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The West MUST Emasculate Islam

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“Lessons from the Reformation”

Q: Should we stop Muslins entering the West?

A: Yes.

Q: Should we impose legal restrictions on Muslim activities?

A: Yes.

Q: Should we allow Muslims to build mosques?

A: No.

Q: Should schools or any other body promote or support Islam?

A: No.

Q: Should we give special concessions to Islam?

A: No.

Q: Should we allow Muslims the vote?

A: No.

Q: Should we deport most, if not all, of the Muslim immigrants of the recent past?

A: Yes.

Q: Should we remove citizenship of migrant Muslims who commit serious crimes?

A: Yes.

Are the above questions evidence of racism or hate? After years of Islamic deception to ask such a question is to be stupidly ignorant. They are based on rock-solid facts and history. Do these questions paint me as a bigot? Yes, of course they do, to a liberal or leftist. But, they are questions to which I have many detailed answers.

It is time – indeed, WELL over time – that the West emasculated, if not crippled, Islam, no matter how much it kicks and screams (which it does anyway, WITH freedoms). Until Islam faces a brick wall Muslims will not stop their impositions on the West. If Muslims in strict Islamic countries want to put up with the cruelties and absurdities of Islamic demands, that is up to them… but, do not bring it to our shores and expect submission!

My primary argument here is based on God’s own commands concerning the presence of pagans* in our midst. He wanted Israel to get rid of all pagans and to destroy everything they used in their worship. Image THAT in the West today! (* In this context I use ‘pagan’ to describe anti-God false worship of false gods).

Authorities are scared to their core of offending Islam and Muslims. The fear of reprisals is what will drag the West into the mire of sharia and other regressive Islamic activities. Before WW2 Britons defied Hitler and Nazi oppression, the same kind of thing forced on us by Islam (which is fascist). Muslims already control large sections of European and UK cities. They defy the law and demand that WE obey THEIR Allah and rules. We reply with a simple “No!”

Britain was once faced with a similar movement that was just as fascist as Islam at the height of its power - Roman Catholicism - until Reformers and their followers had the courage to speak out and demand the emasculation of Rome and its outlying parishes and cruel, lawless monks and priests. Britons made a stand and that is how we shook off the shackles of Rome and popes, stopping its wickedness almost completely (‘almost’, because we may soon be back in Rome’s clutches if they can get to us before Allah’s boys do).

We must take a leaf out of their book and cast aside everything Islamic. It does NOT have a ‘rich’ culture – it is a death cult, oppressive, medieval and regressive. It is just a violent sub-culture (not even a full culture) of no worth.

What England Did Then

The morning of 3rd November 1529, king Henry VIII travelled by barge on the Thames to Bridewell Palace. From there he travelled to Blackfriars church. He was awaited by the newly elected Parliament. They all took part in a Mass for the Holy Ghost (because they were still Romanist at heart) and listened to the reasons for their assembly, spoken by the new Chancellor, Sir Thomas More.

Parliament usually passed resolutions concerning mundane matters of the government and king, but this meeting was different and the words of Calvin were relevant: “Christ brings us out of bondage into liberty by means of the Gospel”. Today, the same truth applies to the Islam problem – and it IS a massive problem. The Parliament that met with Henry would hear charges against Roman Catholicism and its priests and discuss solutions. Today, Parliament refuses blankly to discuss, let alone propose solutions to, the ‘Islam problem’. They go further, by condemning all who speak out, and instead of sending Muslim criminals to prison, they imprison the dissenters who speak out. Thus, fascism supports fascism, and police become the paid puppets of the state, arresting people illegally. (Of course, I am ‘paranoid’).

The reason for the 1529 meeting was to get rid of as much priestly garbage as possible, and this was boldly set forth by Reformers and those who followed them. Henry did not particularly like the Reformers or what they stood for, but, using clever words and courtesy, they began the wane of papist rule in England which has lasted almost 500 years. Today, Parliament hates Christians and what we stand for. Even so, if Christians reformed their minds and gave all to Christ, we would see a mighty change in the Islamic situation, which would identify as a serious blow to this ugly cultic medieval abomination.

The 1529 meeting won the day because men of God stood firm. If they had not done so, Catholicism would have rotted the nation for centuries. The same can be predicted for our modern times – Islam will rot the West if we let it continue on its juggernaut journey crushing everyone in its path. This is not scaremongering or idiocy, nor is it paranoia, it is a straightforward conclusion based on watching the draining deathly effect of Islam everywhere in the world on nations that submit to its terrors. Do we want this in the West? No, we do not – but our rulers do!

