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Let’s Just Beat Ourselves Up!!

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Just watched the TV news... and what hogwash we are being fed!

It looks like we are heading the same way as those gormless propagandised USA folks who call for white people to be ashamed of being white!

Now, the UK says it must act, because latest figures show Afro-Caribbeans are not treated so well as white people (work, school, etc). But, too many variables are missing from the data, such as school drop-outs, etc (many white kids drop out and get nowhere. What about them, too??)!!

But, the best bit is that Pakistani women feel marginalised.

It was obvious that the group of Pakistani women being interviewed were obviously monied and middle aged AND spoke English. The latest batches of Pakistanis were not interviewed, complete with their burqas, no-English with a chip on the shoulder!

If a person comes here and can’t speak English, it will be a massive barrier. So is the very low education and skills shortage, plus an attitude of wanting everything free without working for it.

This kind of news item is sickening, because the real issues are not mentioned. In particular, that Pakistanis are Muslims, and don’t want to work or ‘get on’. They just want our state benefits. Those older ladies, though Muslim, are the ‘old breed’ who came to the UK TO work!

We must watch that we don’t travel the road taken in the USA and blame white people for being born white! No more concessions, please! Too much notice is taken of Muslim sensibilities.

Jobs must go to those best qualified and skilled, not to a quota by government to hire ‘minorities’. Christians are now a minority – so why don’t THEY get similar privileged attention??

This ridiculous guilt-trip society must stop being fools. If any foreigner wants to get on in the West, let them work for it and stop wanting everything for nothing. And let then radically change
their nasty disregard for the West.

Do You Sin?

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Well – do you sin?

Snap! So do I.

Are you still a sinner (but saved by grace)?

Snap! So am I.

Now it starts to get a bit more difficult...

Do you know you can sin physically, mentally and spiritually?

Even emotionally?

(No, we can’t just say “emotions are just emotions”. An emotion is how we are in the face of life’s daily quirks. Do we react, or do we respond?

A reaction shows that we are unprepared and even wrong. 

Whereas a response is well thought out and based on our inner beliefs).

Okay, let’s get back to the first question – do you REALLY accept that you still sin? Then you will know that sin of ANY size, shape or hue is hated by the Lord. Yes?

If that is so, what do you think God requires of us when we sin, perhaps even on a daily basis? Just say “Sorry” and shrug our shoulders? Or, maybe say nothing at all and make an excuse?  Perhaps inwardly thinking a sin now will be outweighed by a good we do later?

Oh dear – that won’t work with the Lord.

Do we feel utter devastation when we sin, no matter how ‘small’?

Or, do we take it in our stride and just carry on, as if we just painted a door the wrong colour?

Does the sin play on our mind until we repent and change?

Do we do this daily, leaving no sin unrepented of?

Do we go the other end of the scale and keep repenting when we have already repented once, thus turning ourselves into nervous wrecks?

Or, do we view it as our sad state until we reach Heaven, hand over our souls to God, and seek to do even better in the name of Jesus Christ our Saviour?

Do we REALLY know what sin is, and what it does to us?

Do we realise that sin can affect us bodily, mentally, spiritually and emotionally, leading us down a dark path towards greater failures? This is where anxieties and depression come from).

Do we REALLY know how God sees us when we sin, and then, when we repent?

Do we understand just how significant sin is and how it corrupts us down to the very marrow? Or, do we ‘tut-tut’ when OTHERS sin and think we are better, or that the sins we often see in them will NEVER be found in us?

Then I can assure you that Satan will make it his business to trip you up on that exact sin. Know why? Because it will crush your false self-confidence and, hopefully, turn you away from the Lord to enter a spiral of despair. So, it is worth understanding yourself, and sin, and what we must do about it. NOW, not later.

On the other hand, when we know what sin is and how it affects us and God, we can live realistically, forewarned about our own state and mind. This enables us to keep a sharp look-out in our souls, and we can obey the ‘little niggle’ of guilt or remorse; we can listen to conscience; we can repent immediately and turn away, seeking to live to the full - in Christ and not in us.

We all sin every day. Unfortunately, some folk sin sins that are utterly shameful and can never be made known to others. How many are ruined for life by what they have done?

Even if they repent? Friends, we are ALL capable of the very worst of sins, though some almost congratulate themselves on how little they sin, or that their sins are somehow less vile than others. And if no-one else knows about our favoured sin, does that mean we can run with it untouched?

No. Every sin corrupts. That is why each one MUST be dealt a death-blow immediately we are convinced of it by the Holy Spirit (we won’t do anything unless we are convinced).

Being human these moments will be repeated. But, we must respond properly. 

Be open with the Lord – because He already knows about your sin. Indeed, He knew you would sin even before it entered your head! We can’t hide anything from God.

