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To be a TRUE Christian is NOT something you decide to join like a Club! It is not just “another Religion” - for there are many Religions in this world that cannot save a single soul. Religions are all man-made!

You and I have an eternal soul, in a body, and when our bodies die, we are sent to the dust of the earth, but our souls live on into eternity.

Every one of us will either live with Christ in Heaven, or we will be sent into a painful lost eternity.

Everything depends on what happens to you in this life.

God has chosen His people before the foundation of the earth, for He is our Maker and CREATOR. No such thing as evolution – which is just man-made!

If you are a chosen vessel of the Lord God, He will intervene at some point in your life, and you will find that you are brought to a place of deep repentance for all your sins, and give faith in Christ.

It will either be through hearing a true Preacher of the Word of God or through someone witnessing to you, or through reading the Word of God yourself. Both repentance for all your sins and faith are gifts given to you, nothing of yourself. They are the gifts of God.

No-one can make themselves a child of God. It is the greatest miracle of all! GOD IS HOLY and He cannot look upon sin. We have all sinned, as we have all broken God's Holy Laws. God often chooses to come into your life when you are broken down in your sins, and all your pride is gone!

You are deeply humbled and broken, some even thinking they want to end their lives. God is a loving, caring God, and He draws you by His love. The Father draws you with chords of love to the only Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, BY THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. It is His dying on the Cross of Calvary that can save you, where He shed his innocent blood for you! That precious blood atones for all your sins, as you become a repentant sinner.

Christ came to this earth as God-man to bear the sins of His chosen people. Are you one of these? If so, you have been forgiven all your sins, and stand in the Righteousness of Christ alone, and will be with him in Heaven for eternity.

Many have been saved through reading the Word of God, that is why the Bible, the King James Version – the authorized Bible - is still given such a prominent place in true churches. Make sure you get a copy, and start reading it, with an open mind, and ask God to speak to you through it. When you are given faith, it becomes a Living Book from the Living God. Soon Bibles will be banned in our nation, as there is a devil at work to destroy God's Word. Time is short, so please take heed to what is written here. It is sent with love.