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Ofsted’s proposals to enforce registration of Sunday Schools and other Christian Children and Youth Organisations

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Dear Sir Michael

Re: Ofsted’s proposals to enforce registration of Sunday Schools and other Christian Children and Youth Organisations

The Prevent Strategy is being used by the government and Ofsted to enforce politically correct moral values and nouveau ‘British Values’, which are whatever the government defines them to be.

You really think we can’t read in-between the lines of your interview comments made in the LBC Interview on 14 January 2016, that you are using the crisis issue of Muslim out of school classes (that teach Islamic doctrines of hate of the infidel, rape, murder and Jihad in all its variants as policies endorsed by Allah and Mohammed) to enforce state control on the Biblical doctrines taught by Christian teachers?

Firstly, why do you need to have an “even-handed way... (for) church groups or religious groups (who) want to run out-of-school classes... they need to register so that the country and the Department of Education know they exist and that they’re being run properly.”

Are Christian out-of-school classes the cause of Islamic terrorist attacks and acts of violence against innocent people across the world, and the threat of death and rape if you don’t convert to Islam?

It’s farcical, if it wasn’t so sinister, that you think you need to be fair and impartial in treatment and judgement in Ofsted’s policies to apply a catchall approach to equate Muslim Madrassas with Christian Sunday schools.
What exactly do you mean when applied to Christian youth teaching and Sunday Schools?

That they are:

  •  “... being run properly.”
  •  “... putting children at risk.”
  •  “ and proper people to run these places.”
  •  “...very serious issues.”

Ofsted has already shutdown Christian Schools (e.g. Durham Free School, Grindon Hall Christian School  ) which have not been compliant with Ofsted’s politically correct values and this is exactly what you plan to do to Sunday schools and similar youth settings.



When Cowards Rule

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With every day it takes to reach the point of a referendum on staying in or out of the EU, Britain spends billions on staying in membership. (Even if we leave it will take several years and much more money to get out... when any plucky leader would simple tell the EU to ‘get lost’! Thaty is why we must start getting out NOW).

It is also spending billions of OUR tax to send aid to Turkey to shorten the queue of Muslims trying to get to the West!!

None of this should be our concern. We are the West, and Islam hates us. Yes ISLAM, not just a few (hundreds of thousands!) of Muslims.
We are engaged in a bizarre and stupid dance, paying money to keep the bullies quiet.

The REAL answer is to eliminate the bullies where they are. ISIS must be put down, like a
rabid dog.

The West is bringing in an unknown number of jihadists, and so-called asylum seekers are showing outright hatred for the West they wish to live in. They cause riots and are violent if they do not get gold Rolls Royces and huge mansions, plus unlimited money. And we give it to them.

We turn a blind eye (made blind by Islamic attacks) to violence, mass rapes, riots, burning down of hostels, and so much more, and Muslims turn up publicly to denounce the West, with a hatred you rarely see anywhere.

As they do so the ‘moderates’ in surveys say they support ISIS, and execution of non-Muslims, and many Islamic medieval forms of wickedness.

Today, as you read this, more jihadists will enter Europe.

Today, many women and children will be raped by ‘ordinary’ Muslims who pretend to come here to find ‘peace’.

Today, Muslims will break many laws and the police will not arrest them.

Today, more Muslims will openly show their disdain for us in the streets.




Yes, restrain those who fight with ISIS

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It is farcical... a Muslim father yelled into a radio microphone that jailing his daughter for going to Syria to join ISIS is an act of ‘Islamophobia’!!

No – it is punishment for supporting a group that openly threatens western people and kills them! There is no way of knowing if the girl joined in with murders, but she is certainly guilty by association. (The name of the woman does not matter – what matters is the principle). (BBC News, 1 February 2016)

And let’s be straight here – during WW2 Germans in Britain were incarcerated JUST IN CASE they decided to join the Nazis, or could be fifth-column collaborators. EXACTLY the same situation we now find ourselves in!!

Yet, screaming Muslims who openly threaten murder are left to get on with it, though their murderous friends in Syria, etc., are literally committing genocide!!

ISIS has declared war on the West. That is enough! It is reasonable to ask UK leaders why Muslims are not similarly incarcerated... at least those known to call for murder, disobedience against law, and support for genocide and ISIS. They yell hatred into TV cameras... but police do nothing.

Will incarceration come? No, though it should! The police can’t say they don’t know who these wicked people are. All they do is have them under surveillance. They are murderers-in-waiting, but nothing is done!!

This is what happened in Belgium... and those under surveillance went to Paris for a killing spree. If they were arrested as soon as they started their evil support for ISIS, people might be alive today! Someone had better start thinking clearly, and fast – every day more radical Muslims join those already here, being named ‘refugees’ though they yell hatred and cause criminal mayhem.

I am not calling for hatred... just common-sense legal restraint of those who openly hate us. I can assure readers that if the law does nothing, we will see the emergence of vigilante groups, as has happened in various EU countries already. It WILL happen, because this is what always happens when people are pushed into a corner and wicked men rule them. Christians should be prepared for that time, mentally, physically and spiritually. Part of this is to realise that defending yourself and your family against killers is not ‘unchristian’!!

Titanosaurs – biggest ever? (BBC 1. 24 January 2016)

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I rarely watch anything by David Attenborough, but for some reason watched this programme (BBC1 , 24th Jan.).

I'm glad I did, just to see the excavation of the biggest ever dinosaur 'Titanosaurs' (actually seven of them) thus far. It would not surprise me if someone in the future dug up something even bigger, such was God's design ability! It is 10% bigger than any other similar species, so they think it might be a new species.

