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As many as 4,000 ISIS fighters have been snuck into Europe among the refugees

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"As Europe struggles to deal with a ballooning refugee crisis, intelligence officials are increasingly warning that many migrants are not who they claim to be.

According to the latest reports from Germany, officials say almost a third of all asylum seekers arriving in the country who claim to be Syrian are hiding their true identities. There have already been claims from ISIS militants that as many as 4,000 ISIS fighters have been snuck into Europe among the refugees." (The Horn News, 25 September 2015)

This is fact!

Stop sympathising with 'refugees' and start investigating!!!

  1. The biggest majority of 'refugees' are NOT refugees, but economic migrants.
  2. Amongst this rag-tag army of spongers are ISIS terrorists, number unknown.
  3. All economic migrants should be sent back to their countries.
  4. No-one should automatically be called an 'asylum seeker'... and those without proper proof of who they are should be rejected.
  5. Those found to be terrorists must be put into isolation cells and have no contact whatever with anyone else, not even relatives. Or put to death.
  6. And...

Muslims will, and do, use children as 'fronts' and shields.

They will use them even if they are killed.

Little boys found dead on beaches may well be 'politico-military' figures used to elicit sympathy from the West. Islam has no regard for life and Muslim rape of small children is rife. THEY have no sympathy!!

Those found in boats must be returned to their point of origin. 

ALL illegals must be returned to their own countries. If not, returned to their last entry point – usually France.

I was recently asked what I would do if a Muslim woman turned up on my doorstep covered in blood and pleading for help. I would err on the side of caution...

I would call the police and clean her up, but I would not get involved in her story. ISIS and others are depending on Western gullibility to bring about radical change and murder, and radical Muslim women are only too willing to be beaten up to get such sympathy. And, as Muslims don't wish to integrate or come near white people... why should a Muslim bang on a white person's door at all?? These are perilous times!

I remember an account give to me by my father. He was serving In the British Army as a corporal in India at the time at the Kyber Pass, before WW2 began. Rebels would send beautiful women with long black hair to confront British soldiers. The women relied on the gentlemanly response of the soldiers, and would saunter up to them seductively; their menfolks were hidden in bushes and long grass with guns.

The soldiers, ignoring instructions, would hesitate, and the women would swiftly pull a throwing knife from their hair and kill the soldiers. As a 'seek-and-kill' leader, my father said that he never hesitated to shoot any such woman dead immediately. It was his life or hers. Then he put any errant soldiers on a charge... the others being quite dead. He told of other, very gruesome stories, too.

It is that kind of situation today – do not trust unknown Islamic men or women and expect dirty tricks.

Find out later if they tell the truth, but never expect to hear it. No doubt you'll think this is controversial... but our very culture and safety is at stake. If our safety is not taken into account

I foresee civil unrest on a wide scale, perhaps even with lynch mobs. If that happens the government will be at fault.

As a Christian I hate talking like this, but we must face reality. The axe is about to fall.


That Cameron Thing!

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As I expected, the book on Cameron 'Call me Dave' (see my report yesterday) is being heavily critiqued by a number of sources. The main spin is that Lord Ashcroft, the author, is just being vengeful.

As I pointed out yesterday, this is irrelevant. Are the facts he speaks of actual, or is it all made up? In reality, Ashcroft obtained his information not just from his own association with Cameron, but from many people in the corridors of power. And I do not hesitate to say that neither Ashcroft nor the Daily Mail (who is serialising the book) will be stupid enough to put something into print (repeatedly) if they thought they'd get sued.

My own point is that unless a man has been saved by grace, any character faults (sins) and behavioural flaws (sins) in the past do not just go away. Yes, we have all done stupid things in our youth, but this is not about that.

As I said, his current vile laws that support homosexuality are based on his past sexual sins that have been brought forward to the present. They explain why he is pressurising the people of the UK to take on board a vile sinful lifestyle that does actual harm to everyone involved. Cameron's past sexual and drug evils were beyond what most people experience. There is no reason to suppose his heart and mind are free of those earlier years. Rather, without repentance and a change of heart, they are just like a cesspit accruing more filth.

