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Addiction to Covid Fear

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There can be no doubt about it – the Covid myths have reduced many people to a state of abject fear. This fear has been deliberately initiated and continued by a cursed government (indeed, every government that has followed the same psychotic plan), whose hubris is plain to see and yet hard to get rid of. For this God will hold them all to account, unless they repent and go back to what they ought to be doing – ruling with God’s intent and mind. Any government that does not is worthy only of condemnation and ruin.

During the whole of the Covid nightmare I have noted that those who are afraid tend to be more educated (and thus have higher IQs), but, this fear has nothing to do with being more intelligent. During the past two years, I have noted how people living around me, on what is an ordinary housing estate, have not followed the extensive and intrusive lockdown rules. They have just carried on as normal. And, though it might sound bad to say it, most of them do not appear to have higher IQs or further or higher education. This is just a simple fact of intelligence quotient distribution, for very few have higher IQs and are what might be called ‘normal’. This can be seen in schools, where teachers know that only about 20% of all pupils can master ordinary lessons. This is because they have the necessary IQ, but also because it is likely their parents also have slightly higher IQs, and so encourage them to succeed. I am not making this up – it is standard knowledge amongst educationists; it is a Bell Curve and shows that only 2% have high IQs (and tend to enter university).

Also, I from what I know, almost none of these neighbours have contracted Covid, or with sufficient virulence that they had to stay off work. This, to me, is a very interesting fact. Those who are within the ‘higher’ range of IQ tend to over-think matters, but, conversely, do not do so with true evaluation skills. Rather, they borrow facts from the ‘experts’ relied on by government, and do not investigate everything as they should. My neighbours on the other hand, do not care for the rules; they instinctively know it is just nonsense, so they ignore the stern warnings. Tell me – who is better off?

Am I saying that all who have higher IQs are stupid? Or, that those with lower IQs are stupid? No, I am not saying either is stupid. The whole issue has nothing to do with IQ. It is to do with governments employing psychologists to stoke absolute fear in the whole population, and if they are not vigilant even those with higher IQs will be caught. It is a deliberate act designed to keep citizens compliant with governmental laws and rules. Those ‘in the know’ have known for a long time that Covid is being used as a prelude to even greater authoritarian moves to suppress independent voices and make way for the ‘great reset’ of the entire world, so a one world government can take over. This implies that everyone who is imposing the Covid rules must be getting something out of it, whether status, kudos, money, jobs… each must get something personally out of joining the government in its vile wicked activity.

For NHS staff in the UK, and in similar organisations around the world, anyone who speaks out is sacked or otherwise silenced by shameful attacks. Doctors are given notice or/and humiliated, as Facebook and other social platform giants obliterate what they say, even though the doctors are trained and professional, often with multiple other expertise. Nurses follow on the same path, afraid to speak out or, more likely, following official instructions blindly. So, most of the NHS make absurd untrue statements about being ‘overwhelmed’ by Covid. Yet, some have entered the hospitals and found them virtually empty. When I attended a local hospital in 2020 for blood tests, I found the place lifeless with little activity, and staff did not wear masks. When I left to go to the car park, there were hundreds of medical staff on the pavement, waiting to honour a colleague who had died recently. Though standing close together none of them wore masks! It is my contention that many more know the truth about Covid but dare not speak out. So, is it any wonder that those who know nothing about medicine and health, let alone diseases and viruses, are bamboozled by official utterances telling them to be very afraid?

Why The Fear?

I have suggested from observation that those who are more educated tend to fall more easily to the lies and deception of government. But, why is this? When I attended college I was a ‘mature student’, in my early thirties. This meant I obtained my degrees on top of life experience and having my own thoughts. My fellow students were all younger, and their inescapable lack of experience showed. I was able to focus on my studies with intensity, though I had a wife and young family to care for. At the same time, because of my home commitments, I had to work as many hours as possible as a handyman. All supported by a mature need to succeed.