I don't watch his programmes simply because his script is littered profusely with evolution, and, for me, that spoils the programme. It spoils it for me because when he utters a pro-evolution statement I immediately answer back – though he can't hear me!! When I know pro-evolution statements are unscientific and unprovable, it is a source of much annoyance when I can't shout "Hey! Let's argue that point!"

It showed that seven bodies of this dinosaur were found in one place. Also, nearby, some of their eggs.

Remarkably, baby dinosaur skin was found in an egg and Attenborough, perhaps inadvertently, said that the eggs were taken by a flood. He meant a localised flood – but the water pressure, he said at a later time, was not powerful enough to float such huge animal bodies to their final resting place!


BTM's response to 'Out-of-school education settings' consultation

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I have deep concerns regarding the government's Prevent Strategy and have published my thoughts on-line a year ago at "Prevent Strategy is the Creation of a Police State by the delegation of monitoring duties in the UK"

These concerns and others on the broad scope of the Prevent Strategy and its openness to interpretation (which enables the government to restrict or prosecute those who publicise, teach or share their opposition to nouveau 'British Values') have been articulated in the main stream media by many others.

In the consultation document  it states that "Through this proposal, we are seeking to ensure that those who work in positions of trust and influence with children and young people respect those with different faiths and beliefs and do not, in expressing their individual beliefs, promote intolerance against others." (2.4)


"It is right to expect children to be in a safe environment and somewhere which does not teach children views which undermine our fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and the mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs." (2.5)

The same broad brush approach of the Prevent Strategy is being applied again to the teaching and influence of children in an informal educational setting through this government's proposals, which could easily include Sunday School, youth groups, youth camps, church meetings, counselling sessions, preaching, etc. where it would be taught for example that:

  • God made man in his own image, male and female. Sex is defined at birth and is not transiently altered by an individual on the completion of a government form.
  • A man and woman are to leave their respective parents and become one physically and spiritually in marriage for life. Same sex marriage is therefore a gross perversion or the definition of marriage, is biologically abnormal and unhealthy, destructive to society and promotes a God defined abomination.
  • God condemns fornication, adultery, homosexuality and transsexuality and defines them as sin. Therefore, LGBTs and others who commit fornication and adultery are sinning and must repent of their sin and change their behaviour.
  • Islam is an idolatrous religion of hate and unrestrained violence against all non-Muslims, which was promoted by its founder Mohammed in word and deed in the Koran and its traditions and is demonstrated by Islam followers today.
  • There is no other way to God and salvation except through Jesus Christ. Christian see no validity and legitimacy in other religions.
  • Abortion is murder against the unborn child.
  • Christian should obey the law or the land as long as it does not conflict with God's commandments.
  • Christians should live peaceably with their neighbour as far as is it is possible, however they may not tolerate and must condemn sin and uphold the truth.

These points and many others, would be in explicit conflict with government's Prevent Strategy as they "undermine our fundamental (nouveau) 'British values' of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and the mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs." (2.5)

Is this your intention?

If not, then the wording of your proposals need to say that they will not restrict the free expression and teaching of the Bible including its commandments and beliefs.

If it is, then this will have a major impact on freedom of speech in the UK, freedom of religion, and the ability of children to know the true difference between right and wrong as defined by God and not man.

The UK will become a police state of politically correct values - essentially the same as an Islamic state where only intolerant Islamic Sharia law applies.

Politicians in the UK need to identify and expose true extremism and intolerance in the LGBT community to those who oppose their anarchistic ideology and amongst Muslims and their hate driven doctrine. They are the real extremists.

Christian doctrine must be explicitly excluded from the Prevent Strategy as Christians want and exhort others to what is good, true and beneficial for all, especially children, as commanded by God our creator.

Yours sincerely

Dr James B Waddell

'Christian Doctrine'
Bible Theology Ministries
PO Box 415, Swansea, SA5 8YH
Wales, United Kingdom


The Real Reason...

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The real, most basic, reasons why...

our ministry condemns and shuns homosexuality in all its hues is that God Himself condemns it AND homosexuals and because homosexuals harm society as a whole and persecutes believers.

The real, most basic, reasons why...

our ministry condemns Islam is because Islam is idolatrous and God hates idolatry, commanding us to reject it.

The real, most basic, reasons why...

our ministry rejects any call to help Muslims who invade Europe is that they contain many murderers AND because God says we must NOT help those who hate Him... and when they come they commit crimes.

All other reasons are just details! Christians – GET UNDERSTANDING!!!


It is not unscriptural to honour the birth of Christ

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Christmas is a weird set-up!

There are ads on TV from the Salvation Army (itself apostate) that base their appeal on Christmas, even though Christmas AS Christmas is an invention of the unchristian Roman Catholic church. The sentiments and emotional claims made for and by Christmas are both interesting and ridiculous. Suddenly everyone becomes 'mushy' at Christmas time, play Jingle Bells, and become a bit friendlier. Then they revert back to their usual sins afterwards!

But, how many genuine Christians know the difference between truth and their poor reactions?

For example, 'Christmas' as per Roman Catholicism, is unscriptural... but genuine Christians who tend to see the time as worthy are NOT being unscriptural. Sadly, some believers become so hyped-up against Christmas that any other Christians who have other ideas are lumped together with heretics and satanic groups such as the RCC! The REAL facts are these:


Michael Overd wins appeal against conviction for using the 'wrong' Bible verse

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The initial conviction of Michael Overd, who regularly preaches on the streets of Taunton, back in March 2015, in short stunk.