Just talk to Him as your Father and seek His face Understand the evil of sin. Repent truly.

Then determine to change and avoid that sin in the future.

But, that’s not all.

The above is merely ‘fire-fighting’.

We must learn to seek out what is good and do what is good, so that it displaces those nasty thoughts of sin we all get. Part of this is to learn sound doctrine. And that doctrine includes knowing what we are truly like as sinful human beings.

Let us be disciplined by love for the Lord, so our daily lives are run not by secret desires after sin, but by outward desires to please God in all our ways. In this lies strength and holiness and purity. Go to it, friends! The time is NOW.

The Truth is out there about the PLO

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How to stun the UN Assembly.  PLO lies exposed by former Hamas Leader. (Jewish Press, 28 September 2017)


Christians must not befriend Muslims or to see ‘moderates’ as different

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We have warned time and again that even moderates will support and follow terrorists and real Muslims (defined as those who know the Koran and obey it) given time. We have warned what strict Islamists have repeatedly told us – “there is no such thing as a moderate in Islam”!

Is your friend quiet because he is in gestation, waiting to act? Or, because he is a ‘sleeper’? Or, because he is passing on information to jihadists? You wouldn’t know anyway, as so many news stories prove! (Before the London underground failed bomb, did you read my prediction – I said watch out for the accolades – the terrorist will be called peaceful, quiet, nice, friendly, etc., etc. (The Telegraph, 19 September 2017)

And that is EXACTLY what was said!! EVERY ONE OF THE TERRORISTS were given such pleasant character references!! We can expect the same praise to be given to ALL future terrorists.

It is important to note, for westerners who befriend Muslims DON’T KNOW if those they befriend are already terrorists, or are planning to be killers. THINK YOU KNOW YOUR MUSLIM FRIENDS? So did their families and closest friends and workmates!! How wrong they were!!

It has been argued that these people will turn to violent Islam because they are too afraid of terrorists and what will happen to them. My response to that is “So what?” No, I am not being trite... I speak as one who has been physically attacked by homosexuals, threatened with my life if I don’t shut up, been attacked in print, had my jobs lost by activists... you name it and it has happened! So I know what it is like to be intimidated in all sorts of ways. BUT, I CARRIED ON BEING GOD’S MAN BECAUSE I AM A BELIEVER AND KNOW THAT WHAT I AM SAYING IS RIGHT.

So, I expect scared Muslims to stop whining and show their mettle, too!! If they don’t, I refuse to trust them.

Terrorism is PART of their pseudo-religion. It is written in their Koran and hadiths.

Now, there is even more reason to call a halt to befriending Muslims (except for the rare reason of preaching the Gospel or witnessing to individual Muslims as God leads). It is the very recent case of USA Muslim Alton Nolen, who beheaded a fellow factory worker and attempted to do the same to another female colleague. (Muslim who Beheaded Oklahoma Woman Wasn’t Radicalized, Did It Because Koran Says So )

In court, Nolen gave a very chilling fact – that he was NOT radicalised, nor was he influenced by any particular cleric or other source. He did what he did simply because he read the Koran and obeyed it. Now for those who don’t really follow what is happening throughout Islam, this fact is a frightening truth about Muslims. What it shows is a Muslim who wanted to enact what the Koran said, just because it said it. He was not a known terrorist, nor was he particularly interested in Islamic groups, but he was just an ordinary follower of Allah. For him, the words
in the Koran was his law, so he just did what it said. If those who befriend Muslims don’t see the huge significance of this, they should go to sleep and not bother us again!

This vindicates our warnings not to ordinarily befriend Muslims or to see ‘moderates’ as different. THEY ARE NOT!

This was one who some could refer to as ‘moderate’... yet he one day murdered his colleague because the Koran said so. A while ago I passed on a warning given by an ex-Muslim woman in Africa – as soon as a Muslim reads the Koran, he will become violent. What if they read it and remain quiet? Again – SO WHAT? ALL the UK and European terrorists were known to be quiet, decent, friendly, etc., etc. No-one knew they were planning to kill.

But, like Nolen, they killed anyway, suddenly.

Time and again, it is ‘moderates’ who murder. Nolen merely accentuates the fact that no Muslim can be trusted. If this offends those who think otherwise, then so be it. Nolen is the pin-up of ordinary Islam. If you still don’t get it, please stop siding with Islam and Muslims in my presence. Don’t write to me again with excuses for ‘moderates’.

If you wish to ignore all the warnings from Islamic clerics in strict Muslim countries, well, frankly, you need your heads read!

