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The Beacon 183 July 2013

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A Real-Time God

Many Christians, ignorant of what God really says and denying His word in crucial matters, readily jump to the defence of evolution. If we all strictly adhered to the godly rules of discipline, these deniers ought to be cast out of fellowship until they repent. That is, if they have already been warned about their unbelief, and refuse to look at the biblical evidence. Otherwise, they will affect others.

Some like to call their twisted beliefs ‘Theistic Evolution’, but this is just as bad as ‘evolution’ itself, because it bends truth to fit the views of godless atheists. (See Sc/02. Christians Cannot Be Theistic Evolutionists A-007 and 'Evolution: A recap' A-308).

Those who speak on Creation subjects find that the most hostile members of their audience are... Christians (at least that is what they claim to be)! (Source: ‘What Authority?’).

There are a number of reasons that genuine believers say they believe in evolution, and several of these are based on the fear of being counted stupid by atheists. Not good enough! God is a real God; He acts in real time and documents this in His word. And the same God’s word strongly says that this earth is no older than 10,000 years, if not less. That, my friends, is the end of the matter. What God says is to be believed and followed, not what atheistic God-haters tell us in order to support their foolishness.

Believers in Theistic Evolution (which does not exist, by the way) say that we who actually believe scripture have a “narrow view” of God’s word. That is, we read scripture as it is written and tell others what it says, actually, not as liberal, skewed ‘interpretation’.

Though these intrepid unbelievers in God’s word cannot find a single reference in scripture to millions or billions of years, or anything like it, they persist in spouting atheistic proclamations that are based on nothing but hot-air. There are also theologians and famed preachers who hold to Theistic Evolution, or full-blown evolution itself. They get their views not from the word of God they claim to follow, but from atheists who do not believe in God or His word, and look for a totally godless solution to the age of the earth.

And this leads to the demise of these faulty Christians. They have not yet buried their own ideas and accepted God’s word as true. “Let God be true, but every man a liar” (Romans 3:4). I have no problem calling atheists liars... because that is what atheists are. Do YOU know this? As Paul said in the quoted phrase, it is the ONLY way we can justify our statements before men and God.

Is there overwhelming evidence that the earth is extremely old? No. None! It is all conjecture rooted in atheism! Atheistic scientists ignore the facts, actual data. Instead, they INTERPRET the data to fit their philosophical assumptions. Logically, if you deny there is a God, you will deny what He says, and so you rely on a very different set of presumptions – philosophy and not science. And, those who deny there is a God are idiots, stupid, untaught. That is what GOD says! (Psalm 14:1, where the word ‘fool’ interprets as ‘senseless’ or ‘stupid’ or ‘vile’, from a root that means to treat with contempt).

As I have shown elsewhere (e.g. my new book on the literal nature of Genesis 1 and 2, etc), EVERY verse in Genesis 1 and 2, and up to the middle of chapter 3, is literal. There is no way we can insert evolution into these verses.

Charles Templeton was once a famed preacher, at the time of Billy Graham. Both are fakes, but Templeton went further and finally rejected Christ and the Gospel publicly. Some thereby think he slipped away from his faith. But, my own reading of scripture says he was unsaved to begin with. Does not Christ tell us that those who deny Him will themselves be denied by Christ?

Many, many Christians are misled by atheism and evolution. They fear simply accepting the word of God in its entirety. For this they are willing to face the wrath of the Lord! They are being destroyed by lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). It is my view that EVERY Christian, whether of lowest intelligence or the highest, MUST search scripture and believe. There is no excuse in remaining ignorant, which is a sign of disobedience. The ignorant are also easy prey for Satan’s lies. Yet others are liars and deceivers, pretend-Christians who try to destroy the word of God by pushing an atheistic agenda. WHICH ONE ARE YOU?

A Lot Has Happened...

When this ministry began (1985), its very first publication was what others called a ‘blockbuster’: an exposé of the truth concerning what came to be called AIDS.

At that time there was a healthy open forum where dissenters could put forward the truth. But, even then, lies were forming, led by homosexuals and approved by government. So, the wicked way in which government today not only protects but promotes homosexuality did not come out of the blue.

The current lock-down by government began in the mid-1980s, when the UK’s Health Department stopped sending me (and other critics) their daily news and research items. This only happened after I published the very first exposé of AIDS and its cause – homosexuality.

This was swiftly followed by losing my job because of gay intimidation of my college employer. As you know, a similar incident lost me my job yet again in 2005. But, in the 1980s it seemed at least we could argue our corner.

