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It should be said at the outset that I am not a supporter of Tommy Robinson and disagree with many of his views.

However, I am a staunch supporter of freedom of speech and fair play.

Like so many people around the world, I find it staggering that the British justice system was able to concoct reasons to jail Mr Robinson with indecent haste, without his even having the opportunity to be judged by his peers, a jury.

Moreover, it is not unreasonable to consider the rapid and draconian action against Mr Robinson for publicly discussing a case in which, in comparison, , it seems clear that countless children had been sexually abused on a grand scale by a gang of paedophiles. As we all know, this particular dreadful case follows a pattern seen across the United Kingdom, in which gangs of sexual predators, not all of them by any means of Asian origin, have clearly and criminally been protected for decades by local and national politicians, senior police officers and social services personnel.

Such officials are surely accomplices in the committing of shocking crimes that frequently destroy the lives of defenceless victims.

This unacceptable situation can sometimes be compounded by the incompetence and/or corruption of certain members of the judiciary, who are even less likely to be held to account that the other types of official previously identified.

Public concern must now exist as to whether our once respected justice system remains fit for purpose.

The treatment of Tommy Robinson should serve as an alarming warning of the fate that not only awaits future victims of child sexual abuse, but also those who are prepared to challenge the authorities over their continuing failings.

Tommy Robinson may have been tried and convicted, but it has led to a situation whereupon the entire integrity of the British justice system now itself faces a trial of public lack of confidence.

Islam and Blasphemy Laws

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Whenever something awful is done by Muslims, there is the quick retort that “It isn’t Islam”. This is where I must surprise readers – the blasphemy laws currently demanded by Muslims ‘really isn’t Islam’! I will never aid Islam to prosper or even to exist, but this is one occasion when the ‘truth must out’. In other words, government and judicial organisations pressing for blasphemy laws to ‘protect’ Islam are way out of line, because they want to legislate for something not found in the Koran, but is being demanded by just a few strict sects to silence criticism. Thus, it is the West that is unnecessarily stirring up sedition and bad feeling. So, what is the story?

Nothing in the Koran about Blasphemy Punishments

Whilst blasphemy against God, Mohammed, and anything sacred against Islam is rebuked (Wiederhold, Lutz. "Blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad and his companions (sabb al-rasul, sabb al-sahabah): The introduction of the topic into shafi'i legal literature and its relevance for legal practice under Mamluk rule". Journal of semitic studies 42.1 (1997): 39–70.), the Koran does not demand a punishment or penalty. (Saeed, 2004 & p. 38–39).

So, in theory, the current demands by some Muslims is not part of Koranic Islam and should have no influence on Westerners who capitulate to them. But, then comes a different story from the hadiths, which demand a variety of punishments, including death (Saeed, 2004 & p. 38–9. And Siraj Khan. Blasphemy against the Prophet, in Muhammad in History, Thought, and Culture (editors: Coeli Fitzpatrick and Adam Hani Walker). ISBN 978-1610691772, pp. 59–67). As the hadiths supposedly take their principles and direction from the Koran, if the Koran does not demand punishments, then the hadiths that do are acting independently of their own ‘holy book’, which can be construed to be against Allah and Mohammed.


Is Football your Idol?

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I have come across many Christians who can give chapter and verse on any football issue you care to mention.

But, they can’t do the same for scripture.

When football is this important to you, you have lost your ability to discern what is, and is not, an idol.

Recently, many ads on TV claim football is ‘very important’ and is about ‘more than the game’.

If Christians believe this and place football at the fore of their minds and hearts, then they have created an idol that comes before God and their spiritual lives.

BEWARE... if you do this you have made an own-goal!

God will not tolerate this kind of idolatry. If you want your life to continue without God’s presence, then continue.

Plain speaking on Islam and Homosexuality is a Christian Duty

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For those who don’t know me, let me explain something...

My words on Islam and homosexuality are strong. They have to be so that Christians realise the real horror of both movements.

Unfortunately, few understand that I am able to separate my writing from my person!

I cannot count the number of readers who have said I “must be full of hate”. In reality, what I write is, more often than not, detached from my emotions.

It HAS to be, or I would only be writing rubbish, and I am not an ‘activist’!

On rare occasions when I DO use emotion, I say so.

In the matter of Islam and homosexuality – I have worked and lived amongst them. I KNOW that some are otherwise nice folks. The problem is they have been brainwashed by a society riddled with evil. A few I have had empathy with, knowing their circumstances – like the young homosexual who became so after his parents threw him onto the streets and he was forced to sleep in dumpsters and under hedges, only to be ‘befriended’ by homosexual predators. I felt compelled to help him in a number of ways. He is only one of a number I have helped, including the son of a pastor who is now a pastor himself.

BUT, I cannot allow circumstances to determine what I write. I must write whatever God demands of me, on ALL subjects. Regardless of how and why people become homosexual, I must declare God’s judgment on the sin. I have helped a large number of homosexuals, and this is something I do not share because their cases are not for open debate. I do not hate them, but I absolutely loathe what they do.

So, to say I ‘hate’ the individuals is ludicrous.