Yes, I am being very blunt and the talk is tough. But, I belong to God, Whose hatred for idolaters is absolute. Nolen is yet another example of what ‘ordinary’ Muslims can do. God help you if you cannot see the danger you are in by befriending that quiet, nice Muslim around the corner... the one hated by God. Your friendship puts ME in danger and possibly yourself, because as Nolen proved, he had no problem killing anyone and had no remorse!

I do not advocate hating anyone, not even Muslims, but I DO advocate total restraint in how we look at Muslims, and how we must not let our guard down. Nolen is a good example of why we warn people. We can expect more like him to arise murderously in the near future. And they are aided by westerners who have no idea what they are talking about and who prefer friendship with Muslims than with believers.

Be warned if you are a believer.

Friendly Killers

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H.H. Holmes, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer. John Wayne Gacy, Andrew Cunanan, Richard Angelo, Karl Denke, Dennis Nilsen, Albert Fish, Phillip Markoff, Harold Shipman, Michael Swango, Sean Vincent Gillis, Paul Bernardo, Dorthea Puente, John Bodkin Adams, Marcel Petiot, Dean Corll, Randy Steven Kraft, Robert Lee Yates, Linda Hazzard, Dennis Rader, Cary Stayner, Jane Toppan, Donald Harvey, Charles Cullen, Arnfinn Nesset, Amy Archer-Gilligan, Kristen Gilbert, Orville Lynn Majors, Beverley Allitt, Robert George Clements, Henri Désiré Landru, Rodney Alcala, Marybeth Tinning.

The list is endless. Recognise a few of the names?

I have given full names so you can look them up, if you are so inclined.

They were all serial killers. And, guess what people said about them?

They were all said to be nice people, friendly, helped the community, and their close family had no idea they were sadistic killers.

Today, Muslim terrorists are ALWAYS called nice, friendly, decent, and so on by their close family, friends and associates. All were shocked by their killing sprees. Therefore, they can live right next door to you... as they do.

Though Islamic clerics and leaders openly tell us there is no such thing as a ‘moderate’ Muslim, western fools in government and police continue to assure us that we must rely on moderates, and that terrorists have ‘nothing to do with Islam”. Yes – they are fools.

Yet, clerics tell us otherwise, and that Islam is about conquering the West, making us submit to Allah, and to sharia.

There is no real difference, then, between the killers listed above and Muslim terrorists, all of whom were known to be ‘moderates’. I keep repeating, for your own safety and Christian mind, that Islam is hated by God, who also hates Muslims themselves. (This is not incitement, but simple fact).

How dare we think of ‘Moderate’ Muslims as our closest friends? How dare we send charitable help to Islamic countries to help those whom God says we must NEVER help?

How dare we give sanctuary or state help to Muslims, when they will turn on us when their numbers are enough? They are already doing so in the guise of terrorists, but government and police insist on pulling the wool over our eyes, though I think most know by now that it is all a deception.

‘Moderate’ is a name given to Muslims who are currently quiet, a name given by westerners, not by those in charge of Islam!

Remember – all the serial killers above were also known to be quiet.

Look again at those quiet family men and women above, whose horrific crimes were unknown to families and friends. Now add ‘moderate’ Muslims to that list, who have already killed. Many more are waiting to pounce, well over 30,000 of them!! And even when caught, the latest bleated excuse is ‘mental illness’. The UK, whose legal system was the envy of the world, is now the protector of Islam, no matter what it does.

It sickens me to talk about Islam and Muslims, but I have to counter the lies put out by our fake leaders and guardians of security. When will my fellow Christians take note?

When will government and police stop their game and truly protect us, by deporting the later batches of Muslims, removing citizenship from many others, and surveilling the rest? Otherwise more Islamic names will be added to the list above, while Islam gains power rapidly in the next few years.

There is only one reason I speak like this. Many quiet people have committed murder, so why single out Muslims? The answer should be obvious – the Koran and its wicked child, Islam, contains direct commands by the false god, Allah, to kill everyone who will not submit to his name! THAT is why all Muslims should be held responsible and why we must be very cautious.

Last night as I lay in bed, I bemoaned that my wish is to only study and present biblical doctrine. But, with the lack of realism created by Islamic propaganda, and repeated by western politicians and police, I am compelled to speak out. If no-one listens, then their future is in their own hands, and not in the hands of God... except as a penalty for their wilful ignorance.

As I have indicated earlier today as I listed another set of Muslim murders and attempted bombings – they are only today’s examples. There are many, many more from around the world that I cannot possibly repeat. How many more examples do we need before we take action as a nation?

The same fog filled the minds of Christians over the loathsome behaviour known as homosexuality. With this subject, too, I was taken to task for saying all homosexuals are the same (to God), and we should have nothing to do with them. Sadly, my warnings were not heeded, and homosexuality has taken over every aspect of our lives. The same is happening with Islam.

What more can I do? Nothing.

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