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Free Speech? Yes and No...

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Christians keep demanding free speech... but is this legitimate? In some ways, yes, but in other ways, no. I would sincerely love to see everything evil removed completely from this earth, but this will not happen unless God does it. To have free speech is to have no censorship. Is this what we want? If so, then all kinds of evil can take place without disapproval. Do you think God wishes us to have free speech? I do not think so. What, then, is the real need? (Below is an introduction only – there is still much to discuss on the issue).


God Himself censors all of life. We can do certain things, but must refrain from doing others. Indeed, we may not even think to do some things. In terms of the unsaved person, censorship is rife; all human laws are censorship! Even in matters of, say, films, a group of people censor what we can, and cannot see... and what we can see is quickly becoming very sinful, with very little censorship. On TV the supposed ‘ten o’clock rule’ no longer applies, as foul language, explicit sexual scenes and violence are being shown much earlier, thus being seen by young people.

In the film world an elite group decides what we can and cannot see, basing its rules not on God’s law, but on what it perceives society wants, or what they want society to swallow, giving them big profits. Even before they censor, the type of films offered for censorship is already decided by film-makers. It is the film-makers who decide what will be seen, even if censored. In effect, the censors choose which films will be seen – but they can only choose between films already made by film-makers who choose the topics and ways of depicting them!

Freedom of Speech

The trouble with demanding freedom of speech is that everyone demands it! Many years ago I warned of this future problem, and now it has come to pass. In years of decency, when most people had a sense of morality and sense, they generally rejected what could be called ‘sin’. Now, thanks to the inroads made by homosexuals, liberals and atheists, this sense has been diluted and morality has been ditched. We are almost literally in a land of ‘anything goes’.

I also warned that if we insisted on blasphemy laws, they would be challenged and overthrown. Today, Islamists demand blasphemy laws of their own – but theirs would be highly dangerous, leading to death. This already applies in the Middle East and Africa. In the West, Islamists shout loudly for the removal of ‘free speech’, because it is opposed by the Koranic demand for totalitarianism. And it is coming about.

Atheists want the removal of all things ‘God’, too, because God represents what, to them, is ridiculous and fraudulent. So, what is the Christian answer?

Censorship and Free Speech Need a Balance

Though I quote no Bible verses, its principles are fully included in this paper...

What we need is not just biblical – it is an universal, desirable position in any society, if we are to maintain right from wrong, good from bad. When it comes to free speech or expression we may utter or publish opposing views. However, if those views call for violence, death, filth, or publishes foul calumnies, they should not be allowed freedom. Simple opposition, with reasoned arguments, are valid.

Clearly, Islam does not allow this to happen, nor does homosexuality. Both force their views upon all of society and censor opposite views. In anyone’s language, this is just fascism, not genuine free speech for society’s good. Whenever a group uses law to silence others, it is obvious that the ones doing the silencing have no valid arguments to make. If they did, others would accept them without much question!

Ideally, all values, speech and actions, must be presented in the market-place of ideas, so long as such presentations are decent and moral. Obviously, Islamic killings and rants, and homosexual ‘pride’ marches, do not fit this requirement, and are foisted upon society by just a few. Genuine counter-arguments are not allowed.

The ideas presented must be put on view honestly, so that society can evaluate them without being intimidated by law or human thuggery. This goes for Christian presentations, too. Once law or violence becomes a censor, the argument by the ones applying law or violence become invalid, proving that the argument has no real substance. Everyone knows this to be true!

Let Islam present its case. Let Christians present their opposition. In our sinful world, many will be sucked into the idolatrous world of Islam. So be it. We cannot stop them from being deceived. God will save only those who are already elect. The rest will follow their sins and desires anyway. The same goes for homosexuality. We can offer truth and sense, but those whose hearts are dark and minds are already seduced by sexual evil, will join with homosexual wickedness. Only those whose hearts have been touched by God will resist the temptation. But, at least truth can be put forward as an antidote. (It is also our duty).

So – let God do this work. Do not be deluded into thinking that we can change anything just by argument. But, even so, we must demand equal rights to argue our case before men, because this is our divine right given by God. Of course, any views that are violent or foul should not be given public access.

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