With Islam, too, I have come across many who are otherwise decent and law-abiding, with a lovely disposition. Again, this must never stop me from telling the truth about their pseudo-religion! I have said before, that when I was a younger teenager, before I was saved, I thought it great fun to harm others with sarcasm. Until the day my mother took me aside and said “Son, I love you but I hate what you do”. She explained that sarcasm really is the lowest form of wit... and I stopped using it from that day on. It is how I see Muslims.

However, with Muslims there are big differences. A major problem is one that did not really show itself until about ten years ago – taqiyya and murder. As the death toll around the world rises exponentially, I cannot but highlight the horrors of Islam. And this must include warnings against Muslims, even if they are currently moderate and quiet. I have explained all this many times with persuasive arguments and facts.

BUT – I don’t hate Muslims!!

Much of my approach is along academic lines, though I try to write without technical words. I am able, because of academic training, to present a tough argument without once relying on my emotions, and I ask readers to understand this.

A Royal Wedding with a Political Agenda

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It appears that the 'wedding' of Prince Harry and Megan Markle, Saturday March 19th, bewitched probably more Christians than non-believers.

The wedding represented the pinnacle of the cultural Marxist’s goals, the vanquishing of the institutions upon which western civilisation is founded. Having marched through the corridors, halls and courts of the arts, media, education, museums and the legal profession, including the Church, they have finally touched the apple of the eye of British nation, the royal family who themselves, maybe, were too undiscerning to realise that on that wedding day, the militant, supremacist, black feminists and homosexuals had finally vanquished “ white, heteronormative patriarchy”, signalling the last macabre, glittering theatrical display of royal privilege, before it sinks into oblivion.

It appears that the invitation to the primate of the Episcopalian Church of the United States of America (ECUSA), Michael Curray , the black, all - singing and dancing promoter of all things bright and peculiar, with his incantation of “Luuurrve, luuurve, luuurve” which echoed 58 times in St George’s chapel, plus the inclusion of the ear-ringed, female, black priest, Rose Hudson Wilkins, previous chaplain to the Queen, was initiated by both Meghan and Justine Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury.
As one commentator said, “It appears the Justine Welby’s decision to invite Michael Curry to give the address at the Wedding was politically motivated. ECUSA have been rejected by the Anglican Church World Wide, especially from those living in the Southern Hemisphere, over the issue of gay marriage in the Church. Justine Welby is extremely sympathetic to the same sex marriage and describes some queer relationships whom he knows as being absolutely stunning. What better way to take a swipe at those Anglicans who refuse to compromise, than to use Michael Curry as a tool of propaganda. This is cultural Marxism”.

The commentator continues, “I became suspicious of the choice of Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry to be the preacher at the wedding when I read that it was Archbishops Welby’s idea. Surely not, thought I. He wouldn’t dare, not after the partial suspension imposed on TEC by the Anglican Communion a few year ago. A bold move by Welby, not usually known for boldness, but I was unaware of his cunning side. He used Curry as a mule to carry his own pernicious liberal proclivities that he would not have expressed so eloquently himself “.

As the historian Toynbee stated, the apocalyptic vision of a violent [Marxist] revolution is to invert the present roles of Proletariat and Dominant Majority ... “in a reversal of roles which is to carry the Chosen People ... from the lowest to the highest place in the Kingdom of this World.”

In other words, the Christian culture is to be turned upside-down and the chosen ones — those, along with their subculture, the gays, lesbians, abortionists and paedophiles who rage and shake their fist against God are placed into positions of dominance. “The new Kingdom is to be matrist and polymorphously perverse”.
Traditionally, at a wedding, the clergyman addressing the couple and members of the congregation, apart from focussing on the Triune God, the Author and Sustainer of marriage, focuses on the couple. After all, this is their day, the one for which they have long planned; but on this occasion, Michael Curray, shaman and witch doctor became the centre piece of the event which he used to advance his narcissistic and demonic ideology.

But both Harry and Megan are themselves long practised in fornication and the world of adultery. Both Princes, Harry and William, besides being dominated by women, are now captive patrons of the Attitude Magazine within the covers of which are displayed phalluses and the naked bodies to which they are attached.
Both Meghan and Harry have been appointed the Commonwealth Youth Ambassadors, in which capacity they will further LGBT world domination and overturn the family and church structures of those countries. Why should we not see Royals this year in London Gay Pride Parade?

The “luurve” peddled by Michael Curray is not peaceful, tolerant, inclusive, non- judgemental and kaleidoscopic in its diversity. It is violent and rejects all those who refuse to embrace LGBT clergy and LGBT ‘marriages’. It hounds any dissidents out of their churches and pursues them with crippling litigation through the courts. This marriage, signals the persecution of real Christians within the Anglican Church world- wide.

Meanwhile, within the same week, we have a massacre of the innocents , with another batch of 4000, babies being disembowelled, torn and quartered in their mother’s wombs on an endless conveyer belt of death- with more adding to that number from Southern Ireland; and the likes of Tommy Robinson a champion of exposing those things done in the dark, being sent to the Gulaag. This is Britain. Civil war was openly declared a long time ago on the British people but without a single shot being fired in our defence. Unless we regain our Christian moral fibre and martial vigour, we are finished.

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