islamic bodies and Islam itself. Such views are regularly smothered and given an hostile response because they are not within government guidelines or part of the ‘PC’ approach to multiculturalism, a policy that has failed miserably*, but continued and expanded by the MPS. (*This failure was admitted by a Labour official in Blair’s government).

In other words, too many components are missing from the Report for it to be taken seriously... that is, where they are not already misrepresented or deliberately skewed to represent the government view.

My Concerns

To sum up before we look at each of the so-called markers that identify ‘Islamophobia’:

  1. The 1997 report this Metropolitan publication is based on is twenty years old! A vast number of events and facts have arisen since that time.
  2. The later 2013 report was wrongly biased – the make-up of the draft’s readership proves this. And, it says exactly what Islamic clerics say.
  3.  The later 2013 document, which uses the 1997 report, appears to completely ignore those non-Muslims with expertise in Islam and Islamic behaviour, and bases its findings on pro-Islamic sources, thus making its overall conclusions invalid and highly questionable.
  4.  The two documents, between them, ignore the ‘elephant in the room’; that is, Islamic behaviour throughout the world that causes grave concern for safety of non-Muslims and non-compliant Muslims.
  5.  The reports do not differentiate genuine concern and supposed ‘phobia’ – the word ‘phobia’ being grossly misused and meaningless. Without this differentiation the reports are worthless and without academic standing, even if they claim to be academic.
  6. When we examine each of the markers, we will find further problems of fact and academic rigour, including pro-EU and pro-PC efforts to reject non-socialist objections.
  7. There is a rightful, proper criticism of ANY subject matter. This is central to all academic and policy issues. Without it, any conclusions are invalid or badly out-of-line. Criticism itself is a neutral activity, because it examines all the evidences before coming to a conclusion. The comments in this paper use this rightful critical analysis. I have noted how many police officials refer back to the markers, as if they were valid, but which negate genuine research, making their views mere opinions not based on actual fact.

We will look at each marker used to describe so-called ‘Islamophobia’, one by one:

1 Islam is seen as a monolithic bloc, static and unresponsive to change.

As with each marker, this first one is evidence not of fact, but of personal opinions expressed by pro-EU/socialism, pro-Islam individuals, whose often political beliefs become the overall opinions of official bodies. Yes, Islam is a ‘monolithic bloc’, for a very simple reason – ALL Islam is founded on the Koran and hadiths. That some sects within Islam prefer other views does not change this fact. And, it is this major fact that jihadists use to force moderates and others to their way of thinking – not to obey is to disobey Mohammed and the Koran! Their answer? Death!

Therefore, Islam as a whole IS ‘static’, even though a few factions try to live another way. Yet, a huge percentage of Muslims of all types want sharia (in spite of its medieval character) to replace or stand alongside western law. This includes the ‘right’ to rape women and children, perform horrific physical operations on females, the rigid views on women, killing of ex-Muslims, and so on. These views are unacceptable because they do harm, and they remain ‘static’ because they are treated as commands found in the Koran and hadiths.

Islam CANNOT change unless its members deliberately choose to ignore Koranic laws, which are the laws used by jihadists. But, those with another view are threatened with death, so few stand up to be counted. In other words, Islam is mainly unresponsive to change, because of these threats and actual deaths, and because western governments give them credibility, reversing hundreds of years of human freedoms, logic, and straightforward human responsibility.

In Christian terms, the general view is that of a medieval, wicked and violent pseudo-religion used for repression and death, making it a politico-militaristic movement. Some who have left Islam warn that once Muslims actually read the Koran, they become violent and follow its teachings. This means that even moderates are forced to comply by the Koran itself. So, Islam IS monolithic, static and immoveable. Its own teachers admit to this openly in the media! Yes, there are a variety of sects that disown violence, but their peaceful and reasonable response WILL be altered if Islam gains power. We know because it happens in every country where Islam rules.

2 Islam is seen as separate and ‘other’. It does not have values in common with other cultures, is not affected by them and does not influence them.