District Judge Shamim Ahmed Qureshi, a Muslim no less, was appointed to rule judgement over the case and decided to fine the defendant Michael Overd for using a verse in Leviticus 20 where God commands for the death penalty for homosexuality.

Leviticus 20:13 "If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them."

Michael Overd response after the initial ruling was:

"I am amazed that the Judge sees it as his role to dictate which parts of the Bible can and can't be preached. I did not quote the full text of Leviticus 20 or make reference to the death penalty but the Judge is telling me that I should use other parts of the Bible. This is not free speech but censorship. The Judge is redacting the Bible.

"I have been ordered to pay compensation for causing 'emotional pain' to someone (who approached me aggressively demanding to debate the issue. There was no harm, injury or theft, just a simple disagreement over theology which I have now been fined for.

"My motivation for preaching the gospel is my love for Jesus Christ and my deep concern for people who do not know His great love and are heading towards an eternity separated from God."

In the appeal court on 10 December 2015, under the Circuit Judge David Ticehurst, he upheld Michael Overd's appeal, after the Crown failed to provide sufficient evidence to justify the conviction.

The Christian Legal centre are to be congratulated for diligently pursuing the gross injustice and perverse ruling of the initial case and Judge Qureshi's attempt to censor the Bible, prevent criticism of homosexuality and stop freedom of speech. However another cold blast of the chilling effect has blown across freedom of speech in this country to enforce political correctness amongst the general population and Christians.

A further account of the appeal has been made by Christian Voice.

Indictment against Christians for lack of support at appeal court

One of our readers went to the appeal court case and reported that there were no members from local churches and very few other Christians. This is a very disappointing sign as it shows apathy and disobedience to Christ's command to support those in prison or persecuted for their faith and preaching the gospel. I wanted to go to the appeal court, but was unable to do so due to prior contractual commitments. We praise God for the successful appeal and the answer to prayer that Michael Overd is free.

Matthew 24: 33-40

33 And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.

34 Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:

35 For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in:

36 Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me.

37 Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink?

38 When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee?

39 Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee?

40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.



Islamic Murders

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You might think we are sending out too much on Islamic violence.

In reality the number of news items is only a dip in the ocean... the number we receive at BTM is vast and come in daily. But, we know most Christians cannot stomach truth in large doses... so we only send a sample number.

It is a bit like newspapers publishing what happened in WW2 – the reports were many and daily. This was necessary.

But, Christians today are sleeping. They dislike thinking about the worldwide murders and genocide carried out by ISIS and its allies.

I think the same way, but hiding our heads on the sand is not an option when we KNOW these Islamic murderers are already slaughtering people everywhere and VOW to travel the world to murder as many Christians, Jews and non-Sunni Muslims as they can find.

And, as the yellow-spined leaders in the West prove, they are not concerned about it, but are inviting killers into our countries.

Obama is doing the same.

This is no longer a crisis- it is a real war, divided up into multiple Muslim groups and individuals. In Israel, these groups are now split into individuals, who will stab, shoot and ram, other individuals without discrimination, so long as they kill. There are now many such murders EVERY DAY in Israel!! But, Christians don't care.


Questions EU and UK Leaders Refuse to Answer

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Why the Difference?

It is a fact that the EU, including UK leaders, are systematically destroying all semblance of Christianity.

The EU and UK have removed all and anything that appears to have a godly foundation. But, at the same time you (the politicians)  legislate on behalf of homosexuals, whose lives are notoriously unstable, anti-social and extremely unhealthy, killing millions (their part in this is statistically proved). Laws passed have been designed and framed so as to punish Christians, though Christian lives are not riddled with sexual diseases and do not spread perversion, or violence, or social division, or strut sordidly in public.

Now, the same is happening with Islamic migrants, especially now, when over a few million are promised to arrive in the EU over the next few months. Almost none of them are refugees, yet you keep calling them by that name. You insist that we must accept them all! Yet, as we can plainly see thus far, almost all of these migrants are coming to take our taxes in the form of benefits, housing, health treatments, and many other unearned and undeserved free incomes. They have come to birth a caliphate! And this is kept hidden from your own citizens.

The huge majority of these migrants are young, fit men, with plenty of money. They are foul-mouthed, violent, hateful towards their host countries, and demanding of everything they can get free. If they don't get it all they riot, burn houses down, attack locals and wreak havoc. They fly black flags, despise local people and their governments, rape, pillage and destroy. Along the thousands of miles they travel they leave behind filth, rubbish, human faeces and urine, and evidence of trashing. Some locals cooked meals, only to have them turned upside down on the floor, the recipients calling it 'trash'. They have been given free Red Cross water, but threw it on the ground, cursing those who help them. Everywhere they go, they create mayhem and demand whatever they want; the police are warned not to arrest them; the locals are too afraid to leave their homes... and yet governments dare to tell these frightened locals that if they don't like having migrants they can leave the country!!! Like homosexual activists, these migrants are fascist and repugnant. 


The Mortal Danger of Labour & Corbyn

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Jeremy Corbyn decided unilaterally not to support fighting ISIS in Syria. (The Guardian, 29 November 2015)

And even his shadow cabinet are split on this issue.

His supporters gathered in London to oppose Cameron's idea.

This is how Marxists react when it comes down to reality...

It is found that Marxism sounds great in theory, but it dies when it is under the slightest scrutiny.

Supporters of Corbyn said on radio that they fear attacks on ISIS in Syria would lead to further attacks on us in the future.


To fight them where they are is like wiping out a viper's nest!

ISIS has ALREADY sent its operatives to Europe and tell us many more are on the way, hiding behind the term 'refugee'. Paris is just one example of ISIS terror over here. One big reason they swear to bring us further violence and death is because they see us as fearful and weak. And they are right!

