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People Behind Bible Theology Ministries

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K B Napier (Barry) and J B Waddell (James) were the original founders of the ministry although others were interested in the work at the beginning.

Barry’s role is the person to whom the mantle of responsibility for writing the content and delivering the message as the Lord leads has been given – it is his ministry.

James’ role is predominantly as a co-worker, supporting Barry to make it possible for him to do his work; for example developing the Christian Doctrine website, and performing vital administrative functions.

A small number of others have contributed to the support of the work in various ways and this has been greatly appreciated. It is hoped that with the new website more people will feel led by the Lord to bring their talents and finances to support the work of BTM.

BTM currently has no physical premises and the work is entirely ‘home’ based.

K B Napier PhD, MA, BEd, BA, HND (Distinction), Cert. Forensic Linguistics (Distinction), (plus a number of professional and academic diplomas and certificates)

Barry works full-time on BTM and related activities. He has also been the unpaid pastor of a house based fellowship, for which he creates The Bible Lives Bible study series used for the Sunday meeting.

Formerly, Barry worked in secondary and higher education, nursing, graphic design and business management.

He is married with two adult children and lives in Swansea, Wales, UK.

Additional background information is available on request.

J B Waddell PhD, Msc, BSc (Hons)

James works part--time on BTM. His primary responsibility is managing the website and updating the content on it. He has a keen interest in UK politics and writes articles advocating the application of Judaeo-Christian principles in government policy for the good of all citizens.

Formerly, James has worked in marketing, sales, research, higher education, training and ICT project management.

He is married with four adult children and he lives in Swansea, Wales, UK.

Additional background information is available on request.

Approved Authors

We are looking for approved authors whose task will be to have their own section in the website, and to provide content. Must have excellent written skills and expertise in their subject. Also, must be saved by Grace alone.

Financial Support of Bible Theology Ministries

Bible Theology Ministries’ status is that of a society. Any income received is used to contribute towards publishing expenses and other direct costs. There is no payroll and nobody receives an income from the work of the ministry. We have not sought charitable status as BTM is a very small operation and also because of the restriction of Christian freedoms due to changes in recent equality legislation in the UK.

The income received in the form of gifts to BTM each year is very small and therefore operating costs are subsidised by Barry and James, neither of whom have incomes.

If you would like to make a financial gift to support BTM please contact us.

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