Many attempts are being made to show that Islam is progressive and relevant to society, despite the fact that Islam produces next to nothing in terms of usefulness and relevance. The number (almost nil) of Muslim winners of the Nobel Prize is just one example of this general worthlessness! Even this year Egyptian TV presenters admitted Islam has produced nothing of worth. Other Muslims in the media have said the same thing. Yet, the MPS and its sycophants think they know better!

Islam has ALWAYS been ‘other’, for it began as a violent means to capture and subdue nations, with enslavement and death as a penalty. Its values are all predicated on the warped values of Mohammed, and have no worth in terms of social peace and life. Islamic leaders, even this year (2017) across the world have warned that Islam is NOT a religion of peace, but of conquest and war.

Islam does not allow other nations or cultures to affect its Koranic heart. Its only aim is to completely subdue all others, with violence as its core mode of action. This is blatantly obvious, as news, Islamic and internet sources prove, especially since the invasion of Europe by Islamic jihadists and economic migrants (who, by international law, are illegals and must be deported... but they are not, thus showing Muslims they can overcome and ignore Western laws).

Genuine Christians see nothing of value in Islam, and cannot share its beliefs or actions, particularly as Muslims drawn to the Gospel are murdered or threatened. As Christians we are not free to support Muslims in their religion, nor may we accept Islamic laws. This is because all is based on a false god, Allah, and on a wicked war-lord ruler, Mohammed. In short, Islam is spiritual anathema.

Evidence of Mohammed’s wickedness is plain and published. Yet, Western authorities see criticism of him and his pseudo-religion as ‘racist’ and somehow illegal. Islam can be found in ALL races, so it is not racist to be critical of it. It is also obvious that whilst Islamists can decry Jews, Christianity and Christians, and even kill them, Christians may not even be critical, though with valid reasons to be so! Thus, Westerners who insist that criticism of Islam is ‘racist’ are acting in an imbalanced way, and have not studied the truth about Islam; rather, they listen to pro-Islamic sources and ‘friends’.

For Christians, Islam is as worthless as the false paganisms found in, say, 2 Kings. The same wrath of God is against all of them. Therefore, no Christian can applaud or sustain Islam in any form, though we may be friendly and courteous towards individual Muslims on an individual basis, if led to do so by the Holy Spirit. Anything else is sinful emotionalism and a disregard for truth, scripture, and hard facts.

3 Islam is seen as inferior to the West. It is seen as barbaric, irrational, primitive and sexist.

Yes, Islam is inferior, but not to the West. Rather, it is inferior to Christianity, because the Islamic god is false, and everything arising from it is therefore false. Many of Islam’s objections to the ways of the West are justified, and Christians can agree, but this in no way justifies the existence of Islam, whose members can be far worse in their immorality than Westerners. The West has become mainly immoral, but many within Islam repeat the same errors, being hypocrites in the process.

Yes, Islam can be barbaric in the extreme, and the rise of ISIS and similar groups prove the point time and again. The actions of jihadists seem to get more horrific with time. We also know of the dramatic rise in rape, violence and jihadist terror since the migrant wave began to appear in Europe, and properly called an ‘invasion’. None of this can be denied. Yet, throughout Europe and the UK Muslims have been excused their countless crimes BECAUSE they are Islamic. This means the police in the West accept the legitimacy of violence so long as it is committed by Muslims! This can even be seen in TV programmes about High Court officers, and police, which clearly highlight Muslim arrogance and hatred for the UK, and utter disdain for police and the courts/court officials, with a readiness to intimidate and fight any who stand in their way. This is actual fact, not paranoia.

The barbarism (which goes far beyond ordinary violence and even murder) of Islam is self-evident and pronounced. To say otherwise is stupid. The fact that many Muslims in the UK are not violent or barbaric is a false idea. The most we can say is that they are not barbaric YET. We can safely say this because in every country where jihadists stir up trouble, the moderates have been encouraged/commanded to also rise up and be barbaric! There are too many news reports of this to ignore it.

