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BREXIT Arrogance

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On the news today (BBC, 23 October 2016) – more grumbling and claimed confusion over Brexit!

This shows us one of two things – either government and corporations could not be bothered to sort out Brexit plans and strategies before we voted to come out, or, government and corporations are just trying to spook the people into staying with tales of woe!

One of the main groups is the banking sector... even though banks admit that the ‘fall-out’ of the vote was far better than expected, and they said they had plans in place if Brexit was sure!

It is a shame on politicians and corporations that they say they have no clear strategies to follow!

Brexit was a known possibility for at least five years! How much time do these people need to get their acts together!!! It is a farce, and a debacle unworthy of leaders. They should have had plans in place ready for the vote... not start to think about it after the referendum!!


Paying Bullies to Stop Bullying Doesn’t Work!

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On the BBC news today – a U.S. spokesman said the ONLY way to defeat ISIS and other malefactors is to pour in huge amounts of aid (a new Marshall Plan) to the countries producing them. (BBC News, 22 October 2016)

This is what we can expect from Obama and Clinton and it is another kind of communism.

The CAUSE of terrorism is ISLAM, not poverty.

The CAUSE of their poverty is ISLAM, not normal conditions.

As we’ve seen in Iran, give these bullies plenty of cash and it will be used to produce nuclear weapons and more terrorists. I can only hope that Congress and other countries can see this,
otherwise we will all be paying bullies to continue bullying us on an even grander scale!

As I have said before, I refuse to send charity money to Islamic countries, because the CAUSE of their predicament is ISLAM, which kills growth and even the desire for growth. Unfortunately, Westerners are easy prey for charities who splash pictures of babies and toddlers with big brown eyes all over the TV screen, knowing that people are too ignorant to say no.

But, it is the leaders of these Islamic countries who are at fault, not us.

It is their Islamic identity that prevents their own people from living well and being healthy. It is their obedience to Allah that makes them starve or thirst.

If the West stopped ALL its charitable and governmental support, we might get somewhere.

The absurdities coming from government spokesmen is frightening – they NEVER admit that ISLAM is the cause and end result of its own dire circumstances. Instead, they give out our tax-monies with great flourishes, so that Islam can do an even better job of destroying the West and bringing in its stagnancy and wickedness.

Stop wearing blinkers and get tough-nosed, or those children who are so cute today will grow into those evil men and women who want to kill us... thanks to our money.

This has NOTHING to do with giving genuine aid – it is about sustaining a pagan pseudo-religious military machine that is already murdering and committing mayhem. STOP IT. These Islamic countries have made their beds – now let them lie in them.

Encouraging Martyrdom by Silence

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"According to a British member of the House of Lords, polygamy has become "commonplace" among the country's Muslim communities, with some families producing as many as 20 children by four wives.

The practice has resulted in both women and children becoming dependent on state welfare, since many of the Muslim fathers have made no efforts to provide financial support for their multiple families, a problem that House of Lords cross-bench member Baroness Cox has said needs to end." (Truth Revolt, 18 October 2016)

Once again the answer is simple – but who has the guts to do it?

Only give help (grudgingly) for one wife and only the first child. No citizenship for at least five years.

And, if the man does not work and will not do so, or learn English to get a job – kick them all out... I don’t want my taxes paying for my own demise by sharia!!

Criminally charge the man for any other wives.

Don’t be emotionally skewed because children are involved... it isn’t their fault but they are helping to destroy Britain.



Martyrdom without choice is one thing, but waiting for it to come and encouraging it by silence is quite another.

Even the Apostle Paul had to jump over a wall to escape... he didn’t pay his attackers to kill or arrest him.

The EU is trickier than a barrel load of monkeys

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barrel of monkeys

"A ComRes poll for The Independent has found that 49% of the British public think “the Government should prioritise getting favourable trade deals with EU countries when negotiating the UK’s exit from the EU,” whereas only 39% said the Government should “prioritise reducing immigration”. However, twice as many older Britons than younger Britons believe Prime Minister Theresa May should focus on reducing immigration – 48% to 25%." (Open Europe, 17 October 2016)

Note how older people understand the impact of immigration better than younger people!

"The Financial Times reports that Prime Minister Theresa May has not ruled out continuing the UK’s contribution to the EU budget in order to secure greater access to the single market. Oliver Letwin, former chief policy advisor to David Cameron, is quoted as saying, “If we have to buy this market access by making continuing contributions to EU budgets, that may well be a price worth paying, given the number of UK jobs that are involved.” (Open Europe, 17 October 2016)

Also note how the UK is considering continuation of payments to the EU just to get access to the single market!!!

If you remember the figures I issued before the Brexit referendum, they show that the EU countries would suffer far more than we will by refusing us access. To continue paying the EU after Brexit is like paying the government to enter our own front door!! There is little point in Brexit if government continues to pay exorbitant fees to the EU. These fees would ensure we remain prisoners to an EU that acts like a school-yard bully.

We MUST have Brexit alone, regardless of any deals done for trade. And if we must retain EU rules and Payments, we should ignore them and lose trade if necessary... though EU industries will soon complain, as the UK puts its own trade enforcements in place!


The EU is trickier than a barrel load of monkeys, and it will deceive us at every turn. So will our government!

What to do With Muslims?

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liberals really are that stupid

I have said it before – the Muslims who came here in the 1950s are usually integrated and okay.

So, what I have to say is about those who came later – Bolshy, aggressive, violent, and hating us.

We should just kick them out, with almost no exceptions. Why? Because it is their own religion that has driven them from Islamic lands. Even so, when they come it is not to integrate and show some respect for their host country – you and me and our taxes. It is to change us into a backwards, backwoods religio-military totalitarian state, obeying Allah or else. So we don’t want them in our country.

Deport all of them - Muslims don't want democracy

But, many will argue (as does that great fakir, Obama, or is it faker?), that is not democratic or fair.


Hearken to those poor Muslims! They tell us they don’t WANT democracy. They only want enslavement to Allah. And for all of us. So, to kick them out is exactly in line with what they want!!

It isn’t democratic, because Islam is not democratic. Do you think Muslims will offer us a democratic deal?


All they’ll give us is heavy dhimmi taxation, second class citizenship, and/or death. No democracy that is so easily spread about by liberals and socialists!! The democracy they hold so dear will be stomped on by Islamicists who want us dead or silenced slaves.


Stop offering them the democratic right to stay here and give them their Islamic idea of non-democracy and kick them out. It fits their ideology perfectly. They hate democracy, so why insist upon it for them?

In just a few short years I won’t be allowed to say any of this. And if that happens I won’t blame myself... I will blame all of you who insist on giving leniency to Islam and its hateful adherents.

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