This goes for all people who have not been saved. Let the baying voices continue to attack the author... I still want to see how it all plays out.

Obviously, I was not personally involved with Cameron in his early days, so I cannot verify anything... but I can say that his past is consistent with his foul laws and policies today, and must have driven his decisions. It might even be that he experienced homosexuality or one of its many facets... or that he is today a 'closet homosexual'. In the past he steadily chose NOT to deny either query... and that, in itself, says a great deal, and explains his actions against Christians and actions in favour of a perversion.

Let's see what now happens. Sadly, the people and media of this nation are so easy with the sinfulness of MPs and other leaders, that their evils go unreported or even supported. Those who are made to suffer for this are Christians, and, though most do not realise it, the whole nation.


Politicians - Untrustworthy

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Many times before he was elected I contacted David Cameron. As a voter I urgently and reasonably needed to know what he was going to do about homosexuality.

There was talk of him bowing to the homosexual lobby and I wanted to know the truth. I asked him outright repeatedly – "Are you, or have you been, an homosexual?"

He never answered... which really gave me the answer. More significantly, neither did his spin-doctor or aides answer. The answer would have told me what to expect from a man I considered to be arrogant and an enemy of God's word and His people.


The Spread of Islam

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Two items in the news today (17 september 2015) about Islam and responses to it (BBC 2 Radio News)...

Use of Stockholm Syndrome to Spread Islam

On the surface of it, this response was heavy-handed, but, look deeper...

A 14 year old Muslim boy in the USA had made a clock, and took it to class.

Teachers and others thought it might be a bomb and isolated him in a room. He was then interrogated.

But it was just a clock. Amazingly, he was later invited to meet Obama. Now THAT was 'over the top'!

If the boy had been a Christian he would have been ignored and suspended.

The deeper issue in this is that Americans do not trust Muslims. After all, children have been used around the world to carry bombs, even strapped to their bodies. Obama is ignoring this underlying distrust of Muslims and the fear of the American people. he is ignoring it because he is using the Stockholm Syndrome technique to subdue the people. This means he is pressing on with his Islamisation of the USA so that eventually (he thinks) those who are being attacked and abused come to love their captors.

This won't happen – 'rednecks' are already stocking their guns and are training to fight Muslims who might attack them. Over the top? No, it is sensible and to be expected. Islam is responsible today for virtually all terrorism. Muslims kill, maim and burn-out Christians and even fellow Muslims. Muslims tell us they hate us in the West and wish to kill and displace us. So, distrust of Muslims is bound to occur, regardless of Obama's crude use of Stockholm Syndrome. That boy COULD have taken a bomb to school.

And that is the point.

Hungary Rejection of Migrants is to be Commended

Hungary has been castigated by the UN for closing its borders to migrants and the EU has shown its 'angry face'.

But, Hungary is afraid to let these people in just in case they stay! As a spokesman said, there were 200,000 Muslims (mostly men), and that is the size of its second largest town! It is also fact that nearly all of Hungary is Roman Catholic (wrongly referred to as 'Christian', but that is not the issue) and Hungary rightly fears that such a massive influx of foreign religionists would devastate the country and its culture. When I was in Hungary a few years ago I saw that the majority of people lived in small hamlets spread out across the vast plain.

There is no way Muslims could 'integrate' with such a system... not that they would integrate anyway.

Hungary has courage to disobey the EU and the UN. May it always do so! This is the kind of attitude we should all have in the UK, instead of the mock emotionalism we are now seeing. The media insists on portraying these migrants as poor people escaping oppression. Not so – most are young men who are well-heeled and have money. They use violence to get their way and continue to hate the West. All they want is our benefits!!

The media don't show the wickedness of these men and how they terrorise the area they are in at the time.

