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An Ocean Apart

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"The Cry of the Calvinist" is reproduced with permission to show the difference between Arminian teaching and Scripture.



I chose to serve Christ by my own freewill

Christ chose me unworthy as I am

I love Christ so He will reward me

Christ first loved me before I ever loved Him

I asked Christ into my life

Christ irresistibly called me by His grace

I opened my heart to let the Lord come in

Christ took away my hard heart and gave me one of flesh

I frequently exercise faith in Christ

Christ granted me faith teaching me how to trust Him

I repented of my sins so Christ cleansed me

Christ regenerated me by His Spirit and turned me from my sin

I received Christ’s atonement and teaching

Christ drew me with His love and taught me through His Spirit

I am a fervent disciple of Christ

Christ made me willing to serve Him in the day of His power

I pray to Christ and claim my promises daily

Christ intercedes for me in Heaven encouraging me to pray

I have given up so much in order to serve Christ

Christ gave up all to save me (though I deserve Hell)

I have kept myself close to Christ

Christ has kept me close by His grace

God helps those who help themselves

God helps the helpless and the incapable

In the original the right hand title reads ‘The Cry of the Calvinist’. Because the Calvinist states scripture, the title was changed for purposes of this presentation.

© Reprinted with permission from New Focus, June/July 1997. 

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