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The Beacon 151 November 2010

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Government & Immorality

At last, the media has admitted that the government takes its orders on sexuality from Stonewall. We warned a few years ago that Stonewall literally gave a list to Blair and that Blair simply said he would comply in every detail, without even looking at it!

We also warned that in doing so, the government opened up a can of worms so stinking that future demands would increase exponentially. And our prediction is unfolding fast!

The current government says it will give homosexuals everything they want…. thus becoming the guardians of filth and immorality on the broadest and most vile scale. Still think Cameron is ‘conservative’? No – he is just a closet socialist.

As we asked in the last Beacon: WHY should anyone, let alone a government, promote a death-cult lifestyle/sin? Why promote something that damages children, as youth AIDS grows in numbers? Why allow members of that death cult to visit schools to glorify death and immoral sexuality?

Why give that cult laws that outweigh and outrank all other laws? The reason is simple – government (or, rather, Stonewall) is paving the way to far greater evils. The wickedness Stonewall has in store for us is unimaginable – I have seen their ‘shopping list’ and it is truly horrendous and Satanic.

Stop watching and listening to homosexuals on TV and radio. Complain to the BBC and government because the BBC in particular is abusing our taxes to promote even more homosexuality. WHY? Homosexuality is a movement based on only one thing – a sexual choice. It is insane to promote this hang-up homosexuals have about sex! Oppose it NOW, or God’s judgment on the nation will intensify.

The current homosexualization of the nation is down to only one thing – the laxity of Christians whose godlessness has let the wicked to take over our country and minds. They have been working tirelessly since the 1960s when the then government sinfully gave homosexuals legal standing. To remove homosexuality as a crime is one (foolish) thing – but to actually promote it in law is something vile, because it opened the door to growing evils.

Now AIDS and HIV (only a few of the diseases of homosexuals) are rampant, and we have to pay for it in our taxes. Children are being seduced. They are now being groomed by a film star who enters schools to tell them homosexuality is wonderful. He fails to tell them that the wondrous sexual activity will likely end in their deaths.

The general sexual frenzy in society today was secretly led and guided by homosexuals. Why? Because they could then hide their own wicked desires behind a larger sexual promiscuity. Gay groups led the way to increase the ‘rights’ of all kinds of groups. Why? Because they can then call in the favours of those groups when they push their own agenda.

Behind the whole thing is Marxism. Yes, that’s right. The original agenda, from which all homosexual agendas have arisen, is blatantly Marxist. It has been put into place by groups such as Stonewall and pushed via socialist governments, who also destroy Christian values (another part of the homosexual agenda).

The homosexual agenda is wider and deeper than anyone can know. As one who has followed it in detail for nearly 30 years I have witnessed its Satanic growth and its deviant, secretive techniques.

Taking Us For Mugs

The UK Chancellor said it was not in the UK’s interest to allow Ireland’s banks to fail. So it will contribute money towards the bailout. The figure so far is about £7 BILLION (Not counting the contributions to the IMF, which add more billions to the pot)!

And this is only the start, because other countries will want bailouts, too. The UK government is, once again, taking its people for mugs. Using the pretence of cutting the national debt, everyone is taxed more and services are being drastically cut. Yet the government can suddenly find £6 billion to bail out a foreign country’s banks!!!

So, we who live in the UK must struggle and pull in our belts (if not worse) whilst more bankers are free to carry on as they wish, duping the public and handing themselves vast sums as ‘bonuses’. And while they enjoy their luxury lifestyles, we have to lower our standard of living dramatically, unable to afford to heat our homes every winter!! Am I peeved by all this – you bet!

Despite grand overtures by the incoming new government, it will do nothing substantial to ease our way with the Grand Master of Europe, the EU. It should be taking us out of this socialist mess, not driving us farther inwards.

It is radical to say that if a country’s banks fail, then they should do so. That should be the answer. The fact that all countries are interlinked symbiotically by international trade is irrelevant and an hindrance to real growth and stability.

Although the idea of letting banks collapse is radical, it is only so if we do not have sufficient information.

In the USA for example, bail-out money was supposedly going to banks, but it secretly went to many other big companies, such as MacDonalds, who did not need the money, as well as to banks, who pocketed the money for their top executives.