After my first degree and diploma courses I allowed my thoughts to come to the surface. It was folly to show my hand during my degree courses, because I would have been failed by authoritarian lecturers! Indeed, one of the lecturers advised me to lay low and to just give the college what it wanted – then give my own views when I qualified! And that is what I did. However, I had to do my Masters and PhD as an external candidate, and this allowed me to make my own decisions and come up with my own views. And when I gave plenty of references in support, I won.

Now look at those who are afraid because of Covid. Though many have further or higher education they obey the rules implicitly. Some have responsible jobs and so are fearful of losing them if they object. Others just accept that government knows best, and genuinely do not think their own government would harm them deliberately. Others look at the evidences – but only from the point of view of official government sources. They do not, and often refuse blankly, to look at other, alternative sources, even though they are just as trained and qualified as those in the government group!

Those who do not study to basic degree level can be excused lack of credibility. But, those who have basic degrees, in any discipline, cannot be so excused, because at some juncture in their education path, they have come across what real research is. Even at this basic degree level, then, they should see that what government is saying is false. And those who have done Masters and PhD studies have no excuse at all for obeying government without question. Their higher degrees mean they have used proper research techniques, so they should be in an excellent position to examine what government says. So, why don’t they shout it out from the rooftops?

The reason is simple: most are in jobs and they fear being sacked for holding contrary views to government. Thus, they wear masks, socially distance, isolate if told to, obediently contact ‘track-and-trace’, and even take the poisonous injections. A minimal study of these injections proves beyond doubt that they are NOT ‘vaccines’ but are fake. A short investigation will prove the injections are killing thousands and disabling millions. And, they will know that there is NO NEED to inject children and teenagers. This is all in the public domain… but they don’t listen!


Much is to do with fear of peers’ reaction and fear of losing a job and income. Some of it is due to their personality. Those who have always obeyed authorities and follow the rules no matter what, will do the same with Covid, whether they make sense or not. And the more they are under official pressure the more they will obey. It is a continuous cycle built upon their personalities and previous obedience to everything and anything. Anything that unsettles this routine is ignored or attacked, because it also upsets their mindsets and their idea of what ‘freedom’ is. For such there is no freedom, only stress, so they kick-back at anything not coming from officials.

Many of these stressed individuals are Christians, who should know better than to believe government is their friend. Today, the UK and other western governments are corrupt, illicit and godless. Yet, Christians vote them into office on the principle of voting for the least offensive of evils! But, evil influences come anyway.

In my own life I have had two odd companions: fear of bullies and fear of God. My fear of bullies left me when I trained as a nurse and I decided that I would never knowingly allow an insane man to kill me. I fought back and still do today in many situations. My fear of God took over and stays with me in all my days. To others I am a rebel. In reality, I have a God-given resilience and hunger for truth. This prevents me being a government dupe, and I use my abilities for His purposes. This automatically means examining everything said or done, to find out if it is true or not. All my previous jobs and activities have involved me in examination of facts. Attached to this has been decision-making and creating solutions, sometimes on the spot. So, in every job I use the pathway of research, even in my Bible studies and articles.

Most folks, however, do none of this. They might even have degrees. But, their fear of losing their jobs if they speak out or even question, forces them to stay quiet. I can honestly say that I never did this. I followed the REAL science. Real science means to falsify what is given as facts. This means we examine what is said to see if it makes sense and is genuine. It means looking at other views. Then, we come to logical conclusions. This also includes having the courage to be wrong. To my knowledge I have always acted according to my belief that I follow the truth, even if doing so brings me much grief from others. It is the duty of all Christians to do the same. But, also, non-Christians, who otherwise deal in fakery, poor judgments, and even lies.