They ignore lower-benefit countries in favour of Germany and the UK. It is all about the benefits... and this is what they tell us openly. The EU wants every country to obey its mandate on Muslims, though what Muslims do and say is there for all to hear and see. We would be incredibly stupid to allow them into our countries.

The EU hates that member countries are rising up against their demanded quotas. They also hate that their idiotic plan for multiculturalism (a socialist plan) is being put to one side. They refuse to see that there is NO multiculturalism... there is only Islam crushing al other cultures and demanding obedience to its moon-god.

Hungary is to be commended for its stand. I pray that Cameron will at last stand up for our rights, and not be like a an obedient Europhile who will destroy Britain by taking in many thousands of Muslims. Can't Europe see that the sudden movement of 'migrants' is deliberate and set up by ISIS? And that the EU is party to it?

We already have been told that the half a million currently moving across our lands is nothing compared to future movements. Distrust, fear and even civil unrest will soon follow, as Muslims show their true characters.


More on Fake Muslim Immigrants

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I have said it before and now some in the media are taking notice...

The majority of 'refugees' are young men with cash and plenty of bad attitude.

Even though Hungary closed its border, they had no right to react violently!

On its own this is sufficient proof that theirs is a cash-cow mission to drain Europe of its benefits and other helps. And if they are so arrogant (as Muslims tend to be) as to fight police while they travel to the UK and Germany, they will continue their anti-social attitude and behaviour when they at last get their benefits. These migrants hate the West, yet they will cynically get what they can from western countries! They hate Christians but will take everything given to them by well-wishers... Christians who have no idea what they are doing by supporting these nasty migrants who have no real reason to be here. Wake up or be badly let down. 

The New Labour Boss - Jeremy Corbyn

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Jeremy Corbyn is a republican who loathes our royal family and democracy.

At a WW2 remembrance day ceremony he refused to sing the national anthem, thus casting scorn on those brave WW2 veterans who stood next to him.

His deputy is on record praising the murderers of the IRA.

And now Corbyn says he will not kneel before the Queen as part of the instatement as shadow leader (Daily Mail, 17 September 2015). Will he also refuse to repeat the promise every leader makes to the Queen, to be loyal?

As one who has watched Obama very closely since before he was well known, I can warn readers that Corbyn is, thus far, repeating the same kind of treason as Obama, using the same kinds of words and showing the same kind of bad manners shown by Obama. In these days of heightening Islamic threat, including from migrants, we do not want this kind of man leading a whole party! To me, Christian support of Labour is a definite anathema, but if some still persist in their support for a party founded on communism, I say – come out of her, or join the hypocrisy, disloyalty and treason now being expressed by Corbyn and friends. He has already shown his socialist error by having so many women in the shadow cabinet... not because they have superior skills and aptness, but simply because they ARE women! This is a recipe for governmental disaster. And feminism is itself counter-biblical.

If the anti-UK ideas of Corbyn gain momentum this will give great encouragement to Islamic terrorists to act even more rashly. And also note the pro-EU stance of Labour!

Politicians driven by Satanic Anti-Intellectualism

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I have been watching all this for a long time, and must say that I believe there is more to the migrant crisis than meets the eye. Big bucks cross hands from the Middle East! But also bear in mind that socialists are behind this latest idiocy. As I have said several times before, the EU is socialist (of the fascist variety) and our ow n Labour party is of the Marxist variety. The UN itself is, and always has been, Marxist to the core. (Note that Islam is Marxist in ideology) And it is all their aims to mix up races and people so as to destroy all claims to a national identity, especially if it is Christian.

This is one reason why socialists have pushed homosexuality down our throats – to ruin any Christian ideas and heritage. To do this we have not only sexual perversion, but also religious perversion. Both openly say they wish to eradicate Christianity and Christians.

I have heard that many believers do not read about all this, so they are not aware of the intricacy of what's happening. It is just such laxity that causes our decline and failure! Early on in these situations I spoke of the wish to turn the West into a new Middle East, radical and Muslim.

Obama leads the way, but now so do our governments in the EU.