The People Won… Because GOD Won

The Parliamentarians at that historic meeting did not just spout their own feelings and private desires, as they do today, ignoring their constituents. No, they actually listened to the complaints from their constituents and made them known. They did not arrest them and send them to prison for dissenting from Rome – they gave the complaints sharp teeth! Unlike today, when the teeth are pulled out and the mouth sewn up! But, Islam is given every option to bite us.

Unlike today, the House of Commons were doing their job, representing the people, and the people were very agitated. In the matter of Islam today, Parliament prefers to think the people are quiet because they agree with Islam and the way it is dealt with. Not so! Listen to the ‘man in the street’ (famed as a Common Law example of what is reasonable) and the story is very different. People can see the favour shown towards Islam and Muslims, just as it was shown to homosexuals not so long ago. Blood is boiling in many quarters, all thanks to government not speaking truthfully, and by arresting people who must be allowed their voice.

The Commons presented a petition to the King, set out in clear and strong language. Not fudged mumbling as we hear it today! “Freely, therefore, and nobly, a whole nation was about to express to their ruler their grievances and wishes.” (This - p11 - and a number of other quotes are taken from JH Merle d’Aubigne, ‘The Reformation in England’, Banner of Truth, 1963. Identified by page number).

The Speaker, Chancellor Thomas Audley of the Duchy of Lancaster, and others, made their case:

“Your Highness, of late much discord, variance, and debate hath arisen and more and more daily is likely to increase and ensue amongst your subjects, to the great inquietation, vexation, and breach of your peace, of which the chief causes following do ensue.” (p11)

What followed pulled no punches. The people were speaking and demanded an end to the injustice dealt out by priests and Rome. Today, no-one is allowed to speak out or to relate actual, factual proofs that Islam is bad for the nation. Sadly, so is homosexuality, and everyone must now pay the price of MPs whose main task is to keep their salaries and gain by illegal acts or pushing themselves into boardrooms at high price. They also have an eye for a predominantly Islamic country and Muslim votes. (But, do not realise Muslims, when in charge, will not want Western MPs!).

They no longer represent the people, but their own wishes and a socialistic leftist agenda that includes fostering Islam to the detriment of the entire nation. And top of the list for judicial injustice are Christians… though for now an unsaved person, Tommy Robinson, is a prime target. Unfortunately, by dealing so wickedly with him, Government and police are fast losing any credibility and respect they might have had. And the people see and hear it!

The Enemy Was Afraid, Not the Reformers

There is great fear of Muslim reprisals in UK police and government, so instead of finding ways to combat that, they give-in to the bullying and intimidation of Islam. They do not have a sure and firm mind. The actions of king Henry are usually portrayed in films as the pope being strong and assertive. This is far from the truth! The pope, Clement VII, was actually very afraid.

This is because, at the formal start of the Reformation (which began years before but without any force), after the historic meeting of Parliament in 1529, Henry sent a deputation to Rome in January 1530. They arrived when Charles V was already there, trying to persuade the pope to act against Henry, for his desire to be divorced. With the arrival of Henry’s courtiers, the pope feared not just war but the loss of funds from England.

The pope, alone in his room, paced restlessly back and forth, groaning and gesticulating in the air in anguish. Then, he stopped still, sat in a chair, and cried his eyes out. Why? Because Henry sent ambassadors (including Cranmer) to see him and he was afraid of the reason why. Between Charles and Henry, it was Henry who had the greatest effect. Previously, Clement told Henry via the bishop of Tarbes: “I am content the marriage should take place, provided it be without my authorization”, thus hoping it would appease Henry and keep him and England tied to Rome. So much for the immoveable nature of Catholicism! The pope wanted to keep the money, and so doctrine was easily re-interpreted’.

The REAL Force Behind Reformation

My point is that behind Henry were the people, and behind their dissent was God’s movement amongst men who were made mighty through their new salvation. They stood firm against all odds, and though treading carefully with the king, they still trumpeted the truth and required God’s answer from him, though, as a person, he seemed the most unlikely person God would use to spearhead the new move of God (Who can use anyone He wishes to do so).

