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Contaminated Blood - Another Cover-Up??

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Now, an investigation into who is responsible for the several thousands who died in the 70s and 80s from contaminated blood, spreading HIV and Hepatitis. Really the 70s has been thrown into the pot to avoid stating what was obvious at the time...

The cause was the giving out of blood donated by homosexuals, even though some (including myself) warned this was both stupid and irresponsible, given the already known infection of homosexuals, who began to be infected with what became known as AIDS, plus other life-threatening diseases.

The warning was ignored as government deliberately misled the public about the cause of AIDS (homosexual behaviour, which was the SOLE cause).

I further warned that by presenting AIDS as the problem of ‘everyone’, many millions would die. This indeed occurred. By pretending AIDS was everyone’s problem, homosexuals were hidden from view as the ONLY cause. Though we warned against using blood given by homosexuals, government rejected the warning NOT because there was no evidence, but because of homosexual activist propaganda. At the time even the majority of doctors in the UK were misled, through the issue of teaching materials that refused to place blame for HIV/AIDS where it should have been put – squarely on homosexuals and what they do.

So, at the time some of us KNEW what was happening and issued grave warnings about not publicly identifying the cause of blood transfusion disasters. In the early 1980s all my researches pointed to just one cause – homosexuals. The net result was the loss of my job as both new head of a new uni. research department (which had not even begun) and as a health lecturer. This was followed by a vicious campaign to make me unemployable in colleges ever again. And death threats followed.

Thus, the current ‘investigation’ is a farce, a public relations exercise... and exactly the same false conclusions will be reached, to whitewash homosexuals and their sexual perversions, and their
refusal to have ‘safe sex’ (not possible in real terms). The government ALREADY KNOWS what caused the transfusion deaths, but they did not stop homosexuals giving blood! I KNOW this
happened because I saw it first-hand at the time!! I also saw the way government falsely blamed the whole population for what was caused by just one group – homosexuals. Enormous sums
were spent on this wicked cover-up, and it still goes on. And most GPs are ignorant about the REAL causation of a foul choice of lifestyle that kills, because very few know the truth – they
are all fed lies by official medical associations and government. Doctors who originally opposed the lies were, like me, removed from their jobs.

We can expect a propagandised ‘result’ from the investigation. But, GOVERNMENT is at fault for giving homosexuality an easy ride, refusing to blame it for the entire atrocity that continues
to this day. Millions have already died. Just focussing on blood transfusions is a scape-goat activity, for the REAL cause (homosexuality) will probably be avoided. Even if it is identified, I am pretty sure it’s role will be minimised, and, once again, blame will be spread throughout society.

This, however, was also predicted by myself way back in the early 80s. But, the fault is NOT on all of society. With any pandemic it is essential to identify the actual root cause, so that it can
be eliminated. With homosexuality, however, no-one dared to identify the true cause, and so it got worse and worse and is now probably a bigger killer than the Black Death.

In my original research, which was ‘buried’ by my college and by government, I predicted what would happen if government continued to neglect the truth. I plotted (backwards) how the
incidents in Africa came about via homosexuals. I also plotted into the future, WHO would be the next victims, and that heterosexuals would start to show incidents, via so-called bi-sexuals, homosexuals who used prostitutes, and drug takers. Sadly, every one of my half dozen or so predictions came about over a short period of time. To get into the heterosexual population,
it was necessary for homosexuals to do it, via bi-sexuality, drug use, etc. Otherwise it would not have spread to that segment of society. Today, the majority of HIV and AIDS worldwide is
amongst homosexuals, proving the point... and they simply don’t care!

Watch the wriggling of the government with this one – and remember my prediction!

Notice the BBC also refuse to even mention the source of the contaminated blood in their news bulletins. 

Joshua 9

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Beware who you form friendships with, for they may be enemies in disguise... many traitors and enemies wear a benign smile and outward friendliness. Beware, too, of showing compassion to the enemies of God, when He does not show such compassion Himself. Also note how such enemies may not be given total freedom but must be subject to the people of God. That these things are not so today is to our shame and foolishness for allowing our enemies to gain ground, when, all along, they belong in a pit of evil, far away from God’s good grace and truth, and His people.

