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Environmentalists create scum on dishes

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Environmentalist have achieved changing the formula of dish washing machine tablets to reduce phosphates in waste water. Subsequently, a white coating, dull film is now left on dishes.

Until recently, dishwashing soap contained about 8 percent elemental phosphorus. That's the magic element that "strips food and grease off dirty dishes and breaks down calcium-based stains." It also prevents food from reattaching to the dishes.

Or used to. As of July 2010, the nation's detergent manufacturers, bowing to laws regulating phosphorus in 17 states, reconfigured the formula for all dishwashing soap to contain less than 0.5 percent phosphorus. It's taken till now for most of us to notice, as we used up the old (the wonderful old) soap and unwittingly made the switch.

If you have experienced this problem please enter your observation and details on the dishwashing tablet formula and brand in the comments below.

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