“He was at first all heart for the Church of Rome; he went barefoot on pilgrimages, wrote against Luther, and flattered the pope. But, before long, he grew tired of Rome without desiring the reformation: profoundly selfish he cared for himself alone. If the papal domination offended him, evangelical liberty annoyed him (and he put to death family, friends and clergy)… Such was the prince whom the Reformation found king of England.”

(The Reformation in England. P20)

The Reformation did not depend on Henry. Rather, God used an arrogant unsaved king to set the people free under His terms, the Reformation. In our day, we should not depend on personalities, or any person in particular. Like the pope, Satan squirms when saved men stand with heads held high and proclaim God’s word. Only God can turn the current Islamic future around so it dies on the vine. In Henry’s time he had no scruples about putting people to death.

Today, judges, police and government have no scruples either, and will easily destroy individuals who dare oppose the Islamic rhetoric. This is because they care nothing for the God they think is either dead or non-existent. Yet, God moves far above their heads, almighty and all-powerful. It is He Who can stop Islam in its tracks, not us. Do not believe the outward show – just speak as the Lord commands.

King Henry was a fearsome monarch who could send people to their deaths. Many martyrs died at the stake. But, God continued to change England, causing the chains of Romish slavery to break asunder. He can do the same with Islam.

The sessions of Parliament heard the pleas of the people (which suited Henry, giving his hand strength to act). The list of complaints was given; as you read them, remember to use them as principles to overthrow Islam. The people might (or might not) be with you, but the powerful words of just one godly man can be used to stir the pot of change and start a spiritual revolution:

“First, the prelates (Ed. the bishops etc) of your most excellent realm, and the clergy of the same, have in their convocations made many and divers laws without your most royal assent, and without the assent of any of your lay subjects.” (11)

The arguments began, then, with the highest clerical authorities and reached their inferiors. Both homosexual activists and Islamists use the same approach – they get hold of and deceive the highest authorities, in the hope that they will cave-in and do their bidding – which they have done. The trivial and absurd are then passed down the line to ordinary folks by ordinary means… Muslims in advertisements, when they were not portrayed before; Muslims on TV and radio, in peaceful roles; Muslim mayors in a number of cities (who are not monitored in any way); the Muslim Mayor of London dictating what president Trump can do… all of this is fed to the populace, but, without the truth. All is well… there is peace in our time!

The Reformers preached to the ordinary people, who heard the facts from the right people. Try that today and it is called ‘Islamophobia’ and ‘hate speech’, leading one to court and prison! Islam has already shut down freedom of speech, but the ways of Britain are not the same as those in the Middle East and Pakistan! If the government and police are not careful, the people will rise up against the lies and Islam. If that happens it will be an expected result of silencing truth.

The remarks by the Speaker continued, as he spoke of the way the poor were subject to extortionate cash demands on them by the priests for all kinds of pretexts. Including priestly acts:

“The prelates suffer the priests to exact divers sums of money for the sacraments, and sometimes deny the same without the money be first paid.”

Paying priests to take part in (what we call) Communion! There is nothing of this in scripture. It was, purely and simply, an excuse to rob the ignorant. Today, Islam does this by robbing us of freedom of speech and denying proper criminalisation of rape-gangs and no-go Muslim thugs of UK cities. There is little difference between exacting money for communion, and demanding taxes from those who reject Islam (us in the near future). By threatening death or violence they get away with it.

The people’s charges kept on coming – that priests, gave benefices to youngsters they pretended were family and nephews, who were well below the age of majority. This meant the priests, again pretending to look after their interests, themselves took the accruing cash and other benefits, becoming very rich. The Chancellor put the blame for this at the feet of the priests, because the people were ignorant and untaught (which is why a Bible in English was a despised idea).

Then, holy days were brought to the king’s attention – there were far too many, and on such days men were drunk and led into other vices (and this included the priests). Reduce the number of holy-days, they suggested to Henry, and let the people work.

Also, the priests put people in prison for no true reason, where the imprisoned person does not know who accused him or why. Sound familiar? This is our present in Britain, and it will become an ordinary future if we do not oppose what is happening. In this first meeting of Parliament to discuss the coming changes, the Speaker highlighted the fact that the ‘Church’ (of Rome) accused, then interrogated, then imprisoned, hapless souls who had no idea how to respond. This is happening today in the UK and Europe, based on the lies and deception of Islam, with Western authorities playing the part of spiritual harlots.

After presenting the ‘first round’ to the king, the Speaker boldly referenced and upheld the voice of the Reformers (called heretics by the prelates and priests). How different today, when evil, immorality and fake religion hold sway! The Speaker then put forward the remedy to the awfulness of the Roman priesthood.