Also, in Europe, much talk is scare-mongering by the EU, so that the people will accept these horrendous pay-outs from our taxes - taxes that continually go up to bail-out banks (and sustain EU fat-cats)!!

When banks receive the money, they give it to themselves by open and secret means, and STILL give their top managers huge bonuses for being wrong!

What's happening is that we are being brainwashed into believing the banks are our salvation and accepting godless solutions. They are definitely not our salvation. They are godless entities run by godless people for their own ends.

If all of this is allowed to crash there would indeed be some chaos, but not as much as the EU tries to tell us.

Remember that the British government has plenty of (our) money to give to Irish banks, and more billions to others that fail in other countries, but not enough (they say) to give comfort to the people who pay out the bail-outs - us, the tax-payers and citizens! Do you really fall for that one?

Soon, it seems, we will also be expected to bail out other banks and countries. Thus we will have to pay even more taxes to others who do not live here. Our lives become even tougher whilst bankers maintain their riches.

Going to the wall is not an attractive option, but it is only a matter of time, and it is all to do with driving people downwards so as to bring in a full socialist dictatorship: it is all to do with control. By going along with bailing out banks we merely perpetuate a rotten system that is going to ruin us anyway!

The whole basis of EU finances exists only in the mind. It is an illusion. Better to get rid of the bad wood now and start again. And don't believe we will all suddenly sink into nothing... the government has plenty of money, stolen from us via taxes! It is about time it came back to us - let the bankers starve on caviar and Rolls-Royces they magically assign to their wives rather than go bankrupt!

The failure of the Euro, and the increasing number of countries requiring bailouts (remember – that’s OUR money they are so easily dishing out), is enough proof that close-knit legal connections have no effect on this. Let a country sink financially, and let it build its way back out again. THAT is true free-trade (and biblical) economics.

The leading country in the EU making all the demands is Germany, the country that led TWO socialist take-overs of its neighbours in foul wars, losing twice. Instead of paying true reparations it was sent huge sums to help rebuild itself. Now, in acts of total snubbing of this kindness on the part of the victors, Germany makes demands that are in its own best interests.

The UK needs to get back to real politics and real economics… making sure its OWN people are set up properly and securely, not bailing out fat-cats in other countries. It is time for all countries to sink or swim on their own basis, and not expect to be bailed out with massive sums of other people’s taxes.

Our government and banks are very good at humiliating their customers and citizens, saying that they must live within their means. It is about time the government and banks did the same thing. We are in this mess as a country because of the EU; it takes billions off us each year in membership fees, and gives back very little; it expects us to pay for failing countries and banks; it still maintains the CAP system of farm subsidies, which not only props-up bad farmers in many countries, but wastes mega-tons of food (the infamous ‘food mountains’) whilst poor people starve in Africa. We are allowing the EU to twist law and policies to suit a socialist agenda. We are being utter fools.

When will the British people learn? When will they acknowledge the deception of every government that has come into power? When will they demand firm, proper government, with honest, moral ministers and MPs? We are going downhill fast because of godless leaders and are adopting the position of servile slaves.

BTM Publications

James is continually adding articles to the new website from the old site, which is taking a long time. Meanwhile, Barry is continually adding new articles to the list. He began a series of articles on philosophy and how they affect Christians and beliefs. This is ongoing. Other articles are similar, for example, the article ‘Absolute Nothing, Secondary Nothing, and Creation’, A/380 (9 pages). It tackles something that needs to be tackled and though seemingly a bit technical is vital to our understanding of how God Created, rather than leaving it to unbelieving scientists.

O/196 discusses ‘The Antichrist’ in realistic and Biblical terms. Too many Christians get embroiled in unbiblical speculation! O/195 is important, because it says ‘God’s thoughts are not our thoughts’. The image we have of God spoils a proper understanding of Who He is and how He acts. He is NOT human and His thoughts are NOTHING like our own!

O/194, ‘How God Appears’ looks at whether or not the Father has a body. O/193, asks: ‘Can a Believer Become an Unbeliever?’ The short answer is a resounding ‘No’, regardless of what Arminians tell us! More articles are on the way.

James advises that all new articles are publicised on Twitter, as they appear.

The Stupid Pope

I know that some Christians, with more false beliefs than sense, think that we sometimes say the wrong things. Like how stupid the pope is. But, on this occasion, he has outdone himself! And, though he and his fake church have nothing to do with Christianity, the whole world thinks the pope is head of the Christian Church. And that is why his recent remarks have dumped all genuine Christians in the mud.

