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Get us out of the EU – now!

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A Daily Express poll found that a massive 98% want us out of the EU immediately.

They want us out NOW regardless of any negotiations for good deals, otherwise we will be locked in to EU fudging and demands for months if not years. As the newspaper says, Brexit was based on three major demands – no free movement being one of them. But, the EU insists we MUST accept free movement if we want to strike deals on trade. The answer by ANY real leader should be – “Get lost”.

The only migrants we want are non-Muslims who have jobs and homes to come to.

So, the poll says – “Forget talks with Brussels and quit now”! Can’t be clearer! (Express, 26 July 2016)

It means that people who want us out (including me) are saying, “We don’t care about struggling to get this or that deal – we just want OUT”. Don’t let the EU dictate to us about its policies – we are coming out and will not be tied to its stupidity and bad policies. As one commentator said, leaving the EU can be done in a matter of weeks by an Act of Parliament. SO GET ON WITH IT.

Another bit of news is that the reverse of ‘remain’ arguments has come about – the lowering of mortgage rates, the biggest reduction in history! I advise readers not to listen to the various moans on the news – much depends on WHICH index is used. For decades each government has manipulated finance news by using whichever index suits them at the time. Invariably, if they compared to the OTHER indices, the news would be very different! This is why they use them... not to elucidate, but to confuse or cover-up.

The Munich Killer

The EU continues to hide truth from voters. That young man who killed and then bombed himself, WAS linked to ISIS according to latest news!! He hated the fact that Germany denied his asylum requests, especially after his mental health was questioned. How many times must it be said – Islam itself causes mental disturbances and gross character changes. This is VERY evident in all Islamic bloodbaths – how normal is it to slit a person’s throat???

Munich:- another Islamist Attack

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So far, the BBC refuses to label the Munich attack as ‘Islamist’ or the killer ‘Muslim’.

German officials just said they did not know the motive. Nor did they identify the man as an Islamic terrorist!!! EVEN THOUGH HE SHOUTED ALLAHU AKBAR BEFORE SHOOTING!!! (Daily Mail, 22 July 2016)

Germany is so keen to promote its stupidity of bringing in millions of Muslims, it refuses to face the facts or to even quote what was said by killers. It also wants people to stop using social media to broadcast the truth of the attacks.

This is far worse than stupidity – it is being complicit with Islamic terrorists at the expense of those who are murdered in the name of Allah. Even in France, the French are warning against tourists travelling into and through France. So, what’s wrong with Germany??

The answer still stares everyone in the face – deport EVERY Muslim who links to Islamic Terror, even in the smallest sense. Kick out all who are recent Muslim migrants. Lock down all Islamic activity until Muslims prove their friendship to their host country. If necessary close down mosques. This is a ‘bull by the horns’ time, not a time of cowardice.

Join the Internal Freedom Movement!

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Stone walls do not a prison make,
Nor iron bars a cage:
Minds innocent and quiet take
That for an hermitage.
If I have freedom in my love,
And in my soul am free,
Angels alone, that soar above,
Enjoy such liberty. (Richard Lovelace, To Althea, from Prison)

Lovelace wrote the poem to which this stanza belongs, when in Gatehouse Prison. He was protesting governmental laws against clergy and said that ‘obeying the king and following England’s orders does not make him free’. On the other hand, he did not believe that being in prison made him less free, because imprisonment and freedom stem not from what is done to us, but from the body and soul. Because he started a petition he was imprisoned, with the approval of then then ‘PC’ Church of England luminaries. At that time freedom of speech was far from reality.

Today, in supposed enlightened times there is similar loss of freedom, so Lovelace’s poem resonates with us as we struggle against PC, onerous laws and attitudes that fear freedom of thought and speech. Legal action against Christians is rife, as is hatred for their very existence. Many are killed and many maimed, and all are persecuted to some degree, even in the West.

This is why we need the Internal Freedom Movement! Will you join?


"Don't talk about Islam!"