Also, Islamic behaviour IS irrational. To put it correctly, it is rational within its own finite sphere of thought, but in terms of truth, logic, and general fact, it is irrational. To murder in the name of Allah is rational to a Muslim, but totally irrational to a Christian or non-Muslim. The irrationality spills out everywhere, and into the streets, where many Muslims chant murderous slogans and threats to the West. Nothing is done about them BECAUSE they are Muslim. This, too, is irrational, because the more that is allowed the less we are able to stop it. The MPS MUST recognise this disparity and rectify it promptly. The public notices this ultra-Islamic disposition of the MPS and other police forces, and so disrespect and distrust for police grows.

Yes, Islam is primitive. Even those who live peacefully in our midst (for now) uphold sharia and even killing in the name of Allah. And Islam is sexist – definitely. Period! The attitude towards women is now notoriously well-known, yet is not challenged by government or police. We are not the only sources to say that Islam is medieval, offering nothing of worth in academia, research, etc. (There might be exceptions, but they are insignificant in number and influence).

4 Islam is seen as violent, aggressive, threatening, supportive of terrorism and engaged in a ‘clash of civilisations’.

Yes, this is true. Only pro-Islam Westerners say otherwise. That Islam clashes with other civilisations is very clear and made so consistently over the past five years or so. It is impossible to deny this fact, especially as Imams blatantly tell us so on TV and in other media. They can get away with it ONLY because they know they have great power over police and governments. This statement is supported by many news items and actions found throughout the world, including in Europe, which has become an Islamic ghetto. Like all fascist movements, Islam enforces its demands with violence and death. Where do members of the MPS live? On another planet?

Ordinary people can see and hear the evil within Islam, on their own doorsteps. They see the destruction of societies in Sweden, Norway, France, and Germany. They see it throughout the rest of the world where jihad is waged, even against fellow Muslims. Islam is not civilised by Western standards, and shows itself to be deviant and degenerate wherever it tries to impose itself on Western societies. For the MPS to say this is ‘Islamophobic’ is a farce. The police are not blind! But, their refusal to see is made possible by government policies and very foolish denial of Islamic aims and actions, even when what Islam stands for is before our very eyes.

5 Islam is seen as a political ideology and is used for political or military advantage.

The truth of this is again self-evident, and is reinforced by Muslim leaders who admit to it publicly. Islam has ALWAYS been political and military, as history and current activities prove. ISIS, for example, want an international Islamic caliphate. This is repeated by Turkey and other Islamic states. Is this not blatant political behaviour? Is this not what is threatened for the UK and other Western countries? From the start, when Mohammed wanted an excuse for his military exploits he chose to invent a ‘religion’, poaching huge tracts of Jewish and Christian Bibles and literature, that bound his followers to him, via the Koran, and to ‘justify’ what they did. In truth, it merely rationalised what they did. We cannot justify Islamic morals and codes.

Does the MPS not understand all this? Can they not read for themselves the history of Islam? Can they not see that by the use of taqiyya (lying) Muslims deceive Westerners and invent many excuses for attacking the West. The ‘reasons’ they give are not genuine, as careful analysis proves. (See my articles on this). But, governments and police are hypnotised by Islamic propaganda, put out by the BBC in particular and by main-media voices. The closeness of Islam and Nazi ideology is extremely and remarkably similar.

Does not the MPS read the news and the demands made by Muslims? They are not just demanding freedom to impose their ‘religion’ on the West – they are demanding full Islamic supremacy and Islamic rule! So, when we see all this we can say with certainty that Islam is a political ideology used for political and military advantage! I find the blindness to this fact incredibly ridiculous and worrying. Or, to be precise, it is NOT blindness but a deliberate capitulation to a wicked power. I suggest the MPS scan YouTube’s Islamic sections, where Islamic supremacy and war-standing is made very plain by imams and others of influence.

6. Criticisms made of the West by Islam are rejected out of hand.

When one reads, time and again, that Islamists conjure-up ‘reasons’ for their hatred for the West, is it any wonder their claims are “rejected out of hand”? As I have pointed out elsewhere, such claims are inventions to constantly surround the issues with frivolous and vexatious stories to keep critics at arm’s length.

What of their excuses from the time Mohammed led his blood-lust parties of thugs to kill, maim and rob? And the actions of similar crazed thugs ever since... even before the ‘West’ existed? No, the claims are just manufactured to dissemble foreign countries! The MPS is probably unaware of serious academics who have studied Islamic claims against the West and found them devoid of fact and truth!