He said that if Henry agreed to the various accusations, it would bring happiness to the people who would in turn love their monarch. It is said

“He recognised the just demands in the petition of the Commons, and saw how far they would support the religious independence to which he aspired.” (p12).

The king, then, realised that if he supported the claims of the Reformers, they, in turn, could be most useful to his personal ambition to be free of the popes. He would still maintain a Romanistic stance concerning doctrine, but God used his pride to bring about a fundamental change in the religious life of England that would last 500 years.

Now, in 2018, we see all this being reversed by godless politicians who, for the sake of pursuing their own interests, are importing one of the most foul and dangerous of backward paganisms. They have more than enough proofs (not just evidences) against allowing Islam into a reasonable society, yet they choose to ignore the will of the people, just as they ignored their will concerning homosexuality. The ‘peace’ they say that comes with Islam will soon shatter.

Henry did not wish to become a full heretic in the sight of Rome, so he only supported the main clauses in the petition, whilst continuing his Romanistic beliefs. The petitions he heard were then sent out to the prelates, demanding they give answer to the charges. He also added that in future all changes made in Convocations must be agreed-to by himself before becoming law.

The bishops of course were astounded and angered. Here was a mere king trying to dismiss the authority of Rome! Though angry in private, they knew that to be angry towards the king openly would be a deadly mistake. As expected, they rejected every charge (p13). All the irregularities and crimes committed by the priests were excused by saying that church laws denied their existence! Today, Islam claims that its laws deny Muslims the right to murder, rape and plunder… but they do it anyway in huge numbers, and in the name of the Allah they say denies them the right! This is because their ‘holy book’ demands it. The wicked bishops then humbly asked the king to punish the heresy of the Reformers… just as the ‘heresy’ of anti-Islam is being punished for speaking the truth.

The result? Everyone, from king down to peasant, condemned the prelates and priests! “What!” they shouted…

“The bishops accuse the most pious and active Christians of England… (of the very things the) monks and priests are continually (exhibiting in their own lives.” (p13)

The same twisting of facts and truth is found today amongst Islamic and Western authorities, as Muslims easily and frequently commit the very things they accuse the West and Christians of doing! Indeed, they do far worse. They think that by deflecting the accusations, the accusers will come off as perpetrators, and the people of Islam will get away with their evils. It does not matter that few enact these evils AT THE MOMENT, because when the right button is pressed, even the mildest of Muslims will obey their masters. Thus, all talk of ‘Islamophobia’ is just a ruse.

Like the prelates in Henry’s time, Islamists put forward a similar plea: “The fault is not in the Church, but it is its ministers that we accuse.” (P15) The modern corollary is “It is not Islam, It is the terrorists, who are outside the faith!” we hear this like a broken record – anything bad is NOT Islam, only anything good. Mohammed slaughtered a whole Christian city, and Jews, for not accepting his newly invented Islam. The same mind works today as it always has done. But, Western eyes have been put out by hot irons, and the blind owners of the melted eyes shout with glee that Islam is so kind and peaceful! “It is not Islam” will one day be their epitaph, and ours.

Back to the Reformation… Parliament was so angry with the lies of the prelates, they started to cut down their power, bit at a time. It was the greed and immorality of the priests that led to the taking of their lands and buildings, but this fact is not usually given in history programmes on TV. Today, police try to take all the proceeds of criminals, to show them they cannot really become rich by their activities. Henry did the same with the priests and monks, who owned vast areas of land and cattle etc., whereas the peasants had to starve. The priests were no better than criminals. In the same way Islam should be divested of all pretence to decency and goodness.

Eventually, and quickly, prelates, monks and priests realised they could no longer fight with lies, so they began to do what was commanded. If our government and police were ready to put up with an initial retaliation, Islam could be stripped of its power in the West. And, like the early migrants to the UK, they would at last integrate and live suitably peaceful lives. It still stands, however, that volatile, dangerous Muslims should have their citizenship revoked and be deported.

The evils of the priests in the time of Henry were appalling, to say the least! (P16 gives a short list). They were living like pimps and robbers. The bishops made a show of punishing these men, but retained their own profligate lifestyles. Just as Islamists charge terrorists with their crimes but retain their evil Islamic outlook and privileges.

Down With the Church!