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor-at-large of and puts out a strongly worded message in this video ‘Nice Terror Attack: What They're NOT Telling You’ of how the political elite and Main Stream Media (MSM) refuse to expose and confront Islam as the root cause of the terror attacks and barbarism spreading across Europe.

Theresa May's approach "Don't talk about Islam!" is a diversion. She labels everyone as a potential extremist in her Prevent Strategy, rather than focus the lens of analysis on Islam. For an Oxford graduate who is reported by her parliamentary colleagues to make decisions based on facts, her thinking and actions are dangerously warped by political correctness.

Say it as it is Mrs May, "Islam is the problem. Islam is our enemy and at war with the West and the UK. We will remove the toxic ideology of Islam and its Muslim followers from the UK. Islam and Sharia law has no place in a civilised society."


Will Theresa May act on the FACTS about Islam?

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Your parliamentary colleagues tell us that you make decisions based on facts. 

So when will you deal with the facts that:

  • Islam is at war with the West. Normality is turned into carnage by followers of Islam e.g. Nice, etc. (The Telegraph, 15 July 2016)
  • Muslims follow an ideological religion which is the antithesis of Judaeo-Christian values of freedom, democracy, rule of law, justice and living at peace with your neighbour.
  • Islam was founded on brutality and barbarism to dominate the infidel and its scriptures propagate the same message, which is carried out across the world by its followers.
  • Islam is not a race. Yet racist legislation is used to oppose criticism of Muslims.
  • The concept of a ‘moderate’ Muslim is propaganda to keep us all quiet and have a false sense of security. How can an individual be a moderate if they uphold and praise the scriptures and law of a death cult, like Islam?

When will you declare Islam illegal in the UK and determine that all those who follow this treasonous religion leave?

Also see "Jihadist Bloodshed in Europe – Again, This Time in Nice" (Culture Watch, 15 July 2016) and France: The Coming Civil War (Gatestone, 16 July 2016)

Theresa May as Prime Minister :- Will She Be Good or Bad?

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The TV is full of Theresa May’s role as the new Prime Minister (PM) which she will take up in a short while this afternoon, 13 July 2016.

David Cameron boasted that his career is crowned by Same Sex Marriage... rather like saying he forced sewage down his children’s throats for breakfast every day.

I knew his views before he became PM and challenged him many times.

Now what will we get from May?

In secular politics, we cannot, sadly, listen to what PMs say. It is all down to what they do.

May has hitherto been anti-God in homosexual matters, but is slightly better on Islam.

She voted against BREXIT, so must be watched closely, otherwise we’ll be fobbed off... We will see, but remember the general issue... ALL rulers MUST obey God. When they don’t, as in the West today, they must at least be as close as possible to leading the people well, fairly and in a decent manner. This will not happen if she continues to give everything to homosexuals, or caves in to Islam.

Watch this website – no doubt we will have plenty to say. But I hope this time we will not hear another PM tell us that her proudest achievement is Same Sex Marriage!

EU Nationals in Work or Invest in the UK can Stay

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No, we don’t want to be in the EU and we want a leader who is tough.

But, it seems Theresa May has made a big mistake by saying that EU nationals who live here may not be able to when we leave. (The Telegraph, 4 July 2016)

This is nonsense.

What we do NOT want are those nationals who come here just for the benefits, or those who are unskilled and unemployable. In the UK there are many who have regular jobs and even successful businesses.

These can stay.

C’mon politicians – speed up and get us out NOW. Stop paying into EU coffers and use the money for our own country.

Readers should put big pressure on their MPs.

As I have already said, the prophet Zephaniah speaks to us today. Unwillingness to obey God led to destruction. We now have this opportunity to regain freedom. But we must act fast.

Leave the EU Now and Weather the Storm

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"BRITAIN will pay £12 billion into Brussels coffers next year even though the public has voted to leave the European Union (EU)." (Daily Express, 4 July 2016)

This is all about appeasing the EU!!!

Have any of our leaders got guts to just cut ties???


