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Rome and New Versions

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Where there is a cult there is usually a malformed bible, a new version. Rome is a cult and it loves new versions – even its official Vulgate was a ‘new version’ because it strayed from the genuine, authentic sources! Whatever book is used officially by Rome is given its imprimatur – its seal of approval, whether by stamp or by a generalised acceptance. Without it, no religious book can be used by Catholics without a penalty. One bible* used by Rome is the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV), which is descended from the original work by Westcott and Hort. Its extra features include Catholic prayers and Dei Verbum (one of the main documents forming the Second Vatican Council). (*use of the lower case is deliberate)

Laughably, it is said by the publishers to follow “in the tradition of the King James Version”. This is laughable for two reasons – Rome hates the KJAV, and, the sources used for the new bible are those used by W&H, going back to the corrupt Alexandrian and Vaticanus!

All New Versions Lead to Rome

In an article advising Catholics to choose a ‘good’ Bible ( the writer says “The King James Version of the Bible (Authorized Version) is the most common authoritative translation in use by many Protestants. The difficulty is that this 16th-century translation is woefully outdated.” This is nonsense – but how does a strict Catholic know?

The writer then speaks of Catholic versions: “Many Catholics in earlier decades also relied on an older edition of the Bible, the Douay-Rheims translation, based upon the Latin translation (the Vulgate) that at one time was the only official Catholic edition of the Bible. It, too, is out of date and the names of some of the Old Testament books may be confusing.” It is rather obvious what this is leading up to – using new versions, which are all based on Roman corruptions. So, Rome is still the source!

“If some of you are still relying upon one of these or another older Bible edition, I recommend that you buy a newer edition. People frequently ask me, "Which is the best translation?" My response is to ask, in turn, "For what purpose?" You see, there is no best edition as such. It depends on what use you want to make of the Bible.”

It is a simple strategy – first make sure the ‘older’ versions are ‘out of date’; then guide the reader towards new versions, but first ask them what they want out of them! Protestants say the same kind of thing. But, the Bible is not for any human ‘purpose’! The Bible is God’s word to mankind; it will be understood by genuine believers and a stumblingblock to unbelievers.

The only ‘purpose’ behind buying a Bible is to learn what God says to human beings. By dividing up bibles so that there is a variety, confusion is assured. And who best to sort out the confusion? Yes, the priests and Rome for Catholics, and, for Protestants, the “most respected scholars of our time” (according to the publishers, but Romish anyway). Forget the Holy Spirit – just listen to ‘experts’. In this way the many types and versions can often contradict each other, too. Our Roman writer says “Which version is the best for you? It depends on whether you want it primarily for prayer, for study, for Sunday school classes, to take to Church to follow the sermon or for other purposes. Any of the listed translations would do, though you will likely hear only one translation, the New American Bible, proclaimed during Mass.”

Thus, the New American bible is used for Mass and is recommended for personal use, so that the same language is read. Another comment is made: “If you feel you can handle a study Bible edition, it will be a bit thicker and heavier, but it will also contain lots of other information that you will find helpful for more intensive Bible study.”

The problem with a ‘study bible’ is that it will be full of the writer’s personal theology and interpretations. Though it is a supplement to any bible, readers who use them know nothing of the theology contained within. That is why they buy a study bible to begin with! This means that the reader will drink-in whatever theology he reads in the study bible and take it as God’s word! It is my personal view that a KJAV should be used, without any kind of notes or side references, so that the Holy Spirit can guide a reader to the best interpretations, which can often come from a Bible teacher or preacher. In this way the interpretations are physically and mentally kept separate from the authentic word of God.

Interestingly, the writer on this Catholic website advises the reader of the Bible (whichever version he reads): “Every time you sit down to pray with the Bible I suggest you begin with a brief prayer to call upon the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Something as simple as "Come, Holy Spirit, be my guide as I try to understand this word" reminds us that we need to surrender to God in order to understand the Word properly.” See anything wrong with that? I hope so! “God does not listen to the prayers of the ungodly, those who are unsaved (He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer [shall be] abomination.” (Proverbs 28:9)!

It is a fact that God spoke to Luther, a Catholic priest, but this is not how it usually works! Luther was an exception, because God used him to usher in the Reformation. God guided his thoughts so that what he read in scripture was properly interpreted, ignoring what Rome said. But, we cannot expect God to guide a man ordinarily when he is reading a corrupt new version and is steeped in Romish dogma.

The Revised Standard version (RSV) is advised for reading, because it is “wonderful”. But, it is founded on the corrupt sources used by W&H and follows their methods. The writer says this version is good for “Bible study because of its fidelity to the original text”. But, what is NOT said is that the fidelity is to the original CORRUPT text and sources! Of course, because it deviates from the ‘old fashioned KJAV’, it also has its own Catholic version, by Ignatius Press.