Verses 1&2

  1. And it came to pass, when all the kings which were on this side Jordan, in the hills, and in the valleys, and in all the coasts of the great sea over against Lebanon, the Hittite, and the Amorite, the Canaanite, the Perizzite, the Hivite, and the Jebusite, heard thereof;

  2. That they gathered themselves together, to fight with Joshua and with Israel, with one accord.

The people of Canaan who had not yet been beaten, decided to gather against Israel. The reasons would have been twofold – a desire not to end up like those of Ai and Jericho, and a need to get rid of this new force in the land. It is happening today, as homosexuals and Islamists gather to eradicate believers, because believers have God on their side and in their statements, and sinners hate God.

But, gathering evil forces together as one makes no difference. God still rules and is still Lord of evil men also. They can rally and fight, but God only allows what agrees with His demands and aims. Evil men already know this, and their fear of God drives them to insane lengths to be wicked, as if increasing their wickedness will somehow displace God’s will! Not so... their foolishness will drag them down and their many disputations make them appear to be what they are – stupid men with stupid aims.


Women Priests & Pastors

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The Church of England finally decided, in early 1994, to accept women as full priests. But was this as momentous as it seems? No, not really. There is an irony in all this, for the Church of England male priesthood had been fighting against something that they themselves are guilty of - the priesthood itself!

The argument as to whether or not women should be ordained to the Anglican priesthood is variegated with layers of theological nonsense. The nonsense is not confined to Anglicans, however - it applies to all denominations who ordain so-called 'priests'/pastors, male or female. To see what this nonsense is, we must discover what scripture tells us about the components in this silly plot. The exercise will provide the definitions we need for the argument and once we have these definitions, the whole idea of the priesthood, let alone the female priesthood, falls like a pack of flimsy cards.

For our purposes, we will look at ordination, the priesthood and the role of women. This will spill over into other areas, such as God's creation of woman, His purposes for females, the qualifications of pastors, women in the early church as illustrated by Paul, and so on. We will not look at all these issues, so there is far more to examine! Once we have looked at these points of scripture, it will take but a brief analysis of them to come to a definite conclusion - that a female priesthood is a farcical and unbiblical entity (or, rather, a non-entity!). Similar conclusions apply to women 'pastors'.

Throughout the debates that led up to the first ordination of women priests, virtually all those male Anglican priests who voted to ordain them said that there was nothing unbiblical about it. And many priests who voted against the idea, did so for reasons other than the Biblical ones! In short, then, very few Anglican priests know their Bibles, or how to argue Biblically. Rather, they tend to argue from within an Anglican (not a Biblical) thought process and structure, as though the Anglican 'church' was actually a church! In fact, the name 'Church of England' is not a valid name. This is why we begin our study with a definition of 'church'...something most Anglican priests appear to know nothing about.


Trust All Muslims? A Reasoned Christian Response

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This is as brief as I can make it, and it is absolutely necessary. It is made necessary because we KNOW governments hide the facts and security services only give partial truth... and their bases for action are predicated on propaganda given to them by Islamists – supposed ‘facts’ that have been soundly debunked by those with real knowledge of Middle Eastern Islamic deceptions.

We have said it before: the only Muslims we can possibly trust (and only in a limited way – see reasons below) are those who are now old and came here about four or five decades ago – they worked, integrated, are friendly, and love the country. Not so with those who have come since. So, can we trust all Muslims? Or, should we be wary of them?

Below is a reasoned response to both questions. (Also read A-839). It is founded on the word of God, and on actual facts, not on my perceptions or friendships with Muslims (which I generally warn against). Perceptions cannot protect a man from bullets, knives, runaway trucks, or any other terrorist attack! Yet, government, MI5 and police all tell us there are ‘moderates’, and so we should learn to trust Muslims, because they are “not all the same”.

