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History of Bible Theology Ministries

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In about 1983 we (K B Napier and J B Waddell) were discussing the provision of true doctrine and how to teach it, because churches around us were dead or dying through lack of biblical truth, adherence to traditions and the fear of man. This idea expanded out to a few others at the local university and so we decided to try and reach undergraduates, graduates, and staff.

At that time we were known as the Christian Research Institute. We did not realise another organisation of the same name existed in the USA. At a later date they contacted us and asked if we would like to merge. However, on examination, we found references that suggested they were pro-Romanist, so we decided against it.

We then changed our ministry name to Bible Theology Ministries, so as not to be confused with the USA organisation, and not to be thought of as pro-Romanist. We do not know if the Christian Research Institute has since changed their beliefs.

When BTM started publishing in 1985, documents were produced manually. First Barry wrote the copy out long-hand. Then he typed each article out on an old portable typewriter. This was then passed to a professional typist who had an IBM golf ball typewriter to produce the master copy for layout, with any graphics and subsequent photocopying and mailing out to a subscription list.

A few years later, at great personal expense, we purchased our own IBM typewriter and this helped make publication easier… though we literally had to cut and paste to lay out and correct documents – a far cry from a few clicks of a mouse on a word processor!

In the early 1990’s we managed to get our first IBM Compatible PC and the early versions of Microsoft WORD made things a lot easier and quicker, and, with our own laser printer, short print runs of documents were possible for mailing out through the postal system.

In the mid 1990’s a dial-up modem was connected to the PC and the benefits of Internet and the Web were learnt and explored. In 1999 work started on the first generation Christian Doctrine static website and the domain names were purchased for the most common extensions.

Since 2000, the main channel of communication has been the Internet which has enabled worldwide access to over four hundred documents published on the website - now off-line all content is being migrated to this website.

In 2009, work started on a new database driven content management system using Joomla The information architecture was redesigned to make it easier to find documents and to make the Frontpage an attractive portal to an expanded range of content covering every area of Christian life. A small number of approved authors will also be able to contribute content to the Website, giving alternative perspectives on their Christian experience and application of biblical teaching. Website visitors can also comment on each article to enhance the content 

The domain name for the new site is (the .net site is now off-line and all the content will eventually be migrated on to the .com site).

The new second generation website was launched in 2010, and celebrates 25 years since the start of the off-line publishing ministry and 10 years from the launch of the first generation Web site. We praise and thank God for His mercy and guidance in prospering the work of BTM.

A third generation website is in progress from September 2016. Please contact us if you have any ideas or suggestions for the third generation website, which is expected to be launched in 2017.

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