It is OUR money they are playing with, not their own.

And the longer we fuddle around the more EU rules we will be forced to adopt.

Just refuse to obey. If EU countries don’t like it, tough!

And if they play rough afterwards, just weather the storm, because when we voted to get out we weren’t kidding.

The longer we put this off the worse it will get.



Get on with BREXIT!

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Everything is now ‘post-Brexit’, which is either blamed or praised for all kinds of things.

Mostly blamed!

In a TV programme tonight, ‘Dispatches’ (Channel 4, 4 July 2016) claimed that low wages are being blamed on Brexit.


Big companies were starting to lower real wages way back five years ago!! Ask my youngest son.

They were also getting rid of older workers on full contracts to bring in under 25s, who were paid less and put on the infamous ‘zero hour’ contracts.

Also, last year when I heard of higher national wages coming in this year, I said that older workers would be sacked or not employed, and younger workers would be employed, paid less, and got rid of when they reached age 25. And hours would be cut. All of this happened before Brexit.

So, be careful what conclusions you come to – discover the real facts, and don’t panic about leaving the EU. Don’t listen to the Brexit moaners and groaners. Just get on with it!

However, the EU and MPs who wanted to remain will make everything more difficult for us.

The EU has already demanded about £12 BILLION from us (Daily Express, 4 July 2016). Our supposed ‘leader’ must just tell the EU “Get lost”. Cameron can’t leave us in the lurch out of spite. He is still the PM.

We MUST NOT give in to the EU on ANYTHING.

They must be told “HERE WE STAND!”

But, as we know, our MPs are all soft-bellied, EU-fattened sycophants. So we must kick-start them until they do what we say.

Is the UK a Democracy or a Dictatorship?

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Every attempt is being made to return us to EU shackles!!

Now, those interested in ‘negotiating’ our exit from the EU are saying we will HAVE to accept free movement if we want European contracts.


Just do trade outside the EU... and wait for wails of protests from EU companies who want our money!!! They will demand that free movement is set aside to obtain contracts.

Accepting EU residents (except Muslims) is okay if those residents have jobs to come to etc. But, not EU residents who want to come with a wish to be employed, living off benefits. Simple.

And, importantly, NO immigrant must be given UK citizenship until they can prove they want to integrate and have been trouble-free for at least five years.


TO THE EU!! If we allow them to do that, the referendum would have been for nothing. THIS IS OUR ONLY OPPORTUNITY TO BE FREE.

Anything else shows the UK is no longer a democracy, but a dictatorship.

Beware of Parliamentarians stopping BREXIT

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I view all attempts to slow down the UK's exit of the EU as very suspicious. (Michael Gove wants to delay triggering article 50 till next year (EU Observer, 1 July 2016).)

Sorry – but I don’t trust the British parliament!

Especially as some MPs are hoping to block our exit with their own votes.


I think perhaps the usual British apathy might be the cause – don’t mention a big matter and the people will just slowly accept it! That’s how homosexual laws were passed and maintained against the wishes of the people.

I keep saying it aint over yet... and these things fuel the suspicions. Watch for double-duplicity friends. Keep MPs and Gove etc on a tight leash, or lose momentum. The vote meant something big – don’t let them reduce it to a mere public spat without relevance!

Not Theresa May for Prime Minister

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It’s not over by a long shot!

Cameron is already suggesting he goes for a second referendum.

But, in the background finance experts say things are improving already.

We can now choose to trade with the whole world and not be stopped by the EU.

As for the next PM... remember that Theresa May wanted to remain inside the EU – to allow her to be Prime Minister (PM) would be a big mistake. PMs and MPs must now work with ‘Leave’ and show it, and not try to sabotage our way forward. In the meantime many are raving mad about our votes! Don’t let their chagrin change your mind. And don’t lose this great opportunity to show everyone what real Christians can do for the nation. Sadly, one Christian PM candidate has already caved-in to homosexual activists because he was afraid of losing his MP-ship. Now he has contradicted his anti-same-sex marriage beliefs to appease what are, in reality, just wicked poofs. That is exactly what they are.