When we do none of these things we are candidates for fear and manipulation. The path to this kind of addictive slavery is common:

  1. We are told to obey
  2. We do not examine what we must obey
  3. Thus, we are easily manipulated by deceit
  4. And also by blunt force and threats (which imply politics is behind it)
  5. We obey every demand
  6. This causes us to build up fear of refusal
  7. It also builds up internal anger for being so ‘lame’
  8. This anger at self turns into anger at others who refuse to obey
  9. This is because such disobedience causes the obedient ones to question their own lame-duck life.
  10. This leads to even more anger against independent thinkers
  11. And so the errant behaviour – total obedience to officialdom – becomes one’s path in life, filled with fears and doubts, and anger at ones’ self for being so weak.
  12. And so the obedient ones become mental and spiritual wrecks.
  13. They do great damage to those around them, by insisting they, too, must be obedient. In this way they become government stooges, agents who act out the same behaviour as found in Nazi Germany.

Agree or not, this is what happens. I could further define the process but this is a general article, so I will refrain. See PSY-032 for a more detailed approach dealing with addiction to fear.

As I hope you can see much of the problem with this refusal to be logical and individual is to do with one’s personality and life of obedience even when such obedience is questionable. Some who have this nature even KNOW they are being illogical and have unreasonable and irrational beliefs about Covid. But, because of their fear they block out all thoughts that contradict the official line, in order to survive, though it is an unwise activity. Such will be duly injected with even more poison whenever this is demanded by government, but they do so knowing what they do is faulty and dubious, if not wrong. And every obedient cat makes them internally angry.

The Problem

It is obvious that the fear and anxiety engendered by government is deliberate, designed to produce an obedient and cowed-down population. This is so as to make them malleable enough to accept the coming socialism of a planned one world government. Those with some knowledge of this still refuse to speak out or defy government, knowing it is not good or useful to do so. They fear too much, though they know their fear is irrational! This is when their fear is an addiction.

Working in a psychiatric hospital, I discovered that the fears and anxieties of neurotics grew stronger with every day they lived. They lived on and by fear and anxiety. And once fully ‘turned to the dark side’ they could not be convinced to do otherwise, because by then they were addicted to fear.

This is when the person is no longer a valid member of normal society, but pawns of government, doctors and others who have control over them. Such people are so afraid it is hard-wired into their consciousness. It does not matter that their real lives are halted or damaged by their fear, they MUST continue to be afraid, sometimes allowing their fears to mould their minds into neurosis or even pseudo-psychosis. In essence it rules them to the extent of giving them nightmares, or leading them to ignore others, as they persist in dictating their fears onto everyone else.

Like a drug or alcohol addict, they want everyone to obey their whims and false beliefs, which are placed on them by a wicked government, who will ruin relationships and personal lives so they will continue to obey without question. This even leads to a fear of fear, making the person almost useless in society. Which increases their sense of worthlessness and anxiety. When there is a fear of doing battle the best solution is to actually DO battle.

Addiction is proved when those who have these anxieties accept their fate and obedience even though they KNOW what they think and do is irrational. When someone is in this state of unreality they will accept ANY other unreality. This includes government making the sufferer obey its false environmental narrative, the unreal ‘compatibility’ of Islamic laws in a free society, and anything at all to do with viruses. I guarantee that those who are thus captured by government-induced fear AUTOMATICALLY accepted that the Omicron version of the virus without question!

Yet, the Omicron version is just what happens to a virus – it develops variants or mutations, and these follow the original version, but such versions are always weaker. The original Covid strain was itself fairly weak as a virus, yet government made it into a super-killer, a monster from the black bog out to devour everything in sight. No, it wasn’t, and its weakness became very clear in 2020. Any reasonable fact-check would have found the government was hyping everything to maintain fear and alarm.

Omicron came along like a naughty child and scampered everywhere creating many infections along the way. Again, we expected this to happen, and said it would be much milder. In fact, the original Covid infection was as potent as a seasonal flu, but with less power, and Omicron is even weaker, with the potency of a mild cold. This is why governments must start their escape plan, to get out of the cycle they created. It is already falling apart as truth after truth percolates into society and many countries hold rallies and violent demonstrations. Meanwhile their fake vaccines have done irreparable harm to millions.

The Answer

The answer to every addiction is very simple – STOP IT.