Though my response is relatively brief, it will show my logical, phased reasoning to this false argument. I would also remind readers that ALL the terrorist attackers in the recent past have been known as ‘moderates’. I would also remind that no-one knows WHO will turn to terror, and it is this factor that urges me to be wary of ALL Muslims.

We are foolishly told that “Not all Muslims are the same” or that it is “Bigoted not to trust all Muslims”, but no conclusive evidence is put forward to enable us to discuss the statements! We are expected to just accept without critical analysis what officials tell us is ‘true’. I cannot do that – I am a seasoned researcher and Bible teacher and I require hard facts, and what I see is very different from the official propaganda. The facts are not forthcoming, so I have no choice but to rely on my own judgment. I never act on perception, because feelings can be faulty.

I believe my reasoning shown below is accurate and sound. The various comments are numbered to show the ‘phases’ of response and why they are given as stated. The major phases are based on legalities and sources of reports, as well as on biblical truth. Between them there is a potent summation that demands answers. If readers think they know better, please tell me, using logic and biblical truth. Simply repeating “They are not all the same” does not convince. Indeed, I find it an insult to my intelligence.

Ordinary Muslims, ignorant of their own religion, are people. As people, created beings, they deserve and must get normal respect.

Yet, because they believe in a false god and in false doctrines (“doctrines” in scripture refers to ‘doctrines of devils’; 1 Timothy 4:1. This reliance on demonic doctrines is prevalent in churches and in government, police, etc.), God abhors them and will send them to hell unless they repent and turn away from their sin. Merely being a pagan is sufficient for us to not get too close.

Because of their paganism the only legitimate acceptance is through the Gospel. Some will listen, but most will walk away and think we are sent by Satan. That is how I know that Christians who have deep friendships with Muslims are themselves deceived by their own perceptions, which lead them away from God’s demands and word. (This false friendship routine has been happening for many decades, since WW2, when perceptions and friendships with people God hates come above truth and scripture. In my research I never look upon friendships as formative or necessary, because I need facts not perceived relationships, which invariably fudge the issue, tending towards poor results and conclusions).

All this being so, pagans are as deserving of the Gospel as anyone else (with the proviso that God leads us to individuals, in order to witness to Gospel truth). But, as this proclamation of the Gospel is now an arrestable offence because Muslims complain of ‘hate speech’ such an approach is rare. Even so, this is the ONLY way a Christian can legitimately have any kind of relationship with ANY pagan, let alone Muslims. It must ONLY be on an individual basis, as prompted by the Holy Spirit: there can be no blanket acceptance of Muslims or a mass approach.


Be Careful Little hands...

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“Be careful little hands what you do...” runs a line in an oft-sung children’s hymn/chorus.

When I left school I applied to join the Police Cadets (no longer such a position). If successful I would spend two years learning the job, before finally entering the police-proper. It was
an ambition because my father was, at the time, a Special Constable. But, at age 16, I was quarter of an inch too short!! Yep – a quarter of an inch.

Okay then, I’ll go on to my next choice, and follow my Dad into the Parachute Regiment.

But, at that age a mother can have a very strong influence (such as “No you are not!”).

So, that idea was scuppered!

By age 18 I was saved, so many considerations entered my head – any job had to be both useful and consistent with my Christian beliefs and behaviour. For example, I was offered to enter the financial sector as a financial adviser. The pre-choice part was very tough and thorough, but I passed the tests. And, though I passed all the biometric tests as well, by the time I was about to join the company I withdrew... for several weeks my thoughts rejected the job. It involved persuading people to spend their money on all kinds of financial packages and, frankly, I just couldn’t do it, especially if a contract meant people were spending more than they could afford. My heart, then, led, and I had to pull out. I realised that such a job, for a Christian, at least for me, was unacceptable, because it was useless, even though the financial rewards would be considerable. (That is, I was to be driven by ‘results’ and contracts, so my income would depend on getting people to sign up).

So, at that stage I was looking for jobs that were useful, even if not well paid.


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