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We are all travelling on a road, one which leads to Heaven and one that leads to Hell.

THERE IS NO MIDDLE ROAD! You cannot have one foot in the world and one foot in Heaven, but that is just NOT possible!

It is a very narrow road which will lead us to Heaven, but it is the only road which saves us and gives us peace. There is also the broad road on which many are travelling, which way will end in death.

That narrow road is found only in the Lord Jesus Christ, who died in the place of sinners, His people. He suffered and died and bore all the sins of His people, on the Cross at Calvary. There has to be a living substitute to pay for our sin debt. For no-one can enter Heaven still in sin. Christ alone is the Redeemer and our only Salvation. He paid the full price and shed His precious blood, which cleanses from all sin.

You cannot serve God and Mammon. You cannot live in the world and love money and still think you are good enough to go to Heaven when you die. Too many people are relying on their “christening” and/or their confirmation, when all that is only man-made traditions which God just does not accept. You have to humble yourselves before God, and do away with your foolish pride, and seek the Lord. He is a loving and merciful God and He saves by His grace alone, and will give you the gifts of repentance and faith. All have broken God's Holy laws – His commandments – and so all deserve His wrath But there is grace and mercy towards a repentant sinner.

You cannot walk in the world and think that you also have a hold on God, but God is a jealous God, and He will not share His love with idols. He loves those who love Him! He is seeking such to worship Him! The greatest joy is to know the Lord Jesus Christ, as you own Saviour, and love, serve and honour Him.

The true believer is in the world, but NOT of it. He has been separated for a purpose, to be a true follower of Christ and to live for Him. Christ died for His people, so we must die to this world. There is only eternal Life in Christ. Being just a church-goer will not save you. Only Christ can SAVE!

So let this short Christian Tract be a warning to you.; those who love the world and love to sin. “Seek the Lord whilst He may be still found, call on Him whilst He is near,..” Isaiah 55 v 6 .

The ways of the world will only end in death. TIME IS SHORT!