Then, there is the Catholic edition of the New Revised Standard Version, which uses “inclusive language” and updated English. This version, too, is a W&H clone. Remember that Rome will not feature any book unless it contains material conducive to Roman Catholic teachings. This is why Rome applauds the Alpha Course!

Catholics also use the New International Version, even though it has no Catholic edition to date. Why? Because it deviates thousands of times from the KJAV! The NIV, of course, is strongly influenced by the W&H text and sources... which takes us back to the Roman Vaticanus.

Or, why not try another corrupt version, the ‘New American Bible with Revised New Testament and Psalms’? This, too, has a Catholic edition. It is a revision of the New American Bible (1952-70) and is “sensitive to gender-inclusive language”! That is, instead of translating what the originals said (the true originals), the version makes feminists etc., feel better. There are now even worse ‘inclusive’ bibles.

Another bible used by Catholics, because it is ‘Rome-friendly’ is the New Jerusalem Bible. Can you guess whose wicked work influenced this version? Yes – W&H. I could list more of the versions promoted by Roman writers, but I think you get the message! They will promote them all – except for the KJAV.

Other Notes

“Cardinal Francis Arinze, who's considered a possible successor to Pope John Paul II, has denied Jesus is the only way to heaven. In a recent interview the spirited 66 year-old deputy for outreach to other religions was asked, "So was Jesus wrong when he said he was the way, the truth and the life?" Arinze responed, "If a person were to push what you said a little further and say that if you're not a Christian you're not going to heaven, we'd regard that person as a fundamentalist...and theologically wrong. I met in Pakistan a Muslim. He had a wonderful concept of the Koran. We were like two twins that had known one another from birth. And I was in admiration of this man's wisdom. I think that man will go to heaven. There was a Buddhist in Kyoto, in Japan. This man, a good man, open, listening, humble--I was amazed. I listened to his works of wisdom and said to myself, "The grace of God is working in this man." The interviewer then repeated the question, "So you can still get to heaven without accepting Jesus?" "Expressly, yes [he laughs with the audience]" (Dallas Morning News, 3/20/99)”.

Rome has moved heretically from its inception (about 300 AD). Since then it has persecuted and murdered believers (and anyone else who did not agree with it), hated the KJAV, brought in two heretics (W&H) to rewrite God’s word, then, recently started to say how wonderful the KJAV is... but it needs updating, and now supports and uses Higher Criticism; hence the new versions are made prominent. The new versions downgrade the position and power of Jesus Christ.

Now, the probable next pope does not even believe Jesus is needed for salvation. This is the real mind of Rome, and she will meld all religions together in the way this next pope suggests, by saying that if Jesus is not the only way to salvation, then ANY ‘Christ’ will do! After all, the last and present pope was/is instrumental in joining Rome and Islam for some years. And that, my friends, is the portal through which the New World religion will enter... new versions that teach a ‘Christ’ acceptable to all religions. Simple. Just keep changing words so no-one knows the truth!

John MacArthur believes the Roman versions of Mark 16:9-20 – that these verses were added to scripture at a later date. One of my previous pastors, an arrogant young man, taught the church this, too. Both were influenced not just by Rome, but by Higher Critics, who were and are unbelievers. What an unholy mess!

Some Romanists claim, without solid evidence, that king James was an homosexual. Even if true, this does not mean his mandate to theologians to produce a new Bible reliant only on sound sources is any the less of God. Just as God used Henry 8th to separate from Rome, so He used James to get a good Bible produced! God will move even the worst of offenders to do His bidding. And note this – every one of the translators of the KJAV had to check every word 14 times! But, new versions, starting with the first by W&H, had dissident translators on their committees, so they only published by consensus, not by agreement on the truth.

It is blatantly obvious that the KJAV opposes Roman claims, and so Rome wanted the KJAV to be discredited. The method they use today is to say the KJAV was the best... but is now ‘outdated’. The result is to send people to new versions – all of which are based on Romanist and other corrupt sources!

There is very little more to say, because to spend time on comparing the comments made by Rome is worthless... Rome is a cult, a false church and anti-Christian/anti-God. Let it have its false versions, for the Lord will cut Rome down in the last day, as He will cut down all tares. This does not mean we may hate Roman Catholics. There is no difference between an unsaved RC and an unsaved atheist. Both need salvation and both must repent, just as we had to! We were once unsaved, so let us witness to the salvation of the Lord – and yet, still oppose the unbelief they quote with all our hearts and minds.

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