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Barcelona Attack

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As I expected and as I predicted, the usual comments have been made about the terrorist attackers... (Jihad Watch, 21 August 2017)

“They were all good boys”.

It took radicalisation by an imam who preached hate from a mosque. Before that the boys had a ‘normal’ life. Even the father said he had never noticed radical behaviour.

“Moussa was a nice boy...”

“these boys were always good people...”

“he didn’t look like someone with this kind of ideology...”

“he was a normal person... you wouldn’t suspect...”

“They (were) good people...”

Neighbour said “totally normal... nice to everybody...”


Many times before I have referred to the same kinds of statements from family, friends and neighbours of Muslims who turn to terrorism.


In this case even the father of one killer didn’t know. Everything seems to suggest the killers were ‘normal’, ‘nice’, ‘quiet’... which all implies they used lies as a way of life, at least for a short while, to put others off the scent.

This is why I advocate profiling ALL Muslims; that is, keep them ALL ‘on the radar’ of official scrutiny. This is why I CANNOT trust Muslims, even when they APPEAR to be quiet, decent, etc. This is why I remain wary of them all, though I can also be courteous.

This is common sense security. It does not say all Muslims are terrorists... but as no-one, not even fathers and friends and neighbours, know when people they see every day are terrorists, what hope do westerners who are not Muslims possibly know the difference???



Am I, then, advocating hatred?


No, I am not. Far from it.

Am I ‘paranoid’? Come off it... I KNOW what ‘paranoid’ reactions are.

I am saying that we DO NOT KNOW if that Muslim we might know well is a terrorist, or is becoming one, or is supporting terroristic activities, or is secretly giving vital information to jihadists.  After all, if they can effectively appear to be friendly etc, even to their own families, they can easily deceive westerners.

Only a fool will place utter trust in someone who is a member of a known violent religion, even if he or she SEEMS to be decent, nice, normal... time and again the same words appear as testimonies.

The only thing to help convince is if Muslims recant and get out of Islam and/or condemn terrorism outright, openly and with moral force. But even then, how would we know if a Muslim is lying?

In my previous work in a mental hospital, I NEVER trusted patients in ANY circumstance. I KNEW some would cause me harm at any time. So I was always wary of them. But I never hated them.

If you don’t know the difference between genuine wariness and actual hatred, then you need to learn, otherwise you will be an easy target and a very poor ally when things turn bad.

This means that if you are one of those countless Christians who trust Muslims and befriend them socially... I call you foolish duped men and women. Look around you at the devastation caused by Muslims everywhere.

NOW the number of incidents are small relative to the population... but the inward belief in Sharia and hate for the West is growing fast. Not to recognise it is to wear a badge on your chest which has the design of a target and the words “Come for me. I’m a willing victim.”!

In police statements it is apparent that they still follow the outdated report used by the Metropolitan Police, which was published twenty years ago, before terrorism in the EU became an established part of Islam.

As you might know I have criticised this report’s main statements as unreal and simply biased.

It is as if the police force as a whole just ignore what is happening around them. I will not do that.

I gather my information from a huge number of sources, and cross-refer them. My conclusions are based on them. Do you watch the TV series on High Court enforcement? In that series, the officers have said that over 70% of trouble comes from Muslims.

In the various programmes we can actually SEE this trouble. In some instances large numbers of Muslims are called to intimidate and attack. This is non-police evidence. And in police series, we see the same activity and no-go areas.

I am a realist. Are you? I guarantee that the next terror attack will be made by Muslims who are ‘nice’, ‘decent’, ‘normal’, ‘friendly’.

Islamic hatred for the West and Christians is growing quickly. Be warned and alert.