When that happens the people will be communist-Islam fodder, ready to be groomed for One World government. It is happening. It is here.

It is essential in these last days to remove Christians and silence their opposition.

Hence prison sentences, court judgments, and laws illegally made by judges.

The people who do this are not stupid – they are led by the nose by Satan.

There is no other way to explain such anti-intellectual decisions. Outwardly yes, they are 'stupid' in their effect on the people, but there is much thought and anti-intellectual thinking to change the world.


The Correct Attitude to Migrants and ISIS et al

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In terms of scripture there is no need to give this note.

But, after so many years listening to preposterous comments by ignorant 'Christians', it is necessary.

Basically, it is this – my anger is righteous and my hard line comes NOT from hatred for any of my fellow human beings, but from a proper and due regard for God's word and holiness.

In scripture God demanded the death penalty for first degree murder. Any sane person will recognise that those who fight for ISIS deserve the death penalty, whether by swift demise by bomb or gun, or by court of law (which, sadly, will not uphold the decrees of God, thus putting the entire nation under God's wrath).

In matters of God's justice, what prompts a person to kill is not relevant – all that matters is, was the killing deliberate and planned or not? If it was, then the killer MUST be put to death.

Nowhere in scripture is the application of the death penalty performed by court-appointed executioners said to be wrong or hard-hearted... it is simply doing what God commands. Indeed, even if the executioner decides to utter a personal whoop of joy, this does not invalidate the penalty.

Concerning migrants... no Christian can offer wholesale help to foreigners who hate God, or whose religion hates God. No nation can legitimately fill its land with God-haters and false religionists, or with those whose religion openly states its hatred for, and desired death of, people who believe differently. And today the list of such perverse religions includes Hinduism, which is copying the death threats and attitude of ISIS and Islam.

(See 2 Chronicles 19:2 and beware!).


Remove ISIS from the earth

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More ridiculous rhetoric!

Voices are booming out – for us not to become embroiled in 'another Iraq war'.

It is all sleight of hand by socialists...



They are already around the world bombing, shooting and sawing off heads!!

They are not content to loot the treasuries of their so-called brethren...

Their stated aim is to kill ALL who do not obey them.


It is irrelevant that three who were killed in August were British citizens, because they joined a murderous group and intended coming back to the UK to spill more blood. They were murderers who deserved the death penalty they got.

If they were caught and brought back they'd get a prison sentence commuted to about twenty years. In other words, their deaths are closer to the demands of God than any British judicial judgment would have been. Send in the troops!

I have no doubt whatever that some readers will find my anger distasteful... then let THEM face these bloodthirsty killers and offer them leniency!!

There is a righteous anger, and it comes from watching leaders and law-men rejecting God's direct command to put a murderer to death, and to chase down wicked men until they are caught and despatched. Such Christians only speak of 'gentle baby Jesus, meek and mild'. They forget the rest of it. If they lived in the real world they'd understand. Tasting real violence is very different from watching it at a distance on TV. Of this I have experience. I urge all believers to 'get real', learn God's word on this matter, and stop pandering to evil. I can assure you that radicalism and wickedness is about to engulf us all if we don't face up to this reality.

EU Migrant Crisis is Engineered to Destroy Europe

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For what it's worth (and it won't be worth much to ecumenicals and pro-Muslims)... I believe the sudden rush of Muslims into the West has been engineered, possibly by the EU and probably by ISIS (to get its operatives where they can do further damage).

The picture of Germans clapping and hooting in delight as Muslims leave a railway station to join Germany's existing Muslim population that hates the West cannot be anything but Marxist or Fascist. The West will soon be economically dead.

You will note that these Muslim masses violently opposed refusal of entry into Europe and ignored police. Significantly, they travelled through a number of countries to reach Hungary and then Germany. NOT the actions of oppressed minorities! Not that of genuine refugees! Also note that NOT ONE Muslim country has taken in Syrian refugees! Yet, they insist that Israel MUST take them in!! They are the actions of arrogant Muslims who want to rule the world!