The ones responsible for foul murders are the murderers, not anyone else... even if provoked (which they are not). Even if some claims were true, the claims and the supposed ‘reasons’ are separate issues and do not allow for murder, sharia and other atrocities. As we can readily see, it is police who reject out of hand any accurate and useful criticism of Islam! This follows the Islamic habit of projecting its own failures and evils onto its victims. Where is the academic research on this vital factor? It does not exist. I ask any police officer - who is to be arrested for murder, the victim or the murderer? Even if provoked, a killer is still liable for murder. So, why is the same principle not applied to Islamists? The failure of the MPS is so blatant as to be shameful and ridiculous. Research the real facts of claims against the West!

7. Hostility towards Islam is used to justify discrimination practices towards Muslims and exclusion of Muslims from mainstream society.

If my neighbours acted in an evil way towards me and my family, I would certainly discriminate against them and exclude them from my ‘Christmas card list’! Muslims indulge in taqiyya, an institutionalised form of lying taught to them by their religion. Therefore we can never know who is lying and who is not. This is a legitimate reason for me not to trust ANY Muslim, even if I remain courteous. And a huge majority of Muslims in the West agree with killing, sharia and female mutilation, etc., and the use of taqiyya to advance their false religion.

These are mainly ‘moderates’, so who can be trusted when they have this kind of hatred towards their host countries? The foul actions of newly arrived Muslims in Europe are on such a wide scale that it is not possible to trust Muslims of any hue, even those who appear to be peaceful. The refusal of most moderates to condemn jihad etc., is another reason not to trust.

Yes, this is rightful discrimination, even in the police. As I have reported not so long ago, I saw two programmes about ‘Police Interceptors’, separated by about one year, in which a Muslim police officer failed to catch criminals. It was because he ran out of breath because it was Ramadan and he did not eat, so felt dizzy and faint. If a non-Muslim had this kind of experience he would be sent to a doctor and either sacked or given light duties. But, not the Muslim police officer! He appears to be a good officer and has a right attitude towards crime, even so, his religion prevents complying with his duties. It would not be allowed with any other religion. At the very least this officer, and probably all Muslim officers, should be kept on office duties for that one month annually.

For Christians, there can be no acceptance of Islam. We may only speak with individual Muslims IF led to do so by the Holy Spirit, for Islam is a pagan construction that denies our God and Saviour, and the true extent of the word of God. Add to this Islamic violence and horrors, and no Christian can accept the invasion (a right word) of the West by Islam and its proponents, because they oppose God and act against His people.

We MUST discriminate on the basis of their supposed ‘religion’, because Islam is harmful to all, being founded as it is on the contradictory Koran, which teaches hatred and death for Christians and Jews. Their beliefs are directly contrary to rightful society and law, as well as scripture.

8 Anti-Muslim hostility is seen as natural or normal.

If I walk down the street and a small number of people come out of a much larger group to attack me, I will avoid that street and people next time. If the few came out of a larger group that did not condemn their actions, or try to stop them, then I would conclude they were complicit with the ones who made the attack. And if the same small number again attacked at a later date, but the larger group did nothing, I would know the smaller number acted in line with the wishes of the larger group. This is reasonable. Silence is complicity (this is a legal statement).

It is, then, natural to think badly of the larger group for allowing the attacks to exist. It is normal to want to protect one’s self and one’s society and family from such undisguised hatred by opposing groups. This normal reaction, however, is being made into ‘hate crime’, when the hate is one-way – coming from Islam. Not all within the wider Islamic population, but the few who are openly hateful and violent on a regular basis. It will not take long for this smaller faction to dominate ‘moderates’. If the MPS does not understand this basic reality about group dynamics, perhaps they ought to take a ‘101’ course! I have witnessed this dynamic many, many times.

The fact that the majority of Muslims do nothing to stop violence is sufficient for me to normally avoid and discriminate against the whole Islamic ‘community’. And it is a natural result of wanting to stay safe. Thus far there is no movement within Islam to warrant me trusting Muslims, because the actions against the West and myself are what appear to be a consistent Islamic action and aim.