But, what has happened? Homosexuality is not ascending today because of superior arguments or facts – it is using intimidation, violence, legal thuggery and a lot more to silence the whole world. Though I first lost my job in the 1980s, I knew I would see fascist resurgence, by way of homosexuality, doing what it is doing today. In the 80s the majority of ‘gays’ knew their behaviour was unwise, unhealthy and perverted. But, very quickly, they came to be taught it was all ‘natural’ and good! And that is what young ‘gays’ think now!

They are unaware of the truth of their situation and even think AIDS is just an unfortunate circumstance they cannot really help. They are not told it is a logical destruction of their bodies for acting out wicked sexuality.

I saw homosexuality being declassified in 1973, and it was after that fatal deception that homosexuals began to make their evil a political activity. The 1980s was between declassification and the growing emergence of a new form of homosexuality, which began to rewrite its history, methods and future. What was once a personal and shameful thing was crafted into something to be proud of, with continuous marketing of the ‘nice’ side of their existence... even though there is no ‘nice side’!

Bad propaganda began to mix with truth, and groups arose to combat and hate morality. Stonewall is now the main tool of Satan in this one-sided war against God. And against God it is... this godless aspect is now coming to the fore, as is hatred of His people and laws.

All of this has happened in just 28 years! If this carries on, I dread to think of what the near future will hold. This is because I know from past bitter experience what these people are capable of and what they want to do – but until now have tried to keep hidden. The bulk of the foundations have now been laid. In the late 1980s and mid-90s ‘gays’ promised to reveal their full potential once they had subverted society. Now it’s happening!

They planned, and successfully accomplished, the take-over of government minds and the country’s leading thinkers. They openly said that they did not dare to do it by working on the masses, because then they would lose! But, those in the upper echelons of society think much of themselves and take great pride in being leaders of men.

They did not see it coming – the sneaking way gays would get into their minds, like a deadly virus. They believed the lies, and loved the praise heaped on them by Stonewall. They fell from reality swiftly. But, by that time, Stonewall had achieved what it set out to do.

The rest is soon to come... very soon. It will involve declassifying other sexual evils such as paedophilia and bestiality. But more than that, all manner of sexual evils will be unleashed: this is what gays have promised, once the legal stuff is out of the way. And what they have to give us will be vile. More vile than anything we have seen to date. I know because it is what they have promised!

And, if they have come so far in just 28 years, and have brought about 90% of their aims, the remaining wickedness will follow very quickly and will destroy society in our own lifetimes, if not in the next five years. By getting government, law, media and society to hate us, they have prepared the ground for a final assault.

In itself this shows us that Satan is already unleashed and we as the Church are under judgment from God. Thus, we will have to suffer; the current panic and prayers of a lazy Church will not do much, except galvanise true believers into true faithfulness.

What to do now? Those who are faithful MUST pray, and MUST act. How this is done depends on each individual and on scripture. But, I do know this – we cannot accept or support godless laws, and this fact alone will separate true believers from those who fear man more than God.

If you have children in school or higher education, do not hold back, but tell them to avoid homosexualised material and teachers. Tell them IN ADVANCE of their being propagandized... tell them the basic truth, and keep telling them, so that it is drilled into their minds. Get them to discuss reasons to reject homosexuality, using their own minds and reasoning, and using the facts you give them. Not nastily, but with the best resources you can find, and the best reference material.

And advise them to keep quiet about it... be upfront and tell them that they and YOU the parents will otherwise be investigated and attacked, but that the truth is essential. In this you are just reversing the way paedophiles work – “This is our secret” – because kids love secrets! It is now time to go underground, to spread the truth secretly. Tell others what to expect next... full anarchy, filth dressed as sound sex, law against decent folks, their children seduced and given fatal diseases, and so on. Perhaps, then, homosexuals will lose their grip on society, and their outwardly ‘nice’ persona will be seen for what it really is.

Much has been foisted on us by evil men and women. More is to come... for they will quickly swing the iceberg upside down, to reveal the huge store of evil beneath their revelations thus far! And that massive evil will crush many people. God help us to face reality and get under His protecting wings, especially as the ‘church’ of England’s head is now pro-gay and pushing the homosexual agenda, doing their bidding, thus hating the people of God alongside them.


Facebook is NOT my favourite place, and I truly believe no Christian should use it. The more they use it the more is out there for anyone to abuse. Also, why support such an atheistic venture?

The most recent example of its atheism and hatred for God is the way it has simply silenced any pages and links by Christians, at their own whim (one was by a Christian actor who made a film about faith: Kirk Cameron; Fox News. The film is called ‘Unstoppable’). Since that time it has also been banned by YouTube. It is harder to publicise without these ventures – but I don’t care! Try harder!