Nothing will stop ISIS from bringing death on a large scale. 

To be afraid of further attacks is nonsense, because ISIS are GOING TO ATTACK US ANYWAY, no matter what we do.

If people think doing nothing will cause them to leave us alone, well, think again. We have suffered Islamic violence and death for the past ten-fifteen years or more. ISIS has intensified this coming war (it is not just an empty threat).

It is ISIS who began this deadly war. It is they who warn Christians and Jews, and even fellow Muslims, to submit. ISIS are NOT 'insurgents' or rebels, they are a separate faction, made up of killers from many countries, who used the problems in Syria as a launching pad for its own aims. Their aim is to have a worldwide caliphate with all its attendant horrors, backwardness and evil.

Cowardly Brits who refuse to fight them are just making matters far worse, by blindly misinterpreting the very clear warnings by ISIS.

Corbyn is trying to spread his futile Marxism across the UK, which leaves us more vulnerable than ever. MAN UP!!!


Can We Deliberately Befriend Muslims or Believe Moderates Are Okay?

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I have no doubt that some readers will oppose my comments on Islam and Muslims.

I am never scared of opposition... but I do question the understanding of those who say they have Muslim friends or that there can be 'moderate' Muslims. These will be the very Christians who are in for a huge shock in coming days, or, their attitude will continue to cause anger in the God they say they believe in.

Christians – YOU are targets for Islamic violence, wherever you are! Remember that.

Moderate Muslims are those whose theology undermines the Koran, which tells them to kill Jews and Christians. They are like the many 'Christians' who are, say, staunch Methodists or Anglicans, holding to weak or warped scriptural beliefs. The moderates are just like them – ineffective religionists who don't follow their own 'holy' book.

As I have said before, I am grateful to God that these people are so weak. I have no problem being friendly with such moderates – but I will not befriend them. There is only ONE exception to this – we tell them of the Gospel and the wickedness of their religion!


ISIS act in the name of Allah and according to the teachings of the Koran

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I am amazed! Some news sites are actually asking what makes ISIS "tick"? Why are they doing what they do?

It is like a sick joke.

Muslims have been on a killing spree since Mohammed made up his Koran. 

They have never stopped. ISIS are not insurgents – they are a murderous army intent on controlling the world IN THE NAME OF ALLAH AND ACCORDING TO TEACHINGS IN THE KORAN!

This is why Islam must itself be controlled and not allowed access to free nations.

ISIS and a growing number of Muslims are doing what they do because they love killing, want personal power and riches, and hate everyone else. That is it!

They began life in Syria because they wanted to take advantage of the chaos already in the country. They pretended to side with certain factions, so that the disaffected Muslims joined them, swelling their numbers. Next comes the international caliphate. Syria was only the testing ground.

THERE! Got the picture yet? Or are you one of the many who pretend?

We are now in Satan's time of freedom, because of our refusal to obey God and to live holy lives. We play PC games instead of doing what is right. Satan is controlling ISIS, not Islam. Islam is only a useful tool.


Islamists are publicly vowing hatred and violence against us.

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Sorry to keep using the word – but politicians are stupid.

I have been listening to news from Paris and I am flabbergasted by what politicians are saying.

The answer to the present problem is so obvious it is hitting us in the face – yet stupid politicians won't act.

The 'problem' is Islam. The killers are Muslims.

Send recent Muslim migrants back to their country of origin. Frankly, I don't care about the Islamic reaction! Those with citizenship MUST be told to sign allegiance to British/European law and way of life (not counting immorality of course).

If they must be deported. WHY?

Because Islamists are saying they owe allegiance to Allah only and not to the government. That instantly makes them traitors and possible terrorists.

Islamists are publicly vowing hatred and violence against us. So why keep them here?

The difference between them and Christians is that Christians are commanded by God to obey Him AND earthly authorities! Also, we don't kill people because they do not accept our God or our faith.

But, governments are going after soft targets – Christians – because we don't fight them.

The ones who kill are left alone in their Muslim enclaves.

Muslims are openly boasting they will take us all over simply by having many babies.

In that case, they must be deported. Let them have their babies in a country that hates life and people, and that affords them extremely small wages or none at all!!

We CAN stop all this. But politicians play games and not reality. It is about time we insisted on their own allegiance, to the people who voted for them.

Clear out Muslims if they don't obey our laws. And do not give the vote to the others who are left. THEY MUST NOT WIN.

(I know that some Christians will hate what I am saying. Honestly, I don't care. They have shunned us for decades. They align with false gods and fake doctrines. The others are misled by bad teaching and say they love everybody! These sad folks reap what they have sown... including violence). 

The Horror of ISIS Paris Attack #Paris1113

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paris-11-13As with homosexuality, we at BTM have warned... and warned... and warned... about Islamic atrocities in Europe.

This is about an ISIS attack in Paris last night, and written this morning. THIS is the reality of the Muslim invasion we are seeing daily. THIS is what we can expect in our western countries. THIS IS HAPPENING TODAY!!

We are either force our government to immediately stop all immigration, or we will be the next victims.

This is in an ordinary street, and the writer thought the bangs were part of a police film. Because France has allowed a terrific build-up of Muslims in its land, we are seeing the grim results. If France does not deport them they will get much, much more violence. I predict that whole areas in France will become Islamic enclaves where no French citizen may roam freely without being killed. The same will happen in other EU countries. Remember my words when it happens, especially if you do nothing about it. You have MPs who make laws and policies.


You have local councils who are currently refurbishing OUR homes to house Islamists from the Middle East.

