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Right to be 'Young and Free'?

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Chlamydia test pack

I received a letter in the post the other day, from the NHS (National Health Service). The letter was about Chlamydia, and has been sent to young people (aged between 15 and 24) in many areas across the UK. It is being sent by the NHS, in conjunction with the Terrence Higgins Trust (THT).

The THT is named after one of the first gay men in Britain to die from AIDS, and is the UK’s largest ‘sexual health’ charity. I’ll let the THT describe themselves:

“THT was one of the first charities to be set up in response to the HIV epidemic and has been at the forefront of the fight against HIV, and improving the nation's sexual health, ever since.” (

The letter informed me that 1 in 10 sexually active young people (here defined as anyone under 24!) has Chlamydia, but do not necessarily know it, because the disease has little to no outward symptoms. Therefore, if I am ‘sexually active’ I am urged to apply for a free NHS testing kit, which is sent out in the post.

What disturbs me is that the testing kit is sent in ‘plain packaging’. Bear in mind that this letter is being sent out to children as young as 15. So presumably, a 15-year-old could obtain a testing kit without the knowledge of their parents, do the test at home, send the package back, and have the result sent via text message to their mobile phone. All without their parents being any the wiser. The letter even makes it clear that the intention of all of this is so that nobody can find out! This seems a strange way to uphold the law, which says that sex is illegal for those under the age of 16!

The words ‘Young and Free’ are plastered onto the letter, in a modern, stylized graphical font (this can be seen on the website given at the end of this article). This graphic reinforces the message portrayed in the previous paragraph: that young people are free of restraint, can do whatever they like, and do not have to answer to authority. Sadly, I once thought like this (though perhaps more mildly) before I was saved. But now, having been saved, I see that the authority of parents is vital to children who are growing up. It teaches respect, and gives guidance to children who are lacking in life experience. It is also the Godly way to structure families (He says so in His word – see Ten Commandments, Ephesians 6:1, etc).

The letter also helpfully informs me that Chlamydia can be passed on through unsafe vaginal or anal sex – or through sharing sex toys. For a start, I see no reason why the NHS should be telling young children about these perverse forms of sex (so-called). Also, no form of sex is ‘safe’. Condoms reduce the risk of passing on STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections), but they are not 100% safe, as people are led to believe. The tiniest fracture in a condom, perhaps even unseen to the naked eye, could allow for the passing on of infections.

The Young and Free campaign is typical of socialism, which desires the break down of the natural family (one man married to one woman), and to have children subject primarily to the state, removing the authority of parents. I can only assume that this is why the NHS and the THT are bypassing parents, and targeting children as young as 15 with these evils. The state usurps the authority of parents in many other ways too, such as ‘PHSE’ classes in schools (Personal, Health, Sex education), which give only the state’s version of ‘truth’ to youngsters, instead of leaving such things to be taught by parents (of course, in many cases the state’s ‘truth’ is anything but).

This campaign would be bad enough if it were from an independent body, funding it using its own money. However, it is from the NHS, so I wonder if your taxes are being used to pay for it?

Really, this entire campaign by the NHS and the THT could be made a great deal cheaper and far more effective if the letter simply told children not to sleep around, and to keep sex for marriage. The result would be zero STIs and none of the emotional mess that results when people deviate from what God says about sex and relationships. Millions, if not billions of pounds are spent on trying to find cures for the various sexually transmitted diseases out there, and at present, no cure has been found for diseases like HIV. Yet, HIV could be wiped out in a generation, if only people lived as God demands…

Here is the website of the Young and Free campaign: 

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