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Where does coronavirus lead you?

Despite the Coronavirus and all the uncertainty and troubles it brings, God still rules.

Before I dive in, I hope while reading this short article you and your family are safe and well. For further art...


Google “What is a soldier?”

1. a person who serves in an army.

Similar: fighter, serviceman, servicewoman, fighting man

Without the help of Google I am pretty sure the majority of us will all know what a...

Promoting Homosexual Sin in a Crisis

During the current coronavirus crisis I have had to remain at home (now over 4 weeks and counting!).

As our TV is put on to provide mental stimuli for my wife (she has dimentia) as she sits in her chai...

Was it God? Coronavirus (COVID-19)

I have read a fairly large number of articles by a variety of ministries, claiming that the pandemic is sent by God as a punishment. Some have contacted me and repeated the claim. For what i...

Coronavirus - COVID-19 Facts 6th April 2020

COVID-19 Information: Part Three

Selected information based on part three of the course on COVID-19 taught by the School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, one of the most prestigious medical schools in...

Coronavirus - COVID-19 Facts 30th March 2020

COVID-19 Information: Part Two

Selected Information only:

In the second part of the COVID-19 course (Uni London) interesting facts and ideas emerged… moreso because they are similar to my own findings a...

The Beacon 263 March 2020

Disguised Haters of God!

Theologised evolution ideas are growing in churches and amongst deluded Bible teachers. We must be firm – such teachers are false, as are the churches that listen to them! They...


Consequences - Original Song

Story behind song:
Throughout life we have different life experiences which can bring good or bad consequences.
As Christian parents try to bring up their kids the right way ...

Coronavirus - COVID-19 Facts 24th March 2020

Coronavirus - COVID-19 Facts 24th March 2020

COVID-19 Information: Part One

The following report is a very short summary of current knowledge. It is supplemented by my own comments and perceptions.

COVID-19 is the name of a disease brought about b...


We are all travelling on a road, one which leads to Heaven and one that leads to...

What God Requires of Us

What God demanded of Israel before they entered Canaan is also demanded of us to...

1 Samuel 20

“Jonathan, Friend of David”

Wicked men always find wickedness in innocence. Becau...

Exodus 10

There is much in life to bring us down, including very real enemies of the Lord....

Luke 15

Jesus often spoke sharply to the Pharisees and scribes, because there are times ...

2 Corinthians 13

“…prove your own selves…”

I am not partial to the effete nature of so many of the...

Battles and Trials in Life

What's the answer?

Not Things, or Money, or our sinful minds, not you.
God is the ...

The Forerunner of Mercy

The Forerunner of Mercy

The Forerunner of Mercy

Prayer is the prelude of mercy
The preface to blessing fro...

The Beacon 263 March 2020

Disguised Haters of God!

Theologised evolution ideas are growing in churches and ...

BTM News:- January 2009

Heard on the Terry Wogan Show (BBC Radio 2):

A listener called in during the heav...

Psycho-Meddling ('Christian' Counselling)

Psycho-Meddling ('Christian' Counselling)

By K B Napier

A Biblical approach to Christian counsel - led by the Holy Spirit


eBook PDF £2.50  (183 pages)