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“This is for Allah!” Theresa May Exalts Islam

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There are at least two eye witness reports of the London Bridge 2 (and counting) attack of 3 June 2017, which said the Muslim attackers used the words “This is for Allah!” (The Telegraph, 4 June 2017)

Then, as if on cue, the Prime Minister Theresa May, said at around 10:00 this morning that:

“The recent attacks are not connected by common networks, they are connected in one important sense. They are bound together by the single, evil ideology of Islamist extremism that preaches hatred, sows division, and promotes sectarianism. It is an ideology that claims our Western values of freedom, democracy and human rights are incompatible with the religion of Islam.”

Yet then she completely hides, exalts and exonerates Islam as if there is no connection between Jihadist-Islamist-extremists and Islam.

“It is an ideology that is a perversion of Islam and a perversion of the truth.”

Can you believe what the Prime Minister said? She is exalting Islam, saying that these attacks are nothing to do with Islam and that they are perverting the doctrines of Islam and that they are truth.


Never have I heard a British Prime Minister in my life time say that the teachings of the Bible and Jesus Christ are truth, which they obviously are.


A ‘Final Solution’ is needed for those who follow Islam

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The words ‘Final Solution’ are loaded with association, Nazi Germany’s policy of exterminating the Jewish people and its religion. However, in English the words ‘final solution’ also mean a complete answer to a problem. Katie Hopkins had every right to use them. (Independent, 26 May 2017)

A final solution is needed to the Islamic doctrinal driver that murdering and slaughtering of infidels and non-compliant Muslims is a ‘golden ticket’ to a seat at Mohammed’s table in heaven and other sensuous delights. (Culture Watch, 24 May 2017) 

My statement has nothing to with race, but a total rejection of a perverse, pagan, dark, satanic set of incoherent idolatrous beliefs that represses and destroys everything and every mind that is infected by it.

Mohammed was a murderer from the beginning; demanding submission by all to a false god and belief system he was inspired by Satan to deliver. History records it. The Koran and the Hadiths celebrate the narrative and followers of Islam rejoice when its doctrines are 'executed' across the world today.

True Strong and Stable leadership

It is urgent and imperative that political leaders in the UK, collectively, be strong and boldly declare, without apology, that Islam has no place in the UK and the rest of the world.

How can there be stability and safety anywhere when Islam is protected and honoured by the government and its institutions?

Islam is the antithesis of what people in the West value most: the liberty and freedom to live under the law of the land in security and peace and to choose who they want to govern them.

The politicians know the truth, but are too scared or entrapped in political correctness or some insane social liberalism dogma (psuedo-equality) to declare the truth. Islam has no place in the values and culture of the UK, unless it is to become an Islamic state and who wants to live there – not even Muslims!

The government must name Islam as being completely toxic to the mind, heart, body and soul of the follower and therefore is not accepted here. Anything else, and not even Theresa May will be able to deliver strong and stable leadership!


God’s Face is against the Church

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For many years, I have been thinking about the cultural battle ground and the destruction of Western Judaeo-Christian values and privileges which we have enjoyed for so long.

The frustration, the impotency, the continuous unstoppable advancement of the enemies of God. The inversion and corruption where black becomes white and evil becomes good, is crushing and alarming. (Isaiah 5:20) Isaiah 5:20

Why has this happened?

What can I do about it?

These are hard and painful questions to answers, but I am convinced that the blame lies at the feet of the majority of those who call themselves Christians, including myself.

I will go further and say that God’s face is against the Church and is allowing our enemies to defeat us and that we (Christians) will be overwhelmed unless there is a fundamental spiritual change and reformation.

The Problem is Idolatry

I confess, that up until fairly recently, I looked at idolatry at a superficial level as the worship of pagan gods portrayed in figurines of wood or stone. I would never do that!

In pride I thought: I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour from sin who has called me and saved me by His grace through faith. I study the Bible, learn true doctrine, strive to obey the word and put it into practice in faith and obedience.


Former Transgender - Surgery fixed nothing

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A former transgender myth victim who had two gender reassignment surgeries, says he regrets his decision, adding that he should not have been allowed to undergo those procedures in the first place. (Christian Post, 1 May 2017)

The transgender or gender fluidity concept is just complete garbage, based on a very sad delusion. Those deceived by it needs support to reaffirm that their biological sex and gender are the same and defined at birth.

No emotional speeches in front of world leaders can changes this reality. 

Inviting Typhoid Mary to Cook Your Dinner

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Or, allowing homosexuals to do what they like leads to millions of deaths

If you know the facts concerning ‘Typhoid Mary’ you will wonder why on earth the authorities of her time allowed her to do what she did, when what she did killed many. At the time some had sympathy for her, whilst others wanted her strung up. To speak bluntly, she should have been put to death for murder.

Her name was Mary Mallon. Born in Northern Ireland in 1869, she sailed for the USA in 1883 to get away from her life of poverty. But, by 1915 she had already been quarantined twice, because she was linked to typhoid fever cases. She was a ‘carrier’ of the disease and though having typhoid in her system she was immune to it. But, she went on to infect many.

Now, being a carrier of ANY disease does not make an immune carrier evil. But, Mary, knowing she was high risk and a risk to anyone who came across her, continued to work as a cook, giving her disease to at least 51 people. In an effort to cover her tracks she used a number of aliases... and it is her deliberate acts that label her ‘wicked’. Others were also immune, and helped to (unknowingly) spread their disease to their fellows, leading to fatalities.

So, get the picture. She KNEW she had the typhoid bacteria in her system and KNEW that her work would infect those not so fortunate. And so they died. By hiding her true identity from the affluent families she cooked for, she was able to freely infect them.

A sanitary engineer investigated one case where most of the family went down with typhoid, and he found the culprit – Mary Mallon, who was working under an alias. Doctors thought that Mallon’s poor hygiene (inadequate washing of hands) was to blame, along with the food that passed on the bacteria – home-made ice-cream.

After a court battle Mallon was allowed to again continue her work, so long as she pledged never to work as a cook again. But, she again broke her promise and began cooking in a maternity hospital, infecting 25 workers and killing two. Mallon was working under another alias, Mary Brown.  When the authorities realised Brown was in fact Mallon, she was confined to North Brother Island and spent 26 years in total in isolation. She died in 1938.

The Homosexual Parallel

In the very first year after the discovery of the then new HIV (named thus after firstly being named ‘The Gay Plague’ by doctors and researchers), the statistics proved beyond any doubt that homosexuals, and homosexuals alone, were responsible for the disease, which appeared to have arisen ‘out of nowhere’. It seems the virus came about BECAUSE of homosexual sexual activities, which are unnatural.

Though at that time there were only a few cases, experts warned that the best possible ‘treatment’ was isolation. But, of course, ‘gay activists’ went berserk and persuaded politicians with poor sexual morals to give them protection.


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