The Roman ‘church’ has condemned birth control for centuries (to maintain the number of nominal RCs). Now, it turns on its own pedestal to say it is okay to use condoms in “certain circumstances”. Its excuse is that it might prevent HIV being spread. In itself this is a deception, because it doesn’t. Nor is its view on birth control Biblical. But, it is deemed to be the ‘official’ Christian message to the world. And that is why we must object.

The destitution of Rome is found in the statement that ‘condoms may be used by male prostitutes to help prevent the spread of HIV.’ The REAL message should have been that condoms are being used regularly by a promiscuous society, and is sinful. To ‘help’ male prostitutes to be more healthy whilst doing what is an abomination (homosexuality) is itself an abomination!

The pope says he does not say use of condoms is a moral answer, but that it might help homosexual prostitutes to think more morally about the spread of HIV. For goodness sake! The answer is to condemn homosexuality and prostitution, and to condemn the spread of HIV by promiscuity and perverse practices.

But, the pope cannot do that because most of his priests are of the same kind, and homosexual paedophiles to boot! To say that condoms have an important place in slowing down the spread of AIDS is malicious, when the only true answer is to stop perverse and promiscuous sex totally, to condemn its practice, and to stigmatise those who cause its spread by sexual sin. That is what God does!

Of course, the pope has been praised by fellow Romanists, who say he is at last showing a concern for human life. This is a dupe. God does NOT say we must place human life above His commands! He says we must obey Him first – all else comes second. AIDS and HIV are the result of gross sin and perversion. And we must never forget that.

Atheists are now having a great time over this reversal of a rule long considered to be absolute. And homosexual campaigners say “If the pope was wrong in one thing, who is to say he isn’t wrong about other issues – such as homosexuality?” And their quick recognition of this hypocrisy is spot-on. Now they will kick up a fuss, and set up a wave of protest that will not stop, demanding that the pope accepts homosexuality. The pope has made a real fool of himself in his new teaching, but he has also made a rod for all genuine Christians, too.

Music in the Churches

The Free Church of Scotland is now to allow music into its churches, and this is seen as part of its ‘downgrade’. Indeed, it has been called “anarchy in worship”.

I see no reason to say this. It is true that this church body has been sinful and is heading downwards. But, to say use of music in churches is sinful is not true. Music, and the instruments that make it, have been a part of genuine worship for millennia. The Jewish Temple had formal choirs and musicians. David alludes to these many times.

The idea that there should be no music comes more from Jewish synagogues than from truth. For about the first 300 years of its existence the new “cult of Christianity” met in synagogues, sharing in their worship, which was an error, because the Christians then adopted Jewish religious practices. One of these was to sing like the cantor – without music. But, there is no scriptural reason to not use music or instruments.

There is, however, every reason to avoid the kind of music so prevalent today, with thumping drums, shallow hymnology, and screaming guitars. There is also a need to avoid the emotionalism and insincerity found in even the solo singers and simple guitars. Many sing and play not because God calls them to do so, but because they just love to sing or play instruments!

I have heard the music-less singing of some Scottish (and other) churches and I must confess it sounded more like a funeral dirge than a hymn of praise to Almighty God! Sorry friends, but that is the truth. If churches wish not to use music, that is up to them. But, to condemn those that do so responsibly and with genuine worship is going too far.

One writer used by no-music fans is Begg, who thinks that using music is ‘anarchy’ and ‘man-made’. Yet, David used musicians, singers and instruments all the time. Is Begg saying David was sinful in doing so, when we have his Psalms in scripture, set to instrumental music? Yes, music can be abused and misused, but abuse of something does not necessarily call for its abandonment! Begg was also against women preachers, drama and dance, which is acceptable. But, his stance against music needs moderation.

It is a fact that when our small church left the mainline churches, the only thing we missed was the hymn singing! Singing can be a proper response to God’s grace in our lives. There is no difference if this singing is accompanied by music or not. The only difference would be the attitude of those singing and playing.