Contact them in numbers... or I know what will happen – citizens locked in their homes afraid to leave.

Thus far everything I have warned about has come true, with both homosexuality and Islam. Forget the illusory pictures of big-eyed children!! They are as much propaganda objects as anything else.

Also read Bill Muehlenberg's Culture Watch, 13 November 2015 'Paris in Flames'. It was indeed very noticeable how the BBC and Sky News were very careful to avoid using the words "ISIS, Muslim or Islam" with the terror attacks. Nothing to do with them until nearly a day later.


The BBC's Devious and Biased Reporting of the Migrant Crisis

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The BBC is not stupid. It is just devious and deceiving, pushing a pro-Islam agenda.

  1. Its news on migrants continue to speak in hushed tones, thus lending them sympathy
  2. It refuses to call them 'migrants' even though this is what most are – they only want our money and refuse to integrate... and many are ISIS operatives.
  3. They keep referring to them as 'refugees'. Very few are genuine, The rest are invaders, using the Syrian war to infiltrate illegally. And most are violent and demanding, plainly vaunting Islam.
  4. Cameron is only bringing Muslims from Syrian camps to live in Britain. Local councils are now preparing housing stock for these people, thus placing our own citizens even lower on the list. YET – it has been reported that ISIS now have members in these same camps, killing at will. How does Cameron know WHO is genuine and WHO is a terrorist mingling with the real refugees??? It is a frightening fact that he could be bringing terrorists into the UK. I guarantee there will NOT be rigorous checks.
  5. Cameron wants to send troops to Syria (the obvious and only real option), but government says it wants to exhaust diplomatic options first. In this they prove to be stupid and gormless. Several commentators have likened their stupidity to that of Neville Chamberlain, who waved a bit of paper telling Britain there would be no war. (On the strength of that promise, many escaped Jews returned to their countries and ended up in death camps, gassed or shot). The BBC likes this option!
  6. The BBC also speaks of 'civil war' in Syria. Further stupidity. The evidence shows that ISIS are invaders, NOT Syrians interested in a better deal. They are mainly foreign to Syria and only wish to exterminate ALL Christians (or those bearing that name), Jews, and Muslims who are not of their particular brand of Islam. They have openly told us they are establishing a caliphate. Their reach goes far beyond Syria, to all partsof the earth where they can get their soldiers into place. That is NOT 'civil war'. It is global terrorism.

Please send this email to relevant BBC bosses and demand they adhere to good journalism and NOT to persuade with hushed tones and obvious sympathy. Sympathy is NOT appropriate at this time. 

Nigel Farage on sparkling form at Liberty Stadium Swansea

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Nigel Farage was on sparkling form last Friday evening (23 October 2015) at the Liberty Stadium Swansea as part of the "Say No to EU Tour with Nigel Farage". You can see his case for leaving the EU outlined in the video here.

I was unable to make the event, but the key points made by Nigel Farage in his speech, from the video, are summarised as follows (starts at 0:16:36):