After my wife passed away recently, I relied heavily on my youngest son, who still lives with me. He was unemployed so we went everywhere together. But, he recently got a job, and, to my surprise, I experienced panic. Yet, I never saw him anyway when he was unemployed, except for once a day when he left his room for food. But, I must have relied on him emotionally, hence my panic. Because I habitually examine my mind and emotions regularly, I recognised this poor response and realised I was in panic mode. Once I knew why I was feeling so ‘jittery’ I was able to come to a deal with myself, to remove the panic and replace it with normal living, on my own.

The answer to anything like this, is firstly to face the facts.

With Covid the facts are obvious and proven: the original virus (which probably died out as a potent force in early 2021, if not in mid-2020) concentrated on the elderly who had premorbidities. Almost no-one in any other age group became seriously ill or died. Hence the original virus left well over 99.9% okay. There was an insignificant number outside this group, but this happens when ANY virus strikes. It still stands that it leaves over 99.9% of its victims unscathed. They are then naturally immune for life and certainly do not need a vaccine, even if it was genuine.

Another answer - we do not need to wear masks! With porosity that enables a London bus to drive through, masks are useless. They are just devices invented by government to make people comply. I took a trip to a place in the Welsh valleys in November 2020, when it was compulsory to wear a mask in supermarkets. I wore the mask and went down the shop stairs. As I reached a platform half way, I looked down to see the bottom step, but the mask covered my view and I missed it. I fell in a heap onto one knee and bruised both legs and both elbows. After that I refused to wear a mask. I just tell fearful supermarket staff who stop me that I am exempt. Oddly, they never ask for proof, but I am exempt because I say so.

Even if I was forced to obtain an exemption, and could not, I would refuse to shop. It is in my nature not to be bullied, ever since my psychiatry days! Another problem with those who wear masks constantly, is that they prevent normal intake/output of breath, and collect bacteria around the mouth, throat, upper lungs and stomach. Kids/teens especially should not wear masks, or anyone with asthma, lung or heart problems, and much more. In reality EVERYONE is exempt because of the porosity facts.

I do not keep a social distance either – the rule on this is absurd and has no scientific value or reason. Several decades ago I saw a scientific video on how far a virus (in this case, a cold – another coronavirus) travels, and I knew it can travel the whole length of a bus and even farther in just a second! So, a six-feet distance is ludicrous. And as for the virus hanging in the air like fog… no, it does not. After the virus is forced into the air, depending on where it is, the droplets start to fall to the ground. They certainly don’t ‘hang about’ like a fog!! And when indoors, opening a window does not necessarily do anything at all. As I have explained before, it all depends on whether the external air pressure equals or is less than the pressure in the room. It also depends on weather conditions, wind or breeze, rain, sunshine, and so on. In some situations the virus can actually be blown back into the room!

The other things to face are vaccines and ‘track and trace’. The injections are NOT vaccines but experimental medical devices. We now know much more and are horrified to find that the injections contain metals and other ingredients that harm life. The metals (including aluminium, which is used specifically to break into the brain) are harmful and susceptible to electronic waves. Their use only lasts about four months, which is why governments insist you must have ‘boosters’. Each contains a bad set of ingredients that cause harm, and any one of them can cause death or lifelong injury.

As for ‘track and trace’ this is just a Big Brother activity to enable government to know wherever you are at any given moment. The injections can also do this via tracking devices. At no time should anyone contact these tracking people! They remind me of the secret service agents in Nazi Germany. Others of like mind, scientists, also see this. When a person contacts these trackers it puts everyone in immediate danger of being isolated, with consequences to their ability to make a living and move around freely. It helps no-one but the government, whose intention is to use track and trace for their own surveillance purposes, not for your safety. The more we use them the more people are put off work and lose civil liberties, all for no medical reason. It is best to treat any coughs etc., as a cold, unless effects are truly serious. DON’T immediately contact track and trace or a doctor unless there is very good reason to do so!! Once you do that, you potentially affect everyone in your family and friend-circle. They must isolate themselves causing immense problems. And if others have been in contact with THEM, they, too, are affected badly.