Now, each EU country is being forced to take thousands of these illegals. There will be no essential security checks. Only emotional cries to take in these 'poor refugees' who had a lot of money just to get as far as they did, and who 'only want a better life'!! OF COURSE they do – on the backs of hard-working Westerners who do not have the same privileges.

And when they get there they riot and ignore the law of the land. Then, as a reward, the EU takes them in.

Take it for granted – Muslims now see that all they have to do is act illegally and fight!

The reward is capitulation by the authorities, on order of their EU fascist masters, who are part of the One World organisation. The result will be an oppressive, murdering western Islamic state covering all of Europe... The Ottomans (now re-established in Turkey) have won.

These are perilous times. The end is truly coming.

Also see (Culture Watch, 7 September 2015) an under the headlines exposé of the migrant agenda and the refusal of Arabian countries to accept the covert migrant actions of ISIS.


Beware of Migrant Arguments!

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I have just listened to an ongoing mid-day Radio Two programme about migrants. (BBC, 4 September 2015). There were lots of tears from one woman who likened the 'crisis' to the time years ago when the UK helped Ethiopians during a famine.


Now, no-one knows who is genuine and who is not. Most are illegals who are happy to get here illegally and live here illegally. Some will be ISIS and other 'plants' come here to wreak havoc and kill. Very few will be real refugees.

Until these differences are discussed we will get nowhere, and the UK will be opened up to even more abuse by illegals and those who only want our money.

Sorry to keep talking about this, but the EU is playing with fire – using all of us as fireshields!! The leaders who demand that we take in many more thousands WITHOUT CHECKING WHO THEY ARE, don't take 'refugees' into their own homes or have them living anywhere near their lavish mansion-style homes!!

But the rest of us must comply! And the UK MUST take in huge numbers of people, most of whom are Muslims.

My horror about this has nothing to do with race. It is to do with a rogue politico-religious people from ANY country, whose aim is to destroy the West. Remember that the majority of UK Muslims have said they agree with what ISIS is doing. And yet our MPs want us to comply with the EU demands to take even more!

This is NOT hatred. It is NOT unchristian. It is NOT unloving. It is stark reality, an attitude that wishes to retain our freedoms and our very lives.

Some say this is scaremongering... but how can it be when we have the proofs all around us of Islamic hatred for our country and our lives?


Migrant Madness!

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The photo of a three year old child in the arms of a Turkish soldier, on a beach of the Turkish resort of Bodrum, is indeed very sad. (Guardian, 2 Sept 2015)

It seems he was drowned when he and his parents and brother tried to cross to the Greek island of Kos in an effort to escape the murderous ISIS in Syria - the father survived. (Reuters, 2 September 2015) (Reuters, 3 September 2015)


Cameron is right – STOP allowing in an ever-increasing number of migrants... because of the immense damage they are doing to the economy. Instead, deal with the root – the violence in the Middle East. (BBC, 3 September 2015)

(I would repeat – send in special troops to obliterate ISIS, and then do the same with Hamas et al, before we are all immersed in wickedness we can't stop).

No, this is not an excuse to keep our riches! (Ask the British how many are rich!). It is stark reality. Most migrants are illegal and they want to have free-everything, from homes to cars to state benefits to health provision to education... you name it and they want it for free. And if using the photo of a dead child will get it, then so be it! For every one migrant who is allowed in without a job etc., the provision for UK residents who have paid their taxes for all their lives diminishes. Carry on like this and the UK will (as I have warned before) simply become one of the Third World countries, as will most of the EU countries. When that happens Europe will NOT be able to help those in need. GET A GRIP!

It still stands that migrants are pushing themselves onwards to enter the UK in particular, when we are already overrun with migrants, most of whom are not proved to be genuine and who are being given vast sums of benefits that rightly belong to the British. Even migrant holding centres cost us a fortune.


