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Is salvation corruptible or eternal?

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This is a question to which so many people give wrong answers.

A lot of corrupt thinking and wrong teaching has left people wandering through their life with confusion and dismay about what will happen to them tomorrow or when they die. Where will they go? Heaven or Hell?

There must be a secure answer to the question.  An answer for which your ‘eyes’ need to be enlightened by God to see the difference between an earthly life and a saved life. For God does not bring his children to confusion. Instead He brings them to a steadfast position which is incorruptible and unchangeable.

Sadly, many people even Christians believe that the gift of salvation which God gives us is corruptible and changeable.  If that was the case, then what does it imply about our renewed mind and the way it works? It means that there can be room for doubt, uncertainty, fear, wavering and many more sinful thoughts.

We can’t trust in our good works and our way of living, which we believe is right. Yes faith without works is dead, but works alone doesn’t and can’t save us. If it did we could look to ourselves for our own salvation, which just can’t be, as we would be surely doomed.

This is not what God’s eternal salvation gift is all about. It’s about getting rid of the old man’s ways which are within our habits and mind. This can become difficult and sometimes means we are more than likely to slip and fall down, sin, on our path back to Heaven.

God knows everything. Don’t you think He knew that before He gave you the gift of salvation, that we are not perfect. We are not just or pure. We are sinners from the very beginning when we enter our mother’s womb and begin to grow.


Burned Mystery Scroll Digitally Unraveled Reveals Bible Unchanged for 2,000 Years

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“The grass withereth, the flower fadeth; but the word of our God shall stand for ever.” (Isaiah 40:8 (The Israel Bible™)

This week (September 2016), incredible cutting-edge technology allowed archaeologists to finally read the contents of a burned 1,500-year-old scroll found near the Dead Sea in 1970. The remarkable discovery of verses from the Book of Leviticus, which matched, letter for letter, the Hebrew text still in use today, is the first instance of one of the Five Books of Moses ever found in a Holy Ark.

On Wednesday, researchers in Kentucky and Jerusalem announced in the Science Advances journal the success of new technology called ‘virtual unwrapping’. A complicated and difficult process based on the technology used in medical CT scans, researchers said it “represents a significant leap forward in the field of manuscript recovery, conservation, and analysis”.

The technique allowed scientists to read the Ein Gedi Scroll, a charred, ancient parchment discovered in an ancient destroyed synagogue on the shores of the Dead Sea more than forty years ago which has sat on a shelf, untouchable and indecipherable, ever since.

The charged scrolls

When the researchers saw the first results, it made for a startling revelation: the scroll contained the first eight verses of Leviticus, making it the earliest Torah writings ever found in the Holy Ark of an ancient synagogue and marking a significant discovery in Biblical archaeology.

Studies based on historical handwriting placed it at either the first or second century CE. When the researchers read the digitally enhanced text, they discovered that all of the words and paragraph breaks were absolutely identical to the Torah text still used today.

“This is quite amazing for us. In 2,000 years, this text has not changed,” Emmanuel Tov, a participant in the study from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, told the Times of Israel, “There are clear signs of continuity of tradition,” Professor Tov said in an interview with National Geographic (see the video explaining the mapping and digitisation of the scrolls). “It can’t be coincidental that the synagogue in Ein Gedi that was burned in the sixth century housed an early scroll whose text was completely identical with medieval texts. The same central stream of Judaism that used this Levitical scroll in one of the early centuries of our era was to continue using it until the late Middle Ages when printing was in

Torah-observant archaeologist Benyamin Storchan, who straddles the two worlds of science and religion, agreed. According to him, the discovery fits perfectly into Judaism’s spiritual history. “This a textual building block in the big story. The consistency of the text shows that we have an unbroken chain, the end result being present day Judaism,” Storchan told Breaking Israel News.

The scroll was first discovered in 1970, when archaeologists were working near Ein Gedi, a natural spring oasis on the shore of the Dead Sea. They discovered the remains of a Jewish community dating back to eighth century BCE. The small city had thrived until 600 CE, when it was destroyed and the buildings burned. In the remains of the ark of the synagogue, the archaeologists found a parchment rolled up but entirely burned, so damaged by fire that it was impossible to unroll it for inspection without the charred parchment crumbling into ashes.

The scroll was faithfully stored away by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) with little hope of ever being able to study what was written on them. Forty years later, in 2015, computer scientists at the University of Kentucky developed software for unraveling damaged and delicate texts. Originally designed for deciphering Roman scrolls, the technique is even more successful with ancient Jewish texts written with ink containing a metal element that shows up more clearly on the X-ray scans.