Merkel Proves She is Mrs Hitler

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Merkel warned that the UK cannot negotiate contracts with EU firms unless it accepts free movement.

That is, we must continue to fund EU nationals who are here without work, cannot get rid of Islamic terrorists, and must accept Islamic migrants.

This is a very clear statement of the EU’s fascism. Free movement has NOTHING to do with a commercial contract!! But it has EVERYTHING to do with the EU continuing to interfere with the UK
even after leaving. I would rather just turn my back on such contracts and seek them elsewhere. To give in to Merkel’s demand would be to effectively remain in the EU. We must NOT allow the EU to place strictures upon us after we leave.

Let EU companies do battle about this, because they will lose huge amounts of money... the EU exports more to the UK than we export to them!!

We are told that 73% of youngsters voted to remain. Well they would. They have been heavily influenced by Brussels, fascism and UK socialism, so are unaware of the real issues. All they
want is use of mobile ‘phones on the continent and quick travel. Sorry to be so blunt, but that’s about it!! If those youngsters really voted, then they did not have all the information.

Conspiracy Afoot!

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Merkel is now saying that if the people of Britain wish to change their mind, then they can stay in the EU.

A petition to that effect has been started and has been signed by sycophants who wish us to stay.

Others, all enemies, want us to stay, despite the fact that the majority vote says to leave.

I reminded readers a while ago that an ‘Irish re-vote’ might arise... When Ireland had a referendum the EU refused to accept the verdict and commanded the country to have a second referendum (and more if necessary) until the people gave a positive vote!! And so Ireland was bamboozled, losing its freedom to vote against an EU dictat. The EU is going to try to get us to-revote. If that happens we will capitulate, because some fear the future. They cannot stand the idea of freedom but want the EU to tell us what to do... and this it will do with great fervour, retaining its stranglehold over the people. In this way socialism will win big-time and we will have lost our freedom totally. In many ways those who wish to re-vote are a fifth column, for while they want to keep their shackles to a fascist union, they also condemn those of us who don’t.

Watch for this movement to gain ground and stand firmly against it. I knew enemies would try to derail our decision, but this is a very fast retaliation! If our votes are dismissed by a second vote, then voting itself will be meaningless. And our MPs will not be true MPs, but puppets of the EU and Merkel, who in every way is Mrs Hitler.

I warned against whooping with joy over a win... now you see one reason why. God gave us a merciful result – don’t spurn His mercy in favour of a personal gain that will lead to a national disaster. If we do that and rejoin our dictator’s regime, God will never again help us.

BREXIT - our Enemies are Baying for our Blood.

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The war lords of Europe have already begun to kick back at Britain.

The EU banking system insist London must be punished and will lose its banking status. The EU wants our exit to be immediate. The reason is obvious – to stop other countries from exiting the EU.

Meanwhile experts tell us there are only about 20 people in the UK able to start negotiations with Europe and worldwide businesses.

This proves how slipshod the UK has become... why bother to negotiate when the EU plans and executes everything???

The battle of the EU has been won... but the EU will not let it rest!

The war is ongoing and will not stop. Socialists everywhere want us punished and want to regain control. That is why the next Prime Minister is likely to be socialist/Labour. We have momentarily stopped the easy flow towards One World Government, but must not sleep, for the biggest enemies are still out there baying for our blood. They will ferment division in the UK and spin everything in favour of fascist socialism.

Watch out for it and hone your battle skills! Prayer. Truth. Standing up for what is right.

The UK to Leave the EU

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After the votes, and ‘leave’ is to occur, we find that one of the ‘greatest’ achievements quoted by David Cameron for his Prime Ministerial time in office was... same sex marriage! To me, this sums up his real worth, which isn’t much. Others said kind words about him and they, too, quoted same-sex marriage!