I have often said that few Christians actually read what they are singing from their hymn-books. They just sing because it is expected of them, or because they like to sing (and, of course, they can stretch their legs in a long service!). Some hymns are not acceptable because of their theology, or lack of substance in scripture. But, this is no reason to condemn use of music and instruments. Rather, we must make sure that their use, and even singing, are kept under Biblical control.

Begg refers to “the scriptural law of worship” as if it condemns music. I would like to see what this supposed law is, for I have not yet come across one against music, only against paganism in worship. I have no wish to offend anyone who wants singing-only without music, but the facts of scripture must be adhered to, and not some demand based on a poor interpretation.

Those who voted in the Free Church of Scotland to use instruments and music did so for wrong reasons – to attract new people into the churches. This is Arminian. God will bring in exactly the number He has predetermined in eternity… music is irrelevant to this divine plan! The same voters for music also said they “think” the no-music concept is Biblical, but scripture either teaches it, or it does not! What we ‘think’ is worthless. Yet, this is the same Free Church that elected to ordain homosexual ministers, so we can justly devalue its idea of what is right and wrong.

25 Years to the Month!

It is 25 years to the month that we published our first teaching packs! And what a storm it produced. Because it contained original research and was indeed strong, one well-known preaching friend said “You can never come up with anything so strong again.” I suppose it depends on what is meant by that. He meant the first publication was such a blockbuster, that we could not keep it up.

As we said at the time, it was not our intention to find blockbuster things to write about – our aim was simply to teach what scripture says. This we have continued to do… and yet ‘blockbusters’ have cropped up now and then anyway! Such as our opposition to the Toronto Blessing, charismaticism, the Alpha course, and ‘greenism’. Some of our content has even been referred to in academic theology papers and conferences!

In those first 25 years, God used our work to His glory, changing many wayward Christians, so they at last obey God and not their own selves. We have also known of friends who have been saved via what we have taught from scripture. Some began as staunch Arminians, but they were slowly led by grace and mercy to see their error, and were truly saved by Jesus Christ.

The work continues and the new website may be very different in look to the old one – but it is still true to scripture. We believe we make a difference through the ministry we have, not because we try to be different, or we deliberately set out to be contentious, or write ‘blockbusters’, but because we believe totally in the sovereignty of the Lord, Who alone can save, and change people’s hearts and minds. We are just the instruments He uses. We pray we will continue for a long while yet.

Unlike other ministries we never plead for money. We do advise that our work costs money, especially as its founder, Barry Napier, was forced out of his job by homosexuals, and so can no longer maintain full support for the ministry. We believe God will move those who are willing, to give such support, even if we do not make pleas for it. Many Christians give generously to all kinds of charities and ‘Christian’ ministries who say and do everything to attract donations.

But, it is our view that God will send only those supporters whom He has ordained to do so. Thus, if few support us and the ministry ends, it will be by God’s touch and not because we do not ask for donations! And if few support either Barry or James, it will be for the same reason.

Also, our teaching is based only on scripture, and we use the most reliable Bible ever to be produced – the KJV. For this we are attacked, often without mercy, even by fellow believers, who value tradition more than what God really says in His word. So be it. We would rather be buried alive by lies and viciousness, than speak what others want us to say badly, to make them feel more comfortable in their deceptions. We know that many support us in prayer, and we value this more than anything else.

So, friends, are you with us and the Lord’s work? We hope so, for it is very hard and often gruelling. Pray for our strength. Satan fell from Heaven like lightning. At times he has revealed his dark heart, but mainly he seduces by appearing as an angel of light. In this way he has seduced millions.

Today his darkness is readily seen in so many movements and individuals. Yet, people are so easy to deceive, they actually think the darkness is light. They clap in glee when Satan struts before them in his many guises. They ignore warnings, and criminalize Christians and God’s word. Let us cast off the mantle of evil by repenting and seeking God’s powerful might to destroy the wicked.

Pass the News On! The UK’s Daily Express Leads EU Opposition!

The UK’s Daily Express newspaper is leading opposition against the EU, demanding that the UK is pulled out. Please take this opportunity to join the campaign by signing the petition form inside its newspaper. If you can’t find one, put your name to its website petition. The newspaper has been very successful in previous important petitions, so do your bit! This our opportunity to get rid of the pestilent, Fascist, EU monster that is eating at our national morality, laws, politics and taxes, offering corruption to our leaders. As Psalm 12 tells us, when the godly fall, so will the people.

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