Nigel Farage on sparkling form at Liberty Stadium Swansea

  1. Nigel Farage has spent 20 years campaigning to have a referendum to decide whether the UK is part of political union with Europe or not.
  2. The EU is a good thing for large companies as they can import cheap foreign labour to the detriment of local British (Welsh) people.
  3. The EU part funded projects across is not European money, it is our money.
  4. The EU legislators are making it unaffordable for Small to Medium sized Enterprises to be comply with EU legislation e.g. e-cigarettes need to be subjected to tests more rigorous than the tobacco industry, costing £8,000 for a toxicology test for each of a Swansea company's 280 items. The result is that a Swansea firm that makes e-cigarettes, with 21 employees, may well close down because of this EU legislation.
  5. EU membership has been a disaster for heavy manufacturing in Wales such as large scale steel. Since 2007, there were 9 active large steel furnaces in Wales operating under Corus. Now there is only one large scale steel manufacturer in Wales. This has been driven by the EU's obsession with global warming and carbon dioxide emissions. Global temperatures have not risen for 20 years. Yet, the UK has taken the EU policy and applied it by developing expensive intermittent wind farm generated electricity, which has made the price of electricity in the UK the most expensive in Europe. This has had a knock on impact on the price of steel, resulting in closures in steel production in the UK, thousands of job losses, and displacement of production to countries with lower environmental standards.
  6. 80% by value of fish caught in UK territorial waters has been given over to the EU.
  7. EU membership is not good for Wales. We need to take control and govern our destiny by coming out of the EU.
  8. 70% our UK laws are made by EU.
  9. First two words of our passport says "European Union".
  10. UK people should decide who comes to work and settle in the UK - not open access to 500 million people from other EU member states. This has resulted in wage compression for over 10 years.
  11. The Prime Minister's renegotiation of EU membership will result in no significant concession at all. Cameron will not be able to change the free movement of people doctrine. Nigel Farage expects "Call me Dave" to do a Neville Chamberlain "Peace for our Time" paper waving exercise claiming significant concessions in future EU treaties in years to come and not to worry. We need a complete change in the relationship with this political European project.
  12. In the name of trade agreement the UK have given away our birth right to rule our own country and we want it back.
  13. In the EU election debates last year (2014) with Nick Clegg, Nigel Farage pointed out that Nick Clegg did not think we (UK) are good enough to negotiate our own trade agreements outside of the EU.  Nigle Farage thinks we are good enough to run our own country.
  14. We are not saying no to Europe, we love Europe... we want to get on with our European neighbours, but we don't want to go joint (bank) account with them. We will and want a free-trade agreement with Europe, do business and cooperate with Europe, but we want to be able to govern ourselves through the democratic process.
  15. We will open ourselves up to the rest of the world.... We should relink to the 54 countries of the Common Wealth, with their 2.2 billion people, where English is a common language, where there is a similar legal system and they like us and standby our side when we are in trouble.
  16. Remember the EU sell us far more than we sell them, so they will renegotiate a trade deal and they will still buy our widgets! (EU sell 800,000 cars more to the UK than the UK sells to the EU)
  17. The EU referendum is a once in a life time opportunity to break this link. If we lose the EU referendum the establishment will close the door to leave the EU for ever. We can win this referendum and beat the establishment.
  18. There will be no hardships for leaving the EU. Leaving the EU will enable us to develop policies to put our own people and businesses first.
  19. The referendum is expected to be held in autumn 2016, the earliest possible opportunity, or slip to spring 2017.
  20. The migrant crisis shows us how badly run the EU is. We in the UK know how to respect genuine refugees. In the 17th Century Nigel Farage's family were French Protestants and fled persecution of being burnt on the stake, to the UK.
  21. However, The EU sent out the insane message in April 2015 that anyone who steps foot on EU soil qualifies as an asylum seeker and can stay. The majority of people coming into the EU are economic migrants using this crisis as a way of bettering their lives. Mixed in amongst them are ISIS Jihadist who want to use this crisis to destroy our way of life. We have got to protect and defend our way of life.
  22. The EU have promised to give Turkey 3 Billion euro and 75 million Turks visa free access to the Schengen zone and to fast track their membership to the EU. This gives free open access to our health service, education and benefits system to people who are even poorer than the other recent Eastern European additions to the EU. This will mean opening ourselves up to a country that is becoming more Islamist and fundamentalist and 95% of it is not even in Europe, but Asia. It will mean opening ourselves up to a group of people whose culture is fundamentally different to ours.
  23. It is far riskier to stay in the EU which will open up its doors to the whole of Turkey.
  24. The EU's large combustion plant directive has caused us to close coal many large coal fired power stations and substitute them for wind generation. This flawed policy has made our electricity more expensive and reduced our excess capacity to just 2%, which put us at high risk of the lights going out and the potential for a huge negative impact on our digital economy.
  25. Germany however is building 24 huge new power stations that pass the new EU directive to maintain their energy security and lower energy costs.
  26. The political elite do not want us to leave the EU. The Electoral Commission have made sure the referendum question has been stated correctly. Purdah rules will apply to stop the government using their resources to influence the result.
  27. The danger is that we vote to leave and our conniving politicians do their best to try and renegotiate something and not make that happen. Even if we win a referendum we need a strong UKIP to make sure the British people vote the right way and fulfil their wishes.
  28. We can win the referendum, but we must not be stabbed in the back by those who do not respect the result.


Cameron's 'Project Fear' to stay in the EU #LeaveEU

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Today, Cameron said that we would not fare well if we left the EU - 'Project Fear' (Daily Mail, 28 October 2015)

He claims we would lose "hundreds of millions".

Firstly, hundreds of millions is far less than the many BILLIONS we lose EVERY YEAR by paying membership fees!!

Secondly, he is fear-mongering – the initial upset might indeed lose us some money – but this will change when companies are no longer plagued by EU laws and regulations, and other means of selling come to the fore.

Thirdly, his statement is nothing but guesswork!

Watch out for Cameron's sneaky tricks – he does not want us to leave the EU, so he will not tell us the absolute truth anyway.

There is a suggestion we might go down the same route as Norway.

This must be resisted at all costs. What we need is to get out of the EU, full stop!

We must cut the chains binding us to this fascist monster, not just change the chains!!


Not even God forgives a murderer who does not repent!

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No doubt some readers are sick to death reading our warnings about Islam.

Please remember that while you are 'sick to death', others are being hacked to death!

Christians are being systematically targeted and murdered by Muslims.

"The widow of a Tanzanian pastor stabbed to death by Islamist militants says she forgives his killers. Generosa Kachila's husband, Mathayo, was attacked by a mob angry at the large numbers of people choosing to convert from Islam to Christianity.

She said: "They said, this one is a pastor. So they caught him and pulled him into a nearby ruined house.

"And then they started cutting him with machetes. They were commanded by the Sheikh of their area that they should look for all the pastors." (Premier, 27 October 2015).

Note that the pastor's wife says she forgives the murderers Sadly, she is mistaken... not even God forgives a murderer who does not repent!!

We advise yet again – ONLY the one offended (in this case the one murdered) can forgive... and ONLY when the perpetrator ASKS to be forgiven after repenting of his sin.

Obviously, the pastor was killed – so he cannot forgive. The wife has no authority to forgive an evil against her husband. Unfortunately, many Christians are caught out by this kind of false 'forgiveness'... an action undertaken by someone who is in an emotional state.

It therefore remains – that Islamic (and any) murderers must be put to death. Even if they repent and are forgiven by those they harm, if they kill they must be put to death.

This is God's law.

Only those who do not know doctrine can say otherwise.


If your child becomes a Muslim idolator

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Listened today to a mother and daughter in their conflict. (BBC Radio 2, 25 October 2015) .

The mother was said to be an ardent Christian. But her daughter became a Muslim.