"I believe we've made great steps, with more people in work than ever before in our history, with reforms to welfare and education, increasing people's life chances, building a bigger and stronger society, keeping our promises to the poorest people in the world and enabling those who love each other to get married whatever their sexuality, but above all restoring Britain's economic strength." (The Mirror, 24 June 2016)

That is how wicked rulers think. As for those who voted to stay in – they did so either because they thought just about their own lives and what benefits they had from the EU, or they were ignorant as to what constitutes fascism and its growing wickedness. As for us, we had a very different reason to want to leave.

Many Christians are joyous about this vote, but why?

It is certainly what we at BTM urged readers to do many times – vote ‘out’. But, I feel no joy as such.

The ‘leave’ vote is just the start of a new era, and I can assure you that it will not be much better than what went before.

The country was split by the referendum, but that is how it has to be. There is nothing more polarised than sin and holiness!

It will all be uphill – but with a sense of freedom from totalitarianism, which we must now fight in Britain as the dust settles.

There is a huge amount of work to be done now that we will come away from the EU (though I hope not simply to join a Norwegian-style liaison, which, though not a full union, nevertheless is tied to the EU, but cheaper!). Laws passed to this point will remain on the books, unless large groups manage to convince government they should go. The economy will be shaky for a short while but will pick up.

Islamic migration should be stopped immediately. The EU will find petulant ways to punish us. But, the whole thing for us was about sovereignty and leaving a fascist regime. From now on we will have to begin again, and this is where Christians must face the Lord and the people with genuine changes and repentance.



Tomorrow - Whatever the result the EU will...

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The News Tomorrow Well, ALMOST news... we reported on this last week!

Tomorrow, the EU will announce its plan to have an EU combined armed forces (EUAF??). (Politics Home, 27 May 2016)

Given the way the EU works so deviously I have an idea it will work this way:

First, a call for a percentage of existing armed forces personnel will be requested from each member state.

Second, these will be taken to a central EU base, to be ‘taught’ EU overall strategy and EU philosophy (socialism). It is likely that this deployment will be fairly short term, maybe six months or a year. Then, another different number will be sent to Europe, until most or all of every armed force has been EU-ised into a socialist mindset.

Third, after this the EU will start its real task – to have its own EU armed force.

Fourth, after continuous brainwashing, it is likely that all state armed forces will be handed over to the EU, leaving Britain, for example, without its own force.  In this way the EU will control all armed personnel. I further suggest that it will be used both to threaten countries external to the EU and to put down any internal civil unrest.

Fifth, it is possible that conscription will be used again, direct to the EU, but, ultimately, these forces would likely be taken over by the corrupt and dangerous UN. (Remember the aims of the One World Order (ONO)). Those familiar with the way Germany rose in military and social power will see remarkable flashbacks to the Nazi regime.

Some may think my recent post about the Jewish king, was over the top... but I have been an EU-watcher for years and can see it happening this way if it goes ahead. Our children will then have to fight causes Britain may not have chosen for itself, and it will all be justified by ‘protecting’ the people.

Babylon used all the armed forces of the nations it conquered. So did Rome. Nazi Germany, too, incorporated similar tactics in WW2.

It is my view, based on long observation, that this is all part of the OWO and will come to pass, because it has been prophesied and is part of the great apostasy being fostered by Satan’s people.

It is why the world is in the grip of vast kinds of corruption, political evils, and religious destruction. It is coming together in a time soon to be reached.

A Word About the EU from King Jehoiachin

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Jehoiachin must have thought his boat had come in. After 37 years in the dungeons of Babylon, the new king, Evilmerodach, son of Nebuchadnezzar, thought it was time for the captured Jewish king to see daylight again. Of course, Jehoiachin was delighted and accepted his place in the throne room of Babylon, where other vassal kings had their thrones. However, Jehoiachin’s throne was elevated higher than the thrones of the other vassal kings... but, lower than the throne of the king of Babylon. His ‘elevation’ then, was just an illusion. (2 Kings 25: 27)

So, the Jewish king was free, but not free, thought well of, but still a vassal. Like the other vassals he was given fine clothes and great food all the days of his life. But, a vassal was still a vassal. His freedom was only ‘freedom’ within Babylon, so long as he did as he was told and did not complain against Evilmerodach.