Curved-Ball that will destroy Britain immediately

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Italy issued an ultimatum today. Either the rest of the EU takes in some of the boat-people (we are talking hundreds of thousands a year, with no end in sight) or it will give them all temporary papers that will enable them to travel anywhere within the EU!! (BBC, 16 June 2015)

Britain has taken in far too many immigrants for the past ten years. There is one place all those extra immigrants would go – the UK!! Because benefits are promised.

Suddenly, the UK will be forced BY EU REGULATIONS to take in many thousands more.

This is an intolerable situation and tells us that the time to leave the EU is very much overdue. And, we will never know how many of these Muslims are terrorists sent by ISIS.

The effect on us if this threat is carried out is overwhelming!


Unjust Laws – Going Backwards in Time

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"At its heart is the idea that the law is not simply the whim of the king, or the government." (BBC, 15 June 2015)

The Magna Carta, 1215, ended the unjust way King John made demands ostensibly on the barons.

It had points of principle that can be applied to others.

Sadly, both parties did not keep to their promises, and pope Innocent Third annulled it, though the king later unsuccessfully tried to reinstate it. Even so its principles are still valid.

Just two years after the Magna Carta came the Carta de Foresta, 1217, designed to remove the totalitarianism of the kings over ordinary people. Again, its principles are still useful.

Both Cartas were an attempt to take away illicit laws and replace them with just laws.


Michael Gove:- Christian Freedoms and the British Bill of Rights

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12 May 2015

FAO: Right Honourable Michael Gove MP

Dear Mr Gove

Re: British Bill of Rights

Congratulations on your new appointment as Justice Secretary and a very decisive and remarkable win for the Conservative party.

Mr Cameron said last Friday on the steps of Downing Street that he wanted “above all to bring our country together”.

In the Conservative Manifesto 2015 on p.44, “We will continue to defend hard-won liberties and the operation of a free press… Because the work of the free press is so important we will offer explicit protection for the role of journalists via the British Bill of Rights”.

Will this freedom extend to Christian websites like ours www.christiandoctrine.com where we openly comment on homosexuality, same sex marriage, Islam, government policy and the application of Christian Doctrine to the lives of Christians dealing with the issues of the 21 Century?


Freedom of Speech and Censorship has to be a major election issue #GE2015

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Letter to Victoria Debyshire at the BBC.

Dear Victoria

Re: Freedom of Speech and Censorship has to be a major election issue

There are 33 million Christians in this country and yet the values and oppressive intentions of all the main political parties towards Christians is a glaring omissions in the BBC's coverage of the General Election 2015.

Labour in their Manifesto 2015 say we will "We will take a zero-tolerance approach to hate crime, such as anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. We will challenge prejudice before it grows, whether in schools, universities or on social media. And we will strengthen the law on disability, homophobic, and transphobic hate crime." (p.54)

Thus Labour will further censor free-speech and criticism of Islam and Homosexuality, with criminal penalties for those who do.

How can we not have the freedom to criticise the barbaric acts done in the name of Islam or the draconian legislation of homosexuals and their sycophants?

Why should they have special rights when their intentions are overtly hatred to others? It's certainly not a moral right.


Mr Milliband – anti-intellectual and anti-freedom #GE2015

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This is an open letter to Mr Milliband, who will simply ignore what I say.

Dear Mr Milliband,

You are leader of the Labour Party, which, until now, has always been the 'soft end' of communism. I think perhaps the nation forgets what socialism is all about, whether it is founded on communism or fascism.

Cameron now owns the fascism label, so you must take the communist label. This is well deserved, given your intention to criminalise genuine Christians with seven years prison if we say anything that is not PC about either Islam or homosexuality.

I want to ask you something – WHO will be next on your Stalinesque list? What about those of us who reject the false science of environmentalism concerning climate change?


As a Christian I can vote for none of these #GE2015

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none-of-these-2015On 7 May 2015 I will be going to complete my ballot paper at the West Cross, Swansea West polling station. I will not be entering a vote for any candidate, but will spoil my ballot paper with the following words:

"As a Christian I can vote for none of these."