The interview seems to say that the mother blames herself for not passing on her beliefs properly. My comments are:

  1. We CANNOT 'pass on' our beliefs as a means of saving someone.
  2. If the girl became Muslim it is because EITHER she is not elect OR because she is not yet brought to being born again until later. If the latter then she will repent of her failure.
  3. It is failure because becoming a Muslim (or any other cultic member) is a grave offence against God. In this girl's case it is made worse by knowing God's truth. It is also stupidity, because the Muslim idea of women is grossly bad.
  4. The mother now does not talk to her daughter on doctrinal issues. This is another problem, for the mother is accommodating her daughter's wickedness (this is how God sees it). The mother must NOT make things easier by not talking about truth, or about the daughter's great evil (turning to false gods). Indeed, the comments from the daughter are EXACTLY the same as those coming from homosexuals who expect their parents to just accept their 'orientation'. The cost of telling her daughter the truth may result in a complete breakdown of thier relationship, but how can a parent not warn her child of breaking the first of the 10 commandments by submitting herself to the doctrines of Satan and the tyranny of Islam?

Socialism at Work!

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I was listening to some who would be affected by the UK decision to lower benefits to young families, some of whom are single-parent. A statement made time and again is that the mother could no longer "give the kids what they want"!! SO WHAT??

As I have said before, we suffered actual poverty* for over 17 years and our kids never had what they wanted – they only had what they needed. And they only got that because we, the parents, did without. That went for food, clothes, shoes... you name it. We TOLD them we were unable to give them this or that. So, they grew up with an appreciation of money and what you can and can't do. And, during those years we did not have a single penny in state benefits. When I was in work I earned a pittance, an amount so low that I constantly had to work night shifts on top of my day shifts. We either did without, or we struggled big time... not for ourselves but for the children and to pay rent. As the parents we had holes in our shoes and ate next to nothing so that the boys were fed. We could not afford a loaf of bread on many days, and when we did we resorted to 'crisp sandwiches'.

Cooked meals were a luxury and rare. I could give a full list of what it REALLY means to live in poverty, but those who have done the same thing will understand. (* Though not now in actual poverty, the effects of poverty are still with us, coupled to the debt landed on us by hateful homosexuals in 2005, which will never be repaid in my lifetime, unless God intervenes... never be fooled by outward appearances).

It is our view, then, that it is wrong for government to give out large benefits (sometimes hundreds of pounds) just because someone is on a low wage or unemployed. In our day every application was 'means tested'... and this is how it ought to be today! Especially for those selfish, greedy, unemployed mothers who have 14 children by different fathers, and expect the state (our taxes) to support them... in the case mentioned, over £40,000 a year in benefits!!! For being sexually immoral!! I find this offensive when, with my wife and my pensions combined we have one quarter of that amount a year!! But sexual depravity or promiscuity earns points!!

I therefore have no sympathy for most on benefits like this. We had to make-do, so why can't everyone else?

Living opposite us in a rented house is a small family, father and mother unemployed. Their rent is paid for them, but from the street you can see a massive 60 inch colour TV!! They receive huge amounts of benefit, so have just bought a clapped-out car as well.

The Labour party would, of course, demand that EVERYONE must get these benefits. As far as I am concerned if one is working, then cut your cloth accordingly. If unemployed, the same!! And if the cloth is missing, then that's tough. Jesus never commanded us to go out and give everything to the unemployed/those in poverty!

It is about time Christians stopped clucking in sympathy and got real. God either provides for poor believers, or He does not. We can't complain either way.

Of course, another issue raises its head here – the billions paid for EU membership... this amount would easily pay for benefits and many other things. That's another reason why we must get out of the EU.


Stages of Evil - Satan's Strategy

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A long time ago (the 1970s) I warned about Christians letting sin into their lives, and described the process.

I repeat them here because they have proved to be correct, and we are close to being crushed. Bear in mind that these steps have only taken forty years to evolve. The pack of cards is ready to collapse.

First – Satan uses association with unbelievers. This helps to desensitise them to sin. This began after WW2 but gained momentum in the 1960s, a period of muddled thinking and youth rebellion.

Second – Satan starts to use the back door, usually while distracting the person at the front door.

When he enters he begins to slowly and painlessly introduce the Christian to wrong ideas and sins. Satan was content to let this happen, and for Christians to tackle 'big' issues... because they were ignoring all the smaller issues he wanted to bring in behind their backs. (This is Obama's method today).

This allows the Christian to think "Is this really sin?" Many Christians today do this, even though the sin they are thinking of is clearly denounced in scripture.

Third – rebellion starts to show its head in the churches, and bad pastors do nothing or little, for fear of losing 'their' congregation... though it is NOT theirs at all, but the Lord's... and when he allows these sins to continue he has already lost the congregation. God even says He will remove congregations from bad pastors. Don't rest easy about this – I saw the process begin way back in the 1970s. It is now endemic.

Fourth – Satan brings in bad civil leaders. And by this time Christians do almost nothing. They even allow their leaders to rid the country of everything godly and let them live publicly sinful lives, thus giving the green light' to all citizens to do the same. At this stage Satan knows he will have an unchallenged run!

He will raise up godless ideas and start to persecute Christians in the West. We are way past this stage.


'Britain First' not Christian (BBC Three)

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I just finished watching a programme on BBC Three. It reported on a group called 'Britain First'. (BBC for 30 days, 6 October 2015)

Supposedly a political group on the far right, and supposedly wanting to combat Islam in the UK, I found their views and actions disturbing. They use large white crosses but use foul language and even veiled violence.

Here at BTM we sincerely hope we do not come across to genuine Christians as racist or hateful towards Muslims. What we do is report and comment on actual Islamic terrorism and violence.

We acknowledge that at this moment in the UK 'moderate' Muslims far outnumber extremists.

But, as we Have noted many times, moderates tend to be harassed and bullied by those with terror in mind. It is a fact throughout the world.

