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Mission and Work of Bible Theology Ministries

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The Mission

To teach true Christian Doctrine.

The Work

Bible Theology Ministries (BTM) is a Christian ministry given by God to K B Napier to teach true Christian Doctrine and expose heretical (false and non-Biblical) ideas, teachings, traditions and behaviour found amongst Christians.

BTM provides support to Christians by helping them:

 Untangle their thinking from false doctrine (teaching) that has penetrated deeply into the hearts and minds of many today.

  • Align their thoughts, desires and actions towards God in accordance with the teachings of the Bible and the witness of the Holy Spirit to their conscience.
  • Overcome a spiritual crisis in their life through straight biblically based pastoral support.
  • Comprehend the teachings of the Bible to develop an integrated theology that is fresh and applicable to the challenges of daily life.
  • Expose false movements, philosophies and imposters who are promoting the deceptive teachings of man and/or Satan.
  • Understand the changes in society, culture, legislation and politics that conspire to oppress and/or persecute Christians and others by taking away freedoms to practice their beliefs or simply to live moral and decent lives caring for the good of all.

Main Methods of Communication

To date the main method of communication of the message had been through documents, in the form of:

  • Outlines - short summary articles on a topic
  • Articles – in-depth articles on a topic
  • Bible Studies – The Bible Lives series providing commentary on books of the Bible.
  • News Periodicals – providing Christian commentary on news items, such as The Beacon
  • Letters – lobbying government and other authorities on policy changes that will have a negative impact on Christians and society
  • Christian Doctrine website – online publication of documents.
  • Email messages – providing pastoral support to Christians, and direction to unbelievers who contact us through the Christian Doctrine website. We also answer questions from other news media and journalists as required.

By adopting this approach the content, created mainly by K B Napier, can be disseminated widely and become part of an increasing archive of teaching material for individuals and groups. Colleges that want tailored materials may contact us with their ideas.

Other methods of Communication

Up until now, almost all communication with Christians has been remote through the website, email, letters, printed documents, very occasional telephone calls and even fewer face to face meetings with supporters of the ministry. The reach so far has been to hundreds of thousands of people across the world with very limited resources.

We are also offer the following additional services as the Lord leads:

  • Teaching and Training Sessions on-site for Church fellowships
  • Residential courses or seminars on a particular topic
  • Speaking at conferences and other public events
  • Participating or contributing content or commentary to radio, TV, newspaper, magazine, film, website, and other broadcast media (depending on situation).

Please use the ‘contact us’ form in the first instance to make a request.

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