I will have my vote counted as a spoilt ballot paper and make it clear to the counting officer why.

Who will join me in doing the same?


What Are Christians Voting For? #GE2015

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general-election-2015-uk-dreamstime xs 6768392I – and now James Waddell – have already stated that we refuse to vote.

We have given our reasons why. We will not even vote for UKIP.

As this will be one of our last posts before the election, let me be even more clear about what Christians are voting for.

We are voting for pro-gay laws and Islamic hatred, to continue and to grow exponentially. There will be no gradual process. The attacks on us will be swift and vicious. The Islamic genocide (no doubt approved by homosexuals... until THEY are also targeted, which they already are) will continue and more murders of Christians and Jews will come about, thanks to UK governmental stupidity and deliberate godless policies.

We are voting for a Party system. This is a system God cannot accept.

The Party system is onerous and oppressive. It produces MPs who MUST obey the Party rules, leaders and policies. None of these things can be found in democracy (the closest we have to acceptable practices but still not biblical). It is a pernicious system wherein a Party stands OUTSIDE what voters want! It decides what IT wants to do, and MPs portray this external demand in their work. In reality, MPs, who SHOULD be our servants, are actually the servants of their Party. This is why they cannot do our bidding, though this is what they are paid to do.

So, when Christians vote they are NOT voting for a true democratic system, but for a system that determines WHAT we may vote for, regardless of our wishes as a nation!! It is why we are lumbered with the EU, and many wicked laws. Parties are laws unto themselves; they parade what THEY wish us to vote for, thus censoring our choices. The Party system stinks and has reached the nostrils of Almighty God.

We are voting for corrupt MPs and government. Do you think that the only corruption is the fiddling of expenses (which is STILL going on despite public outrage)? Then you are either misinformed or easy to placate!


Satan's values are weaved in UKIP's Manifesto #GE2015

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ukip-valuing-our-christian-heritageThe UK General Election 7 May 2015 will, without doubt, be a pivot point in the history of the United Kingdom.

For Christians it is obvious that the Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrats, SNP and Green parties are open and defiant in their manifestos that they will censor and criminalise any opposition of homosexuality and want to promote LGBT values across the world with a global marketing style campaign including special envoys tasked with that mandate. It is easy therefore to dismiss voting for those parties, no matter what the merits or otherwise might be of their other policies.

Can a Christian Vote UKIP?

What about UKIP? Can a Christian before the Lord in good conscience vote for UKIP?

UKIP the party and many of its leaders and supporters are warm, friendly decent people, wanting the best for the UK. UKIP’s policies on the main headline themes are what a Christian can sign-up for without a problem.

But what is the number one issue for Christians and for the future of the UK? It is the values and laws that underpin a party and subsequently the nation. Do they comply with God’s moral and eternal laws established from the Creation of the world? Yes or No.

UKIP have published a warm and inviting document to solicit the vote of Christians “Valuing our Christian Heritage”. That is indeed the message of the document, but with major provisos that essentially mean we have to accept the following:


The problem with UKIP's 'Christian' Manifesto 2015 #GE2015

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The problem is this and ONLY this...

Though UKIP issued this assurance, it has also said that Christians must toe the line of culture found in the 'British values'.

This will be enforced by UKIP's Culture and Communities Spokesman, Peter Whittle – an homosexual.

UKIP says it will not try to reverse any gay laws.

Who do you think would win the battle? UKIP or Stonewall??

In many ways UKIP is the 'best of a bad bunch', but don't be deceived because of desperation!


Miliband will criminalise free speech #GE2015

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Threats of murder against Christians and non-Muslims is endemic throughout the world. Threats of death are made in the UK, the rest of Europe, and the USA, and Christians in particular are murdered in orchestrated genocide throughout the Middle East and beyond!

The UK government stands by and promotes this murderous false religion Islam, JUST FOR VOTES. (Gatestone Institute, 30 April 2015)

Miliband is set to hand us over to the Islamic rulers as if it was a good thing!!!

