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Encouraging Martyrdom by Silence

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"According to a British member of the House of Lords, polygamy has become "commonplace" among the country's Muslim communities, with some families producing as many as 20 children by four wives.

The practice has resulted in both women and children becoming dependent on state welfare, since many of the Muslim fathers have made no efforts to provide financial support for their multiple families, a problem that House of Lords cross-bench member Baroness Cox has said needs to end." (Truth Revolt, 18 October 2016)

Once again the answer is simple – but who has the guts to do it?

Only give help (grudgingly) for one wife and only the first child. No citizenship for at least five years.

And, if the man does not work and will not do so, or learn English to get a job – kick them all out... I don’t want my taxes paying for my own demise by sharia!!

Criminally charge the man for any other wives.

Don’t be emotionally skewed because children are involved... it isn’t their fault but they are helping to destroy Britain.



Martyrdom without choice is one thing, but waiting for it to come and encouraging it by silence is quite another.

Even the Apostle Paul had to jump over a wall to escape... he didn’t pay his attackers to kill or arrest him.