BBC's False Trail Concerning Immigration

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I have noticed how the BBC and others are creating a false trail concerning immigration.

The emphasis is being put on EU migrants and almost nothing is said about Islamic migrants.

We have been told today that the immigration issue is ‘complex’.


The answer is very simple...

If we leave, we must immediately stop all migration into the UK while things are done differently.

ONLY let in people who already have jobs, have enough cash to support themselves for a few years, and will not harm us or fight against us.

In particular we must slow down if not stop Islamic migration, so that our culture is not removed and replaced by a backward sharia-led Islamic culture of hate and enforcement. We have witnessed how social workers and others immediately jump on Christians because they think they are influencing their kids. BUT THEY DON’T DO THE SAME WITH MUSLIMS.

Killing Opponents a Wicked Sign of the Times

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The killing of a political opponent is horrific.

There is no way anyone can justify the murder of a Labour MP, Jo Cox.

Her views were part of our national problem – socialism.

But, this does not condone murder.

The killer will now hide behind the plea of ‘mental illness’. In any non-socialist state he should be put to death quickly. But, the UK defied the Lord, Who demands death for murder,
fifty years ago, by repealing the death penalty, when we had no right to do so. So, we reap what we sow. (In this case there is absolute certainty as to who is the aledged murderer as there were multiple witnesses and he was caught with the gun in his hand.)

But, another thing strikes my mind...

In the aftermath, flags were flown at half-mast, etc. This is at least a nod in the direction of showing respect for one of our representatives.

BUT... no sentiment or show is made of the THOUSANDS of Christians throughout the world who are murdered by Muslims. Socialists who inflict socialism and its godlessness upon the nation attract the kind of evils displayed by the murderer, because it is what they allow.

But, genuine Christians only preach truth and the Gospel, the TRUE religion of peace. They don’t kill their opposition and enemies, they don’t go around murdering homosexuals, even though gays show us hatred in abundance, and we don’t kill the Muslims next door.

So, remember this when you watch the news and rightly agree that the murder of an ordinary woman with kids is an abomination...  the doctrines taught by Labour, which is the ‘blunt end’ of Marxism, are also an abomination.

“It’s Not Islam!!!”

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See the true Allah-phant

Because there’s an elephant in the room, a MAN has to try and squeeze himself around it, so the elephant isn’t alarmed.

The man doesn’t think of getting the elephant out, because everyone says it is not there. It doesn’t exist. But, over just a week, elephant dung starts to fill the room, covering the man and finally suffocating him.

Rescuers come in and say “We don’t know what killed him. There appears to be no problem in the room. He must have died of natural causes”. Even though dung fills
the dead man’s lungs, covers his whole body and stinks, and the elephant that caused it remains in the room.




A picture of the UK if it remains in the EU

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The Gatestone Institute has published a very revealing article 'A Month of Islam in Germany: May 2016 Sharia Police, Erdogan Burgers, More Mass Rapes', about the censorship and German government policy of concealing the impact of Islam and migrants on German society.

With Angela Merkel the effective leader of the EU, it is easy to see the direction the EU will take as its values are flowing and policies enforced into every part of the EU’s dominion, which today includes the UK.

Is this what you want UK society to be like?

If not, then vote Leave EU on Thursday 23 June 2016.

Obama's Leftist Lens: Blames Christians and NRA for ISIS attack

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Obama's Leftist Lens blames Christians and NRA for ISIS attack

Things You'll Never See... in the Middle East

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Things you'll never see in the Middle East

EU Money is Our Money

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The latest scare story calling for us to stay in the EU is from ten Labour held city councils. They say that they will lose future EU funding for infrastructure projects if we leave.