 'The Labour Party Manifesto pledged to take a "zero-tolerance approach to hate crime"  (p.54) regarding the growth of Islamophobia as well as anti-Semitism. "We will challenge prejudice before it grows, whether in schools, universities or on social media. And we will strengthen the law on disability, homophobic, and transphobic hate crime,"  (p.54) it said'. (Labour Manifesto 2015) (Pamela Geller, 27 April 2015)

We are seeing the resurgence of militant Marxism in our lifetime, just a few years after we saw the Berlin Wall come down.

Labour will also send us to prison for having non-PC views on homosexuality.

SO PLEASE – DON’T TELL ME YOU ARE VOTING FOR PEACE AND TOLERANCE! We are being pushed into a modern Warsaw ghetto.

If you can’t see that, then I fear all the more. The axe is ready to fall, and we have brought it down upon our own heads.

WE HAVE WARNED... vote for ANY Party and you vote for your own demise!!

This particularly applies to Labour.

And if Labour comes in it will ban our posts on Islam and homosexuality.

Ignore at your peril.


Politicians simply don't get it - they are servants of the people #GE2015

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This morning (BBC 2 Jeremy Kyle Show) I heard the Lib-Dem leader Nick Clegg spouting about what his Party will do if they win the majority. HIS Party??? What arrogance.


MPs are servants of the people. I am NOT INTERESTED in what you 'offer' or promise!

You must do what the voters want, NOT what your Party wishes to do!!

You must hear what we say and do it. No arguments! That is what you are paid for.


UKIP's Manifesto 2015:-...are intolerant of true Christian Beliefs #GE2015

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For those who were clinging to UKIP as a last resort... below is what UKIP says about our main concern – freedom of Christians and the homosexual drive to eliminate us.

Remember that the one who is in charge of UKIPs 'culture' department is homosexual!!

[Peter Whittle is the UKIP Culture and Communities Spokesman, a self-confessed homosexual "as a gay man" (Standpoint, May 2010) and a parliamentary UKIP candidate. A homosexual is by definition anti-Judaeo-Christian values. This appointment will have a major impact on how UKIP executes any future strategies. He is also a founder of the New Culture Forum that advises Westminster.]



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Below I pose a fundamental question to submit to your prospective candidates in the General and Local elections on May 7th 2015:

Why are we no longer a nation of free men and women under God’s rule to discuss or question those things that goes against His laws without being accused of a hate crime, when in fact the real hatred comes from those who whilst professing diversity, tolerance, inclusion and live and let live express a deep intolerance and naked hatred of whatever is true, righteous, pure, just and merciful.

These are the ‘Jesuis Charlie Hebdo’ tolerance crowd who whilst wanting to reach out in bridge building to Islam and the gaystapo are prepared to commit violence against those who want to protect the right of every child to have both a father and mother.

We are told that over a million people turned out onto the streets of Paris on Sunday 11th January 2015 to stand in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo. Indeed the BBC spent almost the entire day covering the event. And yet it turned into a macabre out- pouring of mawkish sympathy for Muslims lest they should fee discomforted or excluded by what some of their fellow adherents to Mohammed had done. Indeed the spirit of this event was captured when the crowd sang along with the drug fuelled and psychedelic Beatles song, “Imagine” [1]. It could equally have been Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club. Both records describe a world devoid of antithesis, of male and female, of good and evil, of light and dark, of victim and criminal. It is a fantasy world where Hitler and Satanists rub shoulders with Jesus Christ and Mother Teresa. Everything is Paneverythingism .


UK Politicians trade General Election promises like stock #GE2015

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Party General Election 2015 Promises are like shop-stock"If we win the election we will..." do this or that.

Each Party is making these promises.

But, do you recognise what is really going on?

Parties are offering rewards to those who vote for them.

It is nothing but marketing of Party stock.

Anything wrong with that?

Yes – there is everything wrong with it!

Why is it wrong?


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