The charged scrolls

The researchers scanned 100 sections from the charred remains of the Ein Gedi scroll, which had been rolled five times. Incredibly, they were able to create a digital image of the scroll and “unroll” the image without even touching it. The scan revealed two columns of writing, composed of 35 lines, 18 of which were preserved while the other 17 had to be digitally reconstructed.

Until 1947, the oldest known Biblical texts dated only to the tenth century. The Dead Sea Scrolls, written in approximately the third century BCE, provided a rare and exciting glimpse into even earlier ancient Jewish texts. Now, the Ein Gedi scroll is filling out that picture and confirming the authenticity of present-day texts.


Jewish scribal tradition ensures that discrepancies in reproduction do not occur. Holy texts are hand-copied letter for letter from accepted originals. Strict guidelines are given for writing techniques, shapes of letters, and breaks in the text, striving to maintain an unbroken chain from Sinai. The latest discovery is the closest Jews have yet come to proof that the chain has remained intact.

Originally published 22nd September 2016 in - Published with permission.

About the Author

Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz

Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz is a features writer for Breaking Israel News. He made Aliyah to Israel in 1991 and served in the IDF as a combat medic. Berkowitz studied Jewish law and received rabbinical ordination in Israel. He has worked as a freelance writer and his novel, The Hope Merchant, is available on Amazon. He lives in the Golan Heights with his wife and their four children.

Original Link: Thanks to Breaking Israel News for permission to republish this article 'How Islam’s False Claim to Jerusalem Became a Universally Accepted Truth' (Breaking Israel News, 16 March 2016)

© 22 September 2016

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The Beacon 231 July 2017

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Those Pesky Aliens & UFOs!

We wrote recently about so-called ‘aliens’ and UFO sightings, but a bit more needs to be said.

Way back in the 1970s I agreed with a few Christian writers who warned that UFOs and aliens are the product of demon activity. Yet, many Christians and even pastors think that both are ‘evidence’ for beings from outer space who are more advanced than us. This is a sad deception of minds that should be centred on God, not on guesswork based on evolution. Evolution? Yes.

What has evolution got to do with seeing things in the sky, or encountering a being with big eyes, etc? Everything. Modern men would not be bothered by them if evolution theory did not advise that there ‘must be’ aliens whose evolutionary paths have been different, and whose existence ‘must be’ more advanced than ours. Please, folks, let’s stay in reality!

Haven’t you bothered to ask why these oh so advanced beings remain elusive? Why they NEVER prove their existence as aliens beyond vague sightings and encounters? Why they do ridiculous things like hover over wilderness, or even over the White House, without once proving who they are? If they did exist, they are surely playing silly games with us!!

No, there are no aliens and no life outside of the Earth. Nothing in space probes have come up with evidence to the contrary, let alone solid proofs!

I concur with UFO analyst Norio Hayakawa, who concludes:

“These alleged aliens coming to us from distant star systems are nothing of the sort; rather, they are deceptive supernatural entities emanating from another dimension.”

See what he is saying? Norio is head of the Civilian Intelligence Central and is well-known for ufology and paranormal researches. One of his publications is titled ‘UFOs, the Grand deception and the Coming New World Order’.


Sky’s the Limit?

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Large companies think it is ever so clever and fashionable to give support to homosexuality.

They think it is so wonderful to be awarded bottle-top awards by Stonewall.

The other evening I saw an ad on Sky TV proclaiming its support for homosexuality.

Wow! Big clap on the back for stupidity! And for offending all the genuine Christians who use it.

This is because genuine Christians ‘tell it as it is’ from God’s word.

God hates both homosexuality and homosexuals. That it is legal is a national shame.

  1. Homosexuality is unnatural. Biology easily proves this.
  2. Homosexuality is unhealthy in the extreme. Millions have died thus far of AIDS.
  3. Homosexuality also fosters many diseases, including cancers, that are very exotic and almost unheard of in the normal population.
  4. Homosexuality produces its own forms of mental anxiety, depression, mental imbalance and suicides.
  5. Homosexuality relationships are the most volatile in society, many being violent. Few last.
  6. Homosexuality grooms youngsters – many who turn to homosexuality say they were groomed.
  7. Homosexuality is anarchic and demands total freedom of sexual expression, from ordinary kissing to the most foul of depraved acts. Society has to pick up the pieces and pay for it.
  8. Homosexuality is unreasonable and wicked, hating all things Christian and fighting against it.
  9. Homosexuality hates freedom of speech, because it doesn’t want the public to know the truth.
  10. Homosexuality is not just a sexual depravity, it is a source of hatred and lack of intellectual sense.

And there is much, much more against this awful lifestyle.

Yet, this is what Sky and other large companies think is ever so clever to support!

