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Stop TFL from promoting the funding of Islamic Terrorists

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The Islamic Relief UK charity is planning to run a Transport for London (TFL) bus display advertising campaign on the side of its buses praising the blasphemous idol god Allah during Ramadan 2016.

There is a grotesque irony that TFL are now happy to take money for the promotion of a religion that has Jihad as it core philosophy and caused the 7/7 atrocity in London with destruction of its infrastructure, and murder of staff and customers.

Here is my letter of complaint to ExterionMedia This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it who are the advertising agency responsible for the bus adverts on behalf of TFL.

“I would like to register a complaint regarding the planned adverts on London Buses “Subhan Allah” as reported in the Daily Mail and Evening Standard.

The Islamic faith is based on an ideology of hatred to all infidels, that’s any non-Muslim, and is intrinsically anti-Semitic – this teaching is explicitly stated in the Koran and their traditional books.

Allah is the name of a moon god idol, followed by Muslims, which is used as the war cry “Allahu Akbar”in all Islamic attacks committed in the name of religious Jihad against London, the West and across the world. There is no merit in the psychopathic religion of Islam, which is at war against the West and is actively working to achieve global supremacy.

The advert is politically motivated in the promotion of creating an Islamic Caliphate in London under the guise of a charitable activity.

Islamic Relief has strong links to terrorism:

“Dr. Hani El-Banna, the co-founder of Islamic Relief, was formerly a trustee of Muslim Aid, a London-based charity which was previously a "partner organization" of the Al-Salah Islamic Association. The U.S. government has officially designated Al Salah a terrorist entity. A number of Bangladeshi commentator have accused Muslim Aid of funding the violent Islamist group Jamaat-e-Islami, while El-Banna was involved.”

Islam is a political movement with a pseudo religious context and therefore it would be illegal to have this advert displayed on London buses.

Islamic Relief has connections with terrorism and therefore TFL would be promoting and funding terrorism in displaying these adverts, which would be treasonous. Does TFL want to fund another 7/7?

I trust that you will now ban these political and terrorist motivated adverts from London buses.

Yours faithfully

Dr James B Waddell

'Christian Doctrine'

Bible Theology Ministries"

More Migrants to Come!

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According to the Daily Express (6th May) the UK can expect to be inundated by many more migrants at Calais.

Idiots called ‘No Borders’ activists will be holding demonstrations at Calais tomorrow, no doubt with much Muslim support from the illegal camp outside the town. Between them they will wreak havoc. As usual, French workers at the port will only add to these problems (they love to disrupt UK travel). They seem to be perpetually malcontented.

Tory MP, Philip Hollobone, warned that if we don’t vote to leave the EU next month, we will lose our country... to the savage, depressing rule of sharia, and the reality of Middle Eastern Islamic culture drowning the UK in Islamic deadness, stopping progress and imposing a mentality that would crush all enterprise and freedom.

And if eastern European countries finally get membership of the EU, these will add to our destruction... and the UK Government has already paid out over £2 BILLION to Turkey, Bosnia, Albania and Serbia, to help them get membership! 

That’s £2 billion of OUR money, given without our consent, to rush us towards our own funerals.


Leave the EU and its socialist 'warts and all'!

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Jeremy Corbyn is a socialist of the Marxist kind. And Marxism has repeatedly failed as an ideology, many times in the past. Note that he says there is a strong socialist case to remain in the EU. Of course there is!! The EU is socialist and fascist. Marxism is merely the other side of the same socialist coin.

Without the EU Corbyn and his Marxist cohorts would be made much weaker.

"Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has this morning made his first major intervention in the EU referendum campaign by setting out the “strong socialist case for staying in the European Union”. Having come under criticism from many in his party over his lukewarm support for EU membership, Corbyn tried to rally Labour voters to come out and vote for Remain, saying “By working together across our continent we can develop our economies, protect social and human rights, tackle climate change and clamp down on tax dodgers. You cannot build a better world unless you engage with the world, build allies and deliver change. The EU, warts and all, has proved itself to be a crucial international framework to do that”. However, in a move that will frustrate some in his party, he also gave a strongly critical view of the EU in its current form saying that the EU “lacks democratic accountability to its people” and “pressures member states to privatise and deregulate”. (Open Europe, 2014)

See how he wants to ‘develop our economies’ – that is, EU-dictated economy for the whole EU, whether we like it or not. He talks about protecting social and human rights – that is, Marxist idea of these two things, including strengthening the foul case for homosexuality and all its evil sub-types.

He says we can then tackle ‘climate change’ (AKA the failed global warming)... only an idiot thinks he can change climate!! If we continue with fake climate laws every citizen will be thousands of pounds poorer! And nothing will change climate.

His idea of changing the world for the better is to join with the world. This is exactly opposite to what God says! It is joining with the world that has led to people’s demise generally. The ‘change’ Corbyn looks for is that of Obama... total socialism with its anti-God ideology.

Think Clearly About Leaving the EU!

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The IMF has weighed into the argument, saying we (UK) would suffer because of leaving the EU on 23 June 2016 Referendum. (BBC, 12 April 2106)

But, note the language – it is their prediction, not a proven fact.

And, as some pundits have said – when did the IMF ever get their predictions right in the past!

I suspect Cameron will be leaking out these supposed dire warnings until the day of the vote...

But he will keep back the ‘big guns’ until a few days before. Watch out for it!

Remember what is at stake here –NOT the economy, but our sovereignty as a country.

Also at stake – increasing draconian laws and demands, the reduction of Britain to a mere region with northern France, legally-demanded immigration numbers, the legalisation of Islam over Christianity, more homosexual laws, etc.

The number of controls over us would rise dramatically, as the EU moves towards creating a huge federal state, founded on socialism and even more fascism.

Don’t vote to stay in just for money’s sake! Think as Christians! Vote 'Leave EU'.

Cameron and Tax Avoidance

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Well, David Cameron is being lampooned for once having money in an offshore account. (BBC, 10 April 2016)

It proves my point that all public servants MUST be ‘squeaky clean’ or suffer the consequences.

But, even journalists are happily mixing ‘evasion’ and ‘avoidance’, though tax avoidance is NOT illegal!

Tax avoidance is engaged in by EVERY good accountant on behalf of his employer or client.

It is to avoid paying taxes if there is a legal loophole or legitimate method. But evasion is a deliberate attempt to defraud.

If I had a company I would certainly want my accountant to avoid paying any more taxes than were absolutely necessary. This is because government taxes every individual many times (I believe, at last count, there are over thirty ways that government applies hidden taxes). This is grossly unfair and unwanted.

They do it because countries want to appear to be more astute than they really are, overspending our taxes on things that we don’t want. Paying billions into EU membership is just one example of this!

So, on this occasion I side with Cameron! No man will willingly pay tax unless he is forced to!

Of course, this doesn’t apply to us plebs, who cannot even save a few pounds over our lifetime.

(*Example of tax avoidance. I personally know a company owner who has several brothers, all equal partners, in a successful business. Their accountant now makes them buy very expensive cars (like Range Rovers) every year on company books. The alternative is to give their profits to the government in the form of heavy taxation. Good for them!). Can I hear a few tut-tuts?? Why??