When there is a fracas in the street wrought by, say, drunk youths, the police arrest them and stop the violence, but, they do not do this with violent and vocal large groups of Muslims in our streets who openly condemn us and threaten not just violence but beheadings! There are ‘no-go’ areas in Britain controlled by Muslim gangs. Nothing is done about it. Muslim clerics say on YouTube and TV that it is alright for jihadists to maim, kill, and threaten all of society. Nothing is done about it. Thus, Islamists rule and we are ourselves arrested for ‘hate crime’ by resisting and pointing out the inconsistencies. That the majority do not appear to be the same is a debatable matter, for almost ALL jihadists who have murdered in the West appeared to be normal and nice, quiet and sociable (moderates)! So – who can we trust?

This problem is worsened by the fact that most Muslims live in close-knit areas of a town, turning those areas into Middle-East or African satellites, in which no Westerner may walk. This is a Muslim engendered problem; it is not caused by their host town.

I may not personally hate Muslims (though I DO hate their false religion), but I can fully understand those who do, given the truth about jihad and Islam. And it is the truth that evades all countries thus far, even though Islamic hatred is increasing rapidly and publicly!

As I have shown before, Christians should treat Islam as did God in 2 Kings, etc., Whose hatred for pagan worship is total. They are not acceptable as pagans against God. Their religions are usually violent. One only has to read the weekly deaths by stabbings, rammings etc., in Jerusalem and the rest of Israel, to see that Islamic hate is widespread and ongoing, including throughout Africa, Asia, etc.

On the other hand, because the ‘leaders’ of countries are woefully ignorant and stupidly, wilfully defiant, Muslims are accepted above and beyond all others, and this should cause fear throughout society – we only need to look at what happens in fully-Islamic countries, to understand what would happen in the West if Islam took control... which it will do very shortly, as many researchers state.

It is my view that NO Islamists should be allowed into the West, and those who are already here MUST be told to obey the law or be deported. And, their stated aim of taking over by births should be enough to ban Muslims from voting and to stop funding their multiple births. The various markers for ‘Islamophobia’ are, then, repudiated, and the police must be shown that their isolated values are not shared by society as a whole, because of the very real and present dangers, and because what they say they value has been given to them by Muslims only, or pro-Muslims, with no regard for anyone else who holds valid views of what is happening. I do not hate individual Muslims, but I reserve the right to be critical of them, just as I am critical of other false religions and even those bad beliefs within Christian churches.

It is my view that pro-Muslim laws and policies are forced upon the general public not for any reason other than fear of reprisals. This is not good enough. Police and government MUST face the facts and treat all of Islam as errant until and if it proves itself to be compliant. I do not expect anyone, Muslim or not, to accept many Western values and activities... because I do not accept them either. The difference is, I do not kill to maintain my beliefs and do not require sharia-style laws for myself because they are immoral or unethical. Having said that, I KNOW many Muslims do not adhere even to this basic opposition to immorality in private, and many are just as immoral and unethical as Westerners!

Right now we need and must have an open debate on all things Islam. NOT on TV with selected audiences, but by widespread media and government involvement, including internet. The MPS and other police agencies are building a vast store of unheeded anger about Islam, an anger that is, in many cases, completely justified. It is not hard to envisage future social unrest because of it... but Islam will not be blamed! And yet, as we speak, Islamists are taking more and more control over societies around the UK. Even police note this.

End Note: Eating my lunch, before proof-reading this article, I watched a programme on debt recovery. Whenever officials try to collect from Muslim businesses and individuals, they are surrounded by Muslim men who, coming in at a moment’s notice, threaten violence. And some actually hit out, regardless of police presence.

The programme is a series, and one enforcement agent advised viewers that this kind of behaviour is common amongst Muslims, as is deliberate non-payment of rent for houses or apartments by Muslims who refuse to work. The same ones have state benefits. They then move to another property and do the same thing all over again, a deliberate rejection of law and human decency. The officers said about 70% of cases arise amongst Muslims.

In every case I have watched, the Muslim involved showed disdain for law and the West. Their arrogance and contempt for decency and law is breath-taking! BE WARNED. Our concerns are legitimate and the MPS is very wrong.

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