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George Michael Died on Christmas Day

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No doubt ‘tributes’ will pour in for George Michael.

He died of supposed ‘heart failure’... but the photos of him clearly show the ravages of AIDS. I might be
corrected, but that’s what he looked like.

There was a time when singers were quickly dismissed if they were publically declared to be homosexual, but these
people keep on pushing and younger folks accept homosexuals as if they were ‘good’ just because they sing well.

Michael, like Freddy Mercury, has now been rewarded for his time spent lurking around men’s toilets and other dark places. His sexual wickedness has caught up with him. Many homosexuals have had their lives ended prematurely by their evil sexual choices. Michael, as with Mercury, will have his life sanitised for public mourning! (Although Owen Jones of the Guardian (overtly homosexual) wants to celebrate Michael's brazen homosexuality: 'George Michael was a defiant gay icon. His life must not be sanitised', 26 December 2016)

But, the life of every homosexual is just a corpse waiting to be taken to the grave.

Make no mistake, homosexuals are hated by God, as are their lives. Scripture says they will enter hell for their abominations.

And so we say farewell to yet another peddler of perversion.

Hard words? Then see him as God sees him, an evil man waiting for Judgment Day.

Living in a Fear Society

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"We are not living in a 'free society' anymore, but in a 'fear society'", Flemming Rose (Former Editor, Author) ('Self-Censorship: Free Society vs. Fear Society', Gatestone Institute, 2 December 2016)

Follow the pattern of Russia under Stalin and Germany under Hitler and you will recognise the very same things going on.

With self-censorship comes public informing to the authorities... by friends, colleagues and even family members, as fascism and Marxism grips everyone by the throat.

THE IS OUR FUTURE, AND VERY SOON, unless the West stands firmly against Islam and its robotic terrorists. Not only them, but ‘moderates’ as well – to give just one step away to Islam is to allow in a flood of horror.

It will not be long before Islamists come banging on your door.

BUT WHO LISTENS? As with warnings about homosexuality, no Christian bothered and did not listen. Now they are trying to deal with the consequences of their VERY unbiblical stance and attitude.

BBC’s Strategic 470% Positive Discrimination in Favour of Homosexuals

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Can the BBC please explain why when the Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimated “In 2015, 1.7% of the UK population identified themselves as lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB)”, the BBC wants to target LGBT (homosexuals) ‘On Air-Portrayal Targets’ and ‘Workforce Targets’ of 8%?

How does this 470% positive discrimination in favour of homosexuals, reflect balanced programming and recruitment?

"Answers on a ‘postcard’...."

Equality and diversity is BBC speak for a blatantly biased, discriminatory, illegal, on-air and recruitment policies and targets that the British Licence fee payer is forced to embrace and swallow. Stop your social liberalism now!

BBC Propose Broadcasting Muslim ‘Call to Prayer’ on a Friday

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It is widely reported that the BBC are considering whether to broadcast the Muslim Call to prayer and to reduce its Christian 'bias' in programming. (Telegraph, May 2016)

How can the BBC even justify calling Islam a religion when its core scriptures are completely intolerant of infidels or kafirs (Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims) and its teachings promise its follows a passport to paradise for slaying them? How does that fit with the BBC’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2016?

Islam is not a religion it is a political ideology that rejects Judaeo-Christian values and freedom of conscience and speech. The BBC dares not offend a Muslim in its news reporting by self-censoring images and words, but will delight in portraying Christians as bigoted fools and cultural numpties for opposing homosexuality and same-sex marriage. Yet, every human is born of a man and a woman - a very inconvenient fact!

What will the British people think when the BBC starts broadcasting the Muslim’s war cry “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is the greatest) and “La ilaha illa-Allah” (There is no god but Allah) every Friday at a call to prayer? You might as well let ISIS have a free pass to take over the BBC network. If you start allowing a call to prayer on a Friday, do you think it will stop at one day and only once a day?

Stop trying to sanitise the idolatrous and abominable pseudo-religion of Islam and stop forcing the British people to embrace and swallow its oppressive and destructive pus and vomit. Islam has no place in the civilised world let alone the UK.

Get real and use your journalistic training to be objective and portray Islam as it is and abort your politically correct social liberalism.

Sign the petition 'Protect Christian programming and coverage at the BBC'.

No Services Required from Hillary Clinton

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Please, No!

Just heard the news for the first time today and it seems Clinton “offered her services” to Donald Trump.

I pray he ignores her completely – she is poison. If she is used in any office she will continue in her corruption. We can be sure she will still
try to influence the world with her evils. Really, I hope the FBI will not only disgrace her, but make jail time possible. Otherwise, where is justice!

Christians should understand that good never mixes with bad.

Trump is promising a better future. So did Obama – but he brought in destruction and Marxism. Clinton is of the same mould and must
now get out of the world’s hair. She and her cohorts will already be planning a socialism comeback when Trump finishes his presidency.

Now is the time for Trump to be a real leader, strong, without compromise. It is what God demands of all leaders, whether they are Christians or not.

So if he has to build a wall, so be it. If he has to send troops against ISIS, so be it. If he has to deport millions of Mexicans, so be it. If he has to fight Islam in the USA so be it.

He must act fast because Clinton and her kind are right behind him ready to bring him down... and with him the USA and the world.

I keep saying it – GET REAL!! This is where demons fight for control.

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