Another reaction by the people and the Commons was “Down with the Church! Whence cometh that cry? Simply from lack of faith… My lords, save the country, save the Church.” As the saying goes “The king is dead, long live the king”. The people of England had had enough of fake religion: ‘Down with it! And bring in the new reformed Church!’ We thus call on the Commons of today to “Save the Church” in the sense of recognising its true worth and allowing genuine Christians to come forth in truth and good works.

The Speaker asked Henry to turn the tide on Rome, because its priests were “no better than Turks, Saracens, and heathens”! So, even then, the politicians recognised that Islam was corrupt and worthless. The prelates, of course, lied their heads off in reply to the king. He allowed the excuses put forward by them, but henceforth treated them with disdain, as did the Commons, who knew the prelates were being deceptive.

Today, the Commons is so corrupt itself it cannot see evil when it jumps on their toes. So, they pretend all is well with Islam and give in to its many lies and evils even though everywhere else in the world is reeling from continuous Islamic violence! The evils reported daily around the world and the outward proclamations of Islamic nations are enough to make any thinking man sit up and take notice – but not in Europe and England, where those who are wicked are given clean white gowns of innocence, though their sins drip like poison onto the floor. (If you think this is harsh, please read what God says in 2 Kings!).


“The different reforms that had been carried through were important, but they were not the Reformation” (p18)

Islam can clean up many of its anti-Western actions, but this is not clearing the land of Islam! Left unattended, Islam will destroy the West, economically, morally, socially and religiously. Changing outward acts does not deal with the underlying corrupt and godless doctrines (of devils).


“The friends of the Reformation went further still: they believed that the Gospel would work a complete change in the world, and talked, as Tyndale informs us, ‘as though the golden age would come again’.”

We are now in the end days; Apostasy, not worldwide salvation, will make its deadly mark, as it is already doing. Satan will wreak havoc and lives will be trodden-down. It is God’s anger against His people, the true Church, for not repenting and standing firm on His truth. This includes making friends with pagans and their wicked religions. It is very likely that Rome, not Islam, will rule, even over Islam – but not quite yet. And until then Christians MUST stand firm and declare the Gospel, the same Gospel that “turned the world upside down”. Without this true witness, it is Christians who will be turned upside down and smashed by a smirking Islam. The Reformation bears many similarities to our current status in history. Will Christians at last stand firm and speak up, even though government and police intend crushing us in the vice of Islam?

Finally, let me give you an unpalatable fact: Many fellow Christians applaud what I say or do. And most urge me to carry on and keep opposing Islam (homosexuality, etc.). But, it is a raw fact that almost none of them would stand by me if I was attacked by the state or others. And many of them join the attack!

Surely, this is not right? Surely, I am exaggerating? I wish I was. I am a seasoned warrior, my friends. When I am on the battlefield alongside the banner of my Lord, I see few others around me. They all want the booty of war, but are too afraid of consequences and injury to take part. So, while my armchair supporters wave and whistle in approval, I receive the wounds and dangers in my own person. Then, afterwards, they want a share in the glory (glory?)!! That is how it really is.

I see very few standing up to be counted, for ANY reason, but especially when it comes to Islam, a wicked pseudo-religion that wishes all non-Muslims severe harm. The government is busy helping to eradicate lone voices on Islam’s behalf, and using police to intimidate and arrest those voices.

I ask you this: If I am attacked will you, like before, NOT stand by me? Or, will you be counted as faithful? Will you show the world and the deceived who promote Islam, that you are a believer with courage? I am glad a very small number actually do.

It is not Tommy Robinson who will turn the tide, nor faithful Christians who speak truth. The ONLY One Who can do this is the Lord. At the moment He has worked through an unsaved man, so as to raise the lone voice onto the world stage. And the world is disgusted and alarmed that his arrest could take place in what used to be the beacon of law and justice to the world. But, everyone MUST now take note and act.

I ask you this last question: If the very few voices that speak out are silenced – what will you, if you are cowards, then do? I know the answer – you will either hide or capitulate. I am serious, for this is what I have witnessed so many times on other issues. So please, think hard about what is happening and do what must be done. Right now, like a few others, I am speaking out against Islam, because the situation and the Lord demand it. But, where is the support? (No, I am not seeking praise or letters of approval, just a small sign of truth). Where are those who like the idea of getting rid of Islamic influence, but not if it means standing up to be counted. I have seen it all before, for fifty years. Now is YOUR time to be faithful.

© June 2018

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