Anything we write about concerning Islam is always measured and rooted in actual fact, whereas groups such as 'Britain First', from what I heard, cannot string together concepts in a logical way or use information in an accurate, factual way. At BTM we wish only to warn readers that Islam, based on the Koran, teaches violence towards, and death of, Christians and Jews. However, moderates mainly do not espouse such evil and we thank God for that.


As many as 4,000 ISIS fighters have been snuck into Europe among the refugees

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"As Europe struggles to deal with a ballooning refugee crisis, intelligence officials are increasingly warning that many migrants are not who they claim to be.

According to the latest reports from Germany, officials say almost a third of all asylum seekers arriving in the country who claim to be Syrian are hiding their true identities. There have already been claims from ISIS militants that as many as 4,000 ISIS fighters have been snuck into Europe among the refugees." (The Horn News, 25 September 2015)

This is fact!

Stop sympathising with 'refugees' and start investigating!!!

  1. The biggest majority of 'refugees' are NOT refugees, but economic migrants.
  2. Amongst this rag-tag army of spongers are ISIS terrorists, number unknown.
  3. All economic migrants should be sent back to their countries.
  4. No-one should automatically be called an 'asylum seeker'... and those without proper proof of who they are should be rejected.
  5. Those found to be terrorists must be put into isolation cells and have no contact whatever with anyone else, not even relatives. Or put to death.
  6. And...

Muslims will, and do, use children as 'fronts' and shields.

They will use them even if they are killed.

Little boys found dead on beaches may well be 'politico-military' figures used to elicit sympathy from the West. Islam has no regard for life and Muslim rape of small children is rife. THEY have no sympathy!!

Those found in boats must be returned to their point of origin. 

ALL illegals must be returned to their own countries. If not, returned to their last entry point – usually France.

I was recently asked what I would do if a Muslim woman turned up on my doorstep covered in blood and pleading for help. I would err on the side of caution...

I would call the police and clean her up, but I would not get involved in her story. ISIS and others are depending on Western gullibility to bring about radical change and murder, and radical Muslim women are only too willing to be beaten up to get such sympathy. And, as Muslims don't wish to integrate or come near white people... why should a Muslim bang on a white person's door at all?? These are perilous times!

I remember an account give to me by my father. He was serving In the British Army as a corporal in India at the time at the Kyber Pass, before WW2 began. Rebels would send beautiful women with long black hair to confront British soldiers. The women relied on the gentlemanly response of the soldiers, and would saunter up to them seductively; their menfolks were hidden in bushes and long grass with guns.

The soldiers, ignoring instructions, would hesitate, and the women would swiftly pull a throwing knife from their hair and kill the soldiers. As a 'seek-and-kill' leader, my father said that he never hesitated to shoot any such woman dead immediately. It was his life or hers. Then he put any errant soldiers on a charge... the others being quite dead. He told of other, very gruesome stories, too.

It is that kind of situation today – do not trust unknown Islamic men or women and expect dirty tricks.

Find out later if they tell the truth, but never expect to hear it. No doubt you'll think this is controversial... but our very culture and safety is at stake. If our safety is not taken into account

I foresee civil unrest on a wide scale, perhaps even with lynch mobs. If that happens the government will be at fault.

As a Christian I hate talking like this, but we must face reality. The axe is about to fall.


That Cameron Thing!

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As I expected, the book on Cameron 'Call me Dave' (see my report yesterday) is being heavily critiqued by a number of sources. The main spin is that Lord Ashcroft, the author, is just being vengeful.

As I pointed out yesterday, this is irrelevant. Are the facts he speaks of actual, or is it all made up? In reality, Ashcroft obtained his information not just from his own association with Cameron, but from many people in the corridors of power. And I do not hesitate to say that neither Ashcroft nor the Daily Mail (who is serialising the book) will be stupid enough to put something into print (repeatedly) if they thought they'd get sued.

My own point is that unless a man has been saved by grace, any character faults (sins) and behavioural flaws (sins) in the past do not just go away. Yes, we have all done stupid things in our youth, but this is not about that.

As I said, his current vile laws that support homosexuality are based on his past sexual sins that have been brought forward to the present. They explain why he is pressurising the people of the UK to take on board a vile sinful lifestyle that does actual harm to everyone involved. Cameron's past sexual and drug evils were beyond what most people experience. There is no reason to suppose his heart and mind are free of those earlier years. Rather, without repentance and a change of heart, they are just like a cesspit accruing more filth.

This goes for all people who have not been saved. Let the baying voices continue to attack the author... I still want to see how it all plays out.

Obviously, I was not personally involved with Cameron in his early days, so I cannot verify anything... but I can say that his past is consistent with his foul laws and policies today, and must have driven his decisions. It might even be that he experienced homosexuality or one of its many facets... or that he is today a 'closet homosexual'. In the past he steadily chose NOT to deny either query... and that, in itself, says a great deal, and explains his actions against Christians and actions in favour of a perversion.

Let's see what now happens. Sadly, the people and media of this nation are so easy with the sinfulness of MPs and other leaders, that their evils go unreported or even supported. Those who are made to suffer for this are Christians, and, though most do not realise it, the whole nation.


Politicians - Untrustworthy

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Many times before he was elected I contacted David Cameron. As a voter I urgently and reasonably needed to know what he was going to do about homosexuality.

There was talk of him bowing to the homosexual lobby and I wanted to know the truth. I asked him outright repeatedly – "Are you, or have you been, an homosexual?"

He never answered... which really gave me the answer. More significantly, neither did his spin-doctor or aides answer. The answer would have told me what to expect from a man I considered to be arrogant and an enemy of God's word and His people.


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