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Millennium Preaching

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The Millennium! Y2K!

Let’s all use it to reach lost souls.

Let’s work together to proclaim the Gospel.

Let’s think of special events and meetings to grab attention.

After all, there won’t be another Y2K... let’s grab the opportunity whilst

everyone is focusing on a new millennium, and use it wisely for God’s work.

To help the process, the reader will note that we have given this Article (written November 1998) the reference number 2000. Clever, eh? See, we can get into the spirit of the thing, just like everyone else! Oh, okay, let’s be honest – it’s a little jibe at those who have succumbed to Millennium fever. A joke.

At first I thought the Millennium bug had struck only daft charismatics. They are good at finding excuses to preach (apart from the true reason, that is) and dubbing events with wild sounding titles. They do it because they are rank Arminianists who are not called to preach. Many of them are not even called to salvation. So, they use the approach of marketing men, believing they do the Lord’s work.

Charismatics and other ecumenists (including Roman Catholics) started very early. Way back they decided to use the ‘event’ as a springboard for more of their silly schemes to spread the lies inherent in their awry theologies. They founded various groups and ventures, all using the number 2000 as a basis. I expected nothing less from these heretical, cultic and apostate fellows.

But, then, suddenly, I started to see reformed churches and preachers doing the same things!!

What’s the Problem?

“So what?”, you might ask. “It’s an ideal opportunity to reach the lost. We can use the significance attached to the year, to the glory of God! You are just being extreme and pompous! Indeed, you are in danger of missing the boat and the best scenario we have had for preaching the Gospel!” And so the many excuses go...

Is this true? Am I just being ‘picky’ and stupid? It all depends on what you think of scripture and of God’s way of doing things. Is God in this massive and widespread venture? After all, we read of this and that ‘year 2000’ venture or title being used by reformed men and reported in respectable evangelical newspapers. I must be wrong (as usual, of course).

As I see what is happening I have the growing conviction that somewhere along the line is the hand of Satan, influencing even the minds of reformed men. The proposed Year-2000 celebrations, titles and events are all ingeniously linked with the gross monster that started off the whole thing, the Toronto Blessing. It is linked with charismaticism, ecumenism, Alpha, revivalism and Arminianism. It is not worthy of the name Christian, or of its alleged aim, to preach the Gospel to all creatures.

Am I just mad? Am I losing my grasp of reality? Am I just a sad radical who can no longer discern the will of God? Am I just looking for another ‘cause’ to argue about...after all, fighting the Toronto fiasco was a great commission, and, now it is over, maybe I have nothing to bang the drum about!

Or am I the only one to see what is really going on?

I don’t think so! Others are being troubled by the emphasis being placed on the millennium. It’s coming has been the playground of New Agers, cultists and occultists for decades. Scripture refers to a one-world unified religion toward the end of time. Charismatics have built up to the period for a long time. The whole world was softened up for deception by the Toronto Blessing. It is being continually watered by Alpha. Charismatic terminology and ways are permeating the good churches. All this was predicted by us, and it is happening right now in reformed circles. Warnings were given, but no-one listened. Reformed men ignored us and they simply retired into the shell of reformationism. Now they think they are doing God’s will, by trying to compete with the world and with charismatic heresy. Can’t they see all the clues?

It is all an elaborate continuation of Satan’s great deception.

Lest folk think I am merely shouting about nothing, as usual I will give you scriptural reasons for what I am saying. Once again I ask the brethren to beware. The year 2000 is more than you think, yet it is also less...

Why Is It Wrong?

Why is it wrong to use the year 2000 as a springboard for events and preaching? Well, it is being used as an excuse, for a start. The method is Arminian. That should be a sufficient reason to stop this nonsense – but will good men listen this time?

Reformed men say the same about Christmas and Easter etc. “We can use the time to preach the Gospel”. By all means use the time wisely. Am I against using holiday times to preach the Gospel? Please don’t miss my point or misconstrue what I am saying. We are called to preach the Gospel in and out of season. I have no problem with that, because it is scriptural. But, using such times to mechanically rig some kind of special event is an error. A preacher should only preach at a holiday time if called to do so specifically by God at the time... not every year, every time, just because it seems a ‘good opportunity’, for then it becomes ‘vain repetition’ of no value.

Reformed men have now been duped, after seeing the way charismatics and others are inventing huge campaigns and events to coincide with 2000. They are now frantically inventing Year 2000 special events to mark the occasion, in rivalry. But why? We don’t even know if it IS the year 2000!! (The calendar has been altered several times since the birth of Christ).

Also, Jesus was NOT born 2000 years ago, or even at what is called Christmas time. We are several years out, and, He was born either in late autumn or early spring. He was definitely not born in the depths of winter. These are just some of the reasons why reformed men are wrong. I don’t care if their efforts are supported by well-known names, or if what they do is favourably reviewed in evangelical newspapers. What they are doing is bunkum.

Scripture speaks of God’s preachers being called by Him to office. They are to speak as and when called to do so. Nowhere in scripture is a preacher called to speak indiscriminately. We don’t find such men called to prepare what they do in advance using committees. The preaching of the word of God is to be done as God commands, not in response to this or that perceived human event!

The New Agers and occultists started it by claiming the year 2000 having special supernatural powers and significance. Naturally, this led on to the nouveau-occultists, the charismatics, grabbing onto the same ideas. Which is why I am saddened and horrified to see reformed men jumping on what is really a big bandwagon. They want to ‘get in on the act’.