Apart from the fact that ALL Labour held councils lose money by spending unnecessarily, let me put this in perspective...

If I give ten pounds every week to a bank, and that bank gives me five pounds every week, and I say I must stay in the bank because otherwise I will lose five pounds a week... what
would you say?

The UK gets back from the EU less than we pay in. So, to stay in is to pay in much more to get back much less! That is, we are staying in so that we can fund our own projects!

EU money is OUR money, not the EUs. It comes from OUR taxes. If we leave we just divert what we foolishly give to the EU, to our own projects and there would be no deficit!!

So far the arguments for staying in have been vague or nonsense, and all guesswork.

Another factor... there are many ‘cash cows’ that drain the UK of cash. The money we spend on picking up illegal migrants from the Mediterranean is one such cost. Migrant smugglers say they are making even more money, because our navy picks up migrants from dodgy boats and takes them to Europe! If they took them back to their starting point, it would make sense.

But, as it is, smugglers send these people out on even worse boats, knowing that the Navy will pick them up anyway. And, the more people we take to Europe the greater the dangers from
them, because they are Muslims. This is yet another drain of cash we pay to the EU. There are many more cash drains to the EU, hidden and kept from the people. 

(As for the migrants, we are told that they ‘must be desperate’ to risk life and limb to get here. Nonsense! Watch those police programmes on TV. There, criminals drive recklessly, and some are killed when they crash. They do it regardless of risk because they can only see the end goal – unlimited cash from their criminal activities! Migrants will take the risks because they know they will
be given unlimited benefits for doing nothing – far more than they could get at home. They are not ‘desperate’, only greedy. If they are poor, let their Islamic leaders help them.)

Cameron wants us to stay shackled to the EU as slaves of a post-Hitler fascist regime. If people still cannot see what this will mean for the future, then I will wonder what intelligence is for.

Indeed, I find it incredible that very few people bother to examine what is being said and are quite willing to remain in a toxic socialist environment for the sake of a perceived handout.

I would rather be in a free UK than in a totalitarian super-state, even if it means less money.

Orlando:- No man has the right to kill others for personal reasons

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Much has been written by others about certain pastors having no sympathy for the fifty homosexuals who died.

Let’s get it straight (excuse the pun)... It is very clear in scripture that God condemns homosexuals outright. He says what they do is an abomination and they will enter hell as a final judgment. He has already warned and punished them for their wickedness, by sending HIV/AIDS to end their lives. And again, lately, yet another disease... but they ignore the warnings.

For myself I am personally repulsed by homosexuality and its open rebellion against morality and God.

So, was that Muslim terrorist an agent of God, much as Nebuchadnezzar was an agent used to destroy Judah for their sins?

It is very possible. Am I saddened by their demise? Only in the sense that they refused God’s morality and commands, and spent their lives in a filthy lifestyle that mocked and hated God, Who they will soon meet face to face in His wrath.

God demands that we reject homosexual sins and condemn and warn them. I do not sympathise with what happened, because their lives were wicked. They will find this out when they reach judgment day and are sent to hell. My only concern is that the law should have condemned them, because no man has the right to kill others for personal reasons. My main concern with the incident is not that fifty homosexuals died, but that the killer exemplifies Islam and its desire to kill anyonewho will not submit to their false god.

In the Old Testament homosexuals were to be put to death or run out of Israel and Judah. Today, the law prevents us from casting them out, and so Christians are subdued by illicit and wicked laws that support such evils. The New Testament appears to say that they will receive their punishment from God Himself on judgment day, and not from us. However, we
must continue to call this sin what it is and never accept it, or those who practice it. Rather, we must shun them.

I also know this – that when and if Islam gains control, homosexuals will again be forced to hide away, as they should. For this reason all homosexuals should be afraid of what is to come, instead of exulting in their wickedness and getting worse. Thus, society will gain by their disappearance from society, but lose by being overrun by Islam. One evil replaced by another!

As believers we must repent of our sins and return to Almighty God, or be under the satanic rule of Islam.

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