This reminds me that colleges have banned me and my ministry (BTM etc) for years from their library resources and computers, but refuse to tell me why! We have been lumped together with sites displaying ‘abuse’ and ‘unsafe’ content!! Yet, students can view as many sites as they wish showing homosexual pornography and volatile propaganda. Forget truth and decency for your kids – let them watch filth instead. Colleges and universities are the greatest threat to your offspring nowadays, so check everything.

Doctrine: More Important Than Life!

The doctrine of God drops like life-giving rain (Deut. 32:2). It is pure (Job 11:4) and clean. It is always good (Proverbs 4:2). It must be taught from the earliest days of salvation (Isa. 28:9). The opposite of God’s teachings and laws (doctrine) is the teaching of Satan through vile men, which makes them brutish and foolish (Jer. 10:8). The genuine word of God causes men to be amazed by God (Mat.7:28), but those who are ignorant or unbelievers prefer the dead letter of the Pharisees (Mat. 16:12). True doctrine, taught by true men of God, is authoritative (Mark 1:22). As I show in my book and articles on doctrine, EVERY WORD of God is doctrine. Believe them and live. Do not believe them and you die! Do YOU believe every word of scripture (and I refer only to the KJAV in this context)? Or, are you pulled all ways by unbelievers and liberals trying to be clever? What is at stake is not just your spiritual welfare, but the glory of God.

End Days? Or Just Guesswork?

Well, do you think we are in the end days? I do – we are at the start of the last days. If you have not done so already, take a look at my series on The Revelation. It was first written in 2001/2, and is currently being revised, as I teach it again to our members on Sundays. You will be left in no doubt that the spectacular and very troubling chapters will convince you that we are now on the way to the very end. What convinces me, is the speed that everything is winding up and deteriorating, from weather to social movements, the worldwide hatred of Christians and God, the now open evils practised and approved by governments, and a lot more. It is all coming together as one foul movement of Satan. This is not guesswork – we must be adept at observing the times we live in. If you follow the series on Revelation you will discover that Satan only has a short time left in which to destroy us. Then comes his demise and the fall of all who follow him. I look forward to this time! But, though the end will become obvious, unbelievers will not give in and turn to God. Rather, they will get far worse. Look the future in the face, friends, and be realistic.

The Welsh Outpouring: Satan’s Work, not God’s

I had a request to look at the evidence surrounding the so-called ‘Welsh Outpouring’ (see recent article). The enquirer wanted to know if it was genuine or not. Sadly, it is just another charismatic deception.

It is like a softer version of the Toronto Blessing, and readers who know us will understand that the TB was foul, Satan’s work from the start. Frankly, I see no difference between the TB and this most recent Welsh activity. That is, the spirit is the same.

The movement contains very much the same kinds of activities and beliefs found in the general TB, which has now spread worldwide under a huge variety of different guises. As believers we must not accept even the smallest part of these movements, because just one acceptance will draw attention to our weakest aspects, inviting Satan to aim his fiery darts at the smallest of cracks. And his aim is always sure!

I will say it again – if something is charismatic, just turn away from it, instantly. This is because charismaticism is the tares spoken of in scripture, a false depiction of the genuine article. Better to shun everything in it than to be deceived into thinking it is of God.

I have said that as we are at the start of the end times, Satan will be coming to destabilise all those Christians who did not fall to his TB lie in the first place. And many will again fall. Why? Because they never dealt with the issues involved. They even told the few of us who fought the TB to shut up! Now, Satan will seek them out, and present a far gentler version of his lies, so they will be very unsure of calling it Satanic. Very clever!

The leading Bible school in Wales, WEST, has already fallen. And it cannot be coincidental that what the leader of this ‘Welsh Outpouring’ says he will do, is exactly the same as is promised by WEST! We can expect the people who live in the Welsh valleys to be saturated with satanic lies very soon. WEST has already started it and Victory church in Cwmbran will join forces to inundate the poorer people, giving an answer to their poverty, drugs and alcohol.

This, of course, is an old Elim-type trick... offer benefits to those who come to Christ (by their own decision - Arminianism), and fill your churches with ex-drunks and drugees. As I showed in the 90s, this plan does not last, because many just walk away after the initial dreamy-eyed beginning. While they preach what people can get out of Christ, Christ’s TRUE Gospel is that they are wicked, will go to hell, and need to repent. Two very different approaches! There are benefits in coming to Christ, but we do not ‘come to Christ’ just to get away from troubles or to ‘get something’ out of God. No, we come because we have no option: the Lord demands we repent, and we do! We come to Him because we MUST, and because we are guilty.

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“Then the deputy, when he saw what was done, believed, being astonished at the doctrine of the Lord.” (Acts 13:12)


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