Peter spoke with devastating effect on the Day of Pentecost, NOT because he planned it to coincide with such a big event, but because God had predetermined to speak, following the mighty coming of the Holy Spirit into the lives of the men in the upper room. These men did not even know what to expect! But, once filled with great power, they preached the risen Christ. It was God Who prompted Peter to speak to the crowds that day. The apostles and other disciples did not sit down and plan a campaign to coincide with Pentecost, to take advantage of the crowds. It just happened, on the spot. And that’s why it was a ‘success’.

Today, reformed men are trying to manipulate responses, by inventing false reasons to preach. This is just like the way they plan a year in advance, to hold this or that ‘prayer meeting’ on a particular day and at a specific time. They thus harness God and His power to a time and date they have devised! Unfortunately, they don’t even realise what they are doing. Just look at what God means by preaching in due season... we find that His ways are vibrant and inherently powerful, whereas our invented timetables and events are plastic.

Jonah 3:2

“Arise, go unto Ninevah, that great city, and preach unto it the preaching that I bid thee.”

In the next verse we see that Jonah obeyed and set out for the city. Now, remember, this was the second time God had to call Jonah! The first time, he made a real mess of things by trying to evade God’s demands. We all know what happened next. Jonah did it his way – and almost floundered to his death.

Next time, Jonah responded properly to God’s command to go to Ninevah. He didn’t know what he was really going for, and waited for the Lord to fill his mouth (‘preach unto it the preaching that I bid thee’). Jonah didn’t organise a committee. He didn’t advertise his presence, or what his subject matter was. He didn’t try to coincide his visit with a Middle East Camel Festival, or any other event. He just went there and God told him what to say when he got there. Today, it seems men have forgotten God’s impromptu method of filling their mouths and that we are to do His bidding at the time He says we are to do it.

For Jonah, the result of being immediate was the enormous and instant success of the message of God. This is like David who, though a seasoned soldier, waited on a hill until God gave him a signal to attack the enemy... a rustling in the tree tops. He did not attack because he thought he had an advantage – he waited, probably against his own inner desire to do it his way. The result was the devastation of the enemy.

Notice that in spite of God’s success, Jonah did not like it one little bit! He thought God should have done something rather nasty to the city – but who are we to question God’s timing and ways? Petulantly, Jonah wanted to die rather than be ‘humiliated’.

It was God Who decided Jonah should go to the city. It was God Who gave the exact message. It was God Who gave the result. It was God Who changed the inhabitants, warding off His wrath. Jonah was just the messenger, who did not know the content of the message until it was given him at the time.

The only Man to preach with advance reason and knowledge of the message was Jesus Christ Himself.

Luke 9:1

“And he called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power... and he sent them to preach... and he said unto them, Take nothing for your journey... and whatsoever house ye enter into, there abide... and whosoever will not receive you, shake off the very dust from your feet...”

See what was going on here? The disciples did not decide to do what they did – Jesus told them in detail what to do and when! How unlike our modern day reformed men, who plan in advance what to do, when to do it, and why! The above text should be memorised by all who would call themselves preachers or evangelists.

I will not labour the points raised in this short paper, because the point of it is very apparent. I would ask reformed preachers this question – what determines your actions? You or God? If yourself, then you are Arminian and heretic. If God, then what do you think you are doing, planning this or that campaign or event well beforehand, like an Arminian?

If God is to use you in the Year 2000, then let Him do so without your planning expertise! Let him open your mouth as He wishes, at the right time, and to great effect. Do not become just another voice in the market place of human endeavour, plying your trade like any other Arminian. Let God give the prompting. Let God take the glory. Let Him decide on the spot what He wishes you to do. Teachers are bound to teach methodically and constantly in the churches, but preachers and evangelists are to preach only when prompted to do so by God at the time. And when that time comes, they open their mouths with His message - not one they have specially compiled well in advance to fit a particular event of dubious character.

1 Corinthians 2:4

“And my speech and my preaching (was) not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power:”

The reason why Paul brought this to the attention of the Corinthians was that he did not want them to think faith can somehow be manufactured by what men say (as is done in many churches throughout the world). Rather, his preaching was an actual demonstration of God speaking through him by way of the Spirit at the time God wished him to speak, and using His own words and approach. None of the modern hang-up with being ‘balanced’ or being ‘loving’... just powerful preaching uttered as and when God prompted, in the way He wanted the preaching to be done.

Millennium preaching in reformed churches is human effort expended by reformed men who claim to stand on Calvin’s Institutes, but whose methods are Arminian and humanistic. It is the preaching of men who are inventing their own agenda and methods. It is the human desire to get in on the act, to jump on the bandwagon of human devices.

As such men decide what to do in their humanly-invented committees, maybe they will reflect on the fact that Jesus never worked by committee, nor did His disciples! They worked according to His direct, imminent command. They did not devise things in advance. They did not invent evangelistic opportunities in order to retain ‘relevance’ in the eyes of those who give them support and money.

Given how rife reformationism is, Christian preachers who are devising their Year 2000 events are only proving one thing – they are devoid of God’s prompting in the matter. He does not work against His own scriptures. The Holy Spirit does not operate because we decide on a particular human strategy, only to invite Him to the party after it has been decided to proceed!

Reformed men and women must get back to what it means to live day by day in the power of the Holy Spirit. Such a life is vibrant and full of twists and turns we could never imagine. The creating of Year 2000 ideas opposes this, and tries to bring God down to us by our own command. Let us leave such machinations to the ungodly and to those who are apostate. Instead, let us all seize the opportunity if it is given at the time

© November 1998

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