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1 Objectivity and Debate in the Development of Climate Change Policy J. B. Waddell
2 Climate Change Ratification by UK!! K B Napier
3 The Scam and the Hysteria of Global Warming K B Napier
4 Premier Radio – Help or Hindrance? K B Napier
5 Science Yes – Myth, No! K B Napier
6 Why Christians don't believe in literal six-day Creation K B Napier
7 Anti-Gay means you are a closet homosexual! K B Napier
8 USA300 – a Deadly MRSA Spread to Everyone by Homosexuals K B Napier
9 Scientists Blast 'Incontrovertible' Global Warming Claims 5 February 2012
10 The End of God? Administrator
11 Did a giant asteroid kill off the dinosaurs? K B Napier
12 Environmentalists create scum on dishes K B Napier
13 ‘Ban the bag’ politics in Oregon K B Napier
14 German Marshall Fund advocate propaganda to sell Global Warming to the public K B Napier
15 Royal Society Backs Down on Climate Change due to uncertainties K B Napier
16 Greenism - Intelligence not the problem K B Napier
17 Prove It! Time for evolutionists to be unmasked K B Napier
18 Another IPCC Lie Exposed! Melting Himalayan Glaciers That Aren’t K B Napier
19 Aftermath of Copenhagen - greens will survive despite the lies! K B Napier
20 Another IPCC Deception! Rainforests at risk… yawn, yawn K B Napier
21 The Latest on Climateering:- Disintegration of Climate claims K B Napier
22 First India, Then...? India quitting IPCC K B Napier
23 Greens In Lah-Lah Land:- IPCC propped up like El Cid K B Napier