So, you have been made fearful by government lies and deception and a clever use of bad psychological techniques. Those without an understanding of basic science or medicine will easily fall into governmental thinking. They will avoid someone like myself, even though I have used the scientific process most of my life and know the truth. They even avoid listening to highly placed scientists and well-qualified doctors of medicine… and mysteriously listen instead to government and their paid employees! Don’t you find it strange that you do this??

You do it because of your addiction to fear. You have not researched your own life and the claims of others. Unless you change your attitude, you will be a perpetual slave to government and lies. By taking all the jabs (which destroy your natural immune system) and obeying all the rules, not only do you make your own life a misery, but you affect everyone else around you, especially if you do track and trace etc. Is this really your heartfelt desire? And when everyone like you follows the rules, too, you affect the whole of the country, who are banned from real life because you decide to obey false claims.


  1. Face the facts of your addiction! Read the stuff you have avoided. Check it out. My own information, for example, is from accredited high-level medical doctors and top scientists. WHY don’t you trust them, when government voices have proved themselves to be untrustworthy and deceptive?
  2. Facing the facts is the biggest step you can take to resolve your addiction and irrational fear and anxiety.
  3. STOP obeying government as much as you can. DO NOT tell your employer you have the virus if all you have are symptoms of a cold! DO NOT tell track and trace. DO NOT take a PCR test (already banned in the USA and warned against in Europe for scientific reasons) or a flow test! In other words, cut off from officialdom and stay private. Only contact these people IF you have serious symptoms: a jab will do nothing, and viruses do not respond to medicines. BUT, such situations will be very rare.
  4. IF ‘they’ force you to take a test, it will likely show positive even if all you have is a cold. This is because colds are themselves coronaviruses, as is any seasonal flu!! But, it will be treated like Covid (a form of weak flu), and you are hooked again by track and trace! It is almost a Laurel and Hardy comedy film!
  5. Read the ‘alternative’ material and ignore the government material as far as possible.

As a person I dislike telling government anything unless I am forced to. But, most people are eager to comply, and so we are in the current mess. I normally resist any fascism, whether by employers, government or NHS. It is in my nature to fight back, even if I lose my good name, employment, or even family affections. Truth is everything to me, so I honestly don’t understand folks who ‘roll-over’ when demanded, like obedient lap dogs. Though I might often fear consequences for disobedience I will follow the even stronger path of righteous indignation and independence. To live in fear is just not for me! And I know millions are being held in slavery by an evil government. So, I speak out. It is how God leads me. I cannot help it and refuse to stay silent when so many are suffering or dying because of lies.

Do YOU, with all your irrational fears and doubts, understand any of this? If you don’t then you will never change and will be enslaved all your life. I have given the facts and some helps. If you refuse them you refuse a normal life of happiness and truth, and refuse to use the logic given to you by God and brain! But, if you start by facing facts and acknowledging your irrationality, you are on the way to being free… and feeling better about yourself.

Being free from all this garbage is easy – just say “No!” Read the true facts and live by them. The facts are being added to daily by well-qualified folks who risk their professional standing and jobs so you can life freely. They do it because they have the truth, and not the fairy-tales written by false science and uncaring governments. What you are being told by governments is so obviously fake! So why follow them?

You can be rid of your fear only if you want to be rid of it. It is up to you. The way out of it all is to read the truth and do it. Is it really worth it to keep all you have by pretending government is on your side? In the past I have literally been attacked and brought almost to penury because I obeyed my conscience and not government or employers. I lost a great deal, but, I know I was right to do so.

Which way will YOU go? The truth is above, and I give the way out. Join those who are free and reject what is false. Yes, right now it takes courage, but when we reject courage we become victims of bullying… and THAT hurts more than the bully’s attacks.

One more thing. The above comprises the truth, whether you are a Christian or not. Reject it and you prove your character is flawed… and you know it. The answer to your addiction to fear has been given. Will you take it? Or, do you prefer misery and lifelong servitude to a wicked government? Live life – don’t be buried by it!

(See Psy-32 for a psychological appraisal of addiction to fear)


“A man is not a coward because he has fear, but when he submits to it.”

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