They have no idea what real homosexuality is actually about... they only know what their own sexual predilections tell them, or what Stonewall says. They don’t listen to the truth. Instead, they prefer to receive bottle-top awards that are totally meaningless. In doing so they harm all of society, includingits many customers. Others, like myself, are deeply offended by their advertisement, having been a victim of homosexual activism.

Sky – if you must spend money in support of such a vile lifestyle, at least keep it private!

We don’t wish to hear of your corporate stupidity and foul associations.

Your advertisement is a stark reminder that even the fat cats of this world can be utterly anti-intellectual; and pro-evil in all its forms. A genuine person would now contact us for further information... but while bottle-tops are your aim, you won’t do so, and will remain in your ignorance.

It is hoped that many Sky customers will now complain. But, I know how weak people can be.

But, do you know there is NO SUCH THING AS ‘HOMOSEXUAL’? There is no ‘homosexual community’...

ALL ‘homosexuals’ are just heterosexuals who have made a very bad choice of sex object.

And it IS a choice. It isn’t biological or imposed by genes. Don’t listen to homosexual lies!!

Contaminated Blood - Another Cover-Up??

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Now, an investigation into who is responsible for the several thousands who died in the 70s and 80s from contaminated blood, spreading HIV and Hepatitis. Really the 70s has been thrown into the pot to avoid stating what was obvious at the time...

The cause was the giving out of blood donated by homosexuals, even though some (including myself) warned this was both stupid and irresponsible, given the already known infection of homosexuals, who began to be infected with what became known as AIDS, plus other life-threatening diseases.

The warning was ignored as government deliberately misled the public about the cause of AIDS (homosexual behaviour, which was the SOLE cause).

I further warned that by presenting AIDS as the problem of ‘everyone’, many millions would die. This indeed occurred. By pretending AIDS was everyone’s problem, homosexuals were hidden from view as the ONLY cause. Though we warned against using blood given by homosexuals, government rejected the warning NOT because there was no evidence, but because of homosexual activist propaganda. At the time even the majority of doctors in the UK were misled, through the issue of teaching materials that refused to place blame for HIV/AIDS where it should have been put – squarely on homosexuals and what they do.

So, at the time some of us KNEW what was happening and issued grave warnings about not publicly identifying the cause of blood transfusion disasters. In the early 1980s all my researches pointed to just one cause – homosexuals. The net result was the loss of my job as both new head of a new uni. research department (which had not even begun) and as a health lecturer. This was followed by a vicious campaign to make me unemployable in colleges ever again. And death threats followed.

Thus, the current ‘investigation’ is a farce, a public relations exercise... and exactly the same false conclusions will be reached, to whitewash homosexuals and their sexual perversions, and their
refusal to have ‘safe sex’ (not possible in real terms). The government ALREADY KNOWS what caused the transfusion deaths, but they did not stop homosexuals giving blood! I KNOW this
happened because I saw it first-hand at the time!! I also saw the way government falsely blamed the whole population for what was caused by just one group – homosexuals. Enormous sums
were spent on this wicked cover-up, and it still goes on. And most GPs are ignorant about the REAL causation of a foul choice of lifestyle that kills, because very few know the truth – they
are all fed lies by official medical associations and government. Doctors who originally opposed the lies were, like me, removed from their jobs.

We can expect a propagandised ‘result’ from the investigation. But, GOVERNMENT is at fault for giving homosexuality an easy ride, refusing to blame it for the entire atrocity that continues
to this day. Millions have already died. Just focussing on blood transfusions is a scape-goat activity, for the REAL cause (homosexuality) will probably be avoided. Even if it is identified, I am pretty sure it’s role will be minimised, and, once again, blame will be spread throughout society.

This, however, was also predicted by myself way back in the early 80s. But, the fault is NOT on all of society. With any pandemic it is essential to identify the actual root cause, so that it can
be eliminated. With homosexuality, however, no-one dared to identify the true cause, and so it got worse and worse and is now probably a bigger killer than the Black Death.

In my original research, which was ‘buried’ by my college and by government, I predicted what would happen if government continued to neglect the truth. I plotted (backwards) how the
incidents in Africa came about via homosexuals. I also plotted into the future, WHO would be the next victims, and that heterosexuals would start to show incidents, via so-called bi-sexuals, homosexuals who used prostitutes, and drug takers. Sadly, every one of my half dozen or so predictions came about over a short period of time. To get into the heterosexual population,
it was necessary for homosexuals to do it, via bi-sexuality, drug use, etc. Otherwise it would not have spread to that segment of society. Today, the majority of HIV and AIDS worldwide is
amongst homosexuals, proving the point... and they simply don’t care!

Watch the wriggling of the government with this one – and remember my prediction!

Notice the BBC also refuse to even mention the source